After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

new arrival from Ash-Tree

Here now:
Roden, Barbara & Christopher Roden (eds) SHADES OF DARKNESS, Ash-Tree '08, 1st, (New tales of the supernatural and macabre), new in dj 49.00
[discount: 20%]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

new arrivals from Hippocampus

Finally, a new batch from Hippocampus is here:
  • Cook, W. Paul THE WANDERING LIFE OF A YANKEE PRINTER, Hippocampus ('07), 1st edn, (selected writings by and about W. Paul Cook, friend and publisher of H.P. Lovecraft; Sean Donnelly [ed]), new 15.00
  • Hall, Leland / Young, Francis Brett SINISTER HOUSE / COLD HARBOUR, Hippocampus ('08), 1st edn, (Two Complete Novels, bound dos à dos; in Lovecraft's Library series; S.T. Joshi intros), new 15.00
  • Joshi, S.T. & Rosemary Pardoe (eds) WARNINGS TO THE CURIOUS: A Sheaf of Criticism on M.R. James, Hippocampus ('07), 1st edn, (features a wealth of material old and new about the scholarly author and his supernatural writing; includes memoirs of James by such friends as Stephen Gaselee and Shane Leslie, and early criticism by H. P. Lovecraft, Mary Butts, and others), new 20.00
  • Lovecraft, H.P. COLLECTED ESSAYS Volumes 1-5, Hippocampus ('08), (incorporates not only the text of the entire five volumes, with annotations, bibliographical citations, and introductions, but also the complete texts of Lovecraft's own journal The Conservative, plus actual scans of the entire run of the journal; fully searchable with hyperlinks), CD-ROM disc, new 65.00
  • LOVECRAFT ANNUAL No. 1 & No. 2, Hippocampus '07-'08, (New Scholarship Plus Reviews and Briefly Noted; S.T. Joshi [ed]), new each, 15.00
  • Miniter, Edith DEAD HOUSES and Other Works, Hippocampus ('08), 1st edn, (friend of H.P. Lovecraft; collects author's finest short fiction; includes essays about her life and work by Lovecraft and other of her contemporaries, as well as modern scholarship on Mrs. Miniter – revealing her as a fascinating emblem of a vanished period in literature; Kennth W. Faig, Jr. & Sean Donnelly [eds]; 380 pages), new 15.00
  • Searight, Franklyn LAIR OF THE DREAMER: A Cthulhu Mythos Omnibus, Hippocampus ('07), 1st edn, (included in this long overdue single-author collection is his unpublished Mythos novel, Lair of the Dreamer, along with his posthumous collaboration with his father, “The Mists of Death”; Robert M. Price [ed]), new 20.00
  • Sidney-Fryer, Donald THE ATLANTIS FRAGMENTS: The Trilogy of Songs and Sonnets Atlantean, Hippocampus ('08), 1st thus, (poems of an unearthly beauty; this massive, 550-page poetry omnibus is the most elaborate book ever published by Hippocampus -- its color frontispiece, printed end papers, profusion of interior illustrations, Smythe sewn signatures and illustrated dust wrapper destine it to be a collector’s item; limited edition of 300 copies), new in dj 55.00
  • Smith, Clark Ashton THE HASHISH-EATER, Hippocampus ('08), 1st thus, (expanded edition of Donald Sidney-Fryer's rare scholarly work, an annotated version of CAS's epic poem in variant texts; significant related writings and a letter by CAS; exhaustive commentary), with bonus audio CD of Sidney-Fryer dramatically reading the poem, new 15.00
  • Thomas, Jonathan MIDNIGHT CALL and Other Stories, Hippocampus ('08), 1st edn, (bizarre conceptions by a powerful new writer of weird, horrific, and supernatural fiction; foreword by S.T. Joshi), new 15.00
---A couple titles I failed to order enough to list now, so already a new order to the publisher is in order. Discount: 20%.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

new arrival from Stark House

Here today:
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay THE OLD BATTLE-AX / DARK POWER: Two Complete Mystery Novels, Stark House Mystery Classics, 11/08, 1st thus, (adds story "The Matador" from Munsey's 6/23; novels first published in 1943 & 1930 respectively; intro by Gregory Shepard), new 19.95
[discount: 20%]

Thursday, December 4, 2008

couple of magazines

Here now:
INTERZONE #219, 12/08, (Jeff Spock, Jason Sanford, Mercurio D. Rivera, Aliette de Bodard, Gord Sellar, Alexander Marsh Freed; plus art, interviews, news, book and film reviews), new 10.50
[not actually carrying this here again yet, but if this listing garners any response I might well -- only one copy in stock]

TALEBONES #37: Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy, win/08, (James Van Pelt, William F. Nolan, M.K. Hobson, etc.; 111 pages), new 7.00
(20% discount on either)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

books cataloged lately

Here are the latest used-book listings I've managed to do (mostly pbs):
  • Berkley N1714 Ellison, Harlan (ed) DANGEROUS VISIONS #3, 7/69, (adds new intro), vg $2; vg+ 2.50
  • Berkley N2275 Alban, Anthony THE DAY OF THE SHIELD, 1/73, (PBO; America's existence in a world gone to ruin depends on The Shield - but now The Shield must come down!), vg $2; vg+ 2.50
  • Ace Double 79975 Tubb, E.C. A SCATTER OF STARDUST / TECHNOS, ('72), (PBOs; A skyful of science fantasy gems / To find Earth, volunteer as a slave for the Technarch!), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
  • DAW 18 Tubb, E.C. CENTURY OF THE MANIKIN, ('72), (PBO; Beware the cryogenic lady from woman's lib!), g $2; vg 2.50
  • Berkley N1704 Ellison, Harlan (ed) DANGEROUS VISIONS #2, 6/69, (adds new intro), vg 2.50
  • Ace Double 81610 Grinnell, David / Tubb, E.C. TO VENUS! TO VENUS!/ THE JESTER AT SCAR, ('70), (PBOs; S.O.S. from an analogue of hell / He sought the needle of eternal youth in the haystack of quick deaths), vg+ 2.50
  • DAW 74 Tubb, E.C. JONDELLE, 10/73, (PBO; A Dumarest Space Novel), vg $2; vg+ 3.00
  • Pap Lib 52320 Elwood, Roger (ed) ALIEN WORLDS, 9/64, (PBO; The incredible future that awaits us on Alien Worlds), vg+ 3.00
  • Belmont 692 Tralins, Robert THE COSMOZOIDS, 6/66, (PBO; When is a man not a man? When his body and mind have been invaded by The Cosmozoids), vg $2; vg+ 3.00
  • DAW 27 Swann, Thomas Burnett GREEN PHOENIX, '72, (PBO; The last stand of the prehumans), vg+ $3; vg-f 4.00
  • Ball 03262 Toomey, Robert E., Jr. A WORLD OF TROUBLE, 5/73, (PBO; Only a madman would want to work as a galactic industrial spy!), vg+ $2; vg-f 3.00
  • Gibson, William & Bruce Sterling THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE, Spectra, 4/91, 1st US edn, (visionary steam-powered heavy-metal fantasy), vg in dj $10
  • Llosa, Mario Vargas THE TIME OF THE HERO, Noonday, 4th('91), (author's first novel, published in 1962; translated by Lysander Kemp), vg 4.00
  • Bantam X2092 Landsburg, Alan & Sally THE OUTER SPACE CONNECTION, 7/75, (PBO; Astonishing new proof that we are not alone in the universe!; Foreword by Rod Serling; 32 pages of photos), vg+ 3.00
  • Laser 29 Malcolm, Donald THE IRON RAIN, 5/76, (PBO; planet almost destroyed by millions of meteorites), vg-f 3.50
  • Laser 30 Bischoff, David & Christopher Lampton THE SEEKER, 5/76, (PBO; moving friendship with strange being), vg-f 4.00
  • Laser 32 Nelson, R.F. THEN BEGGARS COULD RIDE, 6/76, