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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

bookshelf rehab

For a change of pace from the boxes of recent-accumulation books I've been getting into, there was one shelf in more dire need of rehabilitation than the many others in varying states of disarray. So I hauled the whole bunch upstairs to the daylight room, mostly from the Moo-Mun area of the alphabet—hardcovers and larger trade pbs. A plus is that these are most all already but inadequately catalogued on biblio—so I can update those listings and maybe retain some of the more descriptive descriptions, as well as add photos. They are all now in a set of their own in flickr. Below will be the updated cataloguing, this time in alphabetical order by author instead of as they are performed—a few prices higher; mostly lower. But I won't wait until all is complete to publish here. As listings are added I will perform an update to this post, as I've been doing with the boxes. The flickr set is sorted alphabetically by title, since the author isn't given in the title of the photo. As usual, when I have more than one copy, I photo the front and back together. Try out the slideshow feature!
  • 0881843334 Moorcock, Michael THE BROTHEL IN ROSENSTRASSE, Carroll & Graf '87, 1st of this edn, (UK edn © '82), PR release & glossy photo of author laid in, vg+ in vg dj (somewhat rippled from being in plastic cover) $5 [list price: $15.95]
  • 0441106293 Moorcock, Michael THE CITY IN THE AUTUMN STARS, Ace Fantasy, 11/87, 1st (US) printing, (sequel to The Warhound and the World's Pain), PR laid in, vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $16.95]
  • 1568581831 Moorcock, Michael THE CORNELIUS QUARTET, Four Walls Eight Windows, 5/01, 1st printing of this edn, (the complete, uncensored saga of Jerry Cornelius; collects The Final Program, A Cure for Cancer, The English Assassin & The Condition of Muzak; 855 pages), new $25 [list price: $22]
  • 1857980360 Moorcock, Michael THE DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME, Millennium/Orion '93, (The Tale of The Eternal Champion Vol. 7; collects An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs; 538 pages), trade pb, vg+ (as new but bumped) $20 [list price: £10.99]
  • 0441166091 Moorcock, Michael THE DRAGON IN THE SWORD: A Tale of the Eternal Champion, Ace, 9/86, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (Being the Third and Final Story in the History of John Daker, The Eternal Champion), new in dj $25 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0446526185 Moorcock, Michael THE DREAMTHIEF'S DAUGHTER: A Tale of the Albino, Warner Aspect, 4/01, 1st printing, (Elric), new in dj $20 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0450060276 Moorcock, Michael THE GOLDEN BARGE: A Fable, New English Library '83, 1st hc?, (new edition of Savoy '79 pb; author's first novel written; M. John Harrison intro), vg-f in dj $30 [list price: £7.95]
  • 0380975890 Moorcock, Michael KING OF THE CITY, Morrow, 2nd printing('01), (return to Mother London), new in dj $15 [list price: $26]
  • 0517571838 Moorcock, Michael MOTHER LONDON, Harmony '89, 1st American edn, 1st printing of this edn, (author's 100th novel), as new in dj (small bump, somewhat warehouse worn) $10 [list price: $19.95]
  • 1885418175 Moorcock, Michael TALES FROM THE TEXAS WOODS, Mojo Press ('97), 1st, 1st printing, hardcover, new in dj $25 [list price: $20.95]
  • 1565041925 Moorcock, Michael VON BEK, White Wolf, 5/96, 1st trade pb thus, (Eternal Champion #2; collects The War Hound and the World's Pain, The City in the Autumn Stars, The Dragon in the Sword and The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius; 705 pages), new $25 [list price: $14.99]
  • 0517558661 Moore, Ward GREENER THAN YOU THINK, Crown Classics of Modern Science Fiction #10, ('85), 1st edn thus, (reprints original uncut 1947 Gollancz edition; as unsettlingly awesome as it is entertaining; Zebrowski intro; Asimov foreword), vg in dj $8 [list price: $9.95]
  • 0312855281 Moran, Richard EARTH WINTER, Forge, 3/95, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (prophetic sequel to The Empire of Ice), new in dj $10  [list price: $22.95]
  • 0312855273 Moran, Richard THE EMPIRE OF ICE, Forge, 2/94, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (disaster novel), new in dj $12 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0345457749 Morgan, Richard K. MARKET FORCES, Ballantine, 3/05, 1st edn, 1st printing, (turbocharged thriller by PKD-award winning author), vg-f $6 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0575073268 Morgan, Richard WOKEN FURIES, Gollancz '05, 1st (export trade pb edn), (Takeshi Kovacs #3), vg-f $8 [list price: £10.99]
  • 0553382144 Moriarty, Chris SPIN CONTROL, Spectra, 7/06, 1st printing, (chaotic posthuman future in which the final frontier may well be extinction; hard SF), PR laid in, trade pb, vg-f $6 [list price: $12]
  • 0553382136 Moriarty, Chris SPIN STATE, Spectra, 10/03, 1st printing, (stunning new voice in hard SF; plausible speculative physics), trade pb, vg-f $5 [list price: $11.95]
  • 0525245065 Morrell, David THE LEAGUE OF NIGHT AND FOG, Dutton ('87), 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (Romulus and the Penitent return), vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $17.95]
