After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

12/31/05 SAT:
---Added most of current covershot JPEGs to JPEG directory, finding that image total tops 8500 now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

12/27/05 TUE:
---Here today from Stark House:
Appel, Benjamin BRAIN GUY / PLUNDER, Stark House Modern Classics, 11/05, 1st edn thus, (hard-boiled; author's first and eighth novels; intro by author's daughter, Carla Appel), new 19.95
---Stark House’s series of double novels reprinting noir classics and pb originals, with interesting introductions, is becoming quite impressive.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

12/25/05 SUN:
---Finished off a new batch of paperback listings for packing inserts:
11 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 10/5/2005—12/25/2005 • •
Avon 19810 Adams, Richard WATERSHIP DOWN, 4/75, (a hopping good tale), vg+ 3.00
Sphere 1160 Anderson, Poul THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS, '74, vg-f 3.50
Bal 465K Blish, James SO CLOSE TO HOME, ('61), (orig; stories), g-vg 3.00
Pap Lib 52804 Bond, Nelson EXILES OF TIME, 5/65, (runaway comet threatens civilization), vg 4.00
Ace F- 190 Burroughs, Edgar Rice A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS, nd, g 2.50
Bal F701 Burroughs, Edgar Rice A PRINCESS OF MARS, 1/63, (Mars #1), g-vg 2.50
Ace F- 156 Burroughs, Edgar Rice AT THE EARTH'S CORE, nd, (Pellucidar), vg 3.00
Ace pb 04638 Burroughs, Edgar Rice BACK TO THE STONE AGE, 13th(5/85), (Pellucidar #5; =Three Worlds to Conquer), vg-f 3.50
Ace F- 247 Burroughs, Edgar Rice CARSON OF VENUS, nd. (An Earthman in a world of unearthly perils), vg+ 4.00
Ace pb 35807 Burroughs, Edgar Rice I AM A BARBARIAN, 5th(10/85), (historical adventure), vg-f 4.00
Del Rey 27844 Burroughs, Edgar Rice JOHN CARTER OF MARS, 9th(4/79), (Mars #11), vg+ 2.00
Ace F- 206 Burroughs, Edgar Rice JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN, nd, vg+ 4.00
Ace pb 47002 Burroughs, Edgar Rice LAND OF TERROR, 7th(6/85), (Pellucidar), vg-f 3.50
Ball 23587 Burroughs, Edgar Rice LLANA OF GATHOL, 5th(10/73), (Mars #10), vg 2.00
Ace F- 221 Burroughs, Edgar Rice LOST ON VENUS, nd, (Carson Napier), vg 3.50
Ace pb 75136 Burroughs, Edgar Rice SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR, 11th(11/82), vg+ 2.50
Ball 23585 Burroughs, Edgar Rice SWORDS OF MARS, 6th(11/73), (Mars #8), vg 2.00
Ball 23586 Burroughs, Edgar Rice SYNTHETIC MEN OF MARS, 6th(11/73), (Mars #9), g-vg 1.50
Bal U 2022 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND "THE FOREIGN LEGION", 3/64, (#22), g 1.75
Bal U- 2010 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE ANT MEN, 2nd(11/63), (#10), g-vg 2.00
Ace F- 205 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD, nd, (Peril in the lost land of the lion-gods), vg+ 4.50
Four Square 261 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION, 2nd(7/61), g 3.00
Ace F- 204 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR, nd, (The jungle secret of the Lost Atlantis), vg+ 4.50
Bal U 2016 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD MEN, 3/64, (#18), vg 2.50
Ace F- 212 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE LION MAN, nd, (The Lord of the Jungle meets his double), vg 3.50
Ace F- 169 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE LOST EMPIRE, nd, (Tarzan to the rescue), vg 3.50
Bal U 2023 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AND THE MADMAN, 2/65, (#23), vg 3.00
Ace F- 180 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE, nd, vg 3.50
Ace F- 189 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN THE INVINCIBLE, (battles the Reds in Africa), vg+ 5.00
Bal U 2007 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN THE UNTAMED, 2nd(11/63), (#7). vg 2.00
Ace F- 194 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN TRIUMPHANT, nd, (lost people in a trackless jungle), vg+ 5.00
Bal F772 Burroughs, Edgar Rice TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE, 9/63, (#11), fr-g 1.50
Ace F- 258 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE CAVE GIRL, nd, (The savage beneath the skin), vg+ 5.00
Ball 23582 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE CHESSMEN OF MARS, 7th(6/76), (Mars #5), vg 2.00
Ace pb 14247 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE DEPUTY SHERIFF OF COMMANCHE COUNTY, nd, (long out of print sought-after adventure classic), vg 4.00
Ace F- 234 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE ETERNAL SAVAGE, nd, (orig: The Eternal Lover; return to the Stone Age), vg+ 4.00
Bal U 2048 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE LAD AND THE LION, 9/64, g-vg 3.00
Ace F- 232 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE LAND OF HIDDEN MEN, nd, (=Jungle Girl), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
Ace F- 235 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE LOST CONTINENT, nd, (=Beyond Thirty), vg 3.50
Ace F- 181 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE MASTERMIND OF MARS, nd, (super-surgery or super-villainy?), vg+ 4.00
Ace pb 54460 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE MUCKER, 6/74, (first Ace edition), vg+ 3.50
Ace pb 65946 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, nd, (Now a big adventure spectacular from American International Pictures), review slip laid in, vg+ 2.50
Ace F- 193 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE SON OF TARZAN, nd, (Tarzan's only rival--Korak the Killer!), vg+ 4.00
Bal F711 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE WARLORD OF MARS, 3/63, (Mars #3), fr-g 1.25
Bal 279K Cooper, Edmund TOMORROW'S GIFT, ('58), (orig; stories; 7 of 10 are originals), vg 4.00
Ace pb 11479 de Camp, L. Sprague, Lin Carter & Björn Nyberg CONAN THE SWORDSMAN, 4/87, (Conan #13), g-vg 2.25
Beacon 242 Jones, Raymond F. THE DEVIATES, nd, (=The Secret People), vg+ 20.00
Signet 17709 King, Stephen DOLORES CLAIBORNE, 12/93, (reality-based horror), vg+ 3.00
Lancer 75464 Kuttner, Henry ROBOTS HAVE NO TAILS, nd, (Gallegher stories; C.L. Moore intro), vg 5.00
Ace N- 6 Lupoff, Richard A. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: Master of Adventure, ('68), (revised and enlarged), vg+ 5.00
Berkley 02317 Offutt, Andrew J. MESSENGER OF ZHUVASTOU, 3/73, (orig; heroic fantasy), vg 3.00
Ace sp 01016 Panshin, Alexei RITE OF PASSAGE, ('68), (orig; not just another starship book), vg+ 5.00
Pinnacle 00003 Pendleton, Don CATACLYSM: The Day the World Ended, ('69), (near-future: 1972), vg+ 4.00
Pinnacle 00006 Pendleton, Don THE GUNS OF TERRA 10, ('70), (orig), g-vg $2; vg 3.00
Dell pb 6864 Petaja, Emil THE PATH BEYOND THE STARS, 3/69, (orig), vg 3.00
Ace F- 342 Piper, H. Beam LORD KALVAN OF OTHERWHEN, ('65), (orig; Paratime Police), vg+ 3.00
Ace F- 225 Piper, H. Beam SPACE VIKING, ('63), (orig; interstellar adventure), vg-f 3.50
Berkley X1470 Platt, Charles GARBAGE WORLD, 11/67, (orig), vg 4.00
Playboy 16110 Playboy (eds) FROM THE "S" FILE, ('71), (orig; Sheckley, Slesar, Sturgeon, Sladek, etc.), vg $3; vg-f 4.00
Playboy 16126 Playboy (eds) MASKS, ('71), (psychological SF from Playboy), vg 3.50
Playboy 16114 Playboy (eds) THE DEAD ASTRONAUT, ('71), (orig; space flight SF), vg+ 3.00
Playboy 16102 Playboy (eds) TRANSIT OF EARTH, ('71), (orig), vg 3.50
Perma P145 Pohl, Frederik (ed) BEYOND THE END OF TIME, ('52), (a glimpse of tomorrow today; 414 pages), vg 5.00
Perma P236 Pohl, Frederik (ed) SHADOW OF TOMORROW, 7/53, (dateline: tomorrow), vg 5.00
Bal U 2178 Pohl, Frederik DIGITS & DASTARDS, 6/66, (orig; SF and fact), vg+ 5.00
Bal 439K Pohl, Frederik DRUNKARD'S WALK, ('60), (orig; satiriical SF), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
Bal 325K Pohl, Frederik TOMORROW TIMES SEVEN, '59, (stories), vg+ 5.00
DAW 78 Rackham, John BEANSTALK, 11/73, (orig), vg+ 2.50
---A lot of ERB there with the Frazetta covers. Check out the covershot JPEGs on my Catalog Data CD-R, if you get the chance. They will be in the “Catalogued 12-25-05” folder, although not all the above will be in that same folder.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

12/24/05 SAT:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Bradbury, Ray R IS FOR ROCKET, PS, 9/05, revised & illustrated trade edn, (Ray Harryhausen foreword; Michael Marshall Smith intro), new in dj 45.00
---another copy of the preceding, one of 200 SIGNED copies (800 total), BOXED, new in dj $150
---S IS FOR SPACE, PS, 9/05, revised & illustrated trade edn, (Arthur C. Clarke foreword; Tim Powers intro), new in dj 45.00
---another copy of the preceding, one of 200 SIGNED copies (800 total), BOXED, new in dj $150

Campbell, Ramsey SECRET STORIES, PS, 8/05, 1st edn, SIGNED, (Jeremy Dyson intro; 419 pp), new in dj $45

Hill, Joe 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, PS, 9/05, 1st edn, (not all are horror stories; Christopher Golden intro), {SIGNED hc edn available @$45}, new 25.00

Morris, Mark NOWHERE NEAR AN ANGEL, PS, 9/05, 1st edn, (tense, terse and tantalising horror novel; Stephen Gallagher intro; 368 pages), new in dj 45.00

Friday, December 23, 2005

12/23/05 FRI:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
POSTSCRIPTS #5, aut/05, (Joe Hill, Stephen Baxter, Ramsey Campbell, Juliet E. McKenna, Chris Roberson, Zoran Zivkovic, etc.), as new 10.00

Sunday, December 18, 2005

12/18/05 SUN:
---Finished another batch for upload to listings, bringing catalog there through Slusser in the alphabet (starting with Mic-). It is slow going, but if I keep at it maybe eventually everything will be there and I will be able to include the bit more expansive listings the Internet allows. Sometimes, though, I almost prefer the terser. It can be almost like Zen, trying to find the best two words that fit without bumping the listing onto another line.
---Next batch of listings will be through Spinrad and include Spectra paperbacks. Fortunately I already did Signet--by themselves a while ago, because that figured to be a few. A few less than Tor was, but kind of tedious anyway, especially for someone too dumb to figure out a macro to do the job for me.

