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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oct 2014 cataloging

Pretty much took September off, not unlike previous months. Let's see about October, starting with some oldies.
  • Alcott, Louisa M. ROSE IN BLOOM, Roberts Brothers, 1891 (date on title page), (©1876; sequel to Eight Cousins), frontis with tissue-facing intact, decorative cloth, hinge starting, fr-g (not too bad) no dj $15
  • Bower, B.M. THE LURE OF THE DIM TRAILS, G.W. Dillingham, issued 10/1907, (C.M. Russell color illus), frontis has tissue-facing, previous owner's name with 1907 date (and place), fr-g (pictorial cloth) no dj $20
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott FLAPPERS AND PHILOSOPHERS, Scribner's, 2nd(9/20), (same month as first printing; author's first short story collection), front free endpaper is cut out, browned pages, fr-g but a pretty solid copy, no dj $100
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott THIS SIDE OF PARADISE, Scribner's, 3rd(4/20), (same month as first printing; author's first novel), hinge starting, some pages not well cut, not a bad copy, fr-g no dj $150
  • Mitchell, Margaret GONE WITH THE WIND, Macmillan, 14th(9/36), (three months after 6/36 first edition; 1037 pages), at least one page is loose, generally worn, fr-g (decent copy) no dj $20
These five books were pretty difficult to describe and price. Being old there's the temptation to say they are in great condition for being so old. Some sellers go with "average condition for a used book," and that might apply. But they aren't too shabby—especially for being so old!
They aren't first editions but they are in the vicinity. On the shelf, looking at the spine, it would be hard to tell the difference.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sep 2014 cataloguing

Here it is a third of the way through the month and not a single thing catalogued. That needs to be usual.
  • 1582500738 Meskil, Paul S. SIN PIT, Gryphon Crime Classic #1/Gryphon Crime Novel #12, 10/04, "This is a Gryphon First Book Edition!", (originally: Lion '54; long-lost crime-classic; Lovisi intro; afterword by author), new $30 [list price: $16]
  • Misha PRAYERS OF STEEL, Wordcraft Speculative Writers Series #1, '88, one of 500 copies, (author's first collection of enigmatic prose; pens by Ferret; 46 pages), staple-bound, new [list price: $12.50]
  • 1877655295 Misha RED SPIDER WHITE WEB, Wordcraft of Oregon ('99), Speculative Writers Series #20, 1st pb (& 1st US), (this edition adds a brief intro by John Shirley; Aldiss foreword; Blaylock afterword), tpb, new $20 [list price: $12]

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aug 2014 cataloguing

Not having my stacks of books upstairs has seriously stymied my cataloguing—not that I wasn't divagating anyway. But there's no time like the present.
  • 0312874014 de Lint, Charles TAPPING THE DREAM TREE, Tor, 11/02, 1st edn [stated], (New Tales of Newford; 541 pages), not a remainder, new in dj $24 [list price: $26.95]
  • 0385171552 Wellman, Manly Wade THE LOST AND THE LURKING, Doubleday Science Fiction '81, 1st edn [stated], (A Novel of Silver John), ex-libr else g in dj $20 [list price: $10.95]
  • 0977173453 Szumskyj, Benjamin (editor) TWO-GUN BOB: A Centennial Study of Robert E. Howard, Hippocampus ('06), 1st edn, 1st printing [stated: but POD edn], (foreword by Michael Moorcock), tpb, new $14 [list price: $15]
  • 0446529540 Mosley, Walter FUTURELAND, Warner Aspect, 11/01, 1st printing, (nine stories of an imminent world), new in dj $20 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0876859082 Morris, Wright WRITING MY LIFE: An Autobiography, Black Sparrow, 7/93, 1st (tpb variant), (brings together in one volume the memoirs of National Book Award winner), new $13 [list price: $15]
  • Underwood, Tim & Chuck Miller (eds) BARE BONES: Conversations on Terror With Stephen King, McGraw-Hill ('88), 1st (trade) printing, (reprint of Underwood-Miller ltd edn), as new in slightly rubbed dj that is a bit dented in one place along spine $10 [list price: $16.95]


Brought a box of Asimov hardcovers and trade paperbacks up from the cellar the other day. Photo'd them today: Now I need to re-catalog them. I'll keep editing this post as books are added, most recent listings at top of list.
