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I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

02/15/07 THU:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Hand, Elizabeth ILLYRIA, PS Christmas Book, 2/07, 1st edn, (novelette, sent free of charge to Postscript subscribers; elegant and fraught as only Elizabeth Hand's novellas can be, Illyria is a superb tale of illicit devotion and the fleeting potentials of childhood, one of the finest stories of the year; not signed), new 18.00

Heidel, R. Andrew DESPERATE MOON: Three Collections, PS, 9/06, 1st edn, one of 700 total SIGNED copies, (Harlan Ellison intro), { boxed edition @ $90 available and in stock}, new in dj 45.00
Publisher’s Synopsis:
The work of R. Andrew Heidel has been acclaimed by some of the greatest writers of short fiction of our time. Both Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison have praised his skill at the craft of writing. Now Heidel tantalizes the mind and spirit, invokes an otherworldly journey, and reaches into the darkness with Desperate Moon, Three Collections. Including Beyond the Wall of Sleep, and the never before published Angry Sunflowers and Weep.
Beyond the Wall of Sleep is a collection of prose and poetry that defy categorization. They run the gamut from esoteric to experimental drawing upon the personal mythos of R. Andrew Heidel and his views on life before living, after dying, as well as the immortality of the soul and creation of gods.
Angry Sunflowers contains several metaphysical wonder tales and science fiction short stories that range from the voice of a sentient generator on the surface of the moon, to an allegory of sorts based on his experience as Neil Gaiman’s publicist.
Weep explores the dark things in Heidel’s imagination and life through dark fantasy and horror stories and one deeply personal essay. It is a place in which The Kevorkian Act allows a dominatrix to administer euthanasia, an ice-cream truck jingle drives a teenager to homicide, and golden youth is swallowed whole.
Praise for R. Andrew Heidel's Beyond the Wall of Sleep:
"Superb! Stirring! Bravo!" -- Ray Bradbury
"Extraordinarily talented." -- Harlan Ellison

Herter, David ON THE OVERGROWN PATH, PS, 9/06, 1st, one of 800 total SIGNED copies, (a rich and dark fantasy growing from the very roots of famed opera composer, ethnographer, and amateur psychologist Leos Janacek's idiosyncratic soul, by the author of the acclaimed, stylish novels Ceres Storm and Evening's Empire; Clute intro), new 18.00

POSTSCRIPTS #9, win/06, (Dann, John Grant, Lees, VanderMeer, others), as new 10.00

Reed, Robert FLAVORS OF MY GENIUS, PS, 11/06, 1st edn, one of 800 total SIGNED copies, (novella; this is the fate of every intelligent species’ minds grow to a point where thought is more real than reality, and the simplest daydreams are more compelling than any starship; James Patrick Kelly intro), {hc in dj avail. @ $45}, new 18.00

Roberson, Chris THE VOYAGE OF NIGHT SHINING WHITE, PS, 12/06, 1st, one of 800 total SIGNED copies, (in an alternate history dominated by Imperial China, the forces of the Dragon Throne control most of the Earth, and now turn their attentions to the heavens), new $18

Utley, Stephen WHERE OR WHEN, PS, 12/06, 1st edn, one of 700 total SIGNED copies, (highly imaginative and powerfully bleak, Where or When is Steven Utley's mosaic vision of time travel as a crucible of the human soul; visit ancient cities or modern battlefields, and you begin to understand history and yourself; whether liberating or imprisoning, satirical or hopeful, the resulting insights are cogent indeed; fourteen chrononautic pilgrimages - two written especially for this collection; Waldrop intro), new in dj $45

Wilson, Robert Charles JULIAN: A Christmas Story, PS, 11/06, 1st edn, one 800 total SIGNED copies, (it is the year 2176. The world has survived a catastrophic 21st Century, emerging from oil depletion, climate change, and epidemic disease with a drastically reduced population; and in the United States, it's an election year), {hc in dj available @ $45}, new 18.00

