After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

12/31/03 WED:
---Sending an order to Wesleyan for a slew, including the books in their Early Classics of Science Fiction series.

---Disc Log:

12/30/03 TUE:
---Here today:
ARGOSY #1, 1-2/04, (assortment of literary splendours and marvels complete in two volumes and housed in a very handsome slip-case; Moorcock novella, Delany interview; more), new 12.95
---I notice that the same outfit that publishes Argosy also has an interesting-looking publication called International Studio, as well as a translation of Kai Meyer’s MYTHWORLD series and a comic by James Owen called STARCHILD.

---Disc Log:
- The Plastic People of the Universe 1997 (Xgau: A)
- MOTOWN: The Classic Years (2CD) (Xgau: A Plus)

12/29/03 MON:
---Text to follow?
12/28/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?

Saturday, December 27, 2003

12/27/03 SAT:
---I am endeavoring to resuscitate my standing order for MYSTERY SCENE magazine or at least catch up on the ones I missed (since #76). Latest one, I see, is #82.

---Disc Log:
- DAD GET ME OUT OF THIS: The String Quartet Tribute to Warren Zevon - proof that WZ did not waste his talents when he diverged from his classical-music training

12/26/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?
12/25/03 THU:
---Today is Christmas!
12/24/03 WED:
---Text to follow?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

12/23/03 TUE:
---Here today from Arkham House:
Smith, Clark Ashton SELECTED LETTERS OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH, Arkham House '03, 1st edn, new in dj 35.95
---I notice on the AH website that “CAS [is] temporarily out of stock”. Does this mean a second printing already?

---Disc Log:
- Amy Rigby TIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF (Xgau: A Minus)
- Kaito U.K. BAND RED (Xgau: A Minus)
- Stevie Wonder FULFILLINGNESS’ FIRST FINALE (Xgau: A Minus)

Monday, December 22, 2003

12/22/03 MON:
---New book from Ash-Tree here today: THE CASEBOOK OF MILES PENNOVER: Volume One by Margery Lawrence. Listing to follow. I guess my re-order for a bunch of Ash-Tree titles I had run out of reached them too late to come with this; or else they never got my re-order--a possibility because I usually get an email reply but have not received one this time.
---As usual for when I travel for a couple days or more I am having trouble triaging what most needs to be done and I end up sitting around reading my pile of new-reading (Sunday NY TIMES from yesterday as well as Saturday's, fat Winter Fiction issue of THE NEW YORKER, newsmagazine THE WEEK, and a new UTNE READER just today, for example.)

Sunday, December 21, 2003

12/21/03 SUN:
---I was too tired to deal with email when I got home last night, even though I hate to let the spam build up even for half a day. This was two whole days. Orders through are starting to show up at a pretty good clip, so that is exciting--because these people are interested in the type of books I normally carry; whereas the books I list on are mostly ones I happened to have but did not feel like listing in my regular catalog, often because they were not the type of books I normally carry,
---Probably won't see Neil much over this break, as with Thanksgiving. His routine then was to get up in the middle of the afternoon, grab a quick meal, head out to Dean Headquarters in Des Moines to work on their computer system and not come home until they closed the office for the day; which could sometimes be fairly late, but not late by Neil standards. His plan today, I believe, is to do a major re-launch of the DeanSpace software he has been helping write the code for. I can't say his time would be better spent hanging around the house here.
12/20/03 SAT:
---Spent the day driving Neil back from Urbana-Champaign--a nearly six-hour drive. This is the first time we have done it just about straight through, without stopping to eat somewhere along the way. We headed out sometime after 1pm and got home just before 7pm. Neil had his last exam in the morning and had a bit of stuff-collecting to do to get ready to leave. A Christian group is using his dorm over break so he had to take that into account in deciding how to leave the room. He has a lot of miscellaneous computer and electronics parts that he has scavenged, so his room looked pretty chaotic; very few books in evidence, however: I hope he didn't try to scrimp by without the requisite textbooks.
12/19/03 FRI:
---Spent the day driving to Urbana-Champaign to pick up Neil to bring him home for Christmas break. We ate dinner at a great Vietnamese restaurant. Neil looks good--growing a beard to go with his long hair--and it sounds like he has negotiated his final-exams well enough to maintain his eligibiility.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

12/18/03 THU:
---Looks like I should have been more canny with that SILVERTHORN hottie mentioned a couple days ago, since the copy I had is now snapped up. Makes me think I could have held out for much more than $20!
---New book from Tartarus here today (STRANGE TALES). Listing to follow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

12/17/03 WED:
---A whole bunch of books here from Prime Press today. Listings to follow.

12/16/03 TUE:
---Here today from Sarob Press:
Glasby, John THE SUBSTANCE OF A SHADE, Sarob, 10/03, new no dj as issued (pictorial boards) 45.00

Maynard, L.H. & M.P.N. Sims THE SEMINAR, Sarob, 9/03, 1st, (brand new horror short novel; 116 pages), {hc in dj still available @ $37.50}, new 16.95

---Letter rec'd:
"Haven't received a catalog of yours in some months. Has it been so long since I ordered from you that I've been dropped of the mailing list? Very sorry if that is the case. Please put me back on the list and I'll try and make it up to you."
---My reply:
"You have not been dropped from the mailing list, unless everyone has, because I have not put out a new catalog in a year. My laziness and increased reliance on the Internet to keep going have apparently been redirecting my efforts."

---Disc Log:
- my CD COMP 4
- THE SPECIALTY STORY: Discs 3 &4 - erstwhile gospel gets a little richer with Little Richard

---Spotted the review of a couple new Ursula K. Leguin books--Changing Planes and the Kalpa Imperial translation published by Small Beer--in VILLAGE VOICE today.

Monday, December 15, 2003

12/15/03 MON:
---Was just moving a few boxes around and one that was in the way I brought upstairs to list on bunch of publishers-edition hardcovers by Piers Anthony, Orson Scott Card, David Eddings, Alan Dean Foster, Stephen R. Donaldson, and Gene Wolfe in pretty good condition and mostly first editions; but they look like books I am all too familiar with and probably still have most of them for sale as "new" copies anyway. These I listed mostly for $5 each, but one looked like a real hottie: SILVERTHORN by Raymond E. Feist. Prices being asked ranged from $100-140, I believe. But last copy sold was for $20, which is what I listed mine for. Maybe I could have sold it for the big bucks, but we'll see if it even sells now.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

12/14/03 SUN:
---Just uploaded another batch from the catalog to, bringing me through Poe- in the alphabet, and including Pocket Books paperbacks, which were a bit of a test of my resiliency in keeping going with this project.
12/13/03 SAT:
---Books here from Wheatland. Info to follow.
12/12/13 FRI:
---Text to follow?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

12/11/03 THU:
---I just revised Monday's listing to elaborate on books from NESFA and Small Beer that arrived.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

12/10/03 WED:
---Added to bookmarks: Violet Books proprietressed by Jessica Amanda Salmonson; also, L.W. Currey and his; and Lawrence Person’s Lame Excuse for a Book Catalog and I also notice his Lame Excuse for a webpage, which looks like it might bear further scrutiny. We know LP as the publisher of the magazine NOVA EXPRESS, where he has impressed me with his acuity on more than one occasion. But what I was trying to find out is where to order for a customer:
Locke, George. A spectrum of fantasy, volume III : acquisitions to a
collection of fantastic literature, 1994-2001, together with additional
notes on titles covered in the first two volumes and an index to all
three volumes from Ferret Fantasy (2002).
LP had a copy listed for sale at $145, but I was looking for the publisher himself.

---We were under a blizzard warning last night, but I doubt actual conditions fulfilled the requirements to be so categorized. Winds were mighty strong--which reminds me the garbage man just took ours and left the empty can at the end of the driveway. I better go out and bring it in before it is borne by the wind into the next county.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

12/09/03 TUE:
---After a few days working on forgetting the procedure--like I did with my AOL-hosted website, which hasn't been touched since 1999--I added another batch to my listings last night, getting through Pha- in the alphabet for hardcover and misc. softcover authors (having started at Mic-). And the paperbacks up are through Perma now--almost 900 listings now.

---Just edited 11/24/03 post to list new-arrival from Necro Publications and back-in-stock item from Hippocampus (THE BLACK DIAMONDS).

---And now I have added to the entry for last Friday, reflecting the arrival of a new book from Midnight House. And I notice that the previous one never made it to an actual posting, so I will go about trying correct that omission. The new post (with another new arrival from the SFBC) and a George C. Chesbro re-arrival from Apache Beach can be found in the 08/18/03 entry, now revised. Which also shows me that a batch of books from Apache Beach that had come in a few days prior never got posted either. Now that I have my old Sony ES CD player hooked up to the Klipsch THX computer speakers with sub, instead of my portable player here upstairs, I am enjoying listening for the difference--which means working on this Internet business; and which also means getting a chance to play a little bit of catch-up posting blog entries.

---Okay, that batch of Apache Beach books is now posted and buried in the archives (08/15/03). There was also a Golden Gryphon book in that day (BUDAYEEN NIGHTS). Now I am getting tired of this putting up old posts business--enough for now! But I see that I have dug myself into quite a hole.