  • 038524410X Asimov, Isaac AZAZEL, Foundation/Doubleday, 3rd printing, (fantasy stories), vg-f in dj $10 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0385247931 Asimov, Isaac FORWARD THE FOUNDATION, Foundation/Doubleday, 2nd printing, g-vg in dj $5 [list price: $23.50]
  • Asimov, Isaac VIEW FROM A HEIGHT, Dobson '64, 1st UK, (seventeen essays on science), p-fr in dj (water damage but acceptable reading copy) $10 [list price: 21s]
  • 0385121989 Asimov, Isaac THE BICENTENNIAL MAN and Other Stories, Doubleday '76, 1st edn [stated], vg+ in dj worn at top of spine $15 [list price: $6.95]
  • 0712649700 Asimov, Isaac THE ASIMOV CHRONICLES: Volume Two, Legend '91, 1st(UK), (Fifty Years of Isaac Asimov; one story from each year: 1964-1988), trade pb, g-vg $8 [list price: £8.99]
  • 0385157045 Asimov, Isaac CASEBOOK OF THE BLACK WIDOWERS, Crime Club/Doubleday '80, 1st edn [stated], (stories), ex-libr else vg in with closed 5" slice along spine fold of dj $10 [list price: $7.95]
  • 042509345X Asimov, Isaac ROBOT DREAMS, Byron Preiss Visuals/Berkley, 11/86, 1st, (Masterworks Edition series; 1st appearance of title story, many hard-to-find classics; Ralph McQuarrie illus), trade pb, vg+ $10 [list price: $7.95]
  • 038542079X Asimov, Isaac THE COMPLETE STORIES: Volume 2, Foundation/Doubleday, 2/92, 1st edn (trade pb variant), vg-f $25 [list price: $14]
  • 0385239262 Asimov, Isaac FANTASTIC VOYAGE II; Destination Brain, Doubleday '87, First Edition [stated], vg+ in dj $10 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0385190921 Asimov, Isaac ROBOTS AND EMPIRE, Doubleday '85, 1st edn [stated], (sequel to Robots of Dawn; also interweaves all three series: Robot, Foundation, Empire), vg-f in dj $15 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0441731538 Asimov, Isaac ROBOT DREAMS, Byron Preiss/Ace, 2nd printing, (A Masterworks Edition; story collection; illustrated by Ralph McQuarrie), vg-f $5 [list price: $8.95]
  • 0385177259 Asimov, Isaac FOUNDATION'S EDGE, Doubleday '82, 1st edn [stated], (fourth novel in the Foundation Series), remainder mark, g-vg in dj $3 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0385113056 Asimov, Isaac MURDER AT THE ABA: A puzzle in four days & sixty scenes, Doubleday '76, 1st edn [stated], ex-libr else g in dj $3 [list price: $7.95]
  • 0451450000 Asimov, Isaac ROBOT VISIONS, Byron Preiss/Roc, 4/90, 1st printing, (stories and essays; illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie), vg-f in dj $18 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0312852525 Asimov, Isaac and Frederik Pohl OUR ANGRY EARTH: A Ticking Time Bomb, Tor '91, 1st printing, (not an opinion piece), new in dj $12 [list price: $19.95]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

cataloguing July 2014

Petered out in the latter part of June but I really (as usual) need to keep listing things, especially ones that are piled up beside me in the living room. New listings, as they occur, will be added on top:
  • Knight, Brian KING OF SOULS, Earthling 3/06, 1st edn, #256 of 300 SIGNED copies, (chilling story; Tom Waggoner intro; 66 pages), new $25 [list price: $14]
  • 0870541854 Smith, James Robert & Stephen Mark Rainey (editors) EVERMORE: An Anthology, Arkham House '06, 1st edn [stated], (examines Edgar Allan Poe from different perspectives), new in dj $35 [list price: $34.95]
  • 0936055995 Lafferty, R.A. MY HEART LEAPS UP, Drumm ('95), (set of five booklets, comprising the first novel of In a Green Tree; two chapters each 4.25x7" booklet), new $25
  • 0936055162 Lafferty, R.A. THE MAN WHO MADE MODELS and Other Stories, Drumm Booklet #18, 9/84, 1st edn, (five stories first published here; 51 pages), 4.25x7" stapled booklet, new $5 [no list price]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #18, 5/90, Gryphon, (NYC PB Show; British Paperbacks; 56 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $4]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #15, 10/89, Gryphon, (Special NOIR-PB issue; 48 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $4]