Friday, December 16, 2005

12/16/05 FRI:
---Covershots 6 is now full enough to comprise a CD-R and Covershots 7 is well under way. Still not too much I’m sure to completely fill up a DVD-R--all six plus the Catalog Data (which also contains quite a few covershots). I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with the JPEG Directory. The file-search feature on my computer can find the images easy enough for me, so the directory hasn’t proven as useful as I thought. But it would be interesting to see how many total images there are. At least 8,000, I’m sure.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12/14/05 WED:
---Here today:
TALEBONES #31, win/05, (A Magazine of Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy; Ken Scholes feature story; Carrie Vaugn, Christopher East, G.O. Clark; reviews by Edward Bryant; Sharon Lee & Steve Miller interviewed by Ken Rand), new 6.00

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12/13/05 TUE:
---Word from American Fantasy:
A Reminder: AMERICAN FANTASY has a new title for this Christmas.

by Mary Frances Zambreno
Cover Art by Douglas Klauba
ISBN: 0-9610352-4-2
Retail Price: $25.00
241 Pages
Publication Date: December 2005 (Now Shipping)

INVISIBLE PLEASURES is Mary Frances Zambreno’s first short story collection. One of the original Writers of the Future contest winners, she sold stories to _Pulphouse_, _MZB’s Fantasy Magazine_ and numerous anthologies. This book gathers the best of them together along with four new tales. While her schedule teaching (she holds a PhD in Medieval Literature), allows her little time to write, her few novels and these stories have received wide acclaim. This is a special event for us, our first short story collection, and we think we are starting on a high note.

Jane Yolen writes in her introduction: “I have been following Mary Frances Zambreno’s publishing career for some time and find myself—like her own Dame Alice de Bryene—standing before the altar whispering a spell. Only my spell goes like this: ‘Write more, damn it!’ MFZ’s stories are pithy, chockablock with munchy bits, and often wise. They are full of the medievalist's love of bright shining objects but also wired into the dark underbelly of change. Her strong women transcend the times in which they live, whether it’s the difficult past—or even the more difficult future. So once again, I say: ‘Write more, damn it!’ Please.”

Queens, healers, witches, adventurers, students, young girls and others are the focus of these tales. Zambreno’s protagonists are always pushed to the limit, finding their individual strength and resolve though adversity. At their heart, her stories are puzzles whose clever resolutions surprise and amaze the readers who have grown to love them. With a deft hand she misdirects, teaches and astounds in stories that flow as easily as water.

The fantastic cover was done by Douglas Klauba. This incredible artist has been doing work for Old Earth Books (CITY, ¡LIMEKILLER!) and Moonstone Publishing. His piece, MERCURY JACK, was included in the recent Spectrum show at the Museum of American Illustration--only 200 pieces were selected from the hundreds that have been published in Spectrum’s 11-year history. MERCURY JACK was there, beside those pieces by Whelan, Maitz, Frazetta, etc. Check out his website at He just won Best of Show at this year's World Fantasy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin. A major talent to watch.

In other words, this is another fine publication from American Fantasy Press. On our website you will find a bio and photo of MFZ ready for download. A link to order dustjackets from us to display in your store, and more. We'll be posting a list of retailers that carry the book. And as reviews come in, you'll see them as well. Contact us if you need more to sell this special collection.

Happy Holidays.



We have copies of DARKSIDE by Dennis Etchison, THE DREAMTHIEF'S DAUGHTER LTD ED., MIDNIGHT MONSTER and THE BROECKER SAMPLER. We are looking to reprint A WALKING TOUR OF THE SHAMBLES next year, if we get permission from the authors and artists.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Bob and Nancy Garcia
American Fantasy Press
12/13/05 TUE:
---Another two-weeker for blogmail going out. It is getting to be a habit I should maybe acknowledge by calling it bi-weekly. But then I might slide further from there.

Monday, December 12, 2005

12/12/05 MON:
---Great to see a new Roger Lasley guitar CD. Not that you wouldn’t be better off getting it from CD Baby, but Roger sent me a few to list anyway:
Lasley, Roger ADOBE, RL ('05), (more great acoustic guitar--this time with a new guitar?; Roger made it onto the top artists folk radio playlist [at least] three months in a row), CD, new 15.00
---A batch of used--some nominally--books catalogued:
Bleiler, Everett F. & T.E. Dikty (eds) SCIENCE FICTION OMNIBUS: The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1949, 1950, Garden City ('52), vg (no dj) 10.00
Caldwell, Ian & Dustin Thomason THE RULE OF FOUR, Dial, 20th, INSCRIBED (to Susan), (perfect blend of suspense and a sensitive coming-of-age story; mysterious coded manuscript; authors' debut), vg-f in dj with 2" tear internally repaired 10.00
Harding, Lee THE FALLEN SPACEMAN, Harper & Row '80, 1st US edn, (juvenile for ages 8-12; Schoenherrs illus), vg+ in dj $15
Harrison, Harry WARRIORS OF THE WAY, SFBC, nd, (2-in-1 edn; collects Hammers and the Cross & One King's Way; Vikings conquer England and forge a new society based on their pagan gods; 794 pages), vg-f in dj 10.00
Knight, Damon (ed) NEBULA AWARD STORIES 1965, Doubleday '66, 1st edn, (four award winning stories and four distinguished runner-ups), ex-libr else g in glued-down dj (excellent reading copy) $4
Knight, Damon (ed) ORBIT 2, Putnam's ('67), (1st), (10 Great Stories in Print for the First Time), ex-libr else g in glued-down dj 5.00
Le Guin, Ursula K. THREE HAINISH NOVELS, SFBC, nd, (collects Rocannon's World, Planet of Exile & City of Illusion), g-vg in dj 6.00
Moorcock, Michael THE ELRIC SAGA Part IV, SFBC, 8/05, (3-in-1 edn; collects The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Skrayling Tree & The White Wolf's Son; 857 pages), f in vg+ dj 12.00
Saturday Evening Post (editors) THE POST READER OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Doubleday '64, 1st edn, vg (no dj) 6.00
Wolfe, Tom A MAN IN FULL, FSG '98, 1st trade edn, (outstanding novel), vg-f in dj $10
book club ($5 each):
• Harrison KING AND EMPEROR (Hammer & the Cross #3)
book club ($3 each):
• Asimov NIGHTFALL & Other Stories
misc. softcovers:
Dann, Jack THE MEMORY CATHEDRAL: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci, Bantam, 5th, (masterpiece of historical fantasy), f 8.00
Isaak, Elaine THE SINGER'S CROWN, Eos '05, 1st edn, (riveting fantasy in the tradition of Mercedes Lackey), PR laid in, f 6.00
Zebrowski, George (ed) SYNERGY SF: New Science Fiction, Five Star, pre-9/04, ADVANCE READING COPY, SIGNED by editor, (return of acclaimed original anthology), f 12.00
---And I almost forgot:
3 BLONDES IN HIS LIFE, Sinister Cinema, (orig: 1960; Maltin: **: "occasionally tangy"), DVD-R 5.00
---This looks like it might be worth a look, but Netflix keeps me so busy keeping up with what they send--with distribution facility in Des Moines now and the class-action lawsuit to make them stop dragging their feet sending out DVDs to customers with quick turnarounds, it is just about a movie every night, even with only their three-at-a-time plan. But now I am getting to see everything I read about in the NY Times and Village Voice and elsewhere--unlike when I had a ten mile drive to the nearest Blockbuster (with woeful selection) and no cable TV. Still no cable, so Netflix makes eminent good sense to me--except it does limit my workday sometimes. Plus it would be better to spend the evening curled up with a book sometimes too.

---Word from Earthling:
Hi Chris,

Can I hook you up with some copies of SONG OF KALI:
20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, slipcased and signed by Dan
Simmons? $75 each retail.

More info below:

They're beautiful books... and one of the scariest
novels ever written... something you've GOT to have
for your store ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope all's


Tuesday, December 6, 2005

12/06/05 TUE:
---Here today from Fedogan & Bremer:
Jones, Stephen (ed) WEIRD SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, Fedogan & Bremer '05, 1st edn, (authors put their own spin on the dark history of Innsmouth and the batrachian followers of Dagon; includes a major new Lovecraftian novella by Brian Lumley, written especially for this volume), new in dj 35.00
---Discount: 30%

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

11/30/05 WED:
---Here today from Tartarus:
WORMWOOD #5, aut/05, Tartarus, (Literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent; unpublished story by Aickman, Joel Lane on Bradbury, Jeff Gardiner on Blackwood, Richard McNeff on Victor Neuburg, Lykiard on Lowry, Stephen Sennitt on Poe & Hoffman, Adam Daly on Blaise Cendrars), new 15.00

Monday, November 28, 2005

11/28/05 MON:
---A few used books catalogued:
book club ($3 each):
misc. softcovers:
ALGOL/STARSHIP, 21-issue run, #18 (5/72) to #38 (spr/80), (The Magazine About Science Fiction; evolving from mimeo fanzine into slick semiprozine; edited by Andrew Porter; lots of big-name authors), vg-f the set, 50.00
Hoban, Russell RIDDLEY WALKER, Washington Square Press, 6/82, (tour-de-force), vg+ 7.00
Lethem, Jonathan GUN, WITH OCCASIONAL MUSIC, Tor, 3/95, (tech noir; audaciously assured first novel), vg-f 7.00
---Maybe I ought to make the blogmail biweekly instead of weekly, since I seem to be skipping weeks more often than not. But I still hope to be adding more content more regularly--and I don’t want blogmails to be overly long. Maybe next week I can start getting back to the plan. And thanks to all who have offered commiseration over my bad back. Many of you have had the same experience, as have I off and on over the years. By now mine is almost completely better, but still there are still twinges. No longer can I really use it as an excuse for my laziness. I’ll have to find another one now!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

11/27/05 SUN:
---Our Thanksgiving meal today, because Neil didn’t get in until late Friday--airline ticket prices dictating the schedule. My mother-in-law (Neil’s grandmother) showed up too. It was very nice.

Friday, November 25, 2005

11/25/05 FRI:
---Here today from Tor:
Pohl, Frederik PLATINUM POHL: The Collected Best Stories, Tor, 12/05, 1st edn, (A Sci Fi Essential Book; first comprehensive compilation of the best of author’s short fiction; a memorable and unique collection of thought-provoking and entertaining science fiction; Frenkel intro; 464 pages), new in dj 27.95
---Still haven’t placed an order for new Tor books in quite a while. This was from backorder. Seems I double--even triple--ordered it, so there are more copies than I can probably sell. But at least it looks like a good title. Special price, in light of my oversupply: $18.

Monday, November 21, 2005

11/21/05 MON:
---Here today from Sarob:
Copper, Basil SOLAR PONS: The Final Cases, Sarob '05, 1st, one of 275 total copies, (definitive text), new no dj as issued (pictorial boards) 49.50

Crowe, Catherine GHOSTS AND FAMILY LEGENDS, Sarob '05, one of 175 copies, (much-overdue resurrection of long-neglected volume; originally published in 1859; edited & introduced by Richard Dalby), new in dj 45.00

Thursday, November 17, 2005

11/17/05 THU:
---Here today from TTA:
INTERZONE #201, 12/05, (slick UK magazine; Richard Calder novella; Di Filippo, etc.), new 7.00

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

11/15/05 TUE:
---12:05 PM: Snowflakes falling outside. Winter weather advisory has been issued. Blizzard conditions (winds 50-55 mph) expected tonight. We missed the tornadoes on Saturday that skipped by and hit towns 20-30 miles away, but it looks like this might be inescapable.