Monday, December 8, 2003

12/08/03 MON:
---Books here today from NESFA:
Bujold, Lois McMaster ETHAN OF ATHOS, NESFA ('03), (author’s third novel; orig: 1986; adds Nightingale foreword), new in dj 23.00

Oliver, Chad FAR FROM THIS EARTH: Selected Stories of..., Volume 2, NESFA, 8/03, 1st edn, (introduction by Priscilla Olson; 472 pages), new in dj 24.00
---A STAR ABOVE IT: Selected Stories, Vol. 1, NESFA, 8/03, 1st edn, new in dj $24

---Back in stock:
Brown, Fredric FROM THESE ASHES: The Complete Short SF of…, NESFA, 2nd(7/02), (Barry N. Malzberg introduction; 693 pages), new in dj 29.00

Bujold, Lois McMaster DREAMWEAVER'S DILEMMA, NESFA, 4th(4/02), (stories & essays; reprint of limited hardcover edition published 2/96), new 12.00
---SHARDS OF HONOR, NESFA, 2nd(8/03), (Verkosigan #1), new in dj 22.00
---THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE, NESFA ('01), newly edited edn, new in dj 25.00

Clement, Hal THE ESSENTIAL…, Volume 1: TRIO FOR SLIDE RULE & TYPEWRITER, NESFA, 2/99, 1st edn, (contains Needle, Iceworld & Close to Critical; three of author's most important hard SF novels 518 pages), new in dj 25.00
---THE ESSENTIAL…: Volume 2: MUSIC OF MANY SPHERES, NESFA, 2/00, 1st edn, (17 stories; Ben Bova introduction; 506 pages), new in dj 25.00
---THE ESSENTIAL…: Volume 3: VARIATIONS ON A THEME BY SIR ISAAC NEWTON, NESFA, 9/00, 1st edn, (The Mesklin novels: Mission of Gravity & Star Light; & the shorter fiction; lecture demo, essay; 465 pp), new in dj 25.00

Martin, George R.R. QUARTET: Four Tales from the Crossroads, NESFA, 9/01, new 15.00

Tenn, William HERE COMES CIVILIZATION: The Complete Science Fiction of…, Volume II, NESFA, 2nd(1/03), (novel and stories; 547 pages), new in dj $29

Williams, Walter Jon FRANKENSTEINS and Foreign Devils, NESFA, 12/00, (Solip: System; Wall, Stone, Craft, etc.; Dozois intro), new 14.00

---And Small Beer:
Rosenbaum, Benjamin OTHER CITIES, Small Beer, 11/03, 1st edn, (a collection of fourteen gems; 42 pages), booklet, new $5

Rowe, Christopher BITTERSWEET CREEK and Other Stories, Small Beer, 11/03, one of 500, (one original, others reprints from Realms of Fantasy; 62 pages), booklet, new 5.00

---Sent order to Gauntlet for Matheson’s COLLECTED STORIES (although I think I may have ordered it already, back before it was officially announced).

---Disc Log:
- Buck 65 MAN OVERBOARD (Xgau: A Minus)
- THE LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM: An Anthology of Black Music (5CD)

12/07/03 SUN:
---Neil got his name mentioned in an article in The New York Times Magazine today.

12/06/03 SAT:
---Text to follow?

Friday, December 5, 2003

12/05/03 FRI:
---Here today from Midnight House:
Rice, Jane THE IDOL OF THE FLIES and Other Stories, Midnight House '03, one of 500 numbered copies, (Dziemianowicz intro; Rockhill afterword), new / dj $40

---Disc Log:
- THE DISCO YEARS, vol. 4: LOST IN MUSIC (Xgau: A Minus)
- fun compilation from Sweden rec’d last May
- Orhcestra Baobab PIRATES CHOICE (2 CD) (Xgau: A Minus)

---Heard from Andy Watson at Cambrian Publications responding to my inquiry about SPONDULIX by Paul Di Filippo. Sounds like it will be ready in a couple weeks:
"The completion date from the printer slipped to Dec 12,
so you would receive shipment probably early in the
week of Dec 22. Cutting it uncomfortably close to Xmas,
for any customers who might have been hoping to give
SPONDULIX as a gift. Sorry about that.

Thanks for noticing that SPONDULIX is appearing at
long last, after two years of delays. I'm at my wit's
end for an effective way to advertize it, though. Any
suggestions? Any zines or web sites that have worked
well for you?"

---I will need to check to see if I need more copies of Cambrian's previous titles still available, which Andy was kindly enough to remind me of:
"PKD's GATHER YOURSELVES TOGETHER, and/or the other two Di Filippo novels I've
done (dwindling inventory, but still a few JOE’S LIVER
in the ltd edition hardcover, and a similarly shrinking
supply of the CIPHERS trade paperbacks)."

---Indeed, we caught another two or three inches of snow and I had to get out and do more shoveling. But I guess that is not too unique a situation to be in. This time, although the wind is more driven, it was not such a big deal for me. I just have to walk to the post office and back and after that I can stay inside the rest of the day, hopefully getting some work done and not succumbing to the temptation to sit around and read.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

12/04/03 THU:
---Snow shoveling yesterday did a number on my back, but not half as bad--so far--as sometimes in the past. I guess I forgot what all that bending over and lifting could do too early in the morning. If we get enough more snow tonight that I have to do it again tomorrow, I might be in trouble.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

12/03/03 WED:
---Note added to latest printout of info for Discount Plan:
Note: Since my catalogs after #144 have been on hiatus, existing memberships as of Jan 2003 are still good, even if they are expired. Also, the $15 membership fee is good for two years now (maybe more). Catalog inventory is being put up on the web at .

---Disc Log:
- System of a Down TOXICITY (Xgau: HM*)
- Björk VESPERTINE (Xgau: A Minus)
- O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (Xgau: Choice Cut)
- Faudel BAIDA (Xgau: A Minus)
- Missy Elliott MISS E...SO ADDICTIVE (Xgau: HM***)

---Had to put in a session with the snow shovel so Amy could get her car out of the driveway this morning. Maybe three inches of heavy wet snow overnight I wish I could just let melt, as it probably will pretty soon. I think I will have to walk to the post office. If I get a lot of snow caked to my bicycle it would not be good for it. In the past I always rode it, even through snow--but then I had a rusted chain too.
---Now that I have shoveled the driveway, the deck, and the sidewalks, all I need is to make that trek to the post office and after that I can stay in the rest of the day. I look out the window now at a nice scene of snow caked on the branches of the trees and bushes. It would probably be good to get out in the countriside today too, but I figure snow-shoveling was enough exercise for one day. And I have much yet to do.
---I am glad I do not have to go out today for my dental appointment. Yesterday’s was a bit unpleasant but not unbearably so. The worst is when the novacaine wears off, as it did last evening; but all feels okay now. A temporary crown is in place while the permanent one is being crafted. I need to go back in a couple weeks for completion of the procedure. I wish this tooth business weren’t necessary, but I guess I have to expect things to happen every once in a while. I am lucky it wasn't something worse this time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

12/02/03 TUE:
---Here today:
Jens, Tina (ed) CTHULHU AND THE COEDS or KIDS & SQUIDS, Twilight Tales [contents and sample story available by following link to publisher], 2nd edn(4/03), (newly redesigned edn; mythos tales; Friesner, Dedman, Stross, etc.), new 15.00
---This looks like a lot of fun. Members discount is only 10% on this one (and probably other Twilight Tales books, if I ever get any). There are three other anthologies from them (or her): Bood & Donuts, Book of Dead Things, and Freaks, Geeks & Sideshow Floozies; as well as single-author collections by Martin Mundt, John Weagly and John Everson; plus eight chapbooks and various “memorabilia” like t-shirts and buttons.

---Disc Log:
- Dismemberment Plan THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN IS TERRIFIED (Xgau: A Minus)
- “THE ENGLISH CONNECTION” (Purcell, Young, Lawes, Jenkins, Locke)
- Evanescence FALLEN (Xgau: B Minus) - victim of Christgau’s Thanksgiving 2003 Turkey Shoot, burned out of curiosity last summer from borrowed copy inadvertantly left in computer by previous user; don’t worry, record label, this did not cost you a sale.

---I have just now been quickly adding skeletal posts for the several days I missed from regular blogging over Thanksgiving recess. I will try to edit them to add a bit more material later. Turns out I need to go back to the dentist this morning to start getting a crown put on the broken tooth. Big expense--about the same as if we were to pay for being on the family plan for dental insurance, available at Amy's work--but it would be better not to have to pay out either way. Better a tooth than lots of other things it could have been, I suppose. A first-time experience for me, getting a tooth crown. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a root canal, as my dentist says can occur in about one in four such cases. And I hope I can get some serious work done when I get back home later this morning.
12/01/03 MON:
---Got in at dentist at 1PM--the perfect time to make me take still another day off from ever getting anything more accomplished. To kill the time I ran my 8-mile route. Should have sat down at the computer and processed books and orders, but I had missed two days of running already, and pretty soon it will be all too easy to take days on end off, when the winter wind will start to whip down from the North Pole and the easy choice will be to stay inside.
11/30/03 SUN:
---Broke a tooth eating a sticky homemade blueberry muffin. Actually it must have already been broken and just waiting for something sticky to extract it from whatever was still holding it, because it seemed like the piece of tooth was already in the muffin when I discovered it. The void feels mighty strange to my tongue. No pain in the location or trouble chewing, but I guess I better check with the dentist tomorrow. One more thing to keep me from my appointed rounds after going too lax over vacation--as usual.
11/29/03 SAT:
---Am taking it way too easy these vacation days. I did finally get the batch of paperbacks that includes Paperback Library up on today. The process of bringing books up to post is slowing down now that I have 700-plus listed, but I should keep at it, at least for a few minutes each day.
11/28/03 FRI:
---No book shipments all week, but it is not bad to catch a breather here now, I guess. Still plenty of things I am not doing that I should be doing.

11/27/03 THU:
---Ate Thanksgiving meal of quorn patties with gravy and various side dishes with mother-in-law in Des Moines. It was a pleasant change of pace--and about the most we got to see of Neil, since he has been spending so much time over his break at the Dean headquarters in DM. I got a little more reading done in my book (still White Noise by Don De Lillo) thanks to the peaceful afternoon, without all the distractions of home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

11/26/03 WED:
---Pasted up an updated 8-page New Arrivals for photocopying and inserting with books in packages. I need to change the title from New to Recent, because the list includes books from as much as almost a year ago, when last print catalog went out. The list changes virtually daily as books come and go. There is another page-worth that could be printed too, but nine is such an odd number. I wanted to see how expeditiously I could get the paste-up done, and it only took the length of time for ten songs to play on the Stax-Volt Singles collection that was on--and those were short songs. That included getting a batch photocopied and cut in half and folded. Now I can get my day's packaging done. Tomorrow is some kind of holiday--a good time to give thanks to anyone who bothers to read this stuff and especially ones who bother to order books based on what they find here.
11/25/03 TUE:
---No books here today, but I did hear from NESFA that my order is in hand and all books should be available (hopefully first printings). Also, I sent one to Wheatland for Polyphony 3, the Waldrop book and the other one (probably the best of the lot).