  • 1582500592 Spillane, Mickey PRIMAL SPILLANE: Early Stories 1941-1942, Gryphon, 12/03, First Book Edition, regular tpb, (Edited & with an Introduction by Max Allan Collins & Lynn F. Myers Jr.), new $45 [list price: $20]
  • Salonia, John THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE THING or, Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Photon Torpedoes, Scarlet Succubus ('02), First printing, (wildly uninhibited comic thriller chock full of preposterous ingredients; the Get Smart of science fiction), softcover, new $20 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0312856644 Matheson, Richard THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, Tor, 2/01, 1st Tor trade paperback edn, 1st printing, (Contains the complete novel plus several more unforgettable tales), vg+ $10 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0345440919 Roberts, Keith PAVANE, Del Rey Impact, 3/01, 1st printing of this edition, (acknowledged classic of alternate history), vg-f $12 [list price: $12]
  • 1892284294 Lansdale, Joe R. WALTZ OF SHADOWS, Subterranean, 9/99, 1st edn, one of 1000 SIGNED and numbered copies, (Lost Lansdale Vol. 1; a novel of suspense), new in dj $49 [list price: $50]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #16, 1/90, Gryphon, (Richard Prather Special; News; Letters; Ads; More!; 48 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $4]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #14, 8/89, Gryphon, (Avon, Pocket, Leslie Charteris; News; Letters; Ads; More!; 60 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $4]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #13, 6/89, Gryphon, (Robert Jonas interview, Paperbacks and the Art World, Essex House; News; Letters; Ads; More!; 52 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $4]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #60, 10/03, Gryphon, (Goodis, Casebeer & Popp, Day Keene, Ward Lock; News; Letters; Ads; More!; 106 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $10]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #61, 5/04, Gryphon, (The Magazine For Paperback Readers & Collectors!; Black Vintage pbs, Julius Fast, Harlequin Westerns, Richad Layman on Dashiell Hammett, Pulp-Art Collector: Bob Lesser, etc.; Gary Lovisi [editor]; 110 pages, new $10 [list price: $10]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #62, 8/04, Gryphon, (The Magazine For Paperback Readers & Collectors!; Gary Lovisi [editor]; 106 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $10]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE No. 4, 8/87, Gryphon, (Western Issue; Gary Lovis [editor]; 52 pages), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $3]
  • PAPERBACK PARADE #64, 10/05, Gryphon, (Bernard Cornwell; Golden Amazon, Ellery Queen; News; Letters; Ads; More!), staple bound, new $10 [list price: $10]
---I'd been holding off on the Paperback Parades thinking they'd be a big hassle to catalog. It's actually been fun, unless I'm trying to get them all done at once. Meanwhile listening to music streaming makes it okay too.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014 Listings

My wife is getting us new furniture so I have to clear books away from where I had them, ready for cataloguing I never seemed to get around to performing. So here are ones I'm needing to move (newer listings—and re-listings—on top):
  • MYSTERY SCENE #70, '01, (Evan Hunter/Ed McBain tribute; lots more; 86 pages), 8.5x11" magazine, new $10 [list price: $7.50]
  • 0679732519 Thompson, Jim A HELL OF A WOMAN, Black Lizard/Vintage Crime, 6th printing, new $10 [list price: $10]
  • 0670856045 Boyle, T. Coraghessan THE TORTILLA CURTAIN, Viking, 9/95, 1st printing, (A Novel), vg+ in vg dj $3 [list price: $23.95]
  • 0316734594 Mosley, Walter BLONDE FAITH, Little Brown, 10/07, 1st edn, 1st printing, (The Tenth Easy Rawlins Thriller), vg+ in dj $3 [list price: $25.99]
  • 9780441018222 Barnes, John DIRECTIVE 51, Ace, 4/10, 1st edn, 1st printing, (techno-thriller), vg+ in dj $3 [list price: $25.95]
  • 087054182X Smith, Clark Ashton SELECTED LETTERS OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH, Arkham House '03, 1st edn [stated], (Edited by David E. Schultz and Scott Connors), new in dj $50 [list price: $35.95]
  • 0300048769 Swearer, Randolph (art), Raymond Oliver (poetry), Marijane Osborn (commentary) BEOWULF: A Likeness, Yale '90, 1st printing, Yale '90, 1st printing, (recreates Beowulf for the modern audience), oversize, vg-f in dj $25 [no listed price]
  • 0679733108 Thompson, Jim SAVAGE NIGHT, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 4th printing, new $10 [list price: $9]
  • 0814250890 Weil, Ellen & Gary K. Wolfe HARLAN ELLISON: The Edge of Forever, Ohio State ('02), 1st, (first book-length critical study of HE's works), {hc no dj available @ $60}, in publisher's shrinkwrap, new $25 [no listed price]
  • 0395353416 Ellison, Harlan SLIPPAGE: Previously Uncollected, Precariously Poised Stories, Houghton Mifflin '97, 1st trade printing, new in dj $15 [list price: $22]
  • 0929480759 Ellison, Harlan SLIPPAGE: Precariously Poised, Previously Uncollected Stories, Ziesing '97, deluxe edn, 1st edn [stated], one of 1200 SIGNED copies, BOXED, new in dj $75 [list price: $75]
  • 1887424350 Ellison, Harlan "REPENT, HARLEQUIN!" SAID THE TICKTOCKMAN, Underwood '97, 1st edn [stated], trade issue, (classic story; illustrated by Rick Berry; designed by Arnie Fenner), oversize, f in vg dj $20 [list price: $17]
  • 0786410000 Weaver, Tom I WAS A MONSTER MOVIE MAKER: Conversations with 22 SF and Horror Filmmakers, McFarland '00, (includes filmographies and index), new no dj as issued (pictorial boards) $50 [no listed price]
  • 0156013355 Silverberg, Robert (ed) NEBULA AWARDS® SHOWCASE 2001: The Year's Best SF and Fantasy, Harcourt '01, A Harvest Original, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, trade pb variant, vg-f $5 [list price: $14]
  • 0887330673 Ellison, Harlan HARLAN ELLISON'S WATCHING, Underwood-Miller '89, 2nd trade printing, (half a-hundred cinema-review essays plus 15,000 word introductory essay; 514 pages; index), new in dj $30 [list price: $29.95]
  • 0892962399 Ellison, Harlan THE HARLAN ELLISON HORNBOOK, Penzler, 11/90, (previously uncollected essays; foreword by Robert Crais), 1st [trade] printing, vg-f in dj $15 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0786407557 Weaver, Tom RETURN OF THE B SCIENCE FICTION AND HORROR HEROES: The Mutant Melding of Two Volumes of Classic Interviews, McFarland Classics '00, (reprints volumes first published in '88 and '91; 415+447 pages; indexes), new $100 [no listed price]
  • 0786407980 Weaver, Tom POVERTY ROW HORRORS!: Monogram, PRC and Republic Horor Films of the Forties, McFarland Classics '99, (first published in 1993; photos, filmographies, index), new $35 [no listed price]
  • 0786413662 Weaver. Tom DOUBLE FEATURE CREATURE ATTACK: A Monster Merger of Two More Volumes of Classic Interviews, McFarland Classics '03, (reprints Genre Giants ['94] and They Fought In the Creature Features ['95]; 384+318 pages; indexes), trade pb, new $80 [no listed price] 
  • 0312861710 Wilder, Cherry SIGNS OF LIFE, Tor, 5/96, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (return to Rhomary Land of first novel Second Nature), new in dj $10 [list price: $23.95]
  • 1565049608 Ellison, Harlan EDGEWORKS 1: Over the Edge / An Edge In My Voice, White Wolf, 5/96, 1st printing, (399 pages + index), g-vg in dj (some water damage) $10 [list price: $21.99]
  • 0060111763 Ellison, Harlan DEATHBIRD STORIES, Harper & Row '75, First Edition [stated], (: A Pantheon of Modern Gods), g-vg in dj $50 [list price: $8.95]
  • 0684134322 Silverberg, Robert UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY: Science Fiction Stories, Scribners ('73), 1st printing, g-vg in dj (somewhat musty) $10 [list price: $5.95]
  • 0859361802 Wood, David GENISIS: The First Book of Revelations, Baton '85, 1st, (Over 150 photographs, maps, engravings and diagrams with over 100 in color; one of the most important books ever to be published), vg+ in dj $15 [list price: £15]
  • SCIENCE FICTION EYE #9, 11/91, Stephen P. Brown,  8.5x11" stapled magazine, new but with small spot where scotch tape caught part of cover $5 [list price: $3.50]
  • 9780861301201 Moorcock, Michael INTO THE MEDIA WEB: Selected Short Non-Fiction, 1956-2006, Savoy ('10), (1st), (Edited by John Davey; 718 pages), vg-f in vg+ dj $200 [no list price]
NOTES: I'm finding that I'm needing to re-grade and re-price and re-describe many books, sometimes greatly, that were in my printed-paper catalogs of yore.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

odds and ends

Odds and ends (re-listings and such—most recent adds on top):
  • 0525242937 Oates, Joyce Carol SOLSTICE, Wiliam Abrahams/Dutton '85, 1st edn [stated], (uncanny response to erotic tension), ex-libr else g in dj $3 [list price: $15.95]
  • 1892391155 Morrow, James THE CAT'S PAJAMAS & Other Stories, Tachyon '04, 1st edn, (critically acclaimed satiric short fiction), new in dj $20 [list price: $24.95]
  • 1877655252 Webb, Don THE EXPLANATION & Other Good Advice, Wordcraft of Oregon '98, 1st edn, (flash fictions), new $15 [list price: $9.95]
  • 0670033928 Vollmann, William T. EUROPE CENTRAL, Viking, 4th printing, (intertwined paired stories; 811 pages), as new in dj $8 [list price: $39.95]
  • 1902309227 Tuttle, Lisa GHOSTS & OTHER LOVERS, Sarob '02, one of 250 limited-edition copies (total of 302), (stories), as new in dj $35 [no list price]
  • Pyramid F-783 Phillips, Mark (=Randall Garrett + Laurence M. Janifer) BRAIN TWISTER, 8/62, 1st printing, (PBO; exp of The Sweet Little Old Lady), g-vg $3 [list price: 40¢]
  • 0671722069 Heinlein, Robert A. FARNHAM'S FREEHOLD, Baen 72206, 2/94, 1st Baen printing, ("Science Fiction's Most Controversial Novel"), vg $2 [list price: $5.99]
  • 0451046641Wilson, Robin Scott (editor) CLARION: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction and Criticism from the Clarion Writers' Workshop, Signet Q4664, 6/71, (PBO), vg-f $4 [list price: 95¢]
  • 038081840X Hartwell, David G. and Kathryn Cramer (editors) YEAR'S BEST FANTASY, Eos 81840, 3rd printing, (stories from 2000), new $5 [list price: $7.50]
  • 1879450518 Gilbert, Michael T. MR. MONSTER ATTACKS, Tundra ('92), (Number Two in a Three-Issue Series; Doc Stearn comic book), vg-f $2 [list price: $3.95]
  • 9781597802024 Bagigalupi, Paolo PUMP SIX and Other Stories, Night Shade ('10), 1st printing, as new $10 [list price: $14.99]
  • 0525433201 Milne, A.A. THE WORLD OF POOH, QPB book club, nd, (reprint of Dutton 1957 edn; The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner; E.H. Shepard color illus), as new $5 [no list price]
  • 9780553383577 Vandermeer, Jeff CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN, Bantam Spectra, 5th printing, (Moorcock intro), vg-f $14 [list price: $16]
  • 9781605430027 Nevins, Francis M. (ed) THE ANTHONY BOUCHER CHRONICLES: Reviews and Commentary 1942-1947, Ramble House ('10), POD edn, (©2001; 470 pages), vg-f $20 [no list price]
  • 1904619797 Bradbury, Ray FOREVER AND THE EARTH: Yesterday and Tomorrow Tales, PS Publishing, 9/05, 1st edn, new in dj $95 [no list price]