  • 1880418266 Morrell, David THE TOTEM: Complete and Unaltered, Donald M. Grant ('94), 1st thus, hardcover, new in dj (in publisher's shrinkwrap) $25 [list price: $24.95]
  • 159315237X Morrell, David CREEPERS, CDS Books, 2nd printing, (gripping joyride of a thriller), vg-f in dj $3 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0671559842 Morris, Janet THIEVES' WORLD: BEYOND THE VEIL, Baen, 1/86, 1st printing, fr-g in dj $2 [list price: $15.95]
  • 0312853092 Morris, Kenneth THE DRAGON PATH: Collected Stories, Tor, 3/95, 1st edn, (one of the great fantasy writers of the pre-Tolkien era; Douglas A. Anderson [ed]), new in dj $15 [list price: $23.95]
  • 0891412700 Morris, M.E. ALPHA BUG, Presidio ('86), (a novel; cold-war military thriller), vg in dj $5 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0060130660 Morris, Wright FIRE SERMON: A Novel, Harper & Row '71, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (hippie couple meets old man on eastward journey), ex-libr else vg in vg dj $4 [list price: $5.95]
  • Morris, Wright IN ORBIT, NAL ('67), 1st printing, (a novel), ex-libr else g-vg in dj $10 [list price: $3.95]
  • 0963136739 Morrish, Robert and Peter Enfantino (editors) QUICK CHILLS II: The Best Horror Fiction From the Specialty Press, Deadline ('92), one of 575 copies hand-bound in leather & SIGNED by both editors as well as by 26 authors, as new no dj as issued $40 [published price: $45]
  • 0312130236 Morrison, Blake AND WHEN DID YOU LAST SEE YOUR FATHER?: A Son's Memoir of Love and Loss, Picador USA, 2nd printing, (a classic of family literature), new in dj $12 [list price: $21]
  • 1563891085 Morrison, Grant (writer) & Jon J. Muth (illustrator) THE MYSTERY PLAY: A Graphic Novel, Vertigo/DC Comics '94, 1st? (no statement of printing), (Suggested for Mature Readers; tense psychological thriller), vg-f in dj [list price: $19.95]
  • 0394535979 Morrison, Toni BELOVED, Knopf, 5th(10/87), (a novel), new in dj $10 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0151886563 Morrow, James BLAMELESS IN ABADDON, Harcourt Brace '96, 1st edn, 1st printing, (sequel to Towing Jehovah; second in God's Demise trilogy), new in dj $20 [list price: $24]
  • 0156180421 Morrow, James CITY OF TRUTH, Harvest/Harcourt Brace '93, 1st Harvest edn, 'B' printing, (novella in the finest Swiftian tradition), trade pb, new $7 [list price: $9]
  • 0151293252 Morrow, James THE ETERNAL FOOTMAN, Harcourt Brace '99, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (third in God's demise trilogy), new in dj $15 [list price: $24]
  • 0688052843 Morrow, James ONLY BEGOTTEN DAUGHTER, Morrow '90, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (chronicle of the life of God's daughter), vg+ in dj $10 [list price: $19.95]
  • Moskowitz, Sam UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS: A History and Anthology of "The Scientific Romance" in the Munsey Magazines, 1912-1920, Holt Rinehart Winston '70, 1st edn, g-vg in g dj (chewed corner) $10 [list price: $7.95]
  • 039303366X Mosley, Walter WHITE BUTTERFLY, Norton '92, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (An Easy Rawlins Mystery), ex-libr else g-vg in g-vg dj (nice reading copy) $2 [list: $19.95]
  • 0394549716 Moss, Robert CARNIVAL OF SPIES, Villard '87, 1st edn, (espionage fiction), vg in dj $3 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0517544873 Moss, Robert DEATH BEAM, Crown '81, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, SIGNED by author, (spy-versus-spy thriller of chilling authenticity), vg in dj [list price: $13.95]
  • 031285739X Moss, Robert THE INTERPRETER: A Story of Two Worlds, Forge, pre-3/97, (historical novel), UNCORRECTED PROOF, softcover, f $6 [no list price]
  • 087685658X Mudd, Havey A EUROPEAN EDUCATION, Black Sparrow, 2/86, no statement of printing, (author's fourth book of poetry), trade pb, as new $8 [no list price]
  • 0312011261 Muir, R. THE MINIATURE MAN, St. Martin's '87, 1st edn, 1st printing, (author's first novel), vg-f in dj $8 [list price: $16.95]
  • 0312180764 Muller, Eddie DARK CITY: The Lost World of Film Noir, St. Martin's Griffin, 6/98, 1st St. Martin's edn, 1st printing, (semi-serious study of the genre; with great stills; includes bibliographical references and index), oblong trade pb, new $20 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0892962690 Muller, Marcia EYE OF THE STORM, Mysterious, 3/88, 1st printing, (A Sharon McCone mystery), vg+ in dj $3 [list price: $15.95]
  • Mundy, Talbot KING—OF THE KHYBER RIFLES: A Romance of Adventure, Bobbs-Merrill, nd (later printing), (©'16), (Joseph Clement Coll [illus]), g (no dj) $8
  • 1883821002 Benjamin, Edy Lou (ed) MOTHER BIRD POETRY ANTHOLOGY #1, Mother Bird ('93), (New-Mexican poetry; thought needling throughout; Uncle River, Summer Breeze; 199 pp), trade pb, vg-f $9 [list price: $9.95]
---I'm noticing that these 20-year-old listenings don't often need a big change in the pricing—as often as the book seems to command a higher price, just as often it could be had for rock bottom prices. Which isn't to say that the book is worthless, but there just isn't the demand to contend with the supply. With specialty/small press items, however, sometimes the asking prices (if there are any to compare) may seem to have appreciated somewhat.

odds and ends

Odds and ends (re-listings and such—most recent adds on top):
  • 0670033928 Vollmann, William T. EUROPE CENTRAL, Viking, 4th printing, (intertwined paired stories; 811 pages), as new in dj $8 [list price: $39.95]
  • 1902309227 Tuttle, Lisa GHOSTS & OTHER LOVERS, Sarob '02, one of 250 limited-edition copies (total of 302), (stories), as new in dj $35 [no list price]
  • Pyramid F-783 Phillips, Mark (=Randall Garrett + Laurence M. Janifer) BRAIN TWISTER, 8/62, 1st printing, (PBO; exp of The Sweet Little Old Lady), g-vg $3 [list price: 40¢]
  • 0671722069 Heinlein, Robert A. FARNHAM'S FREEHOLD, Baen 72206, 2/94, 1st Baen printing, ("Science Fiction's Most Controversial Novel"), vg $2 [list price: $5.99]
  • 0451046641Wilson, Robin Scott (editor) CLARION: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction and Criticism from the Clarion Writers' Workshop, Signet Q4664, 6/71, (PBO), vg-f $4 [list price: 95¢]
  • 038081840X Hartwell, David G. and Kathryn Cramer (editors) YEAR'S BEST FANTASY, Eos 81840, 3rd printing, (stories from 2000), new $5 [list price: $7.50]
  • 1879450518 Gilbert, Michael T. MR. MONSTER ATTACKS, Tundra ('92), (Number Two in a Three-Issue Series; Doc Stearn comic book), vg-f $2 [list price: $3.95]
  • 9781597802024 Bagigalupi, Paolo PUMP SIX and Other Stories, Night Shade ('10), 1st printing, as new $10 [list price: $14.99]
  • 0525433201 Milne, A.A. THE WORLD OF POOH, QPB book club, nd, (reprint of Dutton 1957 edn; The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner; E.H. Shepard color illus), as new $5 [no list price]
  • 9780553383577 Vandermeer, Jeff CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN, Bantam Spectra, 5th printing, (Moorcock intro), vg-f $14 [list price: $16]
  • 9781605430027 Nevins, Francis M. (ed) THE ANTHONY BOUCHER CHRONICLES: Reviews and Commentary 1942-1947, Ramble House ('10), POD edn, (©2001; 470 pages), vg-f $20 [no list price]
  • 1904619797 Bradbury, Ray FOREVER AND THE EARTH: Yesterday and Tomorrow Tales, PS Publishing, 9/05, 1st edn, new in dj $95 [no list price]
  • 0671777106 Malzberg, Barry PHASE IV, Pocket 77710, 11/73, (PBO; movie novelization; A race of super ants delivers an ultimatum to mankind - ADAPT OR DIE!), vg [list price: 95¢]
  • 0373720092 Wolfe, Aaron (=Koontz) INVASION, Laser 9, '75, (PBO; Malzberg intro), vg+ $15 [list price: 95¢]
  • 0441913571 Wollheim, Donald A. & Terry Carr (eds) WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 1970, ('70), (PBO), vg+ (small price label) $5 [list price: 95¢]
---For more general information about any books listed, do a search with the isbn (where there is one) and read about the book on amazon or wiki—or goodreads maybe. I do have photos of the books, both on flickr and my biblio listings, as well as most of my more recent amazon listings.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's nice that people are still interested in my now-going-on thirty-year-old R.A. Lafferty publications. I've just had to email a list of what I still have available (in various stages of readiness to actually send). I had an order for MAN WHO MADE MODELS recently (through Amazon)—I hope they didn't think they were getting the recent Centipede Press collection with the same title. Anyway, here's the list, in one handy place:
Lafferty, R.A. GRASSHOPPERS & WILD HONEY (1928-1942): Chapters 1 & 2, Drumm Booklet #39, ('92), (begins 2nd novel in the In A Green Tree tetralogy; the rest remains unpublished), 4x7" booklet, new 3.50
---HEART OF STONE, DEAR & Other Stories, Drumm Booklet #12, '83, 1st, as new 3.00
---IT'S DOWN THE SLIPPERY CELLAR STAIRS, Drumm Booklet #14, ('84), 1st, (essays, book reviews, fanzine columns, a speech, plus the title piece), as new 4.00
---LAUGHING KELLY & Other Verses, Drumm, nd, photocopy reprint, (15 pages), small booklet, as new $2
---THE MAN WHO MADE MODELS and Other Stories, Drumm Booklet #18, 9/84, 1st, (original stories; all are vintage Lafferty), as new 3.50
---MY HEART LEAPS UP, Drumm Booklets #24, 26, 28, 29 & 35, 11/86-9/90, 1sts (except #24 - photocopy reprint), (In a Green Tree #1), as new each, 3.50
---the preceding, all five booklets, as a set 18.00
---SLIPPERY & OTHER STORIES, Drumm Booklet #19, 2/85, 1st, (never-before-published; 39 tiny-print pages but readable), 4x7" stapled booklet, as new 5.00
---SNAKE IN HIS BOSOM & OTHER STORIES, Drumm Booklet #13, '83, 1st, as new $3

(---) Knight, Dan (compiler) AN R.A. LAFFERTY CHECKLIST (New Edition), Drumm Booklet #38, ('92), (improvement on out-of-date predecessor; although, by now, this one is mighty out-of-date too; but it does add UMP publications), new 3.50

Also, I believe I have photocopy reprints of FOUR STORIES I can still send ($3).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Email from old friend:
Sorry to bother you. I was wanting to have a look through your book catalogue but I couldn't get it to open. I then realised this was because it wanted me to log into Google Drive first. Since I don't have an account with them I was just wondering if there is any other way to get a copy of it or is this the only way?

Best wishes

Chris Drumm

8:12 AM (0 minutes ago)

My reply:
Good to hear from you! The catalog is pretty obsolete now, although I probably still have many or most of the books available. I'm listing them on, amazon and, but it's pretty slow going. I have all the catalog files set for public availability still but I guess you need to have Google Drive yourself to open them since they have been converted to google drive (.gdoc). You don't want to have a Google account at all? It would probably be pretty easy to set up, but I could convert to various formats and download (can you do dropbox?). Here are the choices:

Friday, February 28, 2014

third box

I'm on a roll. Finished two boxes now (save for a couple I'm setting aside to read myself first)—on to the third:
  • 0345457374 Tan, Amy THE BONESETTER'S DAUGHTER, Ballantine, 2nd printing, (includes Reader's Guide), vg $2 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0525246460 Straczynski, J. Michael DEMON NIGHT, Dutton ('88), 1st edn, 1st printing, (a novel; genuinely frightening), ex-libr else p-fr in dj $2 [list price: $18.95]
  • 0316192945 Denby, David AMERICAN SUCKER, Little Brown ('04), 1st edn, 1st printing, (includes bibliographical references), ex-libr else g in laminated dj $2 [list price: $24.95]
  • 1932234004 Suzuki, Koji RING, Vertical ('03), 1st American edn, (the novel that spawned blockbuster horror films on both sides of the Pacific; originally published in 1991; Translation: Robert B. Rohmer & Glynne Walley), ex-libr else g in acetate dj $2 [list price: $24.95]
  • 0312572948 Ramsay, Jay (=Ramsey Campbell) NIGHT OF THE CLAW, St. Martin's ('83), 1st US edn, 1st printing, (A Novel of Horror), ex-libr else fr in dj $2 [list price: $12.95]
  • 1593081170 Brontë, Charlotte JANE EYRE, Barnes & Noble Classics, 2nd printing, (intro & notes by Susan Ostrov Weisser; also includes biography, chronology, inspired by, comments & questions & further reading), vg+ $2 [list price: $7.95]
  • 9780316040921 Pelecanos, George THE TURNAROUND, Back Bay/Little Brown, 4/09, 1st Back Bay pb printing, (Readers' Pick Guide Inside), vg+ $2 [list price: $14.99]
  • 0393325172 O'Brian, Patrick MASTER AND COMMANDER: The Aubrey/Maturin Series, Norton, 5th printing, (movie tie), remainder mark, book sale stamp, vg+ $2 [list price: $13.95]
  • White, T.H. THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING, Putnam's, 11th printing, ex-libr else p-fr in dj $3 [list price: $6.95]
  • 0767902521 Bryson, Bill A WALK IN THE WOODS: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail, Broadway, 30th('01), vg+ $2 [list price: $13.95]
  • 9781416594895 Le Carré, John A MOST WANTED MAN, Scribner, 8/09, 1st Scribner trade pb printing, remainder mark, book sale stamp, else vg-f $2 [list price: $16]
  • 9781400030323 Nesser, Håkan BORKMANN'S POINT: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 2nd printing, (translated from the Swedish by Laurie Thompson), vg $2 [list price: $12.95]
  • 052512263X Puig, Manuel HEARTBREAK TANGO: A Serial, Dutton, 2nd('74), (Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine), ex-libr else g in dj $2 [list price: $6.95]