Monday, November 24, 2003

11/24/03 MON:
---Here today from Necro:
Lee, Edward & Patrick Lestewka MOTHER BITCHFIGHT, Necro's Dark Duets IV, 10/03, one of 452 SIGNED copies, (story each by two authors; illustrated; big print), 60-pg chapbook, new 9.95
---In the mood for a(nother) gut-punch?
---Back in stock from Hippocampus:
Smith, Clark Ashton THE BLACK DIAMONDS, Hippocampus ('02), 1st edn, new $15
---Email rec’d:
Hi, Chris,
How sad to see that our old friend Lafferty seems to have become one of the
great forgotten authors of our time. I'm very sorry to see that no one is
stepping in to do more than a few reprints. Do you know if Virginia Kidd
still handles things for his estate? If no one else is willing to do so, I'm
thinking of trying to publish some of his unpublished work, if it can be
made in any way financially feasible.
---My reply:
I am afraid I have not been keeping up on the Lafferty front, but your idea about publishing some of his unpublished work is certainly a welcome one. As far as I know Virginia Kidd or her office is still the agent for his estate. I did get an inquiry from the husband of Ray’s executor a while ago about an idea of selling all the rights to his work in one lump, because apparently it is hard to disperse a relatively small amount of money coming in from royalties among the many of his distant relatives who apparently have claims, since Ray did not have any close heirs. I am afraid I could not be of much help. If you would like this person’s email address, I think I could track it down. I am entangled in the minutiae of this book business. There are lots of greater things I am sure I could be doing, many of them exceeding my grasp if not my reach; but I keep finding myself with ever more to do, even without sending catalogs out any more. Not always exactly what I want to do, but close enough, I guess.
---Disc Log:
- my new CD COMP 11 - Neil’s always leaving the eMac tuned in to OS-X causes me to sweep up my little iTunes projects more often than I might otherwise - this one is kind of draggy a bit here and there, but there is always next time; and the first couple tunes, at least, should have a Parental Advisory notification.
- Björk GREATEST HITS (Xgau: A Minus)

---The upstairs eMac always starts up in OS-X in the morning when Neil is home. I only fool around with iTunes or open an email with too much html garbage with OS-X. I still try to hang on to the applications I am used to using that run on OS-9. And for some reason the Internet hookup is twice as fast in Nine. But since the computer started up in Ten, I fooled around with my iTunes stuff a little bit. Made five more CD COMP 9 so I could trash out those songs. I make about ten copies total of the various compilations I come up with, for free dispersal to the wishing and the occasional unwitting. And I now have a test copy of CD COMP 11 to listen to. That gets me off to a pretty slow start for the day. But it was only twelve degrees with windchill down to zero outside this morning when we got up, so I am not looking forward to my bicycle treck to post office a quarter mile away, with outgoing boxes bungee-corded to the carrying rack.

---CD COMP 11:
Supergirl 2:43 The Fugs Electromagnetic Steamboat - The Reprise Recordings (Disc 2) Rock 2001
My Dad's Gone Crazy 4:27 Eminem The Eminem Show Hip Hop/Rap 2002
Wang Dang Doodle 4:24 Koko Taylor Deluxe Edition Blues 2002
Londende 9:35 Orchèstre Vévé Vintage Verckys World
Everything Hits At Once 4:04 Spoon Girls Can Tell Rock 2000
Sad Girl 3:33 Amy Allison Sad Girl Country
Daylight 4:25 Aesop Rock Daylight Hip Hop/Rap 2001
Elephant De Roxanne 4:13 Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor Moulin Rouge Soundtrack 2001
Swingin' 3:58 Blu Cantrell So Blu R&B 2001
The Hangman's Song 3:55 Puerto Muerto The Executioner's Last Songs Volume 1 Country 2002
Venus In Furs [live] 5:17 The Velvet Underground The Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes [2] Rock 2001
Bard 6:15 Issa Bagayogo Timbuktu World 2001
The Third Bleeding 4:47 Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber Blood On The Leaf - Opus No. 1 Jazz
Ex Lion Tamer 2:19 Wire Pink Flag Alternative & Punk
Somehow, Someday 4:24 Ryan Adams Gold Rock 2001
11/23/03 SUN:
---I sent paperbacks through Par- (by publisher) up for processing to go in my listings. This is the first significant number, with the Paperback Libraries, so I will get a taste of how it will be when I run up against publishers like Tor and Ace.
11/21/03 SAT:
---Stayed up to 2AM picking Neil up at the bus station in Des Moines last night, home from Illinois for Thanksgiving break. That is way past when I usually get to bed, so I was tired today. Neil promises to spend most of his waking time working on the computer systems at the Dean headquarters in DM. It looks like he survived most of another semester of the college life.
---I did manage to get packaging done to have outgoing ready for the post office before 9:30, when the desk closes. Also, later, I made it up to 658 entries at, taking me to Park in the alphabet.

Friday, November 21, 2003

11/21/03 FRI:
---I now have 518 listings up on, comprising Mic- to Obr- in the alphabet. I also changed the shipping template to reflect my actual shipping charges (for non-discount-plan orders).
---I edited the post for Monday to reflect that day's new-arrivals and whatnot.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

11/20/03 THU:
---Here today:
WORMWOOD #1, Tartarus Press '03, (A journal dedicated to writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature; articleson Meyrink, Eddison, Bramah, Ligotti, etc.), new $13

---Disc Log:
- Handel TAMERLANO (3 CD)
- The Fever PINK ON PINK (Xgau: A Minus, but no link that I could find on Christgau’s website yet)

---Those listings on are slippery beasts. I noticed a bunch of tabs I left out between title and description, causing the price field to register as zero. I found a bloc of listings that were afflicted, but I have little confidence I found all the problem spots. I can't get so caught up in that project again today. I have lots of longstanding business I really ought to make a major effort to get caught up on. But it is fun to finally be getting the catalog on-line. So far only Mic- to Nix- has been uploaded, though--424 items. It looks like 14,000 may have been a conservative estimate for an eventual number. One problem for future work: titles that start with 'the' come up under 't'. I wish articles like 'the' and 'a' could be ignored when listings for books starting with certain title letters are brought up. Well, it is certainly a work in progress.
11/19/03 WED:
---Text to follow?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

11/18/03 TUE:
---Excellent shipment here today from Small Beer and Old Earth:
Clute, John SCORES: Reviews 1993-2003, Beccon '03, 1st edn, (428 pages; index), new $27

Davidson, Avram LIMEKILLER, Old Earth ('03), 1st, (the Jack Limekiller stories; Shepard & Beagle intros), new in dj $30

Emshwiller, Carol THE MOUNT, Small Beer, 2nd, (allegorical novel; alien invasion), new 16.00
---REPORT TO THE MEN'S CLUB, Small Beer ('02), 1st edn, (stories), new 16.00

Gorodischer, Angélica KALPA IMPERIAL: The Greatest Empire That Never Was, Small Beer ('03), 1st edn, (translated by Ursula K. Le Guin), new 16.00

Link, Kelly (ed) TRAMPOLINE: An Anthology, Small Beer ('03), 1st edn, (OA), new 17.00

---Back in stock:
Smith, Edward E., Ph.D. CHILDREN OF THE LENS, Old Earth, 2nd('01), new 15.00
---GALACTIC PATROL, Old Earth, 2nd('01), (in Lensmen series), new 15.00
---GRAY LENSMAN, Old Earth, 4th('02), (Lensman #4; Clute foreword), new 15.00
---SECOND STAGE LENSMEN, Old Earth, 2nd('01), (#5; Clute foreword), new 15.00

Steele, Allen ALL-AMERICAN ALIEN BOY, Old Earth ('96), (stories), new 15.00
---RUDE ASTRONAUTS, Old Earth '93, 1st US pb, (stories), new 15.00

Vukcevich, Ray MEET ME IN THE MOON ROOM: Stories, Small Beer '01, 1st edn, (weird, wonderful; by turns whimsical and unsettling; unique), new 16.00

---Disc Log:
- Madonna AMERICAN LIFE (Xgau: HM**)
- my CD COMP 4 - now starting to wear out its welcome a little bit, except a few ever-pleasers

---It was starting to get to be a bit of a thankless chore logging onto my information at to see if my book uploads had become listed, always finding a blank. But now there are listings! I guess I can proceed--gradually--to continue with the remaining 13-or-14-thousand-plus that could eventually go up. For now I just have Mic- to Mye- in the alphabet (and the rest of the M's in publishers for paperbacks) uploaded, but if it is working out I look forward to putting up more. Hopefully I won't become obsessed by the project. There are already too many things off by the wayside that should be being taken care of.

Monday, November 17, 2003

11/17/03 MON:
---Here from Earthling:
Clark, Simon & Tim Lebbon EXORCISING ANGELS, Earthling, 10/03, 1st edn, one of 776 SIGNED copies, (original horror novella; 87 pages), new in dj 35.00

Smith, Michael Marshall MORE TOMORROW & Other Stories, Earthling, 10/03, 1st edn, one of 1026 SIGNED copies, (Stephen Jones intro; 487 pages), new in dj 40.00

---And from TTA in the UK, finally catching up a bit with my forsaken standing order, except unfortunately TTA #32 came and went before it ever got here:
CRIMEWAVE #7: The Last Sunset, TTA '03, (head and shoulders above every other mystery magazine in look, content and tone; cutting-edge; Sallis, Christopher Fowler, etc.), new 12.00

THE FIX: The Review of Short Fiction #4, TTA '02, (the world’s only dedicated review of short fiction; Ed Gorman, Brian Aldiss) • ---#5, '02, (Van Pelt, di Filippo) • ---#6, '03, (interviews, new publishers, commentary) • ---#7, '03, (which writers are the best in bed; more), new each, $5

THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE #31, sum/02, (Alan Moore, Michael Marshall Smith, Jeffrey Ford interviews) • ---#33, win/03, (Aldiss story & interview) • ---#34, spr/03, (Alan Wall) • ---#35, sum/03, (John Connolly, China Miéville) • ---#36, aut/03, (Lucius Shepard novella, etc.), new each, 7.00

---Good to see TTA has been getting even better without me the past couple years. I guess they had a few problems with USA distribution, causing my standing order to lapse. All at once, now, this is an impressive-looking batch.

---This has been here for a while, but I criminally neglected to catalog before now:
Boston, Bruce SHE WAS THERE FOR HIM THE LAST TIME, Miniature Sun/Aphelion ('02), one of 200 SIGNED copies, (15-page poem), attractive booklet, new 5.00
---another, one of 26 lettered copies, new 7.00

---This has arrived too, courtesy of Skeptics Society & Skeptic Magazine (Devoted to the Investigation of Extraordinary Claims and Revolutionary Ideas and the Promotion of Science and Critical Thinking):
Helms, Randel McCraw WHO WROTE THE GOSPELS?, Millennium, 2nd, new 14.95

---A return from a customer who writes: “I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of the books. I guess at the price involved I expected something more. These are more on the order of what you would expect to receive from the SF Book Club.”:
Farmer, Philip José THE WORLDS OF TIERS, Tor, 12/96 & 12/97, the two, vg-f in djs 45.00
---List price for the pair would be $57.90. Maybe that is too much, but you do get all six novels. If these are shoddy bookmaking, then all Tor books are crummily made; because these look okay to me. Not exactly Tartarus Press, maybe, but this is mass-market bookmaking. The paper-covered boards maybe could take a cloth shelf-back to make them better-looking. I would still list these copies as new, but in my mind they are now used copies. They are probably not still available from the publisher anyway, but I would be less shocked if they were than if they were bound with cloth shelf-backs.

---Disc Log:
- CD COMP 10 - just compiled, my own thing of some of the music I have heard recently, available free by request

---Still no inventory showing up on I wonder if there is a problem with the way my listings were formatted. [Later: it finally all came up; looks good for a start]
11/16/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?
11/14/03 FRI:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Bisson, Terry DEAR ABBEY, PS, 8/03, 1st edn, one of 800 SIGNED copies, (novella; introduction by Brian W. Aldiss), {hc in dj available @ $40}, new 16.00

Hand, Elizabeth BIBLIOMANCY: Four Novellas, PS, 10/03, 1st edn, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (Lucius Shepard intro), new in dj 50.00

Jones, Stephen (ed) BY MOONLIGHT ONLY, PS, 9/03, 1st edn, (new "Not at Night" series, vol. 2; 10 stories strange and deadly), new in dj 50.00

Shepard, Lucius FLOATER, PS, 9/03, 1st edn, one of 900 SIGNED copies, (short novel; introduction by Jeffrey Ford), {hc in dj available @ $40}, new 16.00

---From Night Shade:
Smith, Clark Ashton RED WORLD OF POLARIS: The Adventures of Captain Volmar, Night Shade ('03), limited edn, (for completist; 115 pages), new in dj 35.00
---This is sold out at the publisher, but it looks like at the moment I may have a couple copies yet unspoken for. One was released from reserve because the customer considered this too juvenile and unworthy a work, a scraping too deep from the steamer trunk of unpublished CAS. On the other hand, you could look at it as a future difficult title for the CAS completist that will certainly fetch higher prices. Indeed, I would not be surprised if it didn’t already have listings higher than the published price.

VanderMeer, Jeff (ed) ALBUM ZUTIQUE #1, Ministry of Whimsy ('03), (surreal & decadent), new 12.99

---Back in stock:
VanderMeer, Jeff VENISS UNDERGROUND, Night Shade ('03), 1st edn thus, one of 750 SIGNED copies, (adds afterword and new story), new in dj 40.00

Wagner, Karl Edward MIDNIGHT SUN: The Complete Stories of Kane, Night Shade '03, 1st edn, (companion to Gods In Darkness, which collects the novels), new in dj 35.00

---Also today, I bagged and shelved those miscellaneous softcover new arrivals I listed a couple days ago. I hope I can find them again if and when they get ordered.

---Disc Log:
- THE BYRD EDITION 6: The Cardinall’s Musick - dirgy
- The Go-Betweens SPRING HILL FAIR (2CD) (Xgau: A Minus) - new “expanded” version
- Bettie Serveert LOG 22 (Xgau: A Minus)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

11/15/03 SAT:
---Saw myself listed as one of five new booksellers on for about half a day, before more booksellers came on to take my place. My upload was still not showing any books in their system, however. Word is it might take as many as 72 hours. Once I get something up there that will be fine. I go months without a print-catalog "upload" and somehow the older catalogs can hold up pretty well as far as still having inventory listed that I still have in stock.

---CD COMP 10:
My Ride's Here 3:41 Warren Zevon My Ride's Here Rock 2002
Wogs Will Walk 4:53 Cornershop Handcream For A Generation Alternative & Punk 2002
Evergreen (Love Theme from"A Star Is Born") 3:06 Barbra Streisand The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1) Pop 2002
Birdland [live] 9:42 Patti Smith Land (1975-2002) (Disc 2) Alternative & Punk 2002
Fantastic Voyage 2:58 David Bowie Lodger Rock 1979
Love Over & Over 4:07 Kate & Anna McGarrigle Love Over And Over Rock 1982
City Song 2:28 Imperial Teen On Alternative & Punk 2002
Siri 5:06 Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga Ujumbe World
You're My Girl 4:41 Neil Young Are You Passionate? Rock 2002
Like A Kiss That Never Ends (Como Un Beso Que Nunca Se Acaba) 12:48 David Murray Like A Kiss That Never Ends Jazz 2000
Turn On / Tune In / Drop Out 4:44 The Fugs Electromagnetic Steamboat - The Reprise Recordings (Disc 1) Rock 2001
Nullarbor Song 4:27 Kasey Chambers Barricades & Brickwalls Country 2002
What A Wonderful World 2:23 Joey Ramone Don't Worry About Me Alternative & Punk 2002

Thursday, November 13, 2003

11/13/03 THU:
---Just added posts to Monday and Tuesday of this week. Have now prepared 220 listings from prospective Catalog 145--giving them inventory numbers and and inserting tabs, but at this point not changing anything else much. This ought to be enough to see if I can get started with an account on

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

11/12/03 WED:
---I tell you what, I am enjoying the idea of putting my catalog text out there in cyberspace more than the prospect of issuing another printed version. Where the titles could possibly be googled by anyone who might actually be after them is where I would like them to be--out there, at least somewhere. It may be a little bit of extra work right now, but I am hoping it will be worthwhile. Thusfar I have 186 items from prospective Catalog 145 ready to upload--just shy of the 200 required to get started on
---About ten seconds before Amy left the house this morning I mentioned what I am doing and showed her the text I had so far, and she quickly surmised that I am doing it all wrong--that I am using software that is outdated; that I don’t have it in the proper format and if I did it won’t work right the way I am doing it. No doubt I will have hurdles to try to negotiate that I am not now aware of. I admit I am not the pointiest arrow in the quiver, but I still have hopes I can get a decent start here pretty soon.

11/11/03 TUE:
---Still working on the inexhaustible pile of small press magazines and chapbooks. Am up to 136 items ready to upload to And some14,000 to go. Wouldn’t it be easier to come out with a new catalog? More profitable too, I get the feeling.

---Well, here is the list of what I just finished newly cataloguing:
misc. softcovers:
ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, 10-11/01, (Double Issue; Silverberg serial, part 1 of 3; Jack Williamson, Swanwick, Steele, William Sanders, Simon Ings, Andy Duncan, Robert Reed, Charles Stross, Cherry Wilder), vg-f 2.50
ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, 7/02, 8/02, vg or better each, 1.25
BARE BONE #1, '01, (fiction; Derek M. Fox, Yvonne Navarro, etc), perfectbound, f $5
Breiding, G. Sutton HALLUCINATING JENNY, Perihelion Broadside #2, Miniature Sun ('00), unsigned PC copy, (2-page poem), f 1.50
DARKLING PLAIN: Speculative Fiction #2, fall/01, (Simmons interview; Alan Dean Foster, Bruce Boston, Martha A. Hood, Jeff Carlson and Nikolai Gogol), vg-f 6.00
De Winter, Corrine A DARK RIDE, Black Arrow ('01), (poetry), booklet, vg-f 2.50
DREAMS & NIGHTMARES #61, 1/02 • ---#62, 5/02, (speculative poetry), vg-f each, 2.00
FANTASIA: An Anthology of Fantastic Fiction and Poetry, Springbeach'98, (UK publication; 60 pages), bklt, vg $3
FOUNDATION #58, sum93, (featuring John Clute on The Encyclopedia of SF), vg-f 5.00
FRISSON: Disconcerting Verse #22, sum/01, vg-f 2.50
FUTURES: The Anthology of Short Tales for Story Lovers #26, 12/01-1/02, vg-f 3.00
---4-5-6/02, also listed as Issue #26, (Hitchcock fiction by Henry Slesar, more), vg-f $3
HADROSAUR TALES #5, ('98), (SF stories, poetry; Keith Allen Daniels, Lenora K. Rogers, Wayne James, etc.; 136 pages), perfectbound, vg-f $4
Hensley, Chad WHAT THE CACODAEMON WHISPERED, Flesh & Blood, 5/01, chapboo, f 4.00
HORROR GARAGE #4, ('01), (Sex, Death, Rock ‘n’ Roll; Original Dark Fiction by John Shirley, Lorelei Shannon, Bruce Holland Rogers, Gerard Houarner, C.A. Gardner; nonfiction by NormanPartridge; more), vg+ 5.00
HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION, THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF…, 2/01 • ---4/01 • ---6/01, (market reports, shoptalk, etc.), vg each, 2.00
HWA NEWSLETTER, 3/01, (Richard Laymon memorial issue), vg-f 5.00
Jacob, Charlee SKIN, Perihelion Broadside #3, Miniature Sun, ('00), unsigned PC copy, as new $1
Kiernan, Caitlin R. CANDLES FOR ELIZABETH, Meisha Merlin, 5/98, 1st, bklt, vg-f $4
Link, Kelly & Ray Vukcevich 2 CREEPY STORIES, Small Beer, 4/02, (ltd. edn), bklt, vg+ 6.00
MAIN STREET RAG, sum/01, (gritty; Gwendolyn Brooks interview, more), vg-f 3.50
MOOREEFFOC #5, fall/01, (Fiction in the mythic tradion; Spooky Issue), vg+ 3.00
NOT ONE OF US #14 (9/95), John Benson, (stories and poems outside the norm; radical empathy issue), vg+ 2.50
Pronzini, Bill NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT, Walker '00, 1st pb, (psychological suspense), vg-f 7.50
Ragan, Jacie DEADLY NIGHTSHADE, Flesh & Blood '01, 1st edn, INSCRIBED, booklet, vg-f 3.00
REALMS OF FANTASY, 10/99, (medieval gaming, Gahan Wilson on HPL), vg+ 4.00
RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY, THE 2001… , SFPA, (‘01), (Best SF, F & H Poetry of 2000),vg- f $5
SCHUYLKILL, spr/01, (Creative and Critical Review from Temple University), f 2.00
Schwader, Ann K. WEREWOMAN, Nocturnal ('90), (poems), booklet, vg+ 3.00
SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF AMERICA BULLETIN, THE… #153, spr/02, (Case of the Missing Paperbacks) • ---#154, sum/02, (Nebula Awards Issue), vg each, 3.00
SPACE AND TIME #96, fall/02, (SC Lofton, Trey Barker, Kendell Evans, Charlee Jacob; Goingback interview), vg-f 4.00
STAR*LINE: Newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Assoc., #25.4, 7-8/02, vg-f 1.00
STAR*LINE: Newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Assoc., 24.4, 7-8/01, vg or better, f 1.00
TALEBONES #22, fall/01, (Van Pelt; Simmons interview) , vg-f 3.50
TALEBONES #24, spr/02, (William Barton, Van Pelt, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Sallis; Turtledove interview), vg-f 3.00
TWINK #23, ('01), (fine fanzine; Religion in SF, part 2; listings, LOCs, etc.), vg+ 2.00
VanderMeer, Jeff LYRIC OF THE HIGHWAY MARINER, Nocturnal ('91), (poems), booklet, vg+ 6.00
WEIRD TALES #323, spr/01, (Keith Taylor), vg+ 3.00
winter-damon, t. & randy chandler MAN CRUEL, Cyber-Psychos AOD, pre-release edn for World Horror ‘00, INSCRIBED, bklt, vg-f $5
WORLD HORROR CONVENTION 1999, (program book; Campbell, Bishop), vg-f 8.00
WORLD HORROR 2000, (convention program book; Ellison, Straub, etc.), vg-f 8.00