  • 0671777106 Malzberg, Barry PHASE IV, Pocket 77710, 11/73, (PBO; movie novelization; A race of super ants delivers an ultimatum to mankind - ADAPT OR DIE!), vg [list price: 95¢]
  • 0373720092 Wolfe, Aaron (=Koontz) INVASION, Laser 9, '75, (PBO; Malzberg intro), vg+ $15 [list price: 95¢]
  • 0441913571 Wollheim, Donald A. & Terry Carr (eds) WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 1970, ('70), (PBO), vg+ (small price label) $5 [list price: 95¢]
---For more general information about any books listed, do a search with the isbn (where there is one) and read about the book on amazon or wiki—or goodreads maybe. I do have photos of the books, both on flickr and my biblio listings, as well as most of my more recent amazon listings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

bookshelf rehab

For a change of pace from the boxes of recent-accumulation books I've been getting into, there was one shelf in more dire need of rehabilitation than the many others in varying states of disarray. So I hauled the whole bunch upstairs to the daylight room, mostly from the Moo-Mun area of the alphabet—hardcovers and larger trade pbs. A plus is that these are most all already but inadequately catalogued on biblio—so I can update those listings and maybe retain some of the more descriptive descriptions, as well as add photos. They are all now in a set of their own in flickr. Below will be the updated cataloguing, this time in alphabetical order by author instead of as they are performed—a few prices higher; mostly lower. But I won't wait until all is complete to publish here. As listings are added I will perform an update to this post, as I've been doing with the boxes. The flickr set is sorted alphabetically by title, since the author isn't given in the title of the photo. As usual, when I have more than one copy, I photo the front and back together. Try out the slideshow feature!
  • 0881843334 Moorcock, Michael THE BROTHEL IN ROSENSTRASSE, Carroll & Graf '87, 1st of this edn, (UK edn © '82), PR release & glossy photo of author laid in, vg+ in vg dj (somewhat rippled from being in plastic cover) $5 [list price: $15.95]
  • 0441106293 Moorcock, Michael THE CITY IN THE AUTUMN STARS, Ace Fantasy, 11/87, 1st (US) printing, (sequel to The Warhound and the World's Pain), PR laid in, vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $16.95]
  • 1568581831 Moorcock, Michael THE CORNELIUS QUARTET, Four Walls Eight Windows, 5/01, 1st printing of this edn, (the complete, uncensored saga of Jerry Cornelius; collects The Final Program, A Cure for Cancer, The English Assassin & The Condition of Muzak; 855 pages), new $25 [list price: $22]
  • 1857980360 Moorcock, Michael THE DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME, Millennium/Orion '93, (The Tale of The Eternal Champion Vol. 7; collects An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs; 538 pages), trade pb, vg+ (as new but bumped) $20 [list price: £10.99]
  • 0441166091 Moorcock, Michael THE DRAGON IN THE SWORD: A Tale of the Eternal Champion, Ace, 9/86, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (Being the Third and Final Story in the History of John Daker, The Eternal Champion), new in dj $25 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0446526185 Moorcock, Michael THE DREAMTHIEF'S DAUGHTER: A Tale of the Albino, Warner Aspect, 4/01, 1st printing, (Elric), new in dj $20 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0450060276 Moorcock, Michael THE GOLDEN BARGE: A Fable, New English Library '83, 1st hc?, (new edition of Savoy '79 pb; author's first novel written; M. John Harrison intro), vg-f in dj $30 [list price: £7.95]
  • 0380975890 Moorcock, Michael KING OF THE CITY, Morrow, 2nd printing('01), (return to Mother London), new in dj $15 [list price: $26]