  • 9780385342568 Coben, Harlan TELL NO ONE / GONE FOR GOOD, Delta, 3rd printing, (2-in-1 edn; 370+420 pages), vg $3 [list price: $15]
  • 1594480370 Moran, Thomas ANJA THE LIAR, Riverhead, 11/04, 1st trade pb printing, (A New York Times Notable Book), ex-libr else g $2 [list price: $14]
  • 034536158X Hess, Joan A REALLY CUTE CORPSE, Ballantine 36158, 9th printing, (A Claire Malloy Mystery), vg+ (nearly "as new") $2 [list price: $4.99]
  • 0553294385 Asimov, Isaac I, ROBOT, Spectra 29438, 12th printing, (in The Robot Series), vg-f $2 [list price: $6.50]
  • 0451218205 Weiner, Ellis THE BIG BOAT TO BYE-BYE, Signet 21820, 4/06, 1st Signet printing, (mystery novel featuring Pete Ingalls, P.I.—the Pee-wee Herman of Philip Marlowes), vg-f $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • 0743497554 Shirley, John CONSTANTINE, Pocket Star 9755, 3rd printing, (movie novelization; basted on Hellblazer graphic-novel characters), vg-f $3 [no list price]
  • 0449132463 MacDonald, John D. THE GREEN RIPPER, Fawcett Gold Medal 13246, 20th(12/91), (A Travis McGee Novel), g $2 [list price: $4.95]
  • 0843955848 King, Stephen THE COLORADO KID, Hard Case HCC-013, 10/05, "First Publication Anywhere", (PBO), vg+ (nearly "as new") $10 [list price: $5.99]
  • 0743499204 Kratman, Tom A STATE OF DISOBEDIENCE, Baen 9920, 8/05, 1st pb printing, (Welcome to the Second American Revolution), vg $2 [list price: $7.99]
    ---Not my cup of tea (-party)! But if you like snarled thinking... (based on reading the prologue only.)
  • 0345430808 Baxter, Stephen MANIFOLD: ORIGIN, Del Rey 43080, 1/03, 1st mass-market printing, (3rd in trilogy), $2 g+ [list price: $6.99]
  • 9781416565178 Hunter, Stephen I, SNIPER, Pocket 6517, 10/10, 1st Pocket printing, (A Bob Lee Swagger Novel; It takes a seasoned hunt one), vg+ $2 [list price: $9.99]
  • 0440225442 Coben, Harlan ONE FALSE MOVE, Dell 22544, 16th printing, (A Myron Bolitar Novel), g $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • 0425046613 Myrer, Anton THE INTRUDER, Berkley 04661, 10/80, (A novel of terror and desire), g-vg $2 [list price: $2.75]
  • 0451218299 Kerley, Jack THE DEATH COLLECTORS, Signet 21829, 5/06, 1st Signet printing, (where madness is an art and murder is the most beautiful act imaginable), vg+ $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • 9780340992999 King, Stephen JUST AFTER SUNSET, Hodder '09, 1st UK pb, (stories), vg $2 [list price: £7.99]
  • 0140441654 More, Thomas UTOPIA, Penguin Classics, 45th printing, (Paul Turner [translator & intro]), trade pb, vg $2 [list price: $7.95]
  • 0670034592 Coetzee, J.M. SLOW MAN, Viking '05, 1st American edn, ex-libr else g-vg in laminated dj $2 [list price: $24.95]
    ---the listing-service has the publisher as "Viking Adult"—if it's a juvenile or a children's book, call it that; otherwise assume it's for grown-ups; or is it pornography?
  • 0670417556 Carroll, Jonathan LAND OF LAUGHS, Viking '80, 1st, ex-libr else g in g+ dj $4 [list price: $10.95]
End Notes:
  • I'd been under the impression that if books didn't sport isbns that I couldn't list them on Now I notice it's "If you know the ISBN..." Next time I have a non-isbn book, I'll see if I can't list in there. I do know that listings won't show up on eBay searches (half is owned by eBay) except through isbn searches. But my half sales through eBay have been mighty miniscule of late.
  • I like the "acceptable" (worst) rating that Amazon and Half have. The books may be "poor" or "fair" but usually they are in very readable condition, and quite acceptable for that purpose. Which purpose agrees with me more than as a collectible. That said, however, fine copies are nicer to have.
  • As soon as I say "I'm on a roll" I go on a several-day hiatus. I enjoy cataloging books, even though it is not particularly remunerative—especially the current crop; so it shouldn't be something I have such trouble keeping at.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

