After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

04/28/05 THU:
---Here today:
NOT ONE OF US #33, 4/05, John Benson, (Elemental issue; Sonya Taaffee, etc.), new 4.50

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

04/27/05 WED:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Hodgson, William Hope THE WANDERING SOUL: Glimpses of a Life, PS/Tartarus '05, 1st edn, one of 500 numbered copies, (A Compendium of Rare and Unpublished Works; Compiled and Introduced by Jane Frank; ), new in dj 50.00
---another copy of the preceding with added The Lost Poetry, BOXED, new in dj $90

---and back in stock:
Shepard, Lucius TRUJILLO: Stories, PS, 6/04, 1st edn, one of 200 SIGNED copies, (Swanwick intro; 682 pages), BOXED, new in dj $90
---Email rec’d:
Hi, Chris.

The blogspot bookmark started working properly for me again
yesterday. Wonder what that was all about?
---My reply:
I did click on "republish" for my blog, just in case that might help. Maybe it did. I should try to fool around with the thing, getting the margins better, maybe set up a sidebar for fixed things, but I'm afraid I will mess up what already have.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

04/26/05 TUE:
---Here today from Night Shade
Dunsany, Lord THE COLLECTED JORKENS: Volume Three, Night Shade ('05), 1st edn, (last in set--the others are still available too; represents a landmark in the history of weird fiction; Michael Dirda foreword; S.T. Joshi [ed]), new 35.00

Lovecraft, H.P.LETTERS FROM NEW YORK, Night Shade ('05), 1st edn, (Lovecraft Letters Volume 2; collects the letters written by H. P. Lovecraft while in New York - first, while visiting the city in 1922 and 1923, and then, as an unhappy resident, from 1924- 1926; the letters from this turbulent and unsatisfying period of his life provide keen insights into his creative and personal life; S.T. Joshi & David E. Schultz [eds]), new in dj 40.00
---Here today from Sarob:
Maynard, L.H. & M.P.N. Sims FALLING INTO HEAVEN, Sarob '04, 1st, (Fourteen Tales of Terror; 173 pages), new no dj as issued (pictorial boards) $45
---Email sent:
I hope you don't mind my using our exchange of emails in my blog(mail). I thought it was something that might be useful to know if anyone else has had your problem with accessing my blog. Maybe it would get some people to even try who had not done so previously.
---Reply rec'd:
No problem, Chris. I'll be interested in knowing whether others are
having the same problem. I tried again today and I still get the
blogspot homepage.

Monday, April 25, 2005

04/25/05 MON:
---Email rec’d (which I hope does not represent a repeated phenomenon):
Hi, Chris.
The box of books arrived in fine shape. Thanks!

Has your blog address changed? When I use my bookmark I end up at
the home page for Blog.
---My reply:
Just tried my bookmark ( and was led right there okay. Maybe the site was being worked on or something. I have a couple posts ready to go up now, so I will have enough content to warrant a blogmail. Not enough books catalogued last week!

Hi, Chris.

When I click on your blog link below (which is the one I have
bookmarked), I get rerouted to this address:
. This has been going on since about
Wednesday or so last week, so I don't think it's because they were
working on the site. Wonder why this is happening to me and not to

I'll look forward to your blog email!
---My reply:
That does seem odd. Why don't you try using the URL I gave you and see if that gets you there okay. If so, then maybe you could re-bookmark it and delete the old one. I doubt they would be so nefarious as to allow me to bookmark my own blog and go to it but not allow others to do so too.

---And then I wrote:
I just tried sending myself an email with my salutation to try the link as a link, and it took me to the blog okay too. Computers can be such queer animals. I do not begin to comprehend why they do the odd things they do sometimes.

---I also checked my settings to see if maybe they got switched to “private” instead of public publication and can’t find any indication that the were.