  • 0517571838 Moorcock, Michael MOTHER LONDON, Harmony '89, 1st American edn, 1st printing of this edn, (author's 100th novel), as new in dj (small bump, somewhat warehouse worn) $10 [list price: $19.95]
  • 1885418175 Moorcock, Michael TALES FROM THE TEXAS WOODS, Mojo Press ('97), 1st, 1st printing, hardcover, new in dj $25 [list price: $20.95]
  • 1565041925 Moorcock, Michael VON BEK, White Wolf, 5/96, 1st trade pb thus, (Eternal Champion #2; collects The War Hound and the World's Pain, The City in the Autumn Stars, The Dragon in the Sword and The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius; 705 pages), new $25 [list price: $14.99]
  • 0517558661 Moore, Ward GREENER THAN YOU THINK, Crown Classics of Modern Science Fiction #10, ('85), 1st edn thus, (reprints original uncut 1947 Gollancz edition; as unsettlingly awesome as it is entertaining; Zebrowski intro; Asimov foreword), vg in dj $8 [list price: $9.95]
  • 0312855281 Moran, Richard EARTH WINTER, Forge, 3/95, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (prophetic sequel to The Empire of Ice), new in dj $10  [list price: $22.95]
  • 0312855273 Moran, Richard THE EMPIRE OF ICE, Forge, 2/94, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (disaster novel), new in dj $12 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0345457749 Morgan, Richard K. MARKET FORCES, Ballantine, 3/05, 1st edn, 1st printing, (turbocharged thriller by PKD-award winning author), vg-f $6 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0575073268 Morgan, Richard WOKEN FURIES, Gollancz '05, 1st (export trade pb edn), (Takeshi Kovacs #3), vg-f $8 [list price: £10.99]
  • 0553382144 Moriarty, Chris SPIN CONTROL, Spectra, 7/06, 1st printing, (chaotic posthuman future in which the final frontier may well be extinction; hard SF), PR laid in, trade pb, vg-f $6 [list price: $12]
  • 0553382136 Moriarty, Chris SPIN STATE, Spectra, 10/03, 1st printing, (stunning new voice in hard SF; plausible speculative physics), trade pb, vg-f $5 [list price: $11.95]
  • 0525245065 Morrell, David THE LEAGUE OF NIGHT AND FOG, Dutton ('87), 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (Romulus and the Penitent return), vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $17.95]
  • 1880418266 Morrell, David THE TOTEM: Complete and Unaltered, Donald M. Grant ('94), 1st thus, hardcover, new in dj (in publisher's shrinkwrap) $25 [list price: $24.95]
  • 159315237X Morrell, David CREEPERS, CDS Books, 2nd printing, (gripping joyride of a thriller), vg-f in dj $3 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0671559842 Morris, Janet THIEVES' WORLD: BEYOND THE VEIL, Baen, 1/86, 1st printing, fr-g in dj $2 [list price: $15.95]
  • 0312853092 Morris, Kenneth THE DRAGON PATH: Collected Stories, Tor, 3/95, 1st edn, (one of the great fantasy writers of the pre-Tolkien era; Douglas A. Anderson [ed]), new in dj $15 [list price: $23.95]
  • 0891412700 Morris, M.E. ALPHA BUG, Presidio ('86), (a novel; cold-war military thriller), vg in dj $5 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0060130660 Morris, Wright FIRE SERMON: A Novel, Harper & Row '71, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (hippie couple meets old man on eastward journey), ex-libr else vg in vg dj $4 [list price: $5.95]
  • Morris, Wright IN ORBIT, NAL ('67), 1st printing, (a novel), ex-libr else g-vg in dj $10 [list price: $3.95]
  • 0963136739 Morrish, Robert and Peter Enfantino (editors) QUICK CHILLS II: The Best Horror Fiction From the Specialty Press, Deadline ('92), one of 575 copies hand-bound in leather & SIGNED by both editors as well as by 26 authors, as new no dj as issued $40 [published price: $45]
  • 0312130236 Morrison, Blake AND WHEN DID YOU LAST SEE YOUR FATHER?: A Son's Memoir of Love and Loss, Picador USA, 2nd printing, (a classic of family literature), new in dj $12 [list price: $21]