another box of books

Last post has my cataloguing of a box of books, nearly all paperbacks. I enjoy cataloguing paperbacks even though there weren't any real collector's items in there. I still enjoy them, especially the ones pre-ISBN. I was able to find listings already extant on Amazon for all of them, but I had to provide the cover photos for a few. is strictly ISBN, so older books are only listed on Amazon and biblio.
I've been very lazy about getting any cataloguing done for a long time, so I was pleased to be able to get a whole box done, especially one with a lot of books. Now I'm looking forward to diving into the next box.
It looks like a lot of these are ex-library hardcovers and trade pbs. The downtown Des Moines was trying to rid itself of books. Also CDs. I went a little bit hog wild, especially on the CDs.
So here we go (I'll be adding to the list below as we go along):
  • 0394471431 Gardner, John GRENDEL, Knopf, 6th(6/73), ex-libr else fr in p-fr dj $2
  • 0156030616 Singleton, George DROWNING IN GRUEL: Stories, A Harvest Original/Harcourt '06, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, trade pb, ex-libr else fr-g $2 [list price: $14]
  • 9781933354804 Colbert, Curt (ed) SEATTLE NOIR, Akashic ('09), 1st printing, (all-new stories), ex-libr else g+ $2 [list price: $15.95]
  • 0151132003 Frisch, Max BLUEBEARD: A Tale, Helen and Kurt Wolff/HBJ '83, 1st American edn, (translated from German by Geoffrey Skelton), review slip, vg-f in vg+ dj $10 [list price: $10.95]
    ---the above book and several more coming up were from the library of Joan Bunke, the late and esteemed arts critic at the Des Moines Register. 
  • 0394498984 Naipaul, V.S. GUERRILLAS, Knopf '75, 1st American edn, ex-libr else g in dj $3 [list price: $7.95]
  • 0312328052 Jillette, Penn SOCK, St. Martin's Griffin, 7/04, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (a novel), ex-libr else g $2 [list price $12.95]
  • 0140105662 Rybczynski, Witold THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOUSE IN THE WORLD, Penguin '90, 1st printing, vg-f $3 [list price: $8.95]
  • 0142000868 Lodge, David THINKS...: A Novel, Penguin, 6th printing, trade pb, ex-libr else g+ $2 [list price: $14]
  • 0811202054 Thomas, Dylan COLLECTED POEMS, A New Directions Paperback, 7th printing, (203 pages), g-vg [list price: $2.95]
  • Wolfe, Thomas THE HILLS BEYOND, Harper & Row, A-O reprinting(1/64), ex-libr else g-vg+ in g-vg+ dj (a decent copy) $10 [list price: $6.00]
  • 0375404279 Chaudhuri, Amit FREEDOM SONG: Three Novels, Knopf '99, 1st edn [stated], ex-libr else vg+ in vg-f dj $3 [list price: $24]
  • 0192835327 Trollope, Anthony THE PRIME MINISTER, Oxford World's Classics '99, 1st printing of this edn, (Jennifer Uglow [ed]; John McCormick [intro]; Hector Whistler [illus]), trade pb, ex-libr else vg $2 [list price: $10.95]
  • 1932361618 Potts, Rolf MARCO POLO DIDN'T GO THERE: stories and revelations from one decade as a postmodern travel writer, Travelers' Tales/Solas House '08, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, trade pb, vg-f $5 [list price: $14.95]
  • 0140165215 Lodge, David PARADISE NEWS: A Novel, Penguin, 14th printing, trade pb, ex-libr else g $2 [list price: $14]
  • 0140291806 Lodge, David HOME TRUTHS: A Novella, Penguin '00, 1st Penguin printing, (based on author's play of same name), trade pb, ex-libr else g $2 [list price: $11.95]
  • 9780727865366 Masterton, Graham CHAOS THEORY, Severn House '07, 1st world edn (simultaneous with UK?), hc variant, (thriller), ex-libr else vg in laminated dj $3 [list price: $27.95]
  • 0765311860 Carroll, Jonathan SLEEPING IN FLAME, Orb, 10/04, 1st Orb edn, trade pb, ex-libr else vg $2 [list price: $13.95]
    ---back to back books by two guys I knew in high school—what are the chances?
  • 1582341222 Cheever, Benjamin THE GOOD NANNY: A Novel, Bloomsbury '04, 1st US edn [stated], ex-libr else vg in laminated dj $2 [list price: $23.95]
  • 0375506063 Masiel, David .2182 kHz, Random House '02, 1st edn [stated], ex-libr else g in laminated dj (vg reading copy) $2 [list price: $22.95]
  • 0802138667 Womack, Jack GOING, GOING, GONE, Grove Press '02, 1st printing, trade pb, ex-libr else vg $3 [list price: $13]
  • 0312363206 Lobe, Kirsten FRENCH TRYSTS: Secrets of a Courtesan, St. Martin's Griffin, 7/07, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (a novel), trade pb, ex-libr else g-vg $2 [list price: $13.95]
  • 1565124561 Irani, Anosh THE CRIPPLE AND HIS TALISMANS, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill '05, 1st edn [stated], 1st printing, (first published in Canada by Raincoast Books '04), ex-libr else vg in dj $3 [list price: $22.95]
  • 9781933372600 Barbery, Muriel THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG, Europa Editions, 11th printing('09), (translated from the French by Alison Anderson), trade pb, g-vg $2 [list price: $15]
  • Vidal, Gore THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS, Little Brown ('65), ex-libr else p-fr in dj $3 [list price: $4.75]
  • 1400043204 Boyd, William FASCINATION: Stories, Knopf '05, 1st edn [stated], ex-libr else vg in dj $3 [list price: $24]
  • 9781929919253 Currie, Roxana POLK CITY'S EARLY HISTORY Before 1900, Camp Pope '10, 2nd edn, POD edn, trade pb, vg-f $10 [list price: ?]
  • 1558611479 West, Dorothy THE LIVING IS EASY, Feminist Press, 7th('00), (originally published in 1948; afterword by Adelaide M. Cromwell), trade pb, vg-f $12 [list price: 14.95]
  • 0684846195 Offutt, Chris THE GOOD BROTHER, Scribner Paperback Fiction ('98), no © page, trade pb, ex-libr else g $2 [list price: $13]
  • 1558614559 Hughes, Dorothy B. IN A LONELY PLACE, Feminist Press '03, 1st printing, (in Femmes Fatales: Women Write Pulp series; originally published in 1947; afterword by Lisa Maria Hogeland), trade pb, ex-libr else g $5 [list price: $14.95]
  • 1416936599 Unanimous I HATE ANN COULTER!, Simon Spotlight Entertainment '07, 1st edn, 1st printing, trade pb, vg-f $3 [list price $9.95]
  • Moynihan, William T. THE CRAFT AND ART OF DYLAN THOMAS, Cornell University Press, 2nd('66), ex-libr else g in dj $10 [list price: $6.50]

Friday, February 7, 2014

back to business?