Wolfe, Gene CHRISTMAS INN, PS Chapbook #1, 1/06, (a special publication for Postscripts subscribers; 28 pp), new no dj as issued (illustrated boards) 35.00

Wright, T.M. I AM THE BIRD, PS, 9/06, 1st edn, one of 800 total SIGNED copies, (novella; Ramsey Campbell intro), new 18.00
Publisher’s Synopsis:
Max Gorshen lives in a dark, hot apartment in a medium-size, though unnamed, north American city with someone he refers to only as "the other [man]," who, Max tell us, lives in the apartment's "long, dim hallway." Max and "the other [man]" never seem to encounter each other in the apartment (although Max sees "the other [man]" mingling with and bedeviling "the interlopers and trespassers" on the city streets below the window Max sits at while he writes the novella), though they talk to one another through letters and brief notes: neither man is certain the other man really exists. Both of these characters live with "Langley," a very talkative and apparently highly intelligent African gray parrot. Something else exists in the big apartment, too, and all three first-person narrators (Max, the other [man], and Langley) lead us to believe that it is something vile.

Zivkovic, Zoran IMPOSSIBLE STORIES, PS, 3/06, 1st edn, one of 700 total SIGNED copies, (assembles for the first time five of the author’s distinquished story-cycles, as well as the stand-alone ‘The Telephone’; Di Filippo intro; Tamar Yellin afterword; 391 pages), new in dj 45.00
---There are also $90 slipcased editions of the hardcovers and $45 hardcover editions of the paperbacks listed above, available by special order. Discount I give on PS publications: 20%. Backlist titles are also in stock and similarly discounted.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

02/07/07 WED:
---Word from Centipede:
Dear Mr Drumm:

Another batch of Frankenstein books are being finished at the bindery. I
have some cloth copies and a couple leather copies. Did you need any
copies for your store? Let me know if you do. It would be good to hear
from you tomorrow as they can be drop-shipped from Minneapolis on
Thursday or Friday, getting to you that much quicker!

Also, a new batch of Algernon Blackwood, the first volume in the Masters
of the Weird Tale series, is at the bindery now!

Best Regards,

Jerad Walters
Centipede Press
---Word from Necro:
We just received a big return and in it were a number of out-of-print Charlee Jacob hardcovers and trade paperbacks for GEEK POEMS and DREAD IN THE BEAST. If you missed either one the first time around, make sure to get them now before they're gone.

By Charlee Jacob
An all new collection from the reigning queen of disturbing, beautifully brutal, literary horror. Multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist and now WINNER, Charlee Jacob, delivers a book packed with some of her finiest short story and novella work.

100 copies. Signed & numbered
ISBN: 1-889186-63-5

[Trade Paperback]
300 copies. Signed & numbered
ISBN: 1-889186-64-3

By Charlee Jacob
DREAD IN THE BEAST used to be a novella about the goddess of waste and the king of wasters. Now it is a novel, stuffed full of the gruesome and horrible. Taken from the mythologies and histories of humankind, it follows the trail of the Mother Spririt of the worst that the world is capable of producing. From the catacombs of ancient Rome where a blasphemous sect twisted the message of the early Christians--to modern America with its obsession with violence, deities and saints and the reincarnations of beasts battle over sublime and profane, where the very reasons for existence for us all may lie in the unthinkable.

Edward Lee (author of CITY INFERNAL, MONSTROSITY, INCUBI, and SUCCUBI) says in his introduction to this new novel-length version, "What's most unique of all here (and jealously fascinating) are the creative guts of the author. If there's an ultimate dichotomy in the horror genre, it's got to be Jacob...armed with a talent to write the most beautiful prose yet using that talent to examine the most unspeakable and detestable horror. ...It's one of my all time favorite novels in the field."
100 copies. Signed & numbered
ISBN: 1-889186-46-5

[Trade Paperback]
300 copies. Signed & numbered
ISBN: 1-889186-45-7

By Charlee Jacob
An all new collection of 25 of the darkest poems you'll ever read from Charlee Jacob, the 2005 Bram Stoker Award winner for best poetry collection.

