After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

06/14/03 SAT:
---We trapped a raccoon last night. Took it across Saylorville Lake on the Mile-Long Brigdge to Jester State Park and released it. Looked like a nice place to live for a wild animal, except this one was accustomed to eating birdfood from Amy’s birdfeeders. When I thought to check the trap which I had set earlier in the day to try to pick off another of the stray cats which have been proliferating here, I forgot about it until after the NBA game which I largely slept through anyway. Sure enough, there was a raccoon, with another one hanging around, perhaps in concern for its comrade, perhaps wanting the food under the cage. The raccoon was surprisingly docile when we picked up the cage and transported it. All in all, maybe three futile snarls and lunges. Nothing protracted. The stray cat we caught took her capturing a lot harder. Since we bought the trap we have taken two kittens and one full-grown stray cat to the Animal Rescue League. And now the one raccoon. We still have something like five cats and at least one more raccoon we would like to be rid of. But the cats have become savvy about the trap, and I would think the raccoon might have gotten the picture too.

---Filling orders is about all I can report for today, I guess. (This was blank before.) Friday the 13th and I didn’t evek know it.

---Music played:
- The Bottle Rockets SONGS OF SAHM (Xgau: A Minus)
- PAROXYSM sampler (MP3s downloaded from www. and recommended)
- Dismemberment Plan THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN IS TERRIFIED (Xgau: A Minus)

Thursday, June 19, 2003

---Here from Earthling Publications:
Thomas, Jeffrey GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS, Earthling, 5/03, 1st edn, one of 315 SIGNED copies, (novella of the supernatural; Keene intro), 40-page booklet, new $10

---Received a catalog from Marietta Publishing (Bruce Gehweiler) of Marietta GA. Lists several books I already have (and which have generally been selling nicely): NEW MYTHOS LEGENDS, LIN CARTER’S ANTON ZARNAK, FRONTIERS OF TERROR, THINGS THINGS THAT ARE NOT THERE, WARFEAR plus a number of chapbooks. And a few that I will have to add to my next order: THE OCCULT DETECTIVES OF C.J. HENDERSON, FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS by Cherrie Priest, LAST RESORT by Wendy Webb.

---Music played:
- Michael J. Schumacher ‘FIDICIN DRONES’

06/11/03 WED:
---Text to follow?
---Here today:
Waldrop, Howard A BETTER WORLD'S IN BIRTH!, Golden Gryphon Chapbook 2, '03, 1st edn, one of 500 SIGNED copies, (author's lifework minus two; 56 pages), new 15.95

---Music played:
- Evanescence FALLEN

---This arrived today and looks pretty good:
Kurland, Michael IMAGES CONCEITS & LOLLYGAGS: A Motley of Stories, Gryphon, 3/03, 1st edn, (stories; introduction by Richard A. Lupoff), new 20.00

---Music played:
- HAIKU D’ETAT (Xgau: A Minus)
- Khevrisa EUROPEAN KLEZMER MUSIC (Xgau: A Minus)

06/08/03 SUNDAY:
---Text to follow?

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

---Some things from Necro Publications:
Houarner, Gerard & Gak DEAD CAT BIGGER THAN JESUS, Bedlam Chapbook #1, '03, 1st edn, (Stoker nominated bandaged cat with attitued is back), new 9.95

Lee, Edward & John Pelan TRANSCENDENCE, Necromics #1, '03, (art by Dejan Ognjanovic), (explicit horror comic book; story, gallery), new 6.00

Thomas, Jeffrey LETTERS FROM HADES, Bedlam '03, one of 476 SIGNED copies, (travelogue of Hell set in a beutifully dark and textured world), new 14.95

---Music played:
- Cultures-Electroniques / 9 (2-disc)
- Cultures-Electroniques / 8 (2-disc) - these four discs work well in my 5-disc changer, which is still serving duty while I wait on the repair technician for word about my regular CD player.