Let's see how this goes. These are the books that happen to be sitting beside me at the moment. I'm listing them on amazon, and (with photo), but I will also list them here. I've been horrid at answering email inquiries, so I won't say to get in touch with me directly to buy them. You can try if you want, but like I say...
I'll try to keep at the cataloguing. I've been all too lax about doing any listing lately.
I'm not putting these in my moribund Google Documents catalog listings. Those are still posted but mainly for archival interest now. They are outdated and I haven't been deleting entries for sold books in quite some time.
I won't be adding much by way of describing what the book is about or its contents, since that kind of information can be easily had elsewhere on the Interwebs.
This here is one box. Next box/new post:
  • Auster, Paul THE NEW YORK TRILOGY, Green Integer 152, '08, 1st Green Integer edn, (collects City of Glass, Ghosts & The Locked Room), (580 pages + 7-page Green Integer catalog), ex-libr else g-vg (binding crack pages not loose) no dj (pictorial boards) [list price: $29.95]
  • Dreiser, Theodore SISTER CARRIE, Signet Classic CT86, 7th printing, (Willard Thorp afterword), g-vg $2 [list price 75¢]
  • 0345368754 Eco, Umberto FOUCAULT'S PENDULUM, Ballantine 36875, 12/90, 1st printing of this edn, vg $2 [list price: $6.95]
  • 9780451233936 Coben, Harlan LIVE WIRE, Signet 23393, 3/12, g-vg $2 [list price: $9.99]
  • 0515123471 Francis, Dick 10 LB. PENALTY, Jove, 10/98, 1st printing, vg $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • 9780307454782 Yates, Richard REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, Vintage Contemporaries 45478, 1/09, 1st printing of this edn, (movie tie), vg-f $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • Hart, Johnny B.C. STRIKES BACK, Fawcett Crest k876, 12/65, 1st Fawcett Crest printing, (cartoons), vg $6 [list price: 50¢]
  • 0451188462 King, Stephen DESPERATION, Signet 18446, 9th printing, (547 pages), vg-f $3 [list price: $7.99]
  • 0140431179 Stevenson, Robert Louis DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE and Other Stories, Penguin Classics, 9th('87), (Jenni Calder [ed, intro, notes]), vg+ $2 [list price: $2.95]
  • 0330241990 Yeats, W.B. SELECTED POETRY, Pan Classics, 6th('79), (A. Norman Jeffares [ed, intro, notes]), fr-g $2 [list price: £1.25]
  • 0345428676 Denning, Troy STAR WARS® The New Jedi Order: STAR BY STAR, Lucas Books/Del Rey, 10/02, 1st mass-market edn, (605 pages + unpaginated preview of Destiny's Way + Star Wars Timeline of Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels), vg-f $2 [list price: $7.50]
  • 0812575466 Brandon, Jay SLIVER MOON: A New Chris Sinclair Thriller, Tor, 5/04, 1st mass-market edn, vg (store label over barcode, otherwise "like new") $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • 0440304245 Manchester, William AMERICAN CAESAR: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964, Dell Laurel, 15th printing, (960 pages; photos; notes; index), vg+ $3 [list price: $6.95]
  • 0140431403 Richardson, Samuel PAMELA; or, Virtue Rewarded, Penguin Classics 3140, 7th printing, (Peter Sabor [ed]; Margaret A. Doody [intro]), g-vg (small tear from front two pages, evidently to remove previous owner's name, no text missing; vg otherwise) $2 [list price: $6.95]
  • 0812545338 Masterton, Graham THE CHOSEN CHILD, Tor, 1/02, 1st mass-market edn, vg+ (almost "like new") $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • 0451516184 Dostoevsky, Fyodor THE IDIOT, Signet Classic CE618, 8th printing, (new translation by Henry & Olga Carlisle, with an introduction by Harold Rosenberg), g-vg (cover creases) $2 [list price: $2.50]
  • 0765357720 Clark, Francis WAKING BRIGID, Tor, 3/09, 1st mass-market edn, vg-f $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • 0886776686 Rawn, Melanie EXILES volume 1: THE RUINS OF AMBRAI, DAW Collector No. 966, 11/95, (839 pages), vg $3 [list price: $5.99]
  • 014044033X Rousseau, Jean-Jacques THE CONFESSIONS, 20th('88), (J.M. Cohen [translator & intro]), a few margin markings, g-vg $3 [list price: $5.95]
  • 0743474325 McCammon, Robert SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD, Pocket 7432, 9/03, (Judgment of the Witch #1), vg $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • 0345305116 Foster, Alan Dean FOR LOVE OF MOTHER-NOT, Del Rey, 3/83, 1st edn, (PBO; in Flinx series), vg $2 [list price: $2.95]
  • 0843953535 Collins, Max Allan TWO FOR THE MONEY, Hard Case HCC-005, 11/04, (revised versions of author's first two published novels: Bait Money and Blood Money; the first two in Nolan series), vg $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • 0553270885 Campbell, Joseph MYTHS TO LIVE BY, Bantam New Age 27088, 18th printing, vg $2 [list price: $4.95]