Only 150 numbered copies available
signed by the author.
ISBN: 1-889186-69-4

This is a Bedlam Press title.

Necro Publications and Bedlam Press

First edition chapbook
400 copies signed & numbered.
ISBN: 1-889186-70-8

[Cloth bound hardcover]
Only 52 copies, signed and lettered, beautiful cloth bound hardcover, full-color cover inset, special full-color signing sheets.

ROOM 415
By Edward Lee

Jack Flood has a problem that he’s long-since given up trying to solve. He’s a success in business but a failure as a man. He doesn’t even care anymore...until he sees the open window in the hotel room below.

The open window...and the woman...

The door looks unassuming -- Room 415 -- but Flood knows what horrors rage behind it. Soon the sweat of his desire will be besmirched with butcher’s blood, and the moans of passion will grind down to throat-ripping screams.

Flood is about to walk hand in hand with the woman of his dreams, into the wide-open jaws of the lewdest nightmare, where love, longing, and desire collide with the unspeakable -- all in the middle of a night that bids the question:


Knock on the door, and turn the knob, and step across the threshold of...

ROOM 415

Necro Publications and Bedlam Press

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

02/06/07 TUE:
---Word from Tartarus:
Dear Chris,

In the next couple of days we expect delivery of The Secret of the Sangraal and Other Writings by Arthur Machen. This non-fiction collection is technically-speaking a second edition (the first was published in 1995, ie 12 years ago.) Added to the original collection of obscure and uncollected writings by Machen is the elusive Dog and Duck (1924) collection of essays. It is uniform with our other volumes of Machen, Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, Ritual and Other Stories and the recently reprinted The Hill of Dreams. Please do let me know how many copies you might like.

All best wishes,


Monday, February 5, 2007

02/05/07 MON:
---Here today from Fairwood Press:
TALEBONES: Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy #34, win/06, Fairwood, (Mark Rigney, Carrie Vaughn, Jason Stoddard; Marie Brennan, Alan DeNiro, more), new 7.00

Sunday, February 4, 2007

02/04/07 SUN:
---Word from Gauntlet:
Gauntlet Press is taking orders for a classic-revisited of Richard Christian Matheson's acclaimed first novel CREATED BY to be released March/April of this year.

CREATED BY is one of the most innovative horror novels ever written from this talented screenplay and short story writer. Matheson received accolades for his teleplay of Stephen King's "Battleground" shown last summer on TNT's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes." It was first shown without commercial interruption and contains no dialogue. Contributing appreciations to the book are Richard Matheson, noted producer and novelist Stephen J. Cannell and David Schow. All three signed JUST the lettered edition.

The plot:
Alan White is a hot, young television writer-producer looking for the one hit every Hollywood writer dreams of --and so few get. He thinks he's found it with his idea for a new pilot. He calls it The Mercenary and the network has never seen anything like it.
The show pours state-of-the-art death and dazzle all over the competing networks. Full frontal nudity. Geysers of blood. Shocking sexuality. The violence and carnality are beyond unsettling. They are traumatic.
"You've got to be careful, Alan. The next six months are going to change your life. Money. Recognition. Power. Incredible power. And something else… "
Soon the ratings are through the roof -- the show burns a fifty share on its first airing. America is riveted. The ratings are ready to pop the ozone. Sixty share. Eighty share. It's the biggest Nielsen juggernaut that ever opened its mouth and swallowed America's prime-time attention span. Alan's made it, enjoying success beyond his wildest dreams.
But something is going wrong. Life is beginning to mimic art with terrifying result.
The morning headlines start to read like a grisly rerun of last night's episode of The Mercenary. Then, it gets worse. Plots that Alan hasn't written or spoken of begin to blood-blossom into reality.
"Thank you for doing such a great job, man. Thank you for creating me. You won't be sorry."
Suddenly, the truth is a chillingly clear. Alan is scripting a nightmare--and it's real. Now he must cancel The Mercenary before it cancels him.
Created By explores the darkest recesses of human nature, where the meridian between reality and make believe is as deceptive as a television screen, and the single difference between the two is that on the other side terror doesn't break for commercials. Both the numbered and lettered editions contain the first portion of a screenplay, R.C. Matheson wrote for his novel. A deleted chapter and story outline appear in only the lettered edition. The book comes in two editions:

500 copy signed numbered edition (signed by just Richard Christian Matheson) for $50 (the cover price is $55).

52-copy traycased lettered edition signed by R.C. Matheson and Richard Matheson (Sr.), Stephen J. Cannell, David Schow and artist Harry O. Morris. Price: $200.

If you are interested in ordering, please provide the following:

(1) How many copies of each edition you want
(2) Shipping address (via UPS)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Lamont Ingram
Gauntlet Press Dealer

Thursday, February 1, 2007

02/01/07 THU:
---Another box of used books catalogued. Hardcovers:
de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt LAND OF UNREASON, Thorndike Large Print ('02), (one of the brilliant stories that made Unknown the outstanding fantasy magazine of its time, this is a classic novel of enchantment and eerie destiny), vg-f (pictorial boards) 7.50
Del Rey, Lester, Cecile Matschat & Carl Carmer (eds) THE YEAR AFTER TOMORROW: An Anthology of Science Fiction Stories, Winston ('54), 1st edn, ex-libr else g-vg in plastic-protected dj (frayed but all there) with Mel Hunter art 20.00
Kaye, Marvin (ed) FORBIDDEN PLANETS, SFBC, 5/06, 1st, (OA; all-new SFBC Creation; novellas & stories that go to worlds we wouldn’t want to set foot on, while stirring up our innate desire to challenge the status quo; Alan Dean Foster, Allen Steele, Nancy Kress, Robert Reed, Jack McDevitt, Julie Czerneda), f in dj 10.00
Wilhelm, Kate STORYTELLER: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers' Workshop, Small Beer ('05), (wonderful memoir cum writers' guide), f in dj $20
Wolfe, Gene THE BOOK OF THE SHORT SUN, SFBC, 3/01, 1st thus, (3-in-1 edition; collects On Blue’s Waters, In Green’s Jungles & Return to the Whorl; 752 pages), vg-f in dj 15.00
book club ($5 each):
misc. softcovers:
Bedford, K.A. ECLIPSE, Edge, 9/05, 1st edn, (taut psychological thriller set in the claustrophobic confines of a starship where nothing is as terrifyingly alien as humanity itself), f 8.00
Lake, Jay ROCKET SCIENCE, Fairwood, 8/05, 1st, publicity release laid in, vg-f 10.00
McIntosh, Fiona BRIDGE OF SOULS, Eos '06, 1st US edn, (The Quickening #3; extraordinary conclusion to the epic fantasy of loyalty, love, and evil from one of fantasy’s fastest-rising stars), publicity release laid in, vg $6
THE NIGHT STALKER, MCA Home Video ('87), (two tales of terror: The Ripper & The Vampire; stars Darren McGavin; from 1974), Beta Hi-Fi cassette, vg (?) 5.00
Reynolds, Alastair PUSHING ICE, Gollancz '05, 1st (pb variant), (deep space adventure story with a scope as big as the Galaxy itself; 458 pages), review letter laid in, vg-f 12.00
Van Vogt, A.E. THE EMPIRE OF ISHER, Orb, 7/00, 1st thus, (includes The Weapon Makers and The Weapon Shops of Isher), f 10.00
---Performed update of catalog data for CD-R burning to include with shipments going out.

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