Monday, November 14, 2005

11/14/05 MON:
---The back is feeling better but it still bothers me to sit at the computer for longer than a twenty-minute stretch--or, of course, to move too many heavy boxes around. Unfortunately, these two things are integral to my job description. So, I’m still not up to par, although I feel fine lying down reading a book or listening to music.
---I missed sending out last week’s blogmail, mainly because there was very little content to send. When new books are not coming in, I try to at least get some of the used books catalogued. Those are always here. But I couldn’t quite get that done in time either.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

11/12/05 SAT:
---Here from Necro:
Lee, Edward COVEN, Necro '05, SIGNED, (reprint of 1991 horror novel), new 19.95
---From TOTU Ink:
TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #26, 10/05-7/06, (Bigger Words! Bigger Pages!; new subtitle: The Anthology of TOTU Ink), new 8.50

Friday, November 11, 2005

11/11/05 FRI:
---Here is a very well-maintained collection of well-chosen books I have finally managed to catalog:
Amis, Kingsley & Robert Conquest (eds) SPECTRUM, Harcourt Brace & World '62, 1st US, (A superlative collection by ten masters of science fiction), vg in g dj (price sticker) 15.00
Blaylock, James P. IN FOR A PENNY, Subterranean, 8/03, 1st edn, one of 802 SIGNED copies, (stories, highlighted by never-before-published novella; 182 pages), vg-f in dj 38.00
Blaylock, James P. THIRTEEN PHANTASMS, Edgewood '00, 1st edn, (stories), vg-f in dj 20.00
Bloch, Robert THE EARLY FEARS, Fedogan & Bremer '94, 1st, (brings together all the stories from author’s first two story collectoins, plus three prevously uncollected stories), vg-f in dj 30.00
Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas (eds) THE BEST FROM FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION, Little Brown '52, 1st edn, vg-f in dj (exceptionally nice copy) 25.00
Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas (eds) THE BEST FROM FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION: Second Series, Little Brown ('53), 1st edn, vg-f in dj (an exceptionally nice copy) 20.00
Chesterton, G.K. THE FATHER BROWN OMNIBUS, Dodd Mead '83, 1st thus, (all 51 famous detective stories; new preface by Auberon Waugh; 993 pages), vg+ in price-clipped dj 15.00
Counselman, Mary Elizabeth HALF IN SHADOW, Arkham House '78, (1st), (author’s finest spectral fiction), vg-f in dj $35
Davidson, Avram THE ADVENTURES OF DOCTOR ESZTERHAZY, Owlswick ('90), (expansion of 1975 Warner pb; Wolfe foreword; afterword by author), vg-f in dj 45.00
Dick, Philip K. I HOPE I SHALL ARRIVE SOON, Doubleday '85, 1st edn, (uncollected stories; Mark Hurst & Paul Williams [eds]), vg-f in dj 35.00
Everett, Percival AMERICAN DESERT, Hyperion '04, 1st edn, (satirical novel; ultimately a meditation on what it is to be alive), f in dj 15.00
Hawthorne, Julian THE ROSE OF DEATH and Other Mysterious Delusions, Ash-Tree '97, 1st, INSCRIBED (by ediotor), (supernatural tales by son of Nathaniel Hawthorne; Jessica Amada Salmonson[ed]), f in dj 50.00
Israel, Peter I'LL CRY WHEN I KILL YOU, Mysterious2/88, 1st, (mystery about the murder at a science fiction convention of an obnoxious author, who purportedly was modeled after Robert Heinlein), vg-f in dj $15
Keller, David H. THE FOLSOM FLINT and Other Curious Tales, Arkham House '69, (1st), one of 2000 copies, (by way of being a memorial collection; contains author’s three best known and frequently reprinted stories and a cross section of hitherto uncollected tales), vg+ in dj 45.00
Lewis, Matthew THE MONK, Oxford World Classics, 2nd, (cult classic renowned as the definitive Gothic Horror novel; Stephen King intro), f in dj $12
Mead, Leon THE BOW-LEGGED GHOST and Other Stories: A Book of Humorous Sketches, Verses, Dialogues, and Facetious Paragraphs, Werner (1899), g-vg (decorative cloth) $25
Mines, Samuel (ed) STARTLING STORIES, Cassell '54, 1st UK, (Heinlein intro), g-vg 10.00
Oliver, Chad ANOTHER KIND, Ballantine ('55), (1st), (truly exceptional science-fiction stories), vg (no dj, but I have laid in a photo print of covershot of paperback edition) 20.00
Powers, Tim NIGHT MOVES, Subterranean, 1/01, 1st edn, one of 1526 SIGNED copies, (all of author's short fiction), vg-f in dj 40.00
Rucker, Rudy AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, Forge, 11/02, 1st edn, (A Novel of Peter Bruegel), f in dj $12
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda (ed) TALES BY MOONLIGHT, Garcia '83, (1st), (original stories, mainly by new writers; Stephen King intro), vg-f in dj $12
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda JOHN COLLIER AND FREDRIC BROWN WENT QUARRELLING THROUGH MY HEAD, Ganley '89, 1st, SIGNED, (stories), vg-f in dj 26.00
Vance, Jack THE AUGMENTED AGENT and Other Stories, Underwood-Miller '86, 1st edn, f in dj 45.00
Verne, Jules MAGELLANIA, Welcome Rain, 1/02, 1st edn in English, (The First English-Language Edition Ever of the Original “Lost” Manuscript; Intro by Olivier Dumas, President of the Jules Verne Society), vg-f in dj 15.00
Wodehouse, P.G. THE PURLOINED PAPERWEIGHT, Paperweight '86, (wonderfully zany story), vg-f in dj $12
misc. softcovers:
CLASSIC "PULPS", Sperry Mini-Mags '92,101 trading cards - one set, (cute little things; includes an extra of #93: Fantastic Story Magazine, fall/54), f 20.00
Jakubowski, Maxim & Malcolm Edwards THE SF BOOK OF LISTS, Berkley, 11/83, (1st), (A totally biased and delightfully irreverent reference guide to 100 years of science fiction and fantasy), vg+ 7.50
Jerome, Jerome K. FUNNY GHOST STORIES, Little Blue Book No. 1170, nd, very small booklet, vg 8.00
Lansdale, Joe DUCK-FOOTED, Subterranean '03, 1st edn, one of SIGNED copies, 28-page chapbook, f 15.00
LITTLE LULU™: Lulu Goes Shopping, Dark Horse, 11/04, 1st edn, (America’s sweetheart in the comic books; every cartoon story from issues six through twelve of Marge’s Little Lulu), f 12.00
Lobdell, Jared THE WORLD OF THE RINGS: Language, Religioin, and Adventure in Tolkien, Open Court '04, 1st, (eccentric and compelling product of fifty years’ cogitation), f 15.00
Merritt, A. THE MOON POOL, Bison '01, 1st thus, (Commemorative Edition; Silverberg intro; Review of the first edtition; Glossary of the Murian language), f 8.00
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda HAG'S TAPESTRY, Haunted Library ('84), (stories), booklet, vg+ 10.00
Solammen, Doc TANGY BONANZA!, Bedlam/Necro, 9/01, 1st edn, one of 352 SIGNED copies, (freaked-out), f 10.00
Trevanian THE EIGER SANCTION, Three Rivers ('05), (superior suspense), vg-f 10.00
Van Vogt, A.E. THE PLAYERS OF NULL-A, Ariel, nd, (The science fiction classic), vg-f 6.00
---JPEG covershots of the above are on my Catalog Data CD-R (included with shipped orders). Previous folder name: Cataloguings 9-24-05. Current folder name: Catalogueds 11-11-05.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

11/10/05 THU:
---Here today from CD Publications:
CEMETERY DANCE #53, '05, (Michael Cadnum story, Stephen King excerpt, Robert McCammon & Melanie Tem interviews, etc.; 120 pages), new 5.00
---And from PS Publishing:
Erikson, Steven FISHIN' WITH GRANDMA MATCHIE, PS, 9/05, 1st edn (pb variant), one of 900 SIGNED copies, (Graham Joyce intro; 90 pages), {hc edn available @ $50}, new 18.00

Ford, Jeffrey THE COSMOLOGY OF THE WIDER WORLD, PS, 8/05, 1st edn (pb variant), one of 800 SIGNED copies, (Jeff VanderMeer intro; 173 pages), new $18

Nazarian, Vera THE CLOCK KING AND THE QUEEN OF THE HOURGLASS, PS, 10/05, 1st edn (pb variant), SIGNED, (Charles de Lint intro; 124 pages), new 18.00

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

11/02/05 WED:
---Email rec’d from Tartarus:
Dear Chris,
Our new Guide to First Edition Prices is now out.
Would you like any copies?
All the best
---Tried to post to blog and send blogmail yesterday, but Internet wasn’t working. Probably something wrong with AOL.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

11/01/05 TUE:
---Monthly updating of catalog data files for CD-R burning.

Monday, October 31, 2005

10/31/05 MON:
---The back is gradually getting better, but I am still a ways less than fully capacitated. It would be nice if I could completely dispense with all lifting until a full recovery has been achieved, but my daily routine involves a bit of box moving--or else I would have to completely give up on pulling books for orders to be sent out. A lot of you, I know, might think this has already happened, but I’m still here trying to stay busy. Besides, if I totally laid out until a full recovery, that recovery might leave me with restricted range of motion. Even if it makes me take longer to get better, I still want to try to test the limits of what I can do without undue hurt.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

10/30/05 SUN:
---Email from Prime Books:
The Magazine

World Fantasy marks the exciting release of the latest venture from Prime Books, edited by Sean Wallace: Fantasy Magazine, a new quarterly magazine brimming with stories, book reviews, and interviews. Designed by John Klima, with cover art by Socar Myles, the debut issue includes contributions from such authors as Jeffrey Ford, Eugie Foster, Sarah Brandywine Johnson, Nick Mamatas, Megan Messinger, Vera Nazarian, Richard Parks, Holly Phillips, Tim Pratt, Margaret Ronald, Sonya Taaffe, Catherynne M. Valente, Jeff VanderMeer, and Erzebet YellowBoy; an interview with Jeffrey Ford; and professional reviews by Peter Cannon, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Rich Horton, John Grant, Paula Guran, Ann Kennedy, Jeff VanderMeer, Doug Winter, and more, in a hundred-and-twelve pages!

The Publisher and Editor
Prime Books is the publisher of the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology Leviathan 3, and Wallace himself is a two-time World Fantasy Award nominee for editing.

The Praise
"Editor Sean Wallace has stated that the first issue of Fantasy Magazine would be packed full, and that was not a joke. With no less than fifteen stories, this magazine is offering more fiction than many anthologies. And the roster of authors is full of seasoned professionals as well as talented newcomers."—Tangent Online

"Edited by Sean Wallace, Fantasy Magazine is one of the most promising new fiction publications to launch in the field in years. Oriented towards the stylish experimental fantasists and surrealists who make up a substantial part of Wallace's Prime Books stable, FM musters a superb line-up in its inaugural, November 2005 issue."—Locus

The Specifications
Cover: Socar Myles
Cover Link:
Editor: Sean Wallace
Designer: John Klima
Schedule: Quarterly
Price: $5.95
Size: 8.5 x 11
Print run: 4,000
Page count: 112pp

Friday, October 28, 2005

10/28/05 FRI:
---Word from Fedogan & Bremer:
Dear Chris,

Our latest book, WEIRD SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, a sequel to our 1994 title SHADOWS OVER
INNSMOUTH, is ready to ship. The collection features twelve stories, nine of the original
to this collection, including a new novella by Brian Lumley. As it's earlier namesake, it
is liberally illustrated with art by Bob Eggleton, Les Edwards, Randy Broecker, and Allan

The authors include Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Michael Marshall Smith, Basil Copper, Hugh B. Cave, and Richard Lupoff, among others. The introduction and notes are by the editor,
Stephen Jones.

The retail price is $35.00 for the trade and $120.00 for the limiteds. Considering the infrequency of our schedule lately, we would like to reconfirm your
standing order before shipping. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,
Philip J. Rahman
---Which I have reconfirmed!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

10/27/05 THU:
---Email from Gauntlet (where I have not totally given up on ordering, although it may seem otherwise):

Volume 3 of Richard Matheson: Collected Stories is now at the printer and is expected to be released in early-December by Gauntlet Press. Edited by Stanley Wiater, Volume 3 contains arguably some of Matheson's most famous stories ("Duel" and "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet") along with rarities almost impossible to find in an affordable $16.95 trade paperback. Wiater has provided comments by Matheson after each story. Appreciations include those by Stephen King, Dennis Etchison and Harlan Ellison. The Table of Contents is as follows:

Big Surprise
The Creeping Terror
No Such Thing As a Vampire
From Harlan Ellison
Day of Reckoning
First Anniversary
From Shadowed Places
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Finger Prints
The Likeness of Julie
Deus Ex Machina
Girl of My Dreams
The Jazz Machine
From Stephen King
Shock Wave
'Tis the Season To Be Jelly
A Drink of Water
Button, Button
From Dennis Etchison
By Appointment Only
Finishing Touches
'Til Death Do Us Part
The Near Departed
Buried Talents
From Richard Christian Matheson

$16.95 trade paperback

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10/25/05 TUE:
---Email from Mykel Board, an old friend from college thirty-seven years ago, who went on to become a punk rocker, English teacher in Mongolia, and longtime columnist for Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine:

I just published two books. I don't think they're up your Sci Fi alley, but if you're interested in adding 'em to your list, I'll try to get a pal's discount from the publishers.

Info at:


Mykel Board
"Travel is not a vacation, and it is often the opposite of a rest." -- Paul Theroux

Monday, October 24, 2005

10/24/05 MON:
---Here today from Stark House:
Rabe, Peter BLOOD ON THE DESERT / A HOUSE IN NAPLES, Stark House Noir Classics, 10/05, (two complete thrillers; Gorman & Crider intro; Westlake afterword), new 19.95
10/24/05 MON:
---Finally think I’m recovering from kitchen-remodel nightmare. A second flood in the cellar--occasioned by only partial hook-up of washing machine (leaving drain dangling to floor)--caused me to have to move more boxes than my only-partly-recovered-back from last flood (pipe-burst) could deal with. My mock-heroic efforts saved inventory from harm (books were already well-protected from casual moisture), but left me for a few days with only flat-on-my-back the comfortable position to be in. I am easily knocked off stride even at my best, but this was a real shove. After all of it now it looks like we might have a nice remodeled kitchen to enjoy--gas range instead of electric, no more suspended false ceiling, and everything. Down the road the ordeal part will, I’m sure, be forgotten (until the next project Amy decides to spearhead).

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10/19/05 WED:
---Here today from Ash-Tree:
Buchan, John THE WATCHER BY THE THRESHOLD, Ash-Tree '05, 1st, (collects together all of author’s weird and supernatural tales), new in dj 49.00

Grabinski, Stefan THE MOTION DEMON, Ash-Tree '05, 1st in English thus, (stories by “The Polish Poe”; first complete translation of work published in Polish in 1919; inaugurates series of Grabinski volumes that twill duplicate the content of the original Polish editions and also assemble short stories which never saw book publication; translated by Miroslaw Wipinski), new in dj 47.50

Friday, October 14, 2005

10/14/05 FRI:
---Here today from Gryphon Books (as opposed to Golden Gryphon):
HARDBOILED #34, sum/05, Gryphon, (20th Anniversary Issue; the hardest crime fiction around by old pros and new writers), new 10.00

PAPERBACK PARADE #64, 10/05, (Bernard Cornwell; Golden Amazon, Ellery Queen by Dick Lupoff, Quick Reader, Bantam A-Series; News; Letters; Ads; More!), new 10.00
---Guess I never got #63--at least I don’t have it catalogued. I could still get it, I’m sure, for whoever might want it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

10/10/05 MON:
---Word from Earthling:
Hi Chris,

James Moore's vampire novel BLOOD RED was just
published, called "required Halloween reading" by
Horror Fiction Review and Baryon Magazine said it
"will become a classic like Stephen King’s ’SALEM’S
LOT." $45 retail, 500 signed/numbered hardcovers with
an introduction Simon Clark and cover art by Edward

Can I interest you in a few copies?


Wednesday, October 5, 2005

10/05/05 WED:
---Another batch of used paperbacks catalogued:
10 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 8/15/2005—10/5/2005 • •
Manor 12440 4 FUTURES: Four Short Novels Based On Themes By Isaac Asimov, '76, (OA; Asimov forward; Silverberg, Lafferty, Panshin, Harrison), vg+ 3.00
Signet 12021 Adams, Robert HORSECLANS #10: Bili the Axe, 1/83, (orig), vg-f 2.50
Signet 15722 Adams, Robert OF MYTHS AND MONSTERS, 12/88, (orig; Castaways In Time #5), vg-f 2.00
Spectra 27482 Aronica, Lou & Shawna McCarthy (eds) FULL SPECTRUM, 9/88, (orig; OA), vg-f 4.50
Sphere 1373 Barker, Clive BOOKS OF BLOOD vol. IV, '85, (Barker cover art), vg-f 6.00
Sphere 1375 Barker, Clive BOOKS OF BLOOD vol. VI, '85, (Barker cover art), vg-f 6.00
Ball 23712 Bass, T.J. THE GODWHALE, 1/74, (orig; cyborg leviathan), vg+ 3.50
Timescape 83578 Bisson, Terry WORLDMAKER, 7/81, (orig), vg-f 6.00
Baen 65587 Bujold, Lois McMaster THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE, 8/86, (orig), vg+ 5.00
Legend 57540 Carroll, Jonathan SLEEPING IN FLAME, '89, (unique blend of horror, fantasy & reality), vg-f 5.00
Lancer 75422 Clement, Hal ICEWORLD, 2nd(1/73), (planet of death), g-vg 2.00
Berkley F1096 Conklin, Groff (ed) SCIENCE-FICTION ADVENTURES IN MUTATION, 6/65, (Selected Stories from...), vg+ 2.50
Del Rey 33644 da Cruz, Daniel F-CUBED, 6/87, (orig), vg 2.00
Bantam 12018 de Camp, L. Sprague, Lin Carter & Björn Nyberg CONAN THE SWORDSMAN, 8/78, (orig; 1st in new series), g 2.50
Baen 55993 Delaney, Joseph H. IN THE FACE OF MY ENEMY, 11/85, (orig), g-vg 2.00
Tor 53616 Drake, David BRIDGEHEAD, 2/86, (orig), vg 2.50
Tor 53610 Drake, David THE FORLORN HOPE, 1/84, (orig; A Jim Baen Presentation; military SF), g-vg 2.50
Baen 69812 Drake, David TIME SAFARI, 3/89, (time travel plus bloodsport), vg+ 2.50
Pocket 81390 Eklund, Gordon THE GRAYSPACE BEAST, 12/77, (orig; mission to the second universe), g-vg 2.00
DAW 589 Elgin, Suzette Haden NATIVE TONGUE, 8/84, (orig; cold war between the sexes), vg+ 4.00
DAW 699 Elgin, Suzette Haden THE JUDAS ROSE, 2/87, (orig; Native Tongue #2), vg-f 4.00
DAW 663 Elgin, Suzette Haden YONDER COMES THE OTHER END OF TIME, 2/86, (orig), vg+ 4.00
Dell pb 18373 Felice, Cynthia THE SUNBOUND, 4/81, (orig), vg-f 4.00
Ball 23962 Gerrold, David (ed) SCIENCE FICTION EMPHASIS #1, 5/74, (orig; OA), g-vg 2.50
Faw GM s1083 Goodis, David NIGHT SQUAD, 2/61, (orig; the loneliest man on earth), vg 15.00
Signet 17053 Greenberg, Martin H. (ed) THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, 6/91, (orig; OA), vg+ 4.00
Berkley N2067 Hamilton, Alex (ed) SPLINTERS, 9/71, (OA; modern horror stories), vg+ 3.50
Baen 65640 Heinlein, Robert A. THE MENACE FROM EARTH, 5/87, (Future History stories), vg 2.50
DAW 868 Hughes, Zach MOTHER LODE, 12/91, (orig; star miner), f 4.00
Avon 17970 Isherwood, Christopher & Don Bachardy (teleplay) FRANKENSTEIN: The True Story, 12/73, (orig; TV tie), vg+ 4.00
Pinnacle 675 James, Laurence RACK #4: Planet of the Blind, 6/75, (Intergalactic Girlnapping), g 1.50
Tor 54328 Jordan, Robert CONAN THE DESTROYER, 7/84, (orig; Now a Major Motion Picture!), vg 3.50
DAW 956 Kerr, Katharine & Martin H. Greenberg (eds) WEIRD TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE, 7/94, (orig; OA), vg-f 5.00
Ace pbk 00344 Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris THE ADEPT, 6/92, (orig; The Lodge of the Lynx #2), vg-f 3.50
Baen 48509 Laumer, Keith THE HOUSE IN NOVEMBER, 12/81, (Special Bonus: Complete Short Novel The Other Sky), vg 3.50
Dell pb 5419 Lupoff, Richard A. THE CRACK IN THE SKY, 2/76, (orig), g-vg 2.50
Del Rey 28698 McCaffrey, Anne CRYSTAL SINGER, 8/82, (orig; Killashandra Ree), vg-f 6.00
Dell pb 9774 Merril, Judith (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST S-F: 8th Annual Edition, 6/64, g-vg 2.25
Bantam Q6883 Miller, Walter M., Jr. A CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ, 20th, g-vg 2.00
Tor 54582 Modesitt, L.E., Jr. THE ECOLITAN OPERATION, 6/89, (orig), vg+ 3.00
Tor 54588 Modesitt, L.E., Jr. THE SILENT WARRIOR, 12/87, (orig; biologic guerilla would save earth), vg-f 2.50
NEL 01937 Moorcock, Michael CITY OF THE BEAST, new edn(5/74), (Martian trilogy #1; epic saga of heroic fantasy), g-vg 2.25
Baen 72035 Niven with Anderson & Ing MAN-KZIN WARS, 5th(7/90), (OA; Known Space is aflame with war!), vg 2.00
Baen 72008 Niven with Anderson, Pournelle & Stirling MAN-KZIN WARS III, 2nd(8/91), (It's howling time in Known Space), vg 2.00
Baen 72036 Niven with Ing, Pournelle & Stirling MAN-KZIN WARS II, 3rd(6/91), vg+ 2.00
Lynx 007 Norwood, Warren TIME POLICE #2: Trapped!, 1/89, (in 2249), vg-f 2.50
Jove 11115 Nutman, Philip WET WORK, 6/93, (orig; The most acclaimed novel of epic terror since The Stand), vg+ 3.00
Ace sp 06689 O'Keefe, Claudia BLACK SNOW DAYS, 4/90, (orig; Damon Knight [ed]), vg-f 5.00
DAW 458 Piserchia, Doris EARTH IN TWILIGHT, 11/81, (orig), vg+ 3.00
Pocket 82284 Pohl & Williamson THE STARCHILD TRILOGY, 12/77, (for the first time in one volume), fr=g 1.50
Pocket 82197 Pournelle, Jerry BIRTH OF FIRE, 8/78, (earthy & realistic SF), vg+ 2.50
Pocket 80903 Pournelle, Jerry THE MERCENARY, 2/77, (orig; Falkenberg), vg-f 4.00
Avon 1916 Raymond, Alex THE PLAGUE OF SOUND, 5/74, (Flash Gordon #2; adapted by Con Steffanson), g-vg 2.50
Signet AE1092 Resnick, Mike THE SOUL EATER, 10/81, (orig), vg+ 3.00
Signet 11572 Resnick, Mike WALPURGIS III, 6/82, (orig; A planet possessed!), vg+ 3.00
Bantam N8402 Reynolds, Mack COMMUNE-2000 A.D., 1/74, (orig; rebellion against the greatest society in human history; A Frederik Pohl Selection), vg+ 3.00
Ace pb 45045 Reynolds, Mack SATELLITE CITY, ('75), (orbiting resort), g-vg 3.00
Tor 54260 Roberts, John Maddox CONAN THE CHAMPION, 4/87, (orig), vg+ 3.00
Tor 54266 Roberts, John Maddox CONAN THE MARAUDER, 1/88, (orig), vg 3.00
Playboy 16633 Rotsler, William THE FAR FRONTIER, 4/80, (orig; alien Indians, planet rustlers), vg+ 3.00
Pocket 80282 Silverberg, Robert THE BEST OF ROBERT SILVERBERG, 2/76, (orig; Malzberg intro), vg+ 5.00
Ball 29725 Taylor, Derek THE MAKING OF RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK™, 9/81, (oirg; behind the scenes; photos), vg+ 3.00
DAW 143 Tubb, E.C. ELOISE, 3/75 (Dumarest of Terra #12), vg 2.50
DAW 417 Vance, Jack DUST OF FAR SUNS, 1/81, (=Future Tense; treasure box of Vance varieties), vg-f 5.00
DAW 724 Wagner, Karl E. (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST HORROR STORIES: XV, 10/87, (orig), vg-f 4.00
Bantam 12026 Wagner, Karl Edward CONAN #4: The Road of Kings, 10/79, (orig), vg+ 5.00
Ball 24012 White, James THE DREAM MILLENNIUM, 6/74, (orig; 1,000 years to find Man's new home...), g-vg 2.50
Lancer 72740 Williamson, Jack GOLDEN BLOOD, 7/64, (orig; gem from the golden age of Weird Tales), vg 5.00
Signet Q3512 Yogi, Maharishi Mahesh THE SCIENCE OF BEING AND ART OF LIVING, 3/68, (the great and only original book by the guru), vg 4.00

Friday, September 30, 2005

09/30/05 FRI:
---Kitchen workers day off, finally. They work four ten-hour days a week. Unfinally, they figure to be here for a couple more weeks. The deconstruction part of the process has occurred so the incidence of plaster dust and broken water pipes should be mitigated, but with all the racket and the need to keep an eye on the goings-on, the past few days have been all messed up. I was already engaged ongoingly in somewhat of a cellar remodeling project anyway. This kitchen remodeling now has caused me to do even more down there--finding a place for some cabinets being taken out that seemed like they might be useful, clearing out space for pipework, etc.--all of it giving me an excuse to put off my weekly blogmail until maybe today. Now I can skip the Tuesday mailing next week and try to get back in the groove maybe the week after.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

09/29/05 THU:
---Here today from Darkside:
Jacobs, Harvey MY ROSE & MY GLOVE: Stories (real and surreal), Darkside '05, one of 510 numbered copies, (stories since 1969’s The Egg of the Glak; far more than a volume of fantasy and SF tales; Pelan intro), new in dj 45.00

Smith, Clark Ashton STAR CHANGES: The Science Fiction of..., Darkside '05, one of 525 numbered copies, (texts based on author’s original manuscripts; Scott Connors & Ron Hilger [ed & intro]), new in dj 45.00
---Next title from publisher is a Midnight House title: G.G. Pendarves’ Thing of Darkness.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

09/28/05 WED:
---Here today from Golden Gryphon:
Dann, Jack THE FICTION FACTORY, Golden Gryphon '05, 1st edn, (collaborative stories; includes introductions by the co-authors), new in dj 24.95

Reed, Robert THE CUCKOO'S BOYS, Golden Gryphon '05, 1st edn, (stories; exemplifies assertion that author’s stories evoke visionary futures and scientific speculation; two stories in Marrow universe; nearly 6,000-word Afterword detailing the genesis of each story), new in dj 24.95

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

09/27/05 TUE:
---Here today from Arkham House:
Bond, Nelson OTHER WORLDS THAN OURS, Arkham House '05, 1st edn, (previously uncollected SF tales from the 1940s, including a complete novel: Gods of the Jungle; 580 pages), new in dj 35.95

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

09/20/05 TUE:
---Here today from Tachyon:
Aldiss, Brian CULTURAL BREAKS: A Collection of Short Fictions, Tachyon '05, 1st edn, (special anniversary collection to coincide with aurthor's 80th birthday; mostly recent, three originals), new in dj 24.95

Bisson, Terry GREETINGS & Other Stories, Tachyon '05, 1st edn, (ten blazingly satiric short stories; radically irreverent; 384 pages), new in dj 24.95

Powers, Tim STRANGE ITINERARIES, Tachyon '05, 1st edn, (the complete short fiction by celebrated and bestselling novelist), new 15.95
---And back in stock:
Tiptree, James, Jr. HER SMOKE ROSE UP FOREVER, Tachyon '04, 1st edn thus, (stories; updated edn contains revisions from author’s notes), new 15.95
---Looks like the Bisson title from Tachyon that is actually out now is not the same as the “Special Preview Edition” listed earlier--that one is “forthcoming”. If I had checked more carefully I’m sure I could have figured out the answer.

---From Golden Gryphon:
Bowes, Richard FROM THE FILES OF THE TIME RANGERS, Golden Gryphon '05, 1st edn, (mosaic novel; Kage Baker intro), new in dj 24.95
---Discount on the above: 30%. (Special Preview Editions from Tachyon are 20%).

Monday, September 19, 2005

09/19/05 MON:
---Word that dreaded kitchen remodeling project will commence next week has arrived. My regular book packing station will be usurped for three weeks, with I’m sure a lot of noise and messiness. Don’t know how I will survive, but if it goes like the other unwelcome-before-the-fact work Amy has assayed, when it is finally all done things will be much improved. But in the meantime...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

09/17/05 SAT:
---Here today from John Benson:
NOT ONE OF US #34, 9/05, (numinous issue; Sonya Taaffe, others), new 4.50
---And from TTA:
INTERZONE #200, 10/05, (Celebrating 200 Issues! More Pages! More Colour!; Rucker, Calder, PKD, Stoddard, Will McIntosh, etc.), new 7.00

Thursday, September 15, 2005

09/15/05 THU:
---Fifty-six years old today, sharing birthday with the likes of Norman Spinrad, Oliver Stone, Tommy Lee Jones--and I caught on Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac, Robert Benchley and Agatha Christie too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

09/14/05 WED:
---Here today from Small Beer:
LADY CHURCHILL'S ROSEBUD WRISTLET #16, 7/05, Small Beer, (quintessential pomo SF journal; Kessel, Le Guin, etc.), new 5.00

Mitchison, Naomi TRAVEL LIGHT, Peapod Classics/Small Beer ('05), 1st thus, (rediscovered classic originally published in 1952; captivating fairy tale for young adults; new intro), new 12.00
---Here today from Tachyon:
Bisson, Terry NUMBERS DON'T LIE, Tachyon '05, Special Preview Edition, one of 26 SIGNED & lettered copies, (three tales of Wilson Wu and his “Watson,” Irving, originally published in Asimov’s; collected previously in e-Book format by ElectricStory), new 25.00
---I am still waiting for copies of the regular Tachyon books to arrive, but this one doesn’t even look to be the same title as the one actually published. This title is probably incorporated into the larger finished product. If so, this edition would probably be of interest only to collectors. But as a 26-copy edition of a book that was never published I’m sure it is collectible.

---Back in stock:
Powers, Tim STRANGE ITINERARIES, Tachyon '05, 1st edn, one of 100 SIGNED Special Preview Edition copies, (comprehensive short fiction collection), new 25.00

Monday, September 12, 2005

09/12/05 MON:
---I (among others) am a bit disappointed in myself for not having (yet) sent out orders to some of the publishers I was planning to--even mentioning it here in the blog--like NESFA and VHPS (Tor, St. Martin’s, etc.) but I can unequivocally state that an order to IPG (Golden Gryphon, Tachyon, etc.) was indeed actually sent today. So now I should be receiving Tachyon’s Powers, Bisson and Aldiss books as well as Golden Gryphon’s Bowes book as well as the next ones from Dann, Robert Reed, and Jeffrey Ford as soon as they come out.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

09/11/05 SUN:
---Phonecall from Jacob at Tachyon selling me on some copies of a special limited edition of his new Terry Bisson book. He also caused me to remember (again) that my pre-order from his fulfiller (IPG) for Strange Itineraries (Tim Powers) has not showed up. He urged me to get that order in posthaste because the book is selling quickly and is even slated for a second printing. With the excess of used books that have been surging up from the cellar I am still in a holding-pattern mode when it comes to ordering new books--mainly just standing orders have been showing up of late. But there are a few things I ought to get before it is too late. So I resolve to at least get my Tachyon order sent out (the Bisson ltds. and a re-supply of the last couple or so available of the special edition of the Powers book should be on the way directly from Tachyon).

Saturday, September 10, 2005

09/10/05 SAT:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Esslemont, Ian Cameron NIGHT OF KNIVES: A Novel of Malaz, PS, 4/05, 1st edn, one of 800 SIGNED copies, (shared world; introduction by Steven Erikson; 285 pages), new in dj 50.00
---And thanks to a duplication of orders I actually do have extra copies of the boxed/ltd edns of TWOC (Graham Joyce), SANITY AND THE LADY (Aldiss) and THE PERIODIC TABLE OF SCIENCE FICTION (Swanwick) @ $90 (20% discount: $72 each) in hand now for anyone interested. And of course I still have copies of the regular signed hardcover editions as well.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

09/06/05 TUE:
---Here today from Stark House:
Keene, Day FRAMED IN GUILT / MY FLESH IS SWEET, Stark House Mystery Classics, 8/05, 1st thus, (two complete thrillers; 1949 and 1951 paperback originals; Gorman intro), new 19.95

Randisi, Robert J. THE HAM REPORTER / THE DISAPPEARANCE OF PENNY, Stark House Mystery Classics, 9/05, 1st thus, (two complete mysteries; of author’s 421 published books), new 19.95

Monday, September 5, 2005

09/05/05 MON:
---Labor day holiday. Me laboring much of day to clear out space for yet another shelf unit, entailing moving many boxes in cellar. Some of them, of course, I was curious to check out what was in them (and subject them to the ‘covershot’ routine). So now there are over 6,000 in the latest iteration of my DVD-R and the Covershots 4 CD is about a box shy of being full up. Now there are only four or five more boxes yet to move (for now). Unfortunately they are all full of old magazines (New Yorker, Atlantic, Harper’s, etc.), which are extremely heavy and only becoming heavier as my strength is sapped. So I sit around a lot waiting for the energy to be summoned to get to work. Meanwhile, more pressing matters get put off.

Friday, September 2, 2005

09/02/05 FRI:
---Here today from Hippocampus:
Dunsany, Lord THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE, Hippocampus ('05), (author's last, prevously unpublished, work; edited by S.T. Joshi), {hc in dj still available @ 32.95}, new 15.00

Price, Robert M. (ed) TALES OUT OF DUNWICH, Hippocampus ('05), 1st edn, (not just modern retellings of the classic Lovecraft tale), new 20.00

Thursday, September 1, 2005

09/01/05 THU:
---New month, new edition of Catalog Data. Mostly all the same but every day a little something different, so it all adds up. I’m sure.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

08/31/05 WED:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
POSTSCRIPTS #4, sum/05, PS, (Alastair Reynolds, Eric Brown, Lawrence Person, Malzberg & Di Filippo, Adam Roberts, Jack Dann, Zoran Zivcovic stories; Prather interview), as new 10.00
---And sure enough, the Wellman slipcases arrived today also. I was able to put together one set with one of the couple extras I have. They fit very nicely and I offer it:
Wellman, Manly Wade THE SELECTED STORIES OF…, Night Shade '00-3, the complete five-volume set in slipcase, as new 195.00
---Dealt with 30-volume “Library of the World’s Best Literature: Ancient and Modern” published in 1896 by Peale & Hill picked up at a library sale a few years ago. The thing has 16,330 pages in its first 28 volumes. Volume 29 is the Biographical Dictionary and vol. 30 is Synopses of Books and General Index. The bindings are all crumbling but the pages are okay. I wonder if anyone has this thing scanned in on the Internet. Since it is public domain I think I would be a great thing to have on a disc. A lot of work doing it, though. But it would be a lot easier accessing the material if it were on a disc or up on the Internet--and it does look like a legitimate library of great literature circa the end of the 19th century.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

08/30/05 TUE:
---Good news from Night Shade about the Wellman slipcases I was starting to wonder about:
Hi Chris,

The slipcases went out last week, so you should have them soon.


Monday, August 29, 2005

08/29/05 MON:
---Here today from PS Publishing:
Aldiss, Brian W. SANITY AND THE LADY, PS, 8/05, 1st, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (SF novel salted with philosophical undertones, both comical and chilling; Ian R. MacLeod intro; 218 pages), new in dj 45.00

Bishop, Michael A REVERIE FOR MISTER RAY: Reflections on Life, Death and Speculative Fiction, PS, 4/05, 1st, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (astonishing compendium ranges far and wide with unflinching often self-critical honesty; VanderMeer intro; edited and with preface by Michael H. Hutchins; 611 pp), new in dj 50.00

Brown, Eric THE EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE OF JULES VERNE, PS, 5/05, 1st, one of 800 SIGNED copies, (sprightly novella; Ian Watson intro; 137 pages), new $18

Joyce, Graham TWOC, PS, 5/05, 1st, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (sometimes hilarious, sometimes tender, a fast-paced blending of supernatural fantasy and gritty psychological thriller by an award-winning author; Rob Grant intro; 205 pages), new in dj 50.00

Swanwick, Michael THE PERIODIC TABLE OF SCIENCE FICTION, PS, 8/05, 1st, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (118 short-short stories originally published on Sci Fiction website; new afterword by author; intro by Theodore W. Gray), new in dj 45.00
---another copy of the preceding, one of 200 SIGNED copies, BOXED, new in dj $90
---Back in stock:
Hodgson, William Hope THE WANDERING SOUL: Glimpses of a Life, PS/Tartarus '05, 1st edn, one of 500 numbered copies, (A Compendium of Rare and Unpublished Works; Compiled and Introduced by Jane Frank; 384 pages), new in dj 50.00
---There are also $90 boxed limited editions of most of the above (comprising 200 of the typically 700 numbered printrun). I have special ordered a few of these but did not get extras to catalog at this point. Anyone wanting any, beyond who I have already heard from, let me know and I will tack them on to my next order. Also, I have not stocked these (or any other UK title I get) in great depth, so I might not have these actual copies for long. But I do hope to be able to re-order as demand dictates.
---Discount is 20% on hardcovers and 15% for trade paperbacks. Only the Eric Brown title is a softcover in the current batch.

Friday, August 26, 2005

08/26/05 FRI:
---Some used--though many barely--books catalogued:
Crossen, Kendell Foster (ed) ADVENTURES IN TOMORROW, Greenberg, 2nd(4/51), (preview of what Tomorrow might be like), g-vg in fr dj (in plastic protector) 15.00
Crossen, Kendell Foster (ed) FUTURE TENSE, Greenberg ('52), (1st) g-vg in fr dj (in plastic protector) 15.00
L'Engle, Madeleine A WIND IN THE DOOR, FSG, 4th('75), (Meg Murry fantasy; companion piece, not a sequel, to A Wrinkle In Time), vg+ in dj 8.00
L'Engle, Madeleine A WRINKLE IN TIME, FSG, 26th('69), vg in price-clipped dj 6.00
MacDonald, John D. FREE FALL IN CRIMSON, Harper & Row '81, 1st edn, (Travis McGee mystery), vg in dj $10
McAuley, Paul WHITE DEVILS, Simon & Schuster UK, 2nd, (hard-edged near-future biotech thriller ; thought-provoking heart-stopping white-knuckle ride), vg-f in dj 16.00
Pangborn, Edgar THE JUDGMENT OF EVE: A Novel of Human Inquiry, Simon & Schuster ('66), 1st, (after the Holocaust), ex-libr else g-vg / vg dj $10
Wharton, William BIRDY, Knopf, 3rd(1/79), (boy with extraordinary mind and inspired obsession is focused on his desire for flight and fascination with birds; author's first novel), vg in dj 7.50
book club:
Niven THE RINGWORLD ENGINEERS, vg in dj 3.00

misc. softcovers:
Altman, Steven-Elliot DEPRIVERS, Ace, 12/03, 1st, (beware their touch; SDS--Sensory Deprivation Syndrome--SF), vg-f 8.00
Asher, Neal COWL, Tor UK '04, 1st, (He is the ultimate in human evolution...more vicious than any prehistoric beast), vg-f 15.00
Asher, Neal THE LINE OF POLITY, Tor UK, 2nd, (Visit a planet where you cannot draw breath...even if the horrifying wildlife would let you), vg-f 12.00
Ballantyne, Tony RECURSION, Tor UK '04, 1st, (suave intruder materializes on Herb’s spacecraft; author's first novel), vg-f 12.00
BATMAN: The Complete Knightfall Saga, DC, (full-cast audio drama), 3 CDs, shrinkwrapped, as new 12.00
Ford, Jeffrey THE GIRL IN THE GLASS, Dark Alley '05, 1st edn, (dark and haunting literary thriller; at once a hypnotically compelling mystery and a stunningly evocative portrait of Depression-era New York), publicity release laid in, vg-f 12.00
Gibson, Gary ANGEL STATIONS, Tor UK '04, 1st, (super-scientific culture aeons ago left incomprehensible relics all over the galaxy; author's first novel), vg-f 12.00
Levy, Roger DARK HEAVENS, Gollancz '03, 1st, (...await the Willing Dead; shades of PKD), vg-f 10.00
McIntosh, Fiona MYRREN'S GIFT, Eos '05, 1st US edn, (The Quickening #1; dazzling & remarkable epic fantasy), PR release laid in, f 8.00
Moorcock, Michael GLORIANA or, The Unfulfill'd Queen, Aspect, 8/04, (new afterword by author as well as both the original, controversial ending and the later revised version; a darkly erotic fable; multi-award winner in 1978), publicity release laid in, vg-f 8.00
Moriarty, Chris SPIN STATE, Spectra, 10/03, 1st, (stunning new voice in hard SF; plausible speculative physics), vg-f 8.00
Niffenegger, Audrey THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, Harvest '04, (soaring celebration of the victory of love over time; a National Bestseller & a Today Show Book Club Selection), vg-f 10.00
Russ, Joanna THE TWO OF THEM, Wesleyan '05, (Sarah LeFanu foreword), press release laid in, f 10.00
Russ, Joanna WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO…, Wesleyan '05, (Delany intro), f 12.00
Sketchley, Martin THE AFFINITY TRAP, Simon & Schuster UK '04, 1st, (set in 24th century; gripping narrative highlights the contrast between what we perceive ourselves to be, and what we really are; author’s first novel), vg-f 12.00
Sullivan, Tricia MAUL, Orbit '03, 1st (UK), (SF novel of sex, shopping & terrorbugs), vg-f 12.00
SUPERMAN LIVES!, DC, (full-cast audio drama), 3CDs, as new (shrinkwrapped) 12.00
Thomson, Amy STORYTELLER, Ace, 12/03, 1st edn, (thoughtful SF by JWC Award winner), vg-f $10

Baen 65640 Heinlein, Robert A. THE MENACE FROM EARTH, 5/87, (Future History stories), vg 2.50
---Covershots of the above can be found on my Catalog Data CD in the Images folder in the “Catalogueds 8-26-05” folder.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

08/25/05 THU:
---Here today from Haffner:
Hamilton, Edmond & Leigh Brackett STARK AND THE STAR KINGS, Haffner '05, 1st edn, (648-page collection of classic adventures, including previously unpublshed title story; Jakes intro; Alex Ebel illus), new in dj 45.00

Saturday, August 20, 2005

08/20/05 SAT:
---Picked up 100-disc blank DVD-R spindle plus another one for free using coupon at Costco. So now I can burn Catalog Data and Covershots 1-4--what would require five CD-Rs--all on one disc. Here is the listing in New Arrivals now:
Drumm, Chris (compiler) CATALOG DATA & COVERSHOTS 1-4, DVD-R, (five CDs worth of JPEG covershots and complete catalog data all on one disc) 5.00
---I thought about making it be a free add-in with orders when requested, but I’m thinking it will take a lot of computer time to burn the things, plus it has taken more of my own time than I probably should be spending putting the thing together, so I figure it ought to be worth at least something. The covershots represent all the books I have freed up from their deep-space storage in the cellar, more than 5000 so far--not all of them perhaps all that desirable or even photo-worthy--but I know I am glad to be able to see them again now after all these years, and I think others with an interest in books might enjoy seeing them too. They are largely uncatalogued yet, but I should be able to do so by request. This is largely a work in progress and likely will remain one--gradually perhaps adding catalog entries to the directory--as well as more covershots as they emerge that will still fit on the disc.

Friday, August 19, 2005

08/19/05 FRI:
---Here today from Ash-Tree:
Hunt, Violet MORE TALES OF THE UNEASY, Ash-Tree '05, (completes series of author’s supernatural fiction; four tales originally published in 1925; Pelan intro), new in dj 47.50
---Back in stock:
Benson, E.F. SEA MIST, Ash-Tree '05, 1st, (Collected Spook Stories #5), new in dj 48.50

Doyle, Arthur Conan THE CAPTAIN OF THE 'POLE-STAR', Ash-Tree '04, (most complete volume of ACD’s weird fiction ever published; 470 pp), new / dj $46

Le Fanu, Sheridan MR JUSTICE HARBOTTLE and Others: Ghost Stories 1870-73, Ash-Tree '05, 1st, (third and final volume in series), new in dj 47.50

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

08/17/05 WED:
---Here today from Tartarus:
Woodhouse, Adrian BERESFORD EGAN, Tartarus '05, 1st, one of 750 numbered copies, (centenary celebration of famous art deco exponent; art book and biography), oversize, new in dj 90.00

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

08/16/05 TUE:
---Here today from Night Shade:
Hodgson, William Hope THE GHOST PIRATES and Other Revenants of the Sea, Night Shade '05, 1st edn, (The Collected Fiction Vol 3; Jeremy Lassen [ed & intro]), new no dj as issued 35.00
---Last night’s big box up from cellar: some bound volumes of 1870s-80s magazines (The Century, Lippincott’s, Scribner’s Monthly), with such things as an “episode taken from an unpublished book called ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer’s Comrade’”.

Monday, August 15, 2005

08/15/05 MON:
---Another batch of paperbacks catalogued:
9 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 7/4/2005—8/15/2005 • •
Bal F555 Aldiss, Brian THE PRIMAL URGE, ('61), (orig; when British cast off their traditional reserve), fr 2.50
Dell pb 18804 Alexander, Karl TIME AFTER TIME, 10/79, (orig; dazzling romantic thriller; movie tie), vg 2.50
Berkley F712 Anonymous (ed) BEYOND, 1/63, (the best from '53-4 magazine edited by Damon Knight), g-vg 3.50
Pocket 880 Armstrong, Charlotte THE BLACK-EYED STRANGER, 7/52, (mys), vg 4.00
Bantam A1731 Asimov, Isaac THE NAKED SUN, 3/58, (robot novel; Elijah Baley), vg 4.00
Fabian Z101 Bates, Marsha EACH WON TWO, ('59), (lesbian softcore), g 5.00
Pyramid R1711 Bernard, Rafe THE INVADERS #3: Army of the Undead, 12/67, (orig; TV tie), g-vg 3.00
Bantam S1931 Bester, Alfred THE STARS MY DESTINATION, 3rd(4/61), (the incredible 25th century), vg+ 3.00
Bal U 5060 Bradbury, Ray FAHRENHEIT 451, 10th(7/67), (movie), vg+ 2.50
Bantam A1546 Brown, Fredric MARTIANS, GO HOME, 12/56, (invasion-of-earth), g 4.00
Bantam 1285 Brown, Fredric THE LIGHTS IN THE SKY ARE STARS, 12/54, vg+ 6.00
Pyramid G339 Budrys, Algis WHO?, '58, (orig; Monster Man...), g 3.50
Bal F747 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE BEASTS OF TARZAN, 7/63, (#3), vg+ 3.00
Ace F- 203 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE BEASTS OF TARZAN, nd, g-vg 2.50
Bal F748 Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE SON OF TARZAN, 7/63, (#4), vg 2.50
Warner 88343 Butterworth, Michael SPACE 1999 #3: The Space Jackers, 5/77, vg+ 3.00
Bantam 1684 Carr, John Dickson HE WHO WHISPERS, 2nd(11/57), (Dr. Fell mys), vg+ 3.50
Ace F- 383 Carter, Lin THONGOR OF LEMURIA, ('66), (jungle terrors of Lost Continent), vg 3.00
Pap Lib 54656 Cayce, Edgar Evans EDGAR CAYCE ON ATLANTIS, 2nd(4/68), (authentic, amazing story), vg 2.50
Berkley 09839 Christie, Agatha APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH, 10th, (Hercule Poirot mystery), vg+ 2.00
Pocket 82681 Christie, Agatha PERIL AT END HOUSE, 35th, (Hercule Poirot murder mystery), vg 1.50
Bantam 13774 Christie, Agatha THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES, 30th(1/80), (Hercule Poirot's first case), vg 2.00
Bantam 26477 Christie, Agatha THE SECRET ADVERSARY, 24th, (murder most British; A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery), vg 2.00
Avn S 288 Christopher, John NO BLADE OF GRASS, 6/67, (dystopic future), vg+ 3.50
Del Rey 28065 del Rey, Judy-Lynn (ed) STELLAR #5, 5/80, (orig; OA; Dick, etc.), vg+ 4.00
Pap Lib 66658 Delany, Samuel R. & Marilyn Hacker (eds) QUARK/4, 8/71, (orig; OA), g 3.00
Berkley 08656 Dick, Philip K. THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, 13th(4/85), g 2.50
Berkley X819 Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, 9/63, vg 2.50
Signet Y6041 Ellison, Harlan ELLISON WONDERLAND, 8/74, (excursions into fantastic universe), g-vg 3.00
Avn V 2300 Ellison, Harlan THE BEAST THAT SHOUTED LOVE AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD, 7/69, (orig; stories), vg 8.00
Ace pb 36516 Ellison, Harlan THE ILLUSTRATED HARLAN ELLISON, 6/80, (specially abridged edn), vg 3.50
Berkley N2828 Elwood, Roger (ed) CONTINUUM 1, 5/75, (OA; series stories by Wolfe, Koontz, etc.), vg 3.00
Ace F- 412 Farmer, Philip José THE GATES OF CREATION, ('66). (orig), vg+ 3.00
Spectra 27531 Farmer, Philip José VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL, 9/88, (new intro), vg-f 4.00
Ball 24532 Foster, Alan Dean STAR TREK: Log Five, 8/75, (orig; cartoon tie), vg 2.50
Ball 24965 Foster, Alan Dean STAR TREK: Log Seven, 6/76, (orig; cartoon tie), vg+ 2.50
Ball 24184 Foster, Alan Dean STAR TREK: Log Two, 9/74, (orig; cartoon tie), vg 2.50
Signet Y6116 Fraser, George MacDonald FLASHMAN, 2nd, (great dirty fun), vg+ 3.00
Pop Lib 662 Gordon, Ian DEEP IS MY DESIRE, 5/55, (=The Whip Hand; She Knew How To Handle Men Too Well), g 3.00
Berkley D2202 Heinlein, Robert A. STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, 36th, g-vg 2.50
Dell pb 6918 Himes, Chester PINKTOES, 7/66, (the original Paris edition; tanned Candy), g 3.00
Signet P3384 Hoyle, Fred THE BLACK CLOUD, 4th, (Earth was dyiing...). vg 2.00
Faw GM P3460 Jahn, Michael THE INVISIBLE MAN, 11/75, (based on the thrilling NBC TV series starring David McCallum), vg+ 3.00
Bantam 14259 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE BEGINNING PLACE, 2/81, (fantasy-romance), vg-f 3.00
Bal U 6108 McCaffrey, Anne RESTOREE, 9/67, (orig; she knew she was human), vg+ 5.00
Warner 75273 Miall, Robert UFO-1: Flesh Hunters, 5/73, (based on TV series; Spaceship Earth's #1 enemy), vg+ 3.00
Pop Libr 0417 Monteleone, Thomas F. THE TIME CONNECTION, 11/76, (orig; nightmare future earth), vg 3.00
Ball 02046 Niven, Larry RINGWORLD, 10/70, (orig; Hugo winner), vg 8.00
Berkley X1414 Norton, Alden (ed) HORROR TIMES TEN, 6/67, (orig; with special notes by Sam Moskowitz), vg+ 4.00
Barnes & Noble 465106 Parry, Michel (ed) REIGN OF TERROR: Great Victorian Horror Stories, '80, as new 2.00
Graphic G219 Pei, Mario SWORDS FOR CHARLEMAGNE, 2nd('57). (=Swords of Anjou; epic drama), vg 4.00
Timescape 47627 Pournelle, Jerry THE MERCENARY, 8th, (Falkenberg far-future adventure), vg 2.00
Pocket 80392 Rankine, John SPACE: 1999 #6: Astral Quest, 4/76, (TV tie), vg+ 2.50
Signet 11358 Resnick, Mike BIRTHRIGHT: The Book of Man, 2/82, g 2.00
Bantam E2854 Robeson, Kenneth DOC SAVAGE #2: The Thousand-Headed Man, 4th, g 1.50
Bantam H5406 Robeson, Kenneth DOC SAVAGE #49: The Sea Angel, 6/70, g-vg 2.00
Bantam S5838 Robeson, Kenneth DOC SAVAGE #59: The Yellow Cloud, 2nd, vg 2.00
Ace sp 63780 Shaw, Bob ORBITSVILLE, 1/77, (Ace SF Special #10), vg+ 4.50
Pap Lib 52944 Shiel, M.P. THE PURPLE CLOUD, 2nd(4/66), (darkly splendid blazing phantasmal world), g 2.00
Ace sp 71435 Sladek, John T. MECHASM, nd, (=The Reproductive System), g-vg 4.00
Bantam 1059 Symons, Julian THE 31st OF FEBRUARY, 1/53, (mys; brilliant, powerful, sordid & unnerving), g-vg 3.00
Pocket 80274 Tubb, E.C. SPACE: 1999 #4: Collision Course, 2/76, (TV tie), vg+` 3.00
Bantam 10879 Watson, Ian THE JOHAH KIT, 2/78, (dazzling exploration of inner space), g 2.00
Pocket pb 54144 Weiner, Ellis NATIONAL LAMPOON'S DOON, 11/84, (orig), vg-f 4.00
Ace D- 309 Wells, H.G. THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, nd, (They were neither men nor beasts), fr-g 2.50
Arrow 90586 Wheatley, Dennis GATEWAY TO HELL, 2nd(9/74), (A Black Magic Story), g 3.00
Pyramid X1787 White, Ted & Dave Van Arnam SIDESLIP, 4/68, (orig; angels from space), vg+ 3.00
Signet Q5503 Wilson, Robin Scott (ed) CLARION III, 10/73, (orig; speculative fiction and criticism), g-vg 2.00
Harvest 68770 Zebrwoski, George (ed) SYNERGY: New Science Fictioin, Vol. 1, '87, (orig; OA), remainder mark, vg 4.00
---Also this Ace Double:
M-139a/b Purdom/ Delany THE TREE LORD OF IMETEN / EMPIRE STAR, ('66), vg-f 6.00
---View JPEG covershots of many if not most of the above now in the “pbs catalogued 8-15-05” or the “catalogueds 8-11-05” folders in the “images” folder on my “Catalog Data” CD.

---Still not making much headway beyond the continued bringing up of books from cellar storage. This is proving to be a lure that I can’t seem to resist. This is definitely to the detriment of other things I should be doing instead, but I am hoping that in the long run it will prove beneficial to at least have everything where I/we can see what it is and know where to find it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

08/11/05 THU:
---Here are a few used books I have just managed to get catalogued:
Aldiss, Brian W. BILLION YEAR SPREE: The True History of Science Fiction, Doubleday '73, (detailed and thoroghly entertaining look), vg (previous owner’s name snipped from FFEP) in dj $20
Anthony, Patricia BROTHER TERMITE, Harcourt Brace '93, 1st edn, (Aliens in the White House; They are in charge), vg+ in dj 10.00
Bardin, John Franklin PURLOINING TINY, Harper & Row '78, 1st edn, (A Joan Kahn Book; suspense; bizarre, wicked and wonderful), remainder mark, vg / dj 8.50
Bear, Greg MOVING MARS, Tor, 11/93, 1st edn, (colonization of Mars), vg+ in dj $8
Chesbro, George C. SHADOW OF A BROKEN MAN, Simon & Schuster '77, 1st, (Mongo; author's first novel), ex-libr else g in dj 6.00
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan THE LOST WORLD, Triangle, 8/45, (Professor Challenger), g in dj 7.50
Estleman, Loren D. (as told by) DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HOLMES, by John H. Watson, M.D., Doubleday '79, 1st edn, (hitherto secret account), remainder speckling, g-vg in dj 5.00
Gibson, William MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, Spectra, 11/88, 1st US, g-vg in dj $6
Hunter, Jessie Prichard BLOOD MUSIC, Turtle Bay '93, 1st edn, (unique, mesmerizing debut about NYC serial killer; a true tale of suspense), vg-f in dj 5.00
Lantigua, John TWISTER, Simon & Schuster '92, 1st, (suspense thriller of immorality and murder), vg+ in dj 8.00
Leonard, Elmore TOUCH, Arbor House '87, 1st, (crime novel), vg+ in dj 5.00
Oppenheim, E. Phillips THE GRASSLEYES MYSTERY, Little Brown, 7/40, 1st edn, (suave and exciting murder mystery by "The King of Storytellers"), ex-libr else g in dj 5.00
Panshin, Alexei FAREWELL TO YESTERDAY'S TOMORROW, Berkley Putnam '75, (1st), (stories), vg (previous owner's name snipped from FEP) in dj 10.00
Rosen, Richard SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD, Viking '88, 1st, (Harvey Blissberg mystery set in the competitive world of television people who are funny for money--a comedy of bad manners), vg+ in dj 5.00
Seuss, Dr. YOU'RE ONLY OLD ONCE!: A Book for Obsolete Children, Random House, 6th, (inimitably illustrated), vg-f in dj 5.00
Sladek, John INVISIBLE GREEN, Walker '79, 1st US, (A Thackeray Phin Mystery), ex-libr else g in dj 7.00
Smith, Carl QUIZ KIDS AND THE CRAZY QUESTION MYSTERY, Whitman ('46), (young-adult; known for their superior intelligence), fr in dj $4
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky ROADSIDE PICNIC/TALE OF THE TROIKA, Macmillan '77, 1st, (in Best of Soviet SF series; Sturgeon intro), vg in price-clipped dj 10.00
Wallace, Edgar WHEN THE GANGS CAME TO LONDON, Crime Club ('32), vg 5.00
Westbrook, Robert LADY LEFT, Crown '91, 1st edn, (A Left-Handed Policeman Novel), vg+ in dj 4.00
Winwar, Frances THE HAUNTED PALACE: A Life of Edgar Allan Poe, Harper ('59), 1st edn, (psychologically fascinating story), ex-libr else g-vg in dj 5.00
Woolrich, Cornell VIOLENCE, Dodd Mead/Red Badge Detective ('58), ex-libr else fr-g in dj 25.00
Zahn, Timothy SPINNERET, Bluejay, 11/85, 1st, (we are not alone in the universe), vg in dj 10.00
book club:
• Dorothy Cannell FEMMES FATALES (Ellie Haskell mys) listed at $3 but $2 might be more like it (if that)
misc. softcovers:
Farmer, Richard N. ISLANDIA REVISITED, Cedarwood ('83), (set in 1944), vg 6.00
King, Stephen THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER, Plume, 9/88, vg $5
Rice, Anne THE WITCHING HOUR, Ballantine, 11/91, vg $4
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky FAR RAINBOW/THE SECOND INVASION FROM MARS, Collier '80, (in Best of Soviet SF series; Sturgeon intro), vg $6
---Covershots of these are presently in the “images” folder of Catalog Data CD-R as “catalogueds 8-11-05”.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

08/08/05 MON:
---My preoccupation with the used books still emanating from my cellar continues unabated, causing me to go the week without any actual new-book arrivals, maybe for the first time ever, even from before I started bookselling and was “only” a collector (with the same thirst for bound printed matter), while the piles of used books to be actually catalogued still stand tauntingly beside me. My slackness in getting new books in, however, hasn’t stopped the various publishers from continuing their output, thus I do have a couple publishers’ email “word”s to pass along. Also I might mention that along with other things my need to get orders sent out to a number of publishers is becoming quite pressing--notably right now: NESFA.

---Word from Earthling:
Dear kind booksellers,

The latest book from Earthling has just been
published: RIVERSIDE BLUES, an original limited
edition novella by upcoming author Erik Tomblin, which
is getting great reviews... see link for more info:

I also welcome preorders for Dan
James A. Moore's newest novel BLOOD RED ("required
does what all the best vampire novels do; it shitcans
the stereotype and digs for blood beneath the skin."
new introduction by Simmons; BLOOD RED has an intro by
Simon Clark.
---Word from Stark House:
Hello Mystery Booksellers:

This is a first.

The next two Stark House Press books will be coming out at the same time. Many of you have already ordered Day Keene's FRAMED IN GUILT / MY FLESH IS SWEET, a couple of noir mysteries from the early 50's that we announced last month. That publication was delayed, so we will be issuing it simultaneously with the next Stark House book:

THE HAM REPORTER / THE DISAPPEARANCE OF PENNY by Robert J Randisi (0-9749438-9-4, $19.95, trade pb).

This pairs up Randisi's first published novel, THE DISAPPEARANCE, with his mystery "western", THE HAM REPORTER, featuring Bat Masterson in New York City. The latter novel is set in 1911, after Masterson has left the Wild West behind to write a sports column for a NY newspaper. One of his fellow newspapermen disappears, and he enlists the aid of young Damon Runyon to solve the mystery.

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF PENNY, on the other hand, is a contemporary mystery (well, contemporary to 1980) that features investigator Henry Po in a mystery set at a New York horserace track.

This marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of DISAPPEARANCE, and since then Randisi has written and edited over 400 books.

This new edition offers a full bibliography of all of Randisi's books, collections and stories, as well as a new introduction by the author.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support, and I hope you do well with the books!

Sunday, August 7, 2005

08/07/05 SUN:
---Word from Golden Gryphon:
Greeting from the Gryphon!

"The Concrete Jungle" by Charles Stross, has won the Hugo Award for Best
Novella. "The Concrete Jungle" is only available in THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES

First Editions of THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES are still available.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

08/06/05 SAT:
---Word from Haffner:




This long-promised book has been completed and available for delivery.

A collection of the classic adventures of Edmond Hamilton and Leigh
Brackett's signature characters, together for the first time. And with
good reason--the final story of this collection (which has remained
unpublished for nearly 30 years) brings the far-future heroes of
Hamilton's THE STAR KINGS into an alliance with Brackett's stellar
adventurer Eric John Stark. Here's a preview:

"Those ships," said Aarl, "those very powerful ships that
travel with such speed, are the ships of the Star Kings."

That name, heard for the first time, rang in Stark's mind like
the strident call of a bugle.

"The Star Kings?"

"The men who rule that future universe, each in his own
kingdom, principality, or barony."

"Ha," said Stark, and looked again. "That is right and
fitting. The starlands are too bright for grubby clerks, and
bureaucrats in rumpled suits each trying to be more common
than the next.

"Yes. Let there be Star Kings."


The Star Kings
Queen of the Martian Catacombs
Enchantress of Venus
Black Amazon of Mars
Return to the Stars
Stark and the Star Kings

Best-selling author John Jakes provides an informative introduction,
and the dustjacket & >six<>

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

08/02/05 TUE:
---Word from Hippocampus:
Dear Bookseller,

The long-delayed TALES OUT OF DUNWICH is coming soon ($20.00 retail). We are also launching a paperback version of Dunsany's last novel, THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE, priced at $15.00 retail. Full blurbs are below.

Edited by Robert M. Price
August 2005: ISBN 097487899: Paperback: $20.00

H. P. Lovecraft's fictional locale of Dunwich has proved to be among the most enduring and popular of his creations, alongside witch-haunted Arkham and even Great Cthulhu himself. This anthology provides ample testimony of the richness of Lovecraft’s creation and its ability to inspire such legendary authors as Jack Williamson, Stanley C. Sargent, Brian McNaughton, Richard A. Lupoff, Don D'Ammassa, Nancy A. Collins, Gerard E. Giannattasio, Eddy C. Bertin, and Bob Price. Not just modern retellings of the classic tale, the stories explore much new ground, while retaining the mind-blasting spirit of the original. Also included is the complete 1924 novel by Harper Williams, The Thing in the Woods, which directly inspired Lovecraft's original trip to the terror town of Dunwich.


Praise for...


By Lord Dunsany: Edited by S. T. Joshi: 200 pages: $15.00

"When a master fabulist like Dunsany reflects on time, he is hypnotic. When he evokes the old practices of England, his love of them, and of England, ring out. And when a mind like this reflects on the nature of man, it is worth reading -- and absorbing, to boot. Pick it up!"
-- Strange Horizons

This exciting and philosophically profound novel, Lord Dunsany’s last major work, reveals an awful fate for humanity: a nuclear holocaust has destroyed nearly all human life on the planet. The narrator, obsessively looking through the futuroscope, focuses upon the plight of a single family in their struggles to survive and fend off the many enemies, both animal and human, that surround them. When one of their number is kidnapped by a band of gypsies, we can only wonder at her fate in this brave new world of the distant future.

Monday, August 1, 2005

08/01/05 MON:
---A couple magazines here today:
CEMETERY DANCE #52, '05, (Laymon, Piccirilli, Carol Serling, Harry Shannon, Tamara Thorne, etc.), new 5.00

INTERZONE #199, 8/05, (slick UK magazine; Charles Stross, Neal Asher, etc.), new $6
---I have sent my order in to PS Publishing for the following, but if anyone who hasn’t already asked me to get any wants some, let me know:

We've got the new issue (# 4) of POSTSCRIPTS magazine coming up (150 hardcovers at £50/$80 and regular digest-sized paperback at £6/$10); plus SANITY AND THE LADY by Brian Aldiss (500 regular hardcovers at £25/$45 and 200 slipcased hardcovers at £60/$90) and THE PERIODIC TABLE OF SCIENCE FICTION by Michael Swanwick (500 regular hardcovers at £25/$45 and 200 slipcased hardcovers at £60/$90). PLEASE NOTE NEW LOWER PRICES ON OUR REGULAR TRADE HARDCOVERS. Let me know how many copies you'd like of each title.

The same goes for our other recent titles, TWOC by Graham Joyce (500 hardcovers at £35/$50 and 200 slipcases at £60/$90) and THE EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE OF JULES VERNE by Eric Brown (500 paperbacks at £10/$18 and 300 hardcovers at £25/$45).
---Working on August update of Catalog Data for burning on CD, adding to New Arrivals intro a bit about my continuing fetish with taking digital covershots of books dredged up from the cellar--a project that has metastasized in to something larger than my ability to control it. Here is what I came up with:
And be sure to check out the JPEG covershots of catalogued (or being-catalogued) books in the images folder on this disc. Additional covershots of books not yet catalogued, or catalogued earlier and taken out of Catalog Data to make room for newer images, are available on the CD-Rs for Covershots 1, 2 & 3 (in progress). All of this will soon be available on a single DVD-R. If you are interested in receiving it, let me know.
Also on this disc is a directory of jpeg images, listing merely article-less book titles. This directory is in tab-separated text format sorted both by title and by place to be found. You could easily export this to a database of your own: there are merely three fields (folder, title & disc). If I ever can finally get all the books at least with their covershots, I hope I can go back and list them more properly. Until then, if you see something you want and can't find a catalog listing for it, let me know and I will get it out and send you a quote.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

07/30/05 SAT:
---Here today from Stark House:
Blackwood, Algernon JULIUS LE VALLON & the exciting sequel THE BRIGHT MESSENGER, Stark House, 6/05, (two complete novels; Mike Ashley intro), new 19.95
---Discount: 20%.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

07/26/05 TUE:
---Finally an at least temporary break in the excessive heat and humidity, which I know has had a lot of people in its grip and still will for a while. I don’t know if it is much to blame for my continuing torpor, since we have air conditioning and a strategically placed phalanx of fans--perhaps not enough to make the upstairs okay for sleeping, but certainly enough to keep me from dripping sweat on the computer. (Can’t say the same for the digital camera, though.)

Monday, July 25, 2005

07/25/05 MON:
---Here today from Talebones:
TALEBONES #30, sum/05, (A Magazine fo Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy; Anne Harris, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, James Van Pelt, Ray Vukcevich; The Ken Rand Interview: Ben Bova; Reviews by Ed Bryant), new 6.00
---And from Tachyon:
Bechet, Sidney OMAR, Tachyon '04, 1st edn, (voodoo, love, music, death; dark fantasy/jazz history story by acclaimed jazzman; reprinted from Treat It Gentle, 1960), 42-page booklet, new 6.00

Powers, Tim STRANGE ITINERARIES, Tachyon '05, 1st edn, one of 100 SIGNED Special Preview Edition copies, (comprehensive short fiction collection), new 25.00
---The regular edition of the Powers book is on order and assumedly will get here when it comes out (presently).

Saturday, July 23, 2005

07/23/05 SAT:
---Here today from Darkside:
Simak, Clifford D. ETERNITY LOST: The Collected Stories of..., Volume 1, Darkside '04, one of 520 numbered copies, (Pelan intro; Stephensen-Payne story notes), new in dj 45.00
---It was starting to look like I might go through the whole week without any new-book arrivals. Seems I have been getting enough of a charge from the rediscovery of books being brought up from the cellar for their covershot closeups, which project I continue with off and on, although the heat/humidity here now prevent me from doing as much as I might otherwise, since I like to take the shots in our solarium with its ample natural light, but where these days now it is mostly a place more for sweat induction than anything else.

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