  • 0812541642 Robinson, Frank M. WAITING, Tor 54164, 2nd printing, g-vg $2 [list price: $7.99]
  • Marcus Aurelius/Epictetus MEDITATIONS/ENCHIRIDION, Gateway 6026, ?(10/60), (©'56; g (cover crease, browned pages. previous owner's name, underlining in "The Enchiridion", otherwise vg) $2
  • 0451186591 Nasaw, Jonathan SHADOWS, Signet AE8659, 10/98, 1st Signet printing, (A novel of erotic suspense), g-vg $2 [list price: $6.99]
  • Homer THE ODYSSEY: The Story of Ulysses, Mentor MD92, 16th(3/61), (translated by W.H.D. Rouse), vg $4 [list price: 50¢]
  • 0671828355 Bishop, Michael EYES OF FIRE, Pocket 82835, 1/80, 1st printing, (PBO), vg (crease in corner of cover) $2 [list price: $2.25]
  • 0425043657 Bester, Alfred THE STARS MY DESTINATION, Berkley 04365, 7th printing, vg+ $4 [list price: $2.25]
  • 0425021181 Abé, Kobo INTER ICE AGE 4, Berkley N2118, 2nd(7/72), vg+ $8 [list price: 95¢]
  • 0140431047 Gaskell, Elizabeth CRANFORD/COUSIN PHILLIS, Penguin Classics, (Peter Keating [editor, intro & notes]), 2nd('88), vg $2
  • 080481032X Kalakalia, His Hawaiian Majesty King David THE LEGENDS AND MYTHS OF HAWAII: The Fables and Folk-Lore of a Strange People, Tuttle, 14th('79), vg+ $3 [list: $6.75]
  • 0671454439 Sucharitkul, Somtow THE AQUILIAD, Timescape 45443, 12/83, 1st printing, (PBO), vg $2 [list price: $2.95]
  • 0140443851 (Anonymous) THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING and Other Works, Penguin Classics 044385, 2nd('80), (new edn: adds The Epistle of Privy Counsel, Dionysius' Mystical Teaching and The Epistle of Prayer; Clifton Wolters, translator & intro), vg $3 [list price: $3.50]
  • 0140430776 Dickens, Charles AMERICAN NOTES, The Penguin English Library, Penguin EL77, '72, 1st printing, (Edited by Arnold Goldman/John Whitley), vg+ $4 [list price: $2.85]
  • Stendhal THE CHARTERHOUSE OF PARMA, Signet Classic CT144, 9/62, 1st printing, (Moncrieff trans; Jacques Barzun afterword), vg+ $3 [list price: 75¢]
  • Montaigne ESSAYS & BELLES LETTRES in 3 vols., Everyman's Library Nos. 440-2, Dent/Dutton '46/4th('38)/4th('38), (reprint; glossary; 8-page list of 981 Everyman Library volumes appended), orange cloth, no djs, vg (with some light pencil underlining and marginalia), all three volumes, as a set 30.00
  • 0441750451 Reynolds, Mack SATELLITE CITY, Ace 75045, ('75), (PBO), vg+ $3 [list price: $1.25]
  • 0671832212 Busby, F.M. THE DEMU TRILOGY, Pocket 83221, 3/80, (PBO; collects Cage a Man, The Proud Enemy & End of the Line + "The Learning of Eeshta"; 522 pages), vg-f $5 [list price: $2.50]
  • 0192817361 Dumas fils, Alexandre LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS, World's Classics/Oxford, 6th printing, (Translated with an Introduction by David Coward), mark through barcode, vg $2 [list price: $8.95]
  • 0394172930 Lawrence, D.H. LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER, Black Cat/Evergreen/Grove Press, 13th printing, (Introduction by Mark Shorer; Preface by Archibald Macleish), g-vg $2 [list price: $1.95]
  • 0812513940 Jordan, Robert CONAN THE DEFENDER, Tor, 7th printing, vg $3 [list price: $3.95]
  • 0394714474 Silverberg, Robert BORN WITH THE DEAD: Three Novellas About the Spirit of Man, Vintage V-447, 6/75, 1st Vintage edn, remainder punch hole, vg $3 [list price: $1.95]
  • Dostoevsky, Fyodor THREE SHORT NOVELS OF DOSTOEVSKY, Anchor A195, A Doubleday Anchor Original, ©'60 (no statement of printing), (collects The Double, Notes from the Underground & The Eternal Husband; Translated by Constance Garnett; Revised and edited by Avrahm Yarmolinsky; Gorey cover art; 460 pp + 9 pages of Anchor Books catalog), ink underlining in Notes from the Underground and penciled x-marks in catalog), g-vg $4 [list price: $1.45]
  • Berenstains, Stanley & Janice IT'S STILL IN THE FAMILY, Dell 4136, 10/63, 1st Dell printing, (orig: Dutton '61; cartoons), vg $5 [list price: 40¢]
  • 0140443061 HINDU MYTHS, Penguin Classics, 6th('84), (translated by Wendy O'Flaherty), vg+ $3 [list price: $4.95]

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Email rec'd:
I just ordered The Man Who Made Models and Other Stories and Slippery and Other Stories from you via They arrived in the mail yesterday, and I am enjoying them immensely. A million thanks!

Thanks, Kevin! It's great to hear. The production standards were a bit "shoddy" (per Dozois) to be sure, I know, but hopefully the content is there and it is readable (albeit maybe with magnifying glass). I'll try to get my other Lafferty booklets listed again too, but that might require some assemblage. Anyway, it's nice to hear from someone actually reading some of that wild-and-wooly stuff.

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