---Disc Log:
- Shania Twain THE WOMAN IN ME (Xgau: HM*)
- Lou Reed THE RAVEN (Xgau: B Plus)
- Derek and the Dominos LAYLA (Xgau: A Plus)

11/10/03 MON:
---Here today:
Brown, Alice THE EMPIRE OF DEATH, Ash-Tree '03, 1st, (strange stories; Salmonson intro), new in dj 45.00

White, Jon Manchip ECHOES AND SHADOWS, Tartarus Press '03, 1st, (tales of the supernatural), limited to 300 copies, new in dj 45.00

---Prometheus Books has sent a couple nonreturnable sample books I will offer here:
Harris, Melvin INVESTIGATING THE UNEXPLAINED, Prometheus '03, 1st, promo-tional edn, (Psychic Detectives, The Amityville Horror-Mongers, Jack the Ripper, and Other Mysteries of the Paranormal; reveals the unromantic truth), f 5.00

Nickell, Joe LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions & Healing Cures, Prometheus, 2nd('03), promotional edn, (fair minded and raises important questions about truth and religious belief), f 5.00

---Worked a bit more on getting up to 200 entries for an initial account. That is with two catalog-pages worth of material converted. When all is said and done, it might be 13 or 14,000 listings. Hmmm. What am I getting myself into this time?

---Disc Log:
- Barbra Streisand THE ESSENTIAL… - thought maybe I ought to have one disc by this icon of kitsch--and I will admit to having some fun listening to this
- The Fugs ELECTROMAGNETIC STEAMBOAT: The Reprise Recordings (3CD) - lots of fun listening to this

Sunday, November 9, 2003

11/09/03 SUN:
---Posting that info from a catalog page, I found it took a while for Blogger to assimilate the input. So, I do not think I will keep that up. Soon enough, I hope, the results will be available on Then, if it works out initially, I hope I can keep adding stuff on a regular basis, until maybe I can get everything put there. I fear, however, that the massiveness of the undertaking will manifest itself before I get very far along.
11/09/03 SUN:
---Sent a second batch of listings, this time “miscellaneous softcovers” from up from downstairs for conversion to format that will hopefully be appropriate for upload to
Middleton, Haydn SON OF TWO WORLDS, Available Press/Ballantine, 7/89, (imaginative reconstruction of Celtic saga fragments), new 5.95
MIDNIGHT GRAFFITI #3, spr/89, (Stephen King special section, Rex Miller story) • ---#4, fall/89, (a special look at dinosaurs; Branham, Schow, Lansdale & Bradbury stories; Rice, Nolan features; Sturgeon interview concludes) • ---#5, spr/90, (Ellison, Jeter, Collins, Garris, Campell, Gerrold, Gein) • ---#6, win/90-91, (apocalypso issue; Simmons interview; Somtow, Charnas, Laymon, Brandner, etc.) • ---#7, fall/92, (Garton, Rex Miller, Schow; Matheson interview), new each, 4.95
---win/94-5, (special issue; Barker, Ellison, Matheson, Miller, etc.), new 8.95
MIDNIGHT SHAMBLER #3, 7/96, Necronomicon, (Robert M. Price [ed]) • ---#4, 11/96, (Schwader, Schweitzer, Tierney) • ---#5, Eastertide/97, (Cannon, Schwader, Thomas, Schweitzer) • ---#6, Lammas/97 • ---#7, Hallowmas/97 • ---#8, Eastertide/98 • ---#9, Lammas/98 • ---#10, Hallowmas/98 • ---#11, Eastertide/99, (Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. [ed]), new each, 4.50
MIDNIGHT ZOO, vol. #2, Issue #2, ('92), (Watt-Evans, VanderMeer, Addleman, Wisman, Linda White; Datlow interview), new 4.95
---vol. 3, Issue #1, ('92), (Malis, Saplak, Tilton, Cynthia Ward; Addleman interview), vol. 3, Issue #2, ('92), (Wisman, Higa, Patrick, Goode; Mayhar interview) • ---vol. 3, Issue #3, ('92),(Exciting Horror, SF, Fantasy, & Science Fact) • ---vol. 3, Issue #4, (Boston, Schweitzer, Keith Allen Daniels, Zelazny interview), new each, 4.50
Miéville, China KING RAT, Tor, 2nd, (subterranean London; debut), new 14.95
---PERDIDO STREET STATION, Del Rey, 3/01, 1st US edn, new 18.00
---THE TAIN, PS, 12/02, (M. John Harrison intro; 89 pages), new 14.00
THE MILFORD SERIES: POPULAR WRITERS OF TODAY, Borgo, (author studies): #22, A POETRY OF FORCE AND DARKNESS: THE FICTION OF JOHN HAWKES by Eliot Berry (5/79) • ---#28, THE RAINBOW QUEST OF THOMAS PYNCHON by Douglas A. Mackey (3rd[9/89]), new each, 13.00
(Miller) Winter-Damon, t. REX MILLER: The Complete Revelations, TAL '93, one of 500 SIGNED copies, (interview, bibliography, overview, profile), new 9.95
Miller, Ron BRADAMANT: The Iron Tempest, Timberwolf, nd, (16 hours of the definitive female butt-kicker!), compact discs, as new (shrinkwrapped) 20.00
---another of the prceding, cassette tape version, 11 cassettes in 2 cases, f 15.00
---and another, the CD-ROM version, MP3 and Windows Media, f (probably) 10.00
---BRONWYN #1: Palaces & Prisons, Timberwolf, 2nd edn('01), (fantasy), vg-f 6.00
---FIREBRANDS: The Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy, Thunder's Mouth '98, (art book; incisive text by Pamela Sargent), new 19.95
Miller, Sasha LADYLORD, Tor, pre-4/96, ADV. UNCORRECTED PROOF, vg-f 8.00
Millhauser, Steven THE KNIFE THROWER and Other Stories, Vintage, 3/99, new $12
---MARTIN DRESSLER, Vintage Contemporaries, 5th, new 12.00
Milne, John ALIVE & KICKING, No Exit/Four Walls Eight Windows, 9/99, new 10.95
Minatoya, Lydia TALKING TO HIGH MONKS IN THE SNOW: An Asian American Odys-sey, HarperPerennial, 5th('96), (growing up bicultural Americal), new 13.00
Mintz, Catherine FIRST LIGHT, tomorrowsf/Vivisphere ('00), (stories), new 14.00
Misha PRAYERS OF STEEL, Wordcraft Speculative Writers Series #1, '88, (author's first collection of enigmatic prose; pens by Ferret), new 5.00
---RED SPIDER WHITE WEB, Wordcraft of Oregon ('99), Speculative Writers Series #20,1st pb (& 1st US), (this edn adds a brief intro by John Shirley), new 12.00
Mitchison, Naomi SOLUTION THREE, Feminist Press '95, (fascinating visionary novel on ethics of tempering with gender; Susan M. Squier afterword), new 10.95
Mixon, Laura J. PROXIES, Tor, pre-9/98, ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOF, f 6.00
Modesitt, L.E., Jr. THE DEATH OF CHAOS, Tor, pre-9/95, (Recluce), PROOF, vg-f $5
---FALL OF ANGELS, Tor, pre-6/96, UNCORRECTED PROOF, vg-f 5.00
---OF TANGIBLE GHOSTS, Tor, pre-10/94, PROOF copy, vg-f 5.00
---THE ORDER WAR, Tor, pre-1/95, UNCORRECTED PROOF, (Recluce), vg-f 5.00
---THE WHITE ORDER, Tor, pre-5/98, UNCORRECTED PROOFS, vg-f 5.00

---This makes some 71 listings, taken straight from my catalog listings.

Saturday, November 8, 2003

11/08/03 SAT:
---Word from Wheatland Press:
“Dear Chris,
I wanted to let you know that I have three new titles
Polyphony 3
Greetings From Lake Wu (Stories by Jay Lake with
illustrations by Frank Wu)
Dream Factories and Radio Pictures - Howard Waldrop
(This is a collection of most of Waldrop's film and
television stories; it originally appeared as an eBook
from Electric Story in 2001, but this is the first
print edition)

Full information, including tables of contents, are
available at the Wheatland Press Website at


Best wishes,
Deborah Layne”

---Sent my listings for next hardcover page after the last one in Catalog 144 up to the Internet (home) computer for conversion to format appropriate for listing at least that is my hope. They want at least 200 books to start with. I now have forty. I had to add inventory numbers and separate the author, title, and description with tabs. It was not too tough a process, but it would be more involved if I were to re-consult the books to amplify listings. I might have more to say about certain books and give fuller descriptions when listing on-line. But for now I will just try to get enough listed as quickly as possible, and maybe add more information later. Looks like it will be a fun process. I am not sure how successful this foray will be, but at least it will enable me to have the books’ availabilty be known somewhere.

---Just edited 08/13/03 post to add then-newly arrived book listings.