---Shelving books, I note that the copy of EARL AUBEC I received from White Wolf has a 2-inch closed tear in the front panel of the dustjacket, so I have changed its cataloguing:
Moorcock, Michael EARL AUBEC and Other Stories, White Wolf, 11/99, 1st hc edn, (Eternal Cham-pion #14; 590 pages), as new in dj with 2" closed tear in front panel 15.00
---That is down from its already bargain price of $24.99.

---Music played:
- Cultures-Electroniques / 9
- THE COMPLETE STAX/VOLT SOUL SINGLES Vol. 3: 1972-1975 (Disc 5)

06/05/03 THURS:
---Ran ten-and-a-half miles today. Must have taken it out of me, because I was about worthless (or more worthless than usual) all day. The usual thing: had stray cats to round up, the old minivan to engineer a towing away of (finally), etc. The paint-peeling 1987 Caravan is now back at the dealership where we bought it, awaiting word on whether it is belly-up or can be resuscitated.

---A couple here from Small Beer Press:
LADY CHURCHILL'S ROSEBUD WRISTLET (An Occasional Ouburst) #12, 6/03, Small Beer, (Jan Lars Jensen, David Erik Nelson, Ursula Pflug, etc.), new $4
---previous issues also available:
LADY CHURCHILL’S ROSEBUD WRISTLET (An Occasional Ouburst) #4, Small Beer, (Westgard, Link, Ian McDowell, Nalo Hopkinson) • ---#5, (Butner, Emswiler, Muirhead, Lucy Snyder) • ---#6, 5/00, (Sallis, Karen Joy Fowler, Link) • ---#7, 10/00, (Jeffrey Ford, Klages, Sallis), new each, 3.00
---#9, 10/01, (Fifth Anniversary Issue) • ---#10, 6/02, (Jeffrey Ford; 48 pages) • ---#11, 11/02, (Gloss, Goss, Klingbiel, Klang; another 52 pages), new each, 4.00

Rich, Mark FOREIGNERS, and Other Familiar Faces, Small Beer (6/03), 1st edn, (jaunty, off-beat stories), 68-page booklet, new 5.00

---This response to someone wanting magazines from DNA (FANTASTIC, WEIRD TALES, ABORIGINAL SF, ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE):
“At this point it may be your best bet to go ahead and seek elsewhere for DNA magazines. I have not been able to get a response much as I tried. Perhaps I will eventually get them. Stranger things have happened, but for now it seems to be a no go. I will let you know if I can get back on track with them.”

---A stray from Greenwood here now:
Umland, Samuel J. (ed) PHILIP K. DICK: Contemporary Critical Interpretations, Greenwood '95, (primary & secondary bibliography), new no dj as issued $73
---Ridiculously priced but I suppose their books are intended for libraries with their inflexible demand and willingness to pay whatever it costs. Like a $73 hammer for the Pentagon. But I did just receive a sale flyer from Greenwood offering an extra 10% discount, so until June 30 I will reciprocate by offering a 30% instead of the usual 20% to members of the discount plan. Back around May 18 I posted here a long list of their “Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy”. If anyone is thinking they might want any of these, now is the time to act!

---Music played:
- Art Pepper THE WAY IT WAS!
- Aaliyah I CARE 4 YOU (Xgau: A-)

---Back in stock:
Shirley, John …AND THE ANGEL WITH THE TELEVISION EYES, Night Shade ('01), 1st edn, (on, above, and below the streets of Manhattan), one of 150 SIGNED copies with added chapbook, BOXED, new in dj 55.00
---The $27 trade edition is still here too. I notice at the website this ltd. edn is listed as sold out, so this might be a last chance opportunity.

---A few more from Wildside here now:
Bond, Nelson THAT WORLDS MAY LIVE, Wildside, 4/02, (long-lost novel from the Golden Age of SF), new 15.00

Brackett, Leigh THE TIGER AMONG US, Wildside, 7/01, (a novel of unrelenting suspense), new 15.95

Braddon, Mary Elizabeth AT CHRIGHTON ABBEY and Other Horror Stories, Wildside Fantasy Classics ('02), (excellent introduction to author's work), new 12.99

Connors, Scott (ed) A CENTURY LESS A DREAM: Selected Criticism on H.P. Lovecraft, Wildside '02, 1st edn, (articles reprinted from Necronomicon Press & Cryptic Publications), new no dj as issued 49.95

Emerson, Willis George THE SMOKY GOD Or The Voyage To the Inner World, Wildside, nd, (orig: 1908), new 12.95

Onions, Oliver THE BECKONING FAIR ONE, Wildside, nd, (perhaps the greatest ghost story in the English language), new 13.95

Wharton, Edith TALES OF MEN AND GHOSTS, Wildside ('02), new 15.95

---And back in stock:
Park, Paul IF LIONS COULD SPEAK & Other Stories, Cosmos/Wildside ('02), new 15.00

---Received this email:
“With your lengthy silences, I was beginning to get worried
that you might be having health and/or financial difficulties, and
thusly I felt reluctant to bug you too much. Hope things are okay now
and that you are in a position to resume being bugged with various new
orders and queries.”

---I don’t wish to give the impression I am indisposed healthwise or financially, although it would be foolish to deny these are ever considerations. My ability to keep up with emails, orders, book shipments, invoices, book shelving, excess clutter, urge for leisure time, sleep needs, etc. etc. is declining with age and with a precipitousness that could be alarming--but if I let myself get too worked up about my workload, I might be in even worse shape than I am now. All I can say is: Do bug me! My response might be irritatingly slow, but I try to at least keep track of things enough so that a response will be forthcoming in due course. I am always trying to get myself to sit down and get to work. When I do I am quite happy to do so. It is sometimes a question of too many distractions. Being a sole operator, when I stop working, nothing gets done. I will keep working on it and try to write about it less.

---Music played:
- The Lounge Lizards QUEEN OF ALL EARS
- HESPERUS: Spain in the New World

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

---On this rainy day I am endeavoring to get long-delayed work done, as usual.

---Added to bookmarks: short stories at east of the web and I printed out “The Man With The Cough” by Mrs. Molesworth (included in The Collected Ghost Stories from Side Real Press mentioned below.
---Pasted from the above website’s scifi.Story site:
“Welcome to the science fiction short story section at east of the web. Find this month's featured stories above. You can browse the science fiction library by subgenre or search it for a title, author or keyword. Clicking on an author's name lists all their stories along with further information and links. Stories can be read online, printed or downloaded for reading offline or on handheld devices.”
---Read Rock&Roll& - by Robert Christgau: Loser on a Roll, Jon Langford Makes Friends and Influences People.

---Music played:
- Bill Evans COMPLETE RIVERSIDE: Discs 1 &2

06/01/03 SUNDAY:
---Noticing the length of time between posting date and composition date I see that I need to do some serious work to get this weblog more current on a daily basis so it doesn’t fall months behind like my email updates. Part of the problem is that I am not alone in the house this summer. Unfettered access to the eMac, with its somewhat better Internet connection, has been hard to come by. I do have some material ready to post for the intervening days, even if it is not as rich in content as I might wish. I will try to spend a little time and get back to the here-and-now, so maybe I can regain that sense of immediacy a weblog ought to have (for better or worse).

Monday, June 9, 2003

---Working on cataloguing a couple boxes of virtually-new SF (including a fair number of recent UK books, especially from Earthlight, mostly review copies sent to a noted writer. Here is what is being added to the catalog as a result:
Bova, Ben (ed) THE SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME: Volumes Two A & B, SFBC, ('73), (greatest SF novellas of all time chosen by SFWA), vg+ in djs the pair, $15
Bova, Ben JUPITER, Tor, 1/01, 1st (US) edn, (in Solar System series), vg-f in dj $15
Lyons, Jonathan BURN, Domhan ('00), (surreal 21st century), PR laid in, vg-f 6.00
McDevitt, Jack INFINITY BEACH, HarperPrism, 3rd('00), (audacious far future), vg-f in dj 10.00
Nix, Garth LIRAEL, HarperCollins, 2nd, (fantasy; sequel to Sabriel), vg-f in dj 12.00
Silverberg, Robert (ed) THE SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME: Volume One, Doubleday ('70), (The Greatest SF Stories of All Time; 558 pages), vg+ in dj 25.00
Swanwick, Michael BEING GARDNER DOZOIS: An Interview by…, Old Earth '01, (critical commentary, history, biography--bravura homage), f in dj 15.00
Williams, Walter Jon ANGEL STATION, Tor, 7/89, 1st edn, vg in dj 14.00

book club:

misc. softcovers:
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay PASHAZADE: The First Arabesk, Earthlight '02, f 8.00
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay REDROBE, Earthlight '00, 1st, (apocalyptic story of the new millennium), f 9.00
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay REMIX, Earthlight '99, 1st, (William Gibson meets Quentin Tarrantino), f 10.00
Jensen, Jan Lars SHIVA 3000, Macmillan '00, (rich and diverse epic), vg-f 10.00
Miller, Ron BRONWYN #1: Palaces & Prisons, Timberwolf, 2nd edn('01), (fantasy), vg-f 6.00
Reynolds, Alastair CHASM CITY, Gollancz '01, 1st, (Revelation Space seq), vg-f 10.00
Robson, Justina MAPPA MUNDI, Macmillan '01, 1st, (mediical nanotech SF), vg-f $12
Robson, Justina SILVER SCREEN, Macmillan'99, 1st, (author's first published SF), vg-f 12.00
Silverberg, Robert (ed) NEBULA AWARDS SHOWCASE 2001, Harcourt '01, 1st edn (pb var), vg-f $9
STAR WARS® GAMER #1-9, '01, (fiction, RPG, deck plans, etc.), vg-f the nine, $15

Pan 48433 Asher, Neal GRIDLINKED, '02, (author's first full-length SF novel), f 6.00
Tor 58968 Barnes, John CANDLE, 12/00, (convincing future), f $4
Orbit pb 859 Besher, Alexander CHI, '99, (vital chi essence being siphoned off), vg-f 5.00
Earthlight 0911 Byrne, Eugene THINGS UNBORN, '01, (bustling alternate world), f 6.00
Earthlight 0895 Calder, Richard IMPAKTO, '01, (aborted child who refused to die), vg-f 6.00
Earthlight 03720 Calder, Richard MALIGNOS, '00, (dark, edgy, dense, intricate SF), f 6.00
Earthlight 03719 Calder, Richard THE TWIST, '99, (orig; John Twist, shootist), f 6.00
Orbit pb 100 Clute, John APPLESEED, '02, (author's first SF novel), f 8.50
Pan 48595 Hammond, Ray EMERGENCE, '02, (near-future SF by journalist), f 5.00
Roc 45843 Harper, Steven DREAMER, 9/01, (Silent Empire; first contact), f 3.00
NEL 71706 Johnston, Paul THE BLOOD TREE, 2nd, (crime; Edinburgh, 2026), f 5.00
NEL 71704 Johnston, Paul WATER OF DEATH, '99, (crime; hunt-the-psycho), f 5.00
Carroll & Graf 844 Leinster, Murray QUARANTINE WORLD, '92, vg $3
NEL 79246 Lumley, Brian NECROSCOPE: DEFILERS, '01, (horror; 659 pages), f 6.00
Roc 45823 Mackay, Scott THE MEEK, 4/01, (they shall inherit the universe...), f 4.00
Earthlight 03754 McDonald, Ian ARES EXPRESS, '02, (terraformed-Mars funny SF), f 6.00
Roc 45827 Morehouse, Lyda ARCHANGEL PROTOCOL, 5/01, (author's 1st), f 3.00
HarperTrophy 47183 Nix, Garth SABRIEL, 12th, (fantasy; an ALA Notable Book), f $3
Scholastic T941 Nourse, Alan E. THE COUNTERFEIT MAN, 10/67, (stories), f 2.50
Signet Vista 13581 Pinkwater SNARKOUT BOYS & BACONBURG HORROR, 5/85, vg-f 3.00
Bal 61 Pohl & Kornbluth SEARCH THE SKY, ('54), (orig), vg-f 8.00
Ace pb 88564 Rucker, Rudy WHITE LIGHT, 11/80, (orig), vg-f 6.00
Avon Eos 79694 Silverberg, Robert (ed) FAR HORIZONS, 5/00, f $4
Roc 45837 Spencer, Wen ALIEN TASTE, 2nd, (wolfpack-raised tracker SF), f 4.00
Ace pbk 00886 Wharton, Ken DIVINE INTERVENTION, 12/01, (earth colony), f $4
Spectra 58374 Williams, Liz THE GHOST SISTER, 7/01, (orig; bioengineering SF), f 3.50
Bantam 58051 Willis, Connie PASSAGE, 1/02, (life-after-death novel), f 5.00
5/30/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?
---A shipment from Wildside has arrived:
Benson, Robert Hugh LORD OF THE WORLD, Wildside, nd, (orig: 1907), new 19.95
---THE NECROMANCERS, Wildside, nd, (orig: 1909), new 18.95

Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE CHESSMEN OF MARS, Wildside, nd, new in dj 32.95
---THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, Wildside, nd, (Fort Dinosaur), new in dj 26.95
---OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS, Wildside, nd, (intro by Amy Sterling Casil), new in dj 27.95

Clore, Dan THE UNSPEAKABLE and Others, Wildside ('01), (Joshi intro), new 19.95

FANTASY ANNUAL #5, Cosmos ('03), (Bayley, Fearn, Dan Morgan), new 16.99

Goulart, Ron BRINKMAN, Wildside, 7/01, (photo-reprint of 1981 edn), new 14.95

Haggard, H. Rider THE WITCH'S HEAD, Wildside '99, (photo-reprint), new 19.50

Joshi, S.T. H.P. LOVECRAFT & LOVECRAFT CRITICISM: An Annotated Bibliography, Wildside, nd, (reprint of 1981 work; 473 pp), new no dj as issued 49.95

Richards, Anna M. A NEW ALICE IN THE OLD WONDERLAND, Wildside. 9/00, (35 years later, a different girl, also named Alice wants to visit Wonderland), new 14.95

---Back in stock:
Bayley, Barrington J. THE SINNERS OF ERSPIA, Cosmos/Wildside ('02), new 15.95

Betancourt, John Gregory & Robert Weinberg (eds) WEIRD TALES: Seven Decades of Terror, Barnes & Noble '97 (dist. Wildside), 1st, SIGNED by Betancourt, (the best of the worst frights; 438 pages), new in dj 12.95

Biggle, Lloyd, Jr. THE CHRONOCIDE MISSION, Wildside, 4/02, 1st edn, new 15.95

Di Filippo, Paul A MOUTHFUL OF TONGUES, Cosmos/Wildside ('02), new in dj 29.95

FANTASY ANNUAL #4, Cosmos/Wildside '00, (new stories; Bounds, High, Tubb, etc.), new 12.00

Joshi, S.T. H.P. LOVECRAFT: The Decline of the West, Wildside, nd, new 19.95

McCaffrey, Anne (ed) COOKING OUT OF THIS WORLD, Wildside '92, 2nd, (lost classic), new 10.00

Smeds, Dave PIPER IN THE NIGHT, Wildside ('01), 1st edn, (surreal), new in dj 37.95

---Received this email:
“I am just checking with you to find out what if anything is going on. I haven't heard from you since early this year. Are you still issuing catalogues? Did you drop me from your mailing list? I miss hearing from you--am still planning on giving you business if you are selling. Let me know.”

---My reply:
“I seem to be in midlife or something, because my urge to put out paper catalogs is at a wane. I have been fooling around a bit when I get the chance with putting information in my weblog that includes new arrivals as they come in and other book-business-related matters, as well as whatever I might feel like imparting into the great webunknown. I also have a bunch of stuff waiting to go into email updates when I can think to keep going with those, to people who asked to get them. Even without catalogs it seems I am having just as much trouble keeping up with orders coming in, but perhaps that has more to say about my increasing laziness than anything else.”

---I sent out an email update (of sorts) querying recipients about the Side Real Press solicitation for the UK book below. Seems that people who get Tartarus, Sarob, Ash-Tree might want to add Side Real to their list of collectible publishers.

---Am printing out a new Membership Discount Plan information sheet. I know a few discounts have been changed/added, but mostly it is staying the same. Might as well keep it current, though, even if the changes are few.

---Music played:
- Ilan Guetta plays BACH ELECTRIC - conclusive argument that Bach would have wielded an axe were he alive today
- Pietro Castrucci 6 CONCERTI GROSSI

---Received this solicitation for:
ISBN: 0-9542953-0-7.
300 numbered copies. Hardback 320 pages. Illus. £30.00 inc. p&p
SIDE REAL PRESS is pleased to present for the first time in a single volume
the complete collected ghost stories of noted Victorian Authoress Mrs.
Mary Louisa Molesworth (1839-1921)produced over one hundred books in her
lifetime. Known primarily as a writer for children and young adults, she,
like her contemporaries Rhoda Broughton and Mary Braddon, also tried her
hand at the supernatural genre, ultimately producing ten tales. The majority
of these were collected into two, now rare, volumes, Four Ghost Stories
(1888) and Uncanny Tales (1896).
COLLECTED GHOST STORIES gathers these, and other ghost stories scattered
from her more general collections together with ‘A Ghost Of The Pampas’,
the only known ghost story by her son Bevil (1870-1898).
Avoiding the normally ornate style of the typical Victorian ghost story,
she produced tales with “a refreshing sharpness and lucidity......invested
with wit, charm, intelligence and subtle chills” (Penguin Encyclopedia Of
Horror And The Supernatural) .
Edited and introduced by J.N. Smith the volume is presented as a numbered
limited edition hardcover of 300 copies. The cover reproduces the original
four colour design of the original U.K. edition of Uncanny Tales . This
edition also includes the original illustration accompanying ‘Old Gervais’
from Sunday Magazine,(1892).
Contents: Introduction, Lady Farquhars Old lady, Witnessed By Two,
Unexplained, The Rippling Train, The Shadow In The Moonlight’, The Man With
The Cough, At The Dip In The Road, Not Exactly A Ghost Story, Old Gervais, A
Strange Messenger, A Ghost Of The Pampas*. * By Bevil Molesworth
SIDE REAL PRESS has been founded as in Imprint specialising in
supernatural/weird literature past and present. Each volume will be printed
as a limited edition quality hardback. All items can be ordered direct from
the publisher.
COLLECTED GHOST STORIES costs £30.00 retail”
---Anyone interested? I am not sure what the $ cost would be. Maybe in the $50 range. I could possibly give a 15% discount, but I would need to crunch numbers first.

---Email sent to Belgium:
“Not much VHS recording here lately. I joined Netflix DVD rental service and have not used the VCR nearly as much. If you have any particular USA broadcast TV shows you like (ANGEL, BUFFY, etc.), but you probably get them there even better. I don't have cable TV so lots and lots of movies (as well as, fortunately, sports) give me a miss here. The DVDs I rent more than make up for any sense of deprivation. Even whole seasons of TV-show series can be accessed, such as on HBO which I hitherto only would hear or read about. If any made-for-TV thing comes along I record that might be of interest I will set it aside for you. Cost of VHS tapes is less than $1 so it is enough if occasionally I can send you something you might be of interest. I thought a promising show was a Rose Red-prequel (or something) executive produced by Stephen King that debuted recently, but I could not watch it (finding it unwatchable) and the reviews were bad so I ended up rewinding the tape after ten minutes and recording over it--this weeks NOW (with Bill Moyers on PBS) or FRONTLINE or Charlie Rose or Austin City Limits. Maybe I should have stuck it out or sent it along, but I didn't.”

---Music played:
- my CD COMP 4 (still available by request with any book shipment)

---A couple arrived today from Meisha Merlin:
Conn, John F. THE SOCIETY, Meisha Merlin, 1/03, 1st edn, (thriller), new 16.00

Moore, James A. SERENITY FALLS, Meisha Merlin, 3/02, 1st edn, (quite possibly the best horror novel since Salem’s Lot; 746 pages), new 20.00
---Despite the date of publication I don’t see that I have had this in stock previously, although it looks familiar (as does The Society).

---This here from PS Publishing in the UK:
Wexler, Robert Freeman IN SPRINGDALE TOWN, PS '03, (Shepard intro), new 16.00

---And back in stock:
Campbell, Ramsey RAMSEY CAMPBELL, PROBABLY: 30 Years of Essays and Articles, PS '02, 1st, (140,000 words; Winter intro), {trade pb still available @ $45}, BOXED, new in dj 90.00

Di Filippo, Paul A YEAR IN THE LINEAR CITY, PS Publishing, 4/02, 1st edn, one of 800 total SIGNED copies, (Bishop intro), {hc in dj available @ $40}, new 14.00

---A couple days with the computer off, taking Memorial Day easy. I should have learned that even if it takes me until 4 PM to start getting something done, even then it is possible to make significant headway. At least all the NBA playoff games, just about, have been on cable.

---Neil instructs me to stop asking him to help me out with my book-business labor needs. I am not sure what he is up to in his room for hours on end, but it involves feverish keystrokes and a co-opting of the eMac (which he has run a cable down to through the air vent). No doubt it is more important than anything I might give him to do. My toilings are so indiosyncratic anyway (or idiotic anyway) that would be hard to involve other people, even people you might think would have a stake in my success. To that end of undermination, Amy informs that she expects to take an actual vacation this summer, involving a camping trip.

---Music played:
- Yohimbe Brothers FRONT END LIFTER (Xgau: A Minus)
- Steven Mackey RAVENSHEAD: The Complete Opera In Two Acts (2 CD)

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

5/26/03 MON:
---Text to follow?
5/25/03 SUN:
---Text to follow?
---Catalogued today:
Benson, E.F. THE FACE, Ash-Tree '03, (Collected Spook Stories #4), new in dj $45

Wyndham, John NO PLACE LIKE EARTH, Darkside '03, 1st, (stories), new in dj 40.00

---Back in stock:
Shepard, Lucius LOUISIANA BREAKDOWN, Golden Gryphon '03, 1st edn, (Poppy Z. Brite intro; J.K. Potter art & afterword; 145 pp), new in dj 21.95

---Filling some orders that have been around here way too long. I hope I can get myself repositioned as all caught up, with everything neat and tidy, some day and some day soon.

---Music played:
- CD Compilation #1 (my own first foray into this metier; has ups and downs, but I enjoy hearing these things again in their new gestalt; and the ease of doing it makes it a slow-brainer)
- DEXTER’S LABORATORY: The Hip-Hop Experiment (Xgau: A Minus)
- CD COMP #4 (yours truly’s fourth foray at trying to cherry pick from amongst the plethora)
- THE SPECIALTY STORY: Disc 3 (eMusic download that Neil burned for me using his fast Univerity connection)

5/23/03 FRI:
---Text to follow?

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