  • 1563891085 Morrison, Grant (writer) & Jon J. Muth (illustrator) THE MYSTERY PLAY: A Graphic Novel, Vertigo/DC Comics '94, 1st? (no statement of printing), (Suggested for Mature Readers; tense psychological thriller), vg-f in dj [list price: $19.95]
  • 0394535979 Morrison, Toni BELOVED, Knopf, 5th(10/87), (a novel), new in dj $10 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0151886563 Morrow, James BLAMELESS IN ABADDON, Harcourt Brace '96, 1st edn, 1st printing, (sequel to Towing Jehovah; second in God's Demise trilogy), new in dj $20 [list price: $24]
  • 0156180421 Morrow, James CITY OF TRUTH, Harvest/Harcourt Brace '93, 1st Harvest edn, 'B' printing, (novella in the finest Swiftian tradition), trade pb, new $7 [list price: $9]
  • 0151293252 Morrow, James THE ETERNAL FOOTMAN, Harcourt Brace '99, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (third in God's demise trilogy), new in dj $15 [list price: $24]
  • 0688052843 Morrow, James ONLY BEGOTTEN DAUGHTER, Morrow '90, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (chronicle of the life of God's daughter), vg+ in dj $10 [list price: $19.95]
  • Moskowitz, Sam UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS: A History and Anthology of "The Scientific Romance" in the Munsey Magazines, 1912-1920, Holt Rinehart Winston '70, 1st edn, g-vg in g dj (chewed corner) $10 [list price: $7.95]
  • 039303366X Mosley, Walter WHITE BUTTERFLY, Norton '92, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (An Easy Rawlins Mystery), ex-libr else g-vg in g-vg dj (nice reading copy) $2 [list: $19.95]
  • 0394549716 Moss, Robert CARNIVAL OF SPIES, Villard '87, 1st edn, (espionage fiction), vg in dj $3 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0517544873 Moss, Robert DEATH BEAM, Crown '81, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, SIGNED by author, (spy-versus-spy thriller of chilling authenticity), vg in dj [list price: $13.95]
  • 031285739X Moss, Robert THE INTERPRETER: A Story of Two Worlds, Forge, pre-3/97, (historical novel), UNCORRECTED PROOF, softcover, f $6 [no list price]
  • 087685658X Mudd, Havey A EUROPEAN EDUCATION, Black Sparrow, 2/86, no statement of printing, (author's fourth book of poetry), trade pb, as new $8 [no list price]
  • 0312011261 Muir, R. THE MINIATURE MAN, St. Martin's '87, 1st edn, 1st printing, (author's first novel), vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0312180764 Muller, Eddie DARK CITY: The Lost World of Film Noir, St. Martin's Griffin, 6/98, 1st St. Martin's edn, 1st printing, (semi-serious study of the genre; with great stills; includes bibliographical references and index), oblong trade pb, new $20 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0892962690 Muller, Marcia EYE OF THE STORM, Mysterious, 3/88, 1st printing, (A Sharon McCone mystery), vg+ in dj $3 [list price: $15.95]
  • Mundy, Talbot KING—OF THE KHYBER RIFLES: A Romance of Adventure, Bobbs-Merrill, nd (later printing), (©'16), (Joseph Clement Coll [illus]), g (no dj) $8
  • 1883821002 Benjamin, Edy Lou (ed) MOTHER BIRD POETRY ANTHOLOGY #1, Mother Bird ('93), (New-Mexican poetry; thought needling throughout; Uncle River, Summer Breeze; 199 pp), trade pb, vg-f $9 [list price: $9.95]
---I'm noticing that these 20-year-old listenings don't often need a big change in the pricing—as often as the book seems to command a higher price, just as often it could be had for rock bottom prices. Which isn't to say that the book is worthless, but there just isn't the demand to contend with the supply. With specialty/small press items, however, sometimes the asking prices (if there are any to compare) may seem to have appreciated somewhat.

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