11/07/03 FRI:
---Here today (on sale the tenth):
Card, Orson Scott THE CRYSTAL CITY, Tor, 11/03, 1st edn, (Tales of Alvin Maker #6; Return to the Magical America That Might Have Been), new in dj 25.95

Thursday, November 6, 2003

11/06/03 THU:
---My inquiry with Tartarus Press if my standing order included their new journal Wormwood, received this reply:
“Dear Chris,
You are very welcome to copies of Wormwood as a part of your standing order.
We get copies next week and I'll put them in the post for you.
I'm not sure whether it will have people beating down your door for copies,
but the "Times Literary Supplement reviewed "The House of the Hidden Light"

---Email from Japan:

---My reply:
“Good to hear from you. Sorry about not putting out catalogs at all lately. I have hopes of getting back to it next year. No sense taking out a bulk mail permit for this year, since I haven't bought one yet so far. It should be about the size as #144, since that is the size that weighs exactly the right amount for optimum postage-cost efficiency. But if I still have all the things hanging over me that still need to get done, who knows. Maybe I am transitioning into complete e-commerce. It probably would not be too tough to get all my inventory on-line and searchable, and that is something you might have expected me to have done already.”

---Email from Germany:
“ The day befor yesterday the second M-bag from you arrived (you shipped them
four weeks apart, but they got here only seven days apart. Hmm, was there a
race on the Atlantic ocean? What happened out there?). Too my big surprise
you included a CD ("COMP 7" - stands for CHRIS' OMINOUS MUSIC PROJECT -
maybe?). I really like the songs, even if I don't know the performing
artists - not one. Thanks!”

---Comp equals simply compilation or complimentary or complimentary compilation. Free by request or if I am sent a disc it can be my way of reciprocation. Not very creative, but I enjoy them, and I enjoy sharing them. CD stands for compact disc or Chris Drumm. Pretty slick, eh?

---Just added a few more books I didn't know what to do with otherwise to my listings. This ought to do it for the ones I had sitting around out in the open. I will be on the lookout for more books squirrelled away somewhere, as well as overstocks. Mainly, I guess, this will involve new books. For used and collectible books maybe I should look into getting an ABE or Bibliofind account--as the transition seemingly continues into cyberspace.

---Disc Log:
- Jon Langford and His Sadies MAYORS OF THE MOON (Xgau: A Minus)
- Koffi Olomide BEST OF KOFFI OLOMIDE (2CD) (Xgau: A Minus)
- The Go-Betweens BRIGHT YELLOW BRIGHT ORANGE (Xgau: B Plus)

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

11/05/03 WED:
---Just added a bit of info to Monday listing, mentioning my newly restored listings on And I just added another ten titles. These are not the kind of books I usually sell, but if you want to check them out, go to
---I have now added even more to the Monday (11/03/03) listing, as well as one for 10/30/03 now too.
11/04/03 TUE:
---Here today:
Bailey, Dale THE RESURRECTION MAN'S LEGACY, Golden Gryphon '03, 1st edn, (literary fantasies; author's first story collection; Malzberg intro), new / dj 24.95

---Email rec’d from Canada:
“Hello Chris,

it has been quite a while since I received a e-mail update (not to mention a
paper catalogue of course).

Have you stopped sending updates and are now relying solely on your weblog
or have I been dropped from you mailing list?


---My reply:
"No, of course, you haven't been dropped at all. I am just getting lazier and more easier distracted as time goes along. And yet orders keep piling up somehow. I think I will try to send email updates again and more regularly. Just short ones to indicate books as they come in, starting with the above. Perhaps I will try to work some in retroactively as well, but I will dispense with the pastes from publishers websites. When these go up on my weblog they will have links to their official descriptions, if I can find any."

---Disc Log:
- Lyrics Born LATER THAT DAY
- NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 14 - since I don’t listen to hit radio, this, with its 20 Chart-Topping Hits, serves as my footdip into what is going on. Maybe it is aimed at a different target audience than what I am a part of, but I would rather indulge in this stuff than try to gain pleasure from, say, the latest Songbook entry from Rod Stewart. At least that’s the theory. After listening, I can’t say I couldn’t have done without it, but a few tunes do stick in the head. Maybe that is not such a good thing, though. Certainly better than the brief forays into the Country Music Awards during commercials watching West Wing (while taping The O.C.).

Monday, November 3, 2003

11/03/03 MON:
11/03/03 MON:
---Here today:
Baker, Kage THE ANGEL IN THE DARKNESS, Golden Gryphon Chapbook #3, '03, 1st edn, (Company novella; 82 pp), one of 500 SIGNED copies, (new 15.95

Duncan, Dave IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, Eos '03, 1st edn, (Kings Blades), new in dj 24.95

Grinspoon, David LONELY PLANETS: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life, Ecco '03, 1st edn, (our quest for connection with the cosmos), new in dj 25.95

Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay LADY KILLER/MIASMA: Two Complete Mystery Novels, Stark House, 10/03, (1929 & '42 psychological suspense; intro), new 19.95

Maguire, Gregory MIRROR MIRROR, Regan/HarperCollins '03, 1st edn, (fairy tale novel), new in dj 24.95

---Resuscitating my moribund bookseller account with, I already received a couple orders. Here I am now listing books I don’t carry ordinarily that have happened to come in, usually gratuitously. Formerly I tried it with a few overstocked titles. These didn’t particularly sell, but I don’t know how long they had me “on vacation”. We’ll see if this is something I continue with. ---I am informed that:
“You can now recommend buyers visit This link will take buyers to a new and improved page where only your items are showcased. Build customer loyalty by directing them to your personal Shop!”

---I am seeing about ordering a book for a customer from Heavy Metal, called PROHIBITED BOOK.

---Fighting a losing battle to keep up this blog with the entries I propose to post, I just added an easy one--some info to the 10/20/03 posting--with three books catalogued that day (two from Eos and one Night Shade).

---Disc Log:
- Samba Mapangala & Orchestre Virunga UJUMBE (Xgau: A Minus)
- Kasey Chambers BARRICADES & BRICKWALLS (Xgau: A Minus)
- Eminem THE EMINEM SHOW (Xgau: A Minus)

11/02/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?
11/01/03 SAT:
---Text to follow?
10/31/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?
10/30/03 THU:
---Here from PGW:
Ashley, Mike (ed) THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF LOCKED-ROOM MYSTERIES AND IMPOSSIBLE CRIMES, Carroll & Graf '00, (J.D. Carr, Hoch, Pronzini, Block, etc.; 532 pages), new 11.95
---This is technically maybe a re-arrival. The last copy I had was listed as used.

Moorcock, Michael THE LIVES AND TIMES OF JERRY CORNELIUS: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse, Four Walls Eight Windows, 9/03, (adds new intro by author), new 15.00

Sturgeon, Theodore AND NOW THE NEWS…: Volume IX: The Complete Stories of…, North Atlantic '03, 1st, (Foreword by David G. Hartwell), new in dj 35.00
---It doesn’t look like there is a link to info about the book at the publisher’s website at the present moment, but there are links to the other volumes available (that I probably still have too).

---From Sarob Press:
Maynard, L.H. & M.P.N. Sims THE SEMINAR, Sarob Press, 9/03, 1st, (weird horror story; 116 pp), new in dj 37.50

---And this back in stock, although it is OP (the publisher happened across an extra copy just when I belatedly tried to re-order it; I guess he thought my timing meant that I was supposed to get it):
Gift, Theo NOT FOR THE NIGHT-TIME, Sarob Press, 8/00, (Dalby intro), new in dj 32.00
---and at somewhat lower a price than what I had it listed at earlier ($39.95). But only this one copy here to sell.

10/29/03 WED:
---Text to follow?
10/28/03 TUE:
---Text to follow?

Monday, October 27, 2003

10/27/03 MON:
---Just edited the 08/20/03 post to add entry (listing a couple Golden Gryphon books that had come in).
10/26/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?

Saturday, October 25, 2003

10/25/03 SAT:
---Just received this word from Gauntlet:

Gauntlet Press is now taking orders for Richard Matheson: COLLECTED STORIES, Volume One. Projected to be published in February 2004, this title is an expanded tradepaperback version of the 1989 Dream/Press hardcover limited edition. We will be publishing the collection in 3 volumes (each approximately 400 pages in length), the first in 2004 and one each year following.

RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES is the gathering together of 86 Richard Matheson short stories, beginning with Born of Man and Woman from 1950 and ending with Duel from 1971. The stories were arranged by Matheson himself roughly in chronological order of original publication. There are also several tributes to Richard Matheson throughout the volumes from admirers such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, William F. Nolan, and others. Finally, Matheson wrote a deeply revealing Introduction for the collection. Check the Gauntlet website ( for a Table of Contents for the first volume.

For the Volume One, editor Stanley Wiater has included:

A "bibliophile" at the end of each story containing Matheson's very own commentary on the behind-the-scenes details of each story (gathered from Matheson over the past year). Each story is also listed with it's original publication date and place of publication.

Richard Matheson wrote a new introduction expressly for the Gauntlet Press edition of the book as an addendum to his original 1989 introduction.

$16.95 cover price”

---Anyone wanting me to put this on their backorder list, let me know.

10/24/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?

Thursday, October 23, 2003

10/23/03 THU:
---I just edited the 09/25/03 entry to reflect influx of a couple Ash-Tree Press titles on that day.
---And now I have posted the entry for 08/04/03, which also listed a then newly-arrived Ash-Tree Press book, as well as three others (a new one by Neil Gaiman and two used books). I hope I can keep going with getting the posts out there. I know I am far behind--the days keep adding up faster than I can deal with them.
---On a bit of a roll, I also put up the entry for 08/05/03, which contained new books catalogued that day from PGW, VHPS, Penguin Putnam and HarperCollins. I should try not to let this info languish so much.
10/22/03 WED:
---Text to follow?
10/21/03 TUE:
---Text to follow?

Monday, October 20, 2003

10/20/03 MON:
---I just put up the entry for last Wed (10/15/03) with latest Night Shade news.
---Also, an entry for Sat (10/18/03) with latest from Golden Gryphon.

---Here today:
Asimov, Isaac GOLD: The Final Science Fiction Collection, Eos '03, (new intro by Card), new 14.95

Lansdale, Joe R. (text) & Don Coscarelli (screenplay) BUBBA HO-TEP, Night Shade ('03), 1st edn, one of 750 SIGNED copies, (1994 story; now a major motion picture), new in dj 40.00

Reeve, Philip MORTAL ENGINES, Eos '03, 1st US, (The Hungry City Chronicles; author’s first), new in dj 16.99

---Disc Log:
- Morton Feldman STRING QUARTET No. 2 (5CD) - more than six hours of playing time, nicknamed SQ2.
10/19/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?
10/18/03 SAT:
---Word from Golden Gryphon:
“Greetings from the Gryphon:

THE ANGEL IN THE DARKNESS, by Kage Baker, is now available!

"Quiet desperation" just about sums up Maria Aguilar's life. She is
underpaid, overworked, and burdened with other people's
responsibilities. Then things take a turn for the worse.
An apparent ghost begins stalking her, leaving clues to a long-
buried mystery and hinting at the existence of an all-powerful, time-
traveling Company somehow involved with her family. Before she
learns the truth, Maria will need all her courage and strength . . . and
the help of the Angel in the Darkness.
The Angel in the Darkness is Kage Baker's newest tale (nearly
30,000 words and more than 75 pages) of the Company, that secret
cabal of scientists and investors who use time-traveling immortals to
help them reap the benefits of the past. But all is not well within the
Company, and this tale portends events to come in the growing
conflict among the immortals themselves.

500 copies only, each is numbered and signed by the author.

The Angel in the Darkness
by Kage Baker
Cover art by J. K. Potter and Jennifer Potter
No ISBN / $15.95 (Trade Softcover) 76 pages"

---I should be getting these in my standing order, but I better check to make sure.

10/17/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?
10/16/03 THU:
---Text to follow?
10/15/03 WED:
---Here today:
CEMETERY DANCE #46, '03, (Garton, Tony Richards, Sarrantonio, Tessier), new 5.00
---Info on this issue not up yet as of this writing, but probably soon. Previous issues can be accessed, and many of them I still have available.

VanderMeer, Jeff & Mark Roberts (eds) The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, Night Shade '03, 1st edn, (the outlandish, the sublime, and the hysterically funny), new in dj 24.00

---Word from Night Shade:
"Hey all, a quick update for you.

Bubba Ho-Tep is now shipping. It's almost sold out, and we expect it to be completely gone within a week or so.

Last week we started shipping the trade hardcover edition of The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, and you know you want some of that! Look for the limited in November.

The Stormwatcher is also shipping. Published only as a trade paperback in the UK, the Night Shade edition marks the first US and first hardcover edition of this book!

Other recent titles are:

Midnight Sun : The Collected Stories of Kane (Karl Edward Wagner). The trade is shipping, and we're getting the limiteds out as fast as we can. We've shipped about a third, with the rest to ship soon.

IN & OZ, by Steve Tomasula. The newest Ministry of Whimsy title.

The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker. The limited has shipped, and the lettered should start shipping in a few weeks.

And next week, look for the limited of Red World of Polaris to begin shipping. The lettered will ship in a few weeks.

That's about it for now, but that should be plenty for anyone! We'll be at the World Fantasy Convention in Washington D.C. over Halloween weekend, so if you're going to be there, stop by and say hi.

Jason Williams
Night Shade Books"

---I have the Kage Baker, the Tomasula, the Graham Joyce, Midnight Sun and the Disease Guide in stock now. It sounds like Bubba Ho-Tep and Red World of Polaris should arrive soon. As of the present moment, I believe I only have one copy of Red World of Polaris unspoken for and it was sold out pre-publication--so it looks like that won’t even achieve a listing in my e-catalog, much less the phantom printed version.

---Disc Log:
- Burnt Sugar/The Arkestra Chamber BLOOD ON THE LEAF: Opus No. 1 (Xgau: A Minus)

10/14/03 TUE:
---Text to follow?

Monday, October 13, 2003

10/13/03 MON:
---Columbus Day post-office closing, so I do not have that distraction today. Maybe I can get a few things ready to go out, and take care of some long-delayed tasks.
---But spending the morning wrestling with my photocopier and shelving catalogued books can make for a slow start.
---An entry for 09/30/03 was edited in a few days ago (new books from Mythos, Golden Gryphon and HarperCollins, if I recall correctly.)
---Now I have added to an entry for last Wednesday (10/08/03) which mentions some Meisha Merlin books cost reduction and the latest mass-market paperbacks I have catalogued. I could go through and set up lots of links, which would be fun to do; but I will forego that pleasure for now in favor of possibly spending the time more usefully. Suffice it to say that you could find out more by negotiating through the publishers' websites yourself, if you are interested.
10/12/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?
10/11/03 SAT:
---Text to follow?
10/10/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?
10/09/03 THU:
---Text to follow?

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

10/08/03 WED:
---I don’t feel like ordering all these, but anyone who wants any at half the original price, I will supply from my current stock and re-order from the MM inventory sale. The sale ends Nov 15, but anything I get I will re-catalog at the half price. This is what happens when you don’t do POD publishing, I guess.

---Finally getting around to cataloguing a few used books, including many for the next package-insert paperback list:
2 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 8/8/2003—10/8/2003 • •
Harper 00108 Banks, Iain THE BRIDGE, 12/90, (fantastic, electrifying, outrageous), vg 3.50
Avon Eos 05640 Bear, Greg FOUNDATION AND CHAOS, 7th, (2nd Foundation #2), new 6.99
Pyramid R851 Bensen, D.R. (ed) THE UNKNOWN, 4/63, (Asimov foreword), vg 4.00
Tor 53157 Bishop, Michael THE SECRET ASCENSION, 7/89, vg 3.50
Ace pb 34258 Blaylock, James P. HOMUNCULUS, 3/86, (orig), g-vg 4.00
Ace pb 50347 Blaylock, James P. LAND OF DREAMS, 9/88, (untraditional fantasy), vgf 4.00
Avon Eos 05709 Cherryh, C.J. HAMMERFALL, 8/02, (brand-new universe), new 7.50
Avon 71484 Cohen, Daniel THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GHOSTS, 10/91, (nonfic), vg+ 3.00
Avon 71485 Cohen, Daniel THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MONSTERS, 10/91, (nf), vg+ 3.00
Collier 01911 Conklin, Groff (ed) THE SUPERNATURAL READER, 8th('70), vg+ 4.00
Avon Eos 02025 Daniel, Tony METAPLANETARY, 7/02, (interplanetary civil war), new 7.99
Ace pbk 00921 Foster, Alan Dean DINOTOPIA LOST, 2nd, (James Gurney's...), new 7.99
Dell pb 9110 Goodgold & Carlinsky TRIVIA, 3/66, (orig; the pop-game craze), vg+ 4.00
Perennial P519 Grafton, C.W. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, 2nd('81), (mys), vg 2.00
Mentor ME1859 Gunn, James (ed) ROAD TO SF #2: From Wells to Heinlein, 2/79, vg 5.00
Mentor ME1910 Gunn, James (ed) ROAD TO SF #3: From Heinlein to Here, 12/79, vg 5.00
Mentor ME1850 Gunn, James (ed) ROAD TO SF: From Gilgamesh to Wells, 3rd, vg 4.00
Avon Eos 81841 Hartwell & Cramer (eds) YEAR'S BEST FANTASY 2, 7/02, new 7.99
Avn V 2202 Heinlein, Robert A. GLORY ROAD, 7th(10/68), (masterpiece), vg 3.00
Del Rey 33014 Heinlein, Robert A. THE PUPPET MASTERS, 1/90, (uncut edn), vg 4.00
Ace pb 82650 HIgby, Mary Jane TUNE IN TOMORROW, nd, (golden days of radio), vg 3.50
Ace pb 24193 Holt, Tom FLYING DUTCH, 6/93, (hilarious sophisticated fantasy), vg+ 3.00
Target 20369 Howe-Stammers-Walker THE HANDBOOK: The Fourth Doctor, '92, vg+ 4.50
Del Rey 32138 Hughart, Barry BRIDGE OF BIRDS, 13th, (Ancient China Never Was), vg 3.00
Spectra 57570 Jeter, K.W. BLADE RUNNER 2: The Edge of Human, 9/96, vg 4.50
DAW 1199 Lackey, Mercedes TAKE A THIEF, 3rd, (Valdemar fantasy), new 6.99
Avon Eos 81837 Lisle, Holly MEMORY OF FIRE, 2nd, (The World Gates #1; fantasy), new 6.99
Jove 13175 Long, Jeff THE DESCENT, 11/01, (imaginative tour de force), vg-f 3.50
Berkley X1496 Mark, Ted I WAS A TEENY-BOPPER FOR THE CIA, 12/67, (orig), g-vg 3.50
Lancer 73461 Mark, Ted PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT!, 7th(4/68), (pretty Penny!), vg 3.50
Lancer 73446 Mark, Ted THE GIRL FROM PUSSYCAT, 10th(4/67), (bombshell), vg 3.50
Lancer 73487 Mark, Ted THE MAN FROM O.R.G.Y., 7th(11/66), (introducing), vg 3.50
Lancer 73490 Mark, Ted THE REAL GONE GIRLS, 3rd(5/66), (Man from O.R.G.Y.), vg 3.00
Roc 45849 Matthews, Susan R. ANGEL OF DESTRUCTION, 10/01, new 6.99
Roc 45901 Matthews, Susan R. THE DEVIL AND DEEP SPACE, 11/02, new 6.99
Warner 36446 Morrell, David THE TOTEM, 86/95, (the classic horror novel), vg-f 3.50
Avon 05988 Murphy, Shirley Rousseau CAT TO THE DOGS, 3rd, (mystery), new 6.50
HarperTorc 79836 Powers, Tim DECLARE, 6/02, (otherworldly spy thriller; 591 pages), new 7.99
Ace pb 62686 Powers, Tim ON STRANGER TIDES, 11/88, (spectacularly weird), vg 3.50
Ace pb 79097 Powers, Tim THE STRESS OF HER REGARD, 6/91, vg 4.00
HarperTorc 02069 Pratchett, Terry EQUAL RITES, 9th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 82121 Pratchett, Terry ERIC, 2nd, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 05764 Pratchett, Terry FEET OF CLAY, 15th, (A Novel of Discworld), new 6.99
HarperTorc 02064 Pratchett, Terry GUARDS! GUARDS!, 6th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 05690 Pratchett, Terry INTERESTING TIMES, 11th, (A Novel of Discworld), new 6.99
HarperTorc 05691 Pratchett, Terry MASKERADE, 9th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 02063 Pratchett, Terry MOVING PICTURES, 2nd, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 02065 Pratchett, Terry PYRAMIDS, 5th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 09217 Pratchett, Terry SMALL GODS, 15th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 05489 Pratchett, Terry SOUL MUSIC, 15th, (A Novel of Discworld), new 6.99
HarperTorc 05907 Pratchett, Terry THE LAST CONTINENT, 7th, (Discworld® novel), new 6.99
HarperTorc 81819 Pratchett, Terry THE TRUTH, 4th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
HarperTorc 03132 Pratchett, Terry THIEF OF TIME, 4th, (A Novel of Discworld®), new 6.99
Leisure 4706 Pronzini, Bill NIGHT FREIGHT, 5/00, (orig; terrifying stories), new 5.50
DAW 1391 Reichert, Mickey Zucker THE BEASTS OF BARAKHAI, 8/02, (#1), new 6.99
DAW 1189 Roberson, Jennifer LEGACY OF THE WOLF, 3rd, (Omnibus #2), new 7.99
Avon Eos 79322 Russell, Sean THE ISLE OF BATTLE, 6/03, (Swans' War #2), new 7.99
Pock pbk 01989 Sargent & Zebrowski STAR TREK #88: Across the Universe, 10/99, vg-f 4.00
Spectra 57331 Stephenson, Neal THE DIAMOND AGE, 8th, (stunning tale), vg-f 3.50
Bal F562 Sturgeon, Theodore CAVIAR, 2nd(1/62), (stories), vg 4.00
Jove A4459 Sturgeon, Theodore STARSHINE, 11/77, (wild, wonderful stories), vg+ 3.00
HarperTorc 81289 Swanwick, Michael BONES OF THE EARTH, 2nd, (dinosaur), new 7.50
Avn N 258 Van Vogt, A.E. THE VIOLENT MAN, 5th(2/70), (hair-raising novel), vg 3.00
Coronet 19827 Vance, Jack THE ANOME, 2nd('77), (Durdane #1), vg 2.00
Roc 45891 Viehl, S.L. ETERNITY ROW, 9/02, (StarDoc novel), new 6.99
St Martin's 90033 Watson, Ian DEATHHUNTER, 7/87, (SF), punch-hole in cover else vg+ 2.00
Ball 23890 Weinbaum, Stanley G. THE BEST OF..., 4/74, (orig; Asimov intro), vg+ 6.00
White Wolf 847 Weinberg, Robert THE HORIZON WAR, ('96), (Road to Hell #1), vg-f 4.00
Tor 34357 Yolen, Jane SISTER LIGHT, SISTER DARK, 9/03, (Tor Teen edn), new 6.99

---Word from Babbage Press:
Babbage Press is pleased to announce that all three volumes of The
Chronicles of Galen Sword have been sent to the printer. We should
start receiving books in about 3 weeks.

Shifter and Nightfeeder have been out of print for nearly ten years,
leaving fans of the series to wonder how the characters would fare.
Now, with the publication of Dark Hunter the cycle reaches its
long-awaited climax. Direct sales from our website have been -very-
strong with most buyers opting for the matched set.

(Covers are linked to our site.)

The Chronicles of Galen Sword

There is another world.
It is the birthplace of all out nightmares. Vampires, werewolves,
demons, deadly creatures that have no name or form ... they are all
real .

Galen Sword was born within that world.
Destined to be adept warrior, heir to the Victor of the Greater Clan
Pendragon. Yet as a child, his birthright and his memories were
stolen from him, and he was exiled to a world without substance,
without magic, without hope: our world.

But 20 years later a mysterious chain of events restores Galen's
memory of who he is, and hints at what he might become. Now Galen
will stop at nothing to find the truth -- and his home. But with no
powers of his own, the only tools he can use are those of science.

Book I: Shifter
After 3 years of failure, Galen Sword discovers an enclave of
shapeshipfters in New York City. But when he tries to infiltrate
their Ceremony of the Change, the beings who exiled him exact a
hideous price.
ISBN: 1930235186
6 x 9 trade paperback
276 pages, $18.95
revised and updated

Book II: Nightfeeder
Galen and his team are caught up in the deadly politics of the First
World as the Greater Clan Seyshen provokes a war between vampires and
shapeshifters that's ready to explode into the streets of New York.
ISBN: 1930235194
6 x 9 trade paperback
308 pages, $18.95
revised and updated

Book III: Dark Hunter
When clans Tepesh and Arkady unite to destroy Galen, he must forge a
dangerous alliance between the vampire, Orion, and a mysterious dark
hunter with a startling secret. With them, Galen at last takes his
struggle through the layer to learn the truth about his return, and
of an ancient mostrous enemy about to conquer both his worlds.
ISBN: 1930235208
6 x 9 trade paperback
344 pages, $19.95
A Babbage Press original

The Chronicles of Galen Sword are action-adventure science fantasy
with a twist of horror. They will appeal to fans of Roger Zelazny's
Amber books for their dual-world premise.

Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are the acclaimed authors of more
than 20 novels including the Los Angeles Times bestselling thriller,
Icefire , which Stephen King hailed as "the best suspense novel of
its kind since The Hunt for Red October ." They are also the authors
of the groundbreaking Star Trek novel, Federation , and the epic Deep
Space Nine trilogy, Milennium .

Next up:
Elvisland by John Farris
6 x 9 trade paperback
336 pages, $19.95
This Babbage Press original includes 4 stories written expressly for
this collection.

Crypt Orchids by David J. Schow
ISBN: 1930235267
6 x 9 trade paperback
228 pages, $18.95
First paperback edition of this collection.

PDF of our catalog is available upon request.

Lydia Marano
publisher, designer, artist, and chief caffeine addict

Babbage Press

Visit our sister site: Dangerous Visions at

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

10/07/03 TUE:
---Word from Meisha Merlin:
"Dear GRRM customers,

Here’s the lastest news on all things Limited from Meisha Merlin:
“ Tuf Voyaging
The Tuf Voyaging title pages have been shipped off to Janet Aulisio, who is
autographing and doing the remarque sketch. The pages will then be sent to
George and Michael to be signed, and back to the printer to be tipped into
the book as it gets bound. Assuming this all goes as smoothly as planned,
the target release for the book is still mid-November.

A Clash of Kings
George and John have reviewed and approved the printer’s final layout. Soon
as we hear a target date from the printer, we’ll pass it on to you.

The latest on the sketches by John: John’s sketches are absolutely
beautiful! He did anywhere from 1 - 4 sketches per board, and doesn’t want
them cut. There are about 30 boards in total. As soon as John gives us a
price per board, we will pass that info along and will post scans and prices
on our website.

Thanks again for your patience concerning Book Two. We’re in the final
stretch now, and everything from this point on should go smoothly!

A Storm of Swords
Charles Vess surprised us today with a new piece of interior art that wasn’t
part of the plan for A Storm of Swords, but is a little something that he
and George worked out together. This new piece is a pencil sketch for a
painting that is intended to be front and back endpapers. Charles describes
this piece: “When painted it will be drenched in blue tones. At night in the
deep, snow covered woods, an exhausted Sam, Small Paul and Grenn encounter
the ‘Other’ riding on the dead, blue-eyed horse.” This means that A Storm
of Swords will contain four colour pieces rather than three. The maps that
were used as endpaper in the previous editions will be relocated to
somewhere in the interior. I’ve finally gotten the cover painting as well
as the new sketch uploaded to our site; you folks get exclusive look at them
until the pages for the book go live on our site. Here’s the link:

In addition to the endpaper painting, Charles has confirmed that he will be
doing everything in the interior, which means a complete new set of sigils
and chapter headings, as well as his beautiful interior artwork.

Also, for those of you not subscribed to the regular monthly newsletter:
Charles will be exhibiting his work at the World Fantasy Convention in DC in
November, and on view as part of this exhibition will be the Storm cover and
interior colour paintings. If you’re going to be in DC for the convention,
be sure to drop by the art show to take a peek at what’s in store in Book

A Feast For Crows
Once George has completed the manuscript for the Fourth Book, he will be
forwarding a copy to Tom Canty to read and begin working on the interior

A Dance With Dragons:
While in Toronto for World Con, George and Stephe took the opportunity to
have lunch with Ted Nasmith, artist for Book Five. Ted and George discussed
very basic concepts for the book (nothing specific, as it hasn’t been
written yet!) and Ted is excited to be a part of the project. Like Charles,
he will be creating the entire interior (artwork, sigils and chapter
headings) himself.

Thanks everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
any time. Hope you’re doing well!

Alan Siler
Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.

Available in August/September:
Tuf Voyaging (George R. R. Martin)
Low Port (Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, ed.)
Myth Alliances (Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye)
Relative Magic (Tanya Huff)

Available for pre-order:
Balance of Trade (Sharon Lee and Steve Miller)”

---Word from American Fantasy:
"We've been awfully quiet, resting from two very busy years (actually just paying off the bills). While we have nothing new this Fall, Look for news in the beginning of 2004.

In the meantime, we just wanted to alert you to the fact that Randy Broecker has been nominated for the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist. Winners will be announced at the British Fantasy Convention (aka FantasyCon) on November 23rd at the Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford.

So those of you who will be there, or possibly have strong British sales, might want to consider copies of THE BROECKER SAMPLER.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 chapbook style publication
printed on acid-free paper.
$10.00 Suggested Retail Price
350 copy press run.

This is the first collection of the beautiful black and white artwork of Randy Broecker, one of the finest illustrators in modern horror and fantasy. This sampler is a great introduction to this fabulous artist, who has been delighting fans with his art for over 20 years.

Dark, eerie, weird and wonderful, here you will find examples of his work from The Black Wolf, Dark Detectives, the unpublished Tanith Lee's Delusion's Master, Fantasy Tales, Elric from The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Illustrated Guide to Supernatural Literature by H.P. Lovecraft, Fantasy Newsletter, and a number of pieces published for the first time. He's also designed creatures for computer games, and much more. See why Broecker was named Guest of Honor at the 2002 World Horror Convention, and is now a 2003 British Fantasy Award Nominee for Best Artist.”

---Word from North Atlantic:
"Science Fiction
And Now the News by Theodore Sturgeon, 1-55643-460-X,
$35.00, Spring 2003, NAB
- Written between 1955 and 1957, the 15 stories in And Now the
News ... include five previously uncollected stories along with five
well-known works, two cowritten with genre legend Robert
Heinlein. Spanning his most creative period, these tales show
why Sturgeon won every science fiction award given. The
foreword is by Octavia Butler, the acclaimed author of Lilith's
Brood, Kindred, and Mind of My Mind."

---It says Spring/2003 but the publication news is only now appearing. And I have had my pre-order in for several weeks now. So maybe the book is going to be here soon. Maybe I should check on it. As of today, though, still says: “Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.” Ditto here.

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