---I have pretty much recovered from my excursion on Saturday. Things are settled back down, and I am trying to become settled back down too. It doesn’t look like much content for this week’s blogmail, unless I include what I dashed off for my Saturday entry. Not many books got catalogued last week. Next week there should be a couple shipments that will guarantee some content (from IPG and Night Shade) at least.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

04/23/05 SAT:
---Got to go to a book sale in Omaha with a book-collector friend--a rare departure from my shut-in existence. It was about a two hour drive, which seemed to go by very quickly, because we had some great conversations. It was fun. Steve grew up in Brooklyn so we are both NYC-area transplants, setting us a bit apart from the average Iowan. Plus, of course, we share an affection for books. There are plenty of people like that in Iowa, I know, but not too many I run into.
---I haven’t been going to book sales much lately. I still have such a backlog to catalog that I find it easy to avoid going to them--plus the fact that I no longer have a car of my own to go anywhere during the week. But it was fun to go to this one with Steve, even if my expectations for buying books were not that great. There was a science fiction section on one of the tables, but when the bell rang to open the sale, I did not feel particularly impelled to rush over and scarf up as much as I could before anyone else could get it first. There were, however, some who did feel that impulsion. I was bemused to see one person in particular with a lot of recent hardcovers quickly in his greedy possession. It looked like a pretty nice selection and I felt vaguely jealous. I browsed around and did not pick up even one book for quite a while. The prices were not particularly cheap and the old guy who puts on these sales knows his stuff. But there were a lot of nice books for $2-3--maybe not collectable first editions (which were available at higher prices), but certainly fine for reading: better than the same title bought as a brandnew paperback. These books had more patina too. And then there were plenty of titles that probably don’t have current in-print editions available. Anyway, I gradually built up a nice pile. It is doubtful that too many of them would be appropriate for a science-fiction based inventory, but they were books I thought I might like, or someone like me might. Steve intelligently bought more collectable stuff, but he spent $188. I came away with only a $54 pricetag for a good-sized box of books.
---When we got back here Steve hung around for a while. He had the big Des Moines National Poetry Festival thing to go to at 7:30, where he wanted to buy a book and get it signed by the new poet laureate (Ted Kooser), who was born and raised in Iowa (as well as the former poet-laureate Billy Collins, who also was scheduled to appear). I showed Steve how my books-catalogued show up on the computer screen when I display the JPEG snapshots on my catalog-data CD-R with a full-screen view. He was amazed at the quality of the images. He particularly enjoyed the string of cover shots of the old Galaxy magazines (which are now sold). He wondered if people, when they get my catalog-data CD-Rs know how to display the book cover art--and I wondered about that too. I know some people do, but I wonder how many don’t. Certainly not everyone would even want to even if they could (although they would be missing out on something, whether it makes them buy anything or not).
---I fixed us some Gardenburgers for dinner and Steve prevailed upon me to go to the poetry fest with him. Although I was dead tired from hardly getting any sleep the night before, I thought I ought to go, instead of being the constant no-goer-anywhere that I usually am. I am kicking myself now for not taking my camera. I could have got some great shots of the poets laureates and everything else. (I also should have taken a few at the book sale.) Steve might have liked a picture of him getting the autographs (the provenance!). There was an incredible turnout at this poetry event. The theatre was filled to capacity and the lines to get books signed were amazing, at least for poets.
---Well it was fun but I definitely strained my vocal chords which don’t usually get much of a workout--and I got to bed way past my bedtime--after having already not gotten enough sleep the night before. But it was a change of pace for me from my usual routine, which is probably something I should look for more.

Friday, April 22, 2005

04/22/05 FRI:
---Sending order to IPG (Independent Publisher’s Group, including Golden Gryphon, Tachyon, and a number of others I have not checked out.)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

04/21/05 THU:
---Heard from Night Shade that my copies of Jorkens #3 and Letters from New York: Letters of H.P. Lovecraft vol. 2 are on the way. Seems I neglected to pre-order the other two titles that are now shipping (Lansdale’s The Boar and JACKDAW). Anyone wanting these let me know and I will put in my order.

Monday, April 18, 2005

04/18/05 MON:
---Received two separate emails today alerting me to two big-rag HPL-related book reviews. One, entitled Horror, he wrote is a review by Stephen King--or more precisely an extract from his introduction--of H.P. Lovecraft Against the World, Against Life Michel Houellebecq Translated from the French by Dorna Khazeni (Believer Books: 150 pp., $18). It appeared in yesterday’s LA Times. The other, appearing in yesterday’s NY Times Book Review, is a review of Tales, edited by Peter Straub, Lovecraft’s entry into the estimable Library of America.

---Springtime is springing up around here, as usual making it hard for me to stick to business, especially down in the cellar, even with the best stereo sound down there. (Cranking up two fans and two dehumidifiers today.)

Friday, April 15, 2005

04/15/05 FRI:
---Here today from HarperCollins:
Bradbury, Ray BRADBURY STORIES: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales, Morrow, 5th('05), (893 pages), new in dj 29.95

Crowley, John NOVELTIES & SOUVENIRS: Collected Short Fictions, Perennial '04, 1st edn, new 13.95

Groening, Matt (guest editor) DA CAPO BEST MUSIC WRITING 2003: The Year’s Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, & More, Da Capo '03, 1st, new 16.95

Hand, Elizabeth MORTAL LOVE, Morrow '04, 1st edn, (sheerly impressive novel; combines wonderful eloquence and historical imagination; a great gothic read), new in dj 24.95

Hart, Mickey (guest editor) DA CAPO BEST MUSIC WRITING 2004: The Year’s Finest Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Country, & More, Da Capo, 2nd('04), new 15.95

Oates, Joyce Carol THE FAITH OF A WRITER: Life, Craft, Art, Ecco '03, 1st edn, new in dj 21.95

Rogers, Katharine M. L. FRANK BAUM: Creator of Oz (A Biography), Da Capo '03, (a strong and sympathetic portrait; for all who love the marvelous land of Oz; a NY Times Notable Book), new 17.95

Stephenson, Neal QUICKSILVER, Morrow '03, 1st edn, (Baroque Cycle #1; 927 pp), new in dj 27.95

Stephenson, Neal THE SYSTEM OF THE WORLD, Morrow '04, 1st edn, (Baroque Cycle #3; the definitive historical sci-fi-epic-pirate-comedy-punk love story; 892 pages), new in dj 27.95
---Back in stock:
Grinspoon, David LONELY PLANETS: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life, Ecco, 2nd('04), (our quest for connection with the cosmos), new in dj 25.95

Schow, David J. BULLETS OF RAIN, Dark Alley '03, 1st edn, (suspense; hightly original, boldly conceived psychological thriller), new 13.95
---Also a few paperbacks, which will in next paperbacks list. A lot of other titles I am sure I would have ordered, but I already had enough in my order file for a respectable enough order. I don't want to overdo the incoming new books...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

04/13/05 WED:
---Here today from Tartarus:
Machen, Arthur TALES OF HORROR AND THE SUPERNATURAL, Tartarus, 3rd('04), (adds 24 pages to earlier edn; larger reset pages too; essentially the ‘best of’ author’s stories and novellas; 415 pages), new in dj 65.00

Tennant, Emma HEATHCLIFF'S TALE, Tartarus '05, 1st, SIGNED, one of 500 copies, (brings together a ghost story, a depiction of the marriage of Heathcliff and Isabella, and a satire on Brontë academic studies; 213 pages), new in dj $45
---Back in stock:
Onions, Oliver GHOST STORIES, Tartarus, 2nd('03), (459 pages), new in dj 65.00

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

04/12/05 TUE:
---PS Publishing is asking me about my numbers for:
The three-book Bradbury set (moving very fast on pre-order) and the lesser editions (500-copy unsigned trade; and 200-copy slipcased, signed by Ray -- the three book set is 100-copy, signed by Ray plus Clarke, Powers, Harryhausen and Smith).
---Email rec’d:
Dear Mr. Drumm:
I noticed in chapter six of "Anatomy of Wonder 4: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction" (1995) that Chris Drumm Books is among the organizations listed as "principal specialty publishers of SF". My late father collected in the s.f./f. fields, and our family has decided we would like to dispose of the books through sale, possibly via a bidding process. I thought there was a chance that you (as an organization) would like to know about this collection, but perhaps more likely there would be those amongst your staff and associates who have personal collecting interests. Here is a brief description of the collection: The books number about 730, primarily s.f./f. but there are small segments of other genres -- mystery and horror, detective, supernatural and ghost, and sea tales. The majority are hardcover first editions. Strongly represented (multiple titles by each) are H. Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur Conan Doyle, C.S. Forester, Sax Rohmer, S. Fowler Wright, Ray Bradbury, Edward E. Smith, PhD., C.S. Lewis, Isaac Asimov, H. de vere Stacpoole, L. Ron Hubbard, Talbot Mundy, Jules Verne, Jack London, and several of the authors published by Arkham House in its first decade (making up about 23 titles). Upon request I will be glad to send the complete listing.
I realize that I am not qualified to perform a formal assessment of the worth of the collection. However to get an idea of the magnitude, I did devote some time to checking "book by book" values on ABE and AddAll, and came up with a rough range of 92.2k to 111.4k for all 730 items. I have spoken to a number of private collectors and experts in the field, and therefore recognize that the figures obtained in this manner may not represent a realistic expectation of sale price. I offer them only to give you some frame of reference on the value of the collection.
I foresee a bid process involving private dealers/collectors, but I thought I should find out if there was any interest among publishers who have a major presence in the s.f./f. field. In the event you wish to pursue this possibility further, I would be pleased to provide you any additional information I can. Just let me know.

Monday, April 11, 2005

04/11/05 MON:
---Here today from TTA, two very slick UK magazines:
INTERZONE #197, 3-4/05, (Ian Watson & Mike Allen, Christopher East, Jeremiah Tolbert, Dave Hoing, Scott Mackay, Ian R. MacLeod, Susanna Clarke & Colin Greenland, etc.), new 6.00

THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE #41, spr/05. (Transmissions From the Edge; Nathan Ballingrud, Conrad Williams, Scott Nicholson, Cody Goodfellow, Chaz Brenchley, Patrick Samphire, Martin Simpson fiction; Joel Lane, Phil Rickman, Peter Tennant, John Paul Catton, Stephen Volk, etc.), new 7.00

Sunday, April 10, 2005

04/10/05 SUN:
---Word from Ash-Tree:
We will be reprinting H. R. Wakefield's 1928 collection They Return at Evening in early May; we first published the collection in 1995, in an edition of 300 copies, and this hardback reprint (limited to 400 copies) has the same contents as the first edition, plus a new preface by Barbara Roden, and has been completely re-set. If you could let us know how many copies of the reprint you would like it would be greatly appreciated.

At the same time, we will be publishing a paperback edition of Harry Ludlam's difficult-to-find 1962 novel The Coming of Jonathan Smith, about an ancient evil haunting a Midlands town which could be connected with the witch trials and purges of several centuries before. Please let us know how many copies of this title you would like shipped; we anticipate being able to send them at the same time as the Wakefield title.

We look forward to hearing from you; thanks for your support!

Friday, April 8, 2005

04/08/05 FRI:
---Sure enough, here today from Night Shade:
Aguire, Forrest (ed) LEVIATHAN 4: CITIES, Ministry of Whimsy/Night Shade '04, (latest volume of 'the god-father of croos-genre anthologies'), new in dj 27.00

Banks, Iain M. THE STATE OF THE ART, Night Shade ('04), 1st edn thus, (author’s first collection; orig: Ziesing ‘91; this edn adds additional Culture story as well as several other non-Culture stories that demonstrate the author’s tremendous range and skill; 188 pages), {SIGNED ltd edn avail. @ $45}, new in dj 25.00

Williams, Conrad USE ONCE THEN DESTROY, Night Shade ('04), 1st edn, (stories), new in dj 27.00
---Back in stock:
Baker, Kage THE EMPRESS OF MARS, Night Shade ('03), 1st edn, one of 500 SIGNED copies, (fast, funny and highly entertaining; 103 pages), new in dj 35.00

Shepard, Lucius VIATOR, Night Shade ('04), 1st edn, {SIGNED ltd. edn still availaible @ $45}, (novel about freighter with eerie allure; 170 pages), new in dj 25.00

Wellman, Manly Wade GIANTS FROM ETERNITY, Night Shade ('04), 1st edn, (in Lost Wellman series; two SF pulp adventures from 1939 & 1947), new in dj 25.00
---STRANGERS ON THE HEIGHTS, Night Shade ('04), 1st edn, (in Lost Wellman series also; weird menace pulp stories from 1944 & 1939; later published as Bests from Beyound and abridged as The Dark Destroyers), new in dj 25.00
---Discount on Night Shade books is 25% (ltds as well). Once again, for now and the foreseeable future you do not need to be in the discount plan to receive discounts.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

04/07/05 THU:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Erikson, Steven THE DEVIL DELIVERED, PS, 3/05, 1st edn, one of 900 total SIGNED copies, (Paul McAuley intro), {hc in dj avail @ $45}, new 18.00

Jones, Stephen (ed) DON'T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, PS, 4/05, 1st edn, one of 700 total SIGNED by editor, (new Not At Night series #3; 17 stoies diabolical and bizarre; Randy Broecker illus; “ignore that tree branch tapping at the window-pane”), (200-copy boxed edn avail @ $90}, new in dj 50.00

McAuley, Paul LITTLE MACHINES, PS, 4/05, 1st edn (trade hc variant), one of 700 total SIGNED copies, (stories; Greg Bear intro), new in dj 50.00

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

04/06/05 WED:
---Finally got around to calling HarperCollins to try to find out what happened to my Feb 10 order that seems to have disappeared. Indeed it did disappear. Now that I have re-faxed it I think the order will go through. I should have checked on it earlier, but I hate to get caught up in corporate telephone mazes. Turns out there was no difficulty at all. Now all that needs to happen is for the books to arrive. I hope the people who wanted them still do.

---Email to Night Shade:
Dear Jason:
Your ambitions to get my books sent have not yet materialized. I haven't received anything since your promising phonecall.

---Reply rec’d:
Hi Chris,
The inventory finally arrived from Michigan on Saturday, and three boxes
went out to you on Monday. UPS says you should have them on Friday.
Take care,
Dear Jason:
Good to hear it. My imagination had me being forgotten about. Hope you are not over-working yourself.

---Email rec’d:
I was unable to access your catalogue postings on the biblio site. I couldn't find any links. I just found an abecedarian (A-Z) search format for individual titles. Can you help?
---My reply:
I just checked out my link in my blog to and my info seems to be there okay. Maybe there was something going on with the site when you tried. So far I still only have Mic- to Shw- in the alphabet listed there (as well as Signet and Tor paperbacks). Next batch will bring it through Silv-. Of course, if there are any specific things you want me to let you know about, I could email you with what I might have. If there is a lot you want to check on, I could send you my Catalog Data CD-R which also contains some slick-looking JPEG snapshots of lots of book covers--all the ones I have been cataloguing since getting a digital camera. These CD-Rs go in with shipments going out.
Sorry about my lack of response to earlier emails. I probably even went so far as actually drafting some sort of response, but then not quite getting it in sendable form--something that happens way too often for my liking.
---And then I wrote:
Re-reading your email about my listings I see that I didn't quite respond to your question. As far as getting the listings to all show up, I'm not sure how you do that. I think I have had the same problem. With something like 3700 separate entries so far, maybe they would prefer you to narrow your search somehow. Maybe if you ask their Help Desk there is something I don't know about. If you learn anything, let me know!

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

04/05/05 TUE:
---Emal rec’d:
My sister was given a box of books that had been sitting for years.
It appeared that they hadn't been disturbed in years.
Among the paperbacks were the following:

Hell's Angels Hunter S. Thompson 1st ed
The Other Side of Time Keith Laumer 1st
Sos the Rope Piers Anthony 1st
The Zap Gun PKD 1st
Now Wait for Last Year PKD 1st
The Blue World Jack Vance 1st

All very good.

Do any of these interest you? I also need to get rid of a few books of my own.
I have duplicates of several Powers, Wolfe, Crowley and others. Some of
which are "highly collectible." Like a Subterranean Declare, and UK firsts of
Earthquake Weather, The Anubis Gates (Chatto and Windus pb) and many
---My reply:
Looks like some good books. I’ll run them in my blog and see if anyone reacts. I do have consignment information (contained on my catalog data CD-R in the new arrivals etc file), if you want to go the route. But I am still way way way behind in getting the used books catalogued that I have already been sent. Lately I’ve been making positive moves to redress the imbalance that had been occurring between keeping up with new books coming in and adding used books to my listings. The pendulum seems to be swinging more toward the used books. Plus my having other places to do the cataloguing than my perennially way overcluttered cellar office and the novelty-effect of being able to make JPEG snapshots of book covers is inducing me to take on more of those used books that have been in hiding.
---Note to Stephen King bibliographers: article in New York Times Baseball Preview 2005 (Sunday, Apr 3) “It’s Weird But True. The Gloom Is Gone In Mudville”. Inspiring quote: “To quote the immortal Jacqueline Susann, once is not enough.”

Monday, April 4, 2005

04/04/05 MON:
---Harlan Ellison bibliographers take note: HE is the cover blurber for the 4/8/05 issue of The Week (“The Week is a mini-marvel of succinct journalism”), joining some select company in that place.

---Stark House is trying to reduce inventory on
Oracle Lips by Storm Constantine $45 (hb)
Calenture by Storm Constantine $17.95
Pan's Garden by Algernon Blackwood $17.95
The Box / Journey Into Terror by Peter Rabe $19.95
Something in the Shadows / Intimate Victims by Vin Packer $19.95
by offering a special discount. Anyone wanting these I will give 40%--at least for now.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

04/02/05 SAT:
---Another batch of paperbacks catalogued:
• • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 3/14/2005—4/2/2005 • •
Orbit 7889 Aldiss, Brian (ed) EVIL EARTHS: An Anthology of Way-Back-When Futures, '76, vg+ 5.00
Tower 07504 Anvil, Christopher STRANGERS IN PARADISE, ('69), (garden of evil), g-vg $3; vg+ 5.00
Star 39657 Ashley, Mike (ed) WEIRD LEGACIES, '77, (orig; stories from Weird Tales), vg-f 10.00
Roc 45027 Asimov, Greenberg & Waugh (eds) INVASIONS, 8/90, (Isaac Asimov's Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #10), f 5.00
Pyramid R962 Bensen, D.R. (ed) THE UNKNOWN FIVE, 1/64, (orig), vg-f 5.00
Pyramid T2326 Bensen, D.R. (ed) THE UNKNOWN, 2nd(10/70),(Asimov intro; Cartier illo), g 2.00
Ball 02563 Burgess, Anthony MF, 4/72, (outrageous novel), g-vg 2.50
Four Square 1166 Campbell, John W., Jr. (ed) THE FIRST ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY, '64, vg+ 4.00
Bal 186 Clarke, Arthur C. TALES FROM THE WHITE HART, ('57), (orig), vg $5; vg+ 7.00
Bal 519K Clingerman, Mildred A CUPFUL OF SPACE, ('61), (heady brew of science-fiction stories), vg+ 5.00
Belmont 840 Cogswell, Theodore R. THE THIRD EYE, 9/68, (orig; stories), vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Bantam 76 Coles, Manning DRINK TO YESTERDAY, 1/47, (spy story), vg+ 6.00
Ace sp 10480 Compton, D.G. CHRONOCULES, ('70), (orig; the day before the future), g-vg $3; vg 4.50
Ball 03056 Coney, Michael G. SYZYGY, 1/73, (orig), vg 3.00
Dell 1st D9 Conklin, Groff (ed) 6 GREAT SHORT NOVELS OF SCIENCE FICTION, ('54), g $4; vg $5; vg+ 6.00
Perma P254 Conklin, Groff (ed) CROSSROADS IN TIME, 10/53, vg $4; vg+ 5.00
Perma M4022 Conklin, Groff (ed) OPERATION FUTURE, 5/55, vg-f 5.00
Pocket 1045 Conklin, Groff (ed) SCIENCE FICTION TERROR TALES, 1/55, (orig), vg 6.00
Dell 1st C111 Conklin, Groff (ed) SIX GREAT SHORT SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS, 11/60, vg $4; vg+ 6.00
Faw GM s989 Coppel, Alfred DARK DECEMBER, 4/60, (orig; last two people on earth thanks to Atomic War), g-vg $3; vg $5; vg+ 7.00
Dell 1st 32 Crossen, Kendell Foster YEAR OF CONSENT, ('54), (security A.D. 1990); g-vg $4; vg+ 6.00
Spectra 26586 Crowley, John LITTLE, BIG, 3rd, (new intro by author; winner of World Fantasy Award), g-vg 3.00
Ace F- 313 Cummings, Ray A BRAND NEW WORLD, ('64), (orig; inhabited planet joins solar system), vg $4; vg+ 6.00
Ace F- 248 Cummings, Ray BEYOND THE STARS, ('63), (trans-cosmic), vg $4; vg-f 6.00
Berkley X1341 Davidson, Avram THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY, 12/66, (orig), vg $4; vg+ 6.00
Pyramid R950 de Camp, L. Sprague (ed) SWORDS & SORCERY, 12/63, (orig; stories of heroic fantasy; Finlay illus), vg-f 8.00
Pyramid R1621 de Camp, L. Sprague (ed) THE FANTASTIC SWORDSMEN, 5/67, (orig), f 6.00
Pyramid R1192 de Camp, L. Sprague (ed) THE SPELL OF SEVEN, 6/65, (orig), vg-f 6.00
Ball 24379 de Camp, L. Sprague LOST CONTINENTS: The Atlantis Theme, 2/75, (nonfiction), vg+ 5.00
Ace pb 69190 de Camp, L. Sprague THE PURPLE PTERODACTYLS, 4/80, (The Adventures of W. Wilson Newbury, Ensorcelled Finacier), g 3.00
Berkley 04288 Dick, Philip K. THE GOLDEN MAN, 2/80, (orig; stories), g 4.50
Tor 50198 Drake, David THE JUNGLE with CLASH BY NIGHT by Henry Kuttner, 9/91, (orig), f 4.50
Avon 24129 Falk, Lee THE CURSE OF THE TWO-HEADED BULL, 7/75, (The Phantom #15), g-vg 2.50
Pyramid R993 Godwin, Tom THE SPACE BARBARIANS, 4/64, (orig; Ragnarok #2), g 3.50
Signet J9317 Gunn, James E. THE MAGICIANS, 7/80, (a deadly covention), g 3.50
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Friday, April 1, 2005

04/01/05 FRI:
---Here today from Ash-Tree:
Benson, E.F. SEA MIST, Ash-Tree '05, 1st, (Collected Spook Stories #5), new in dj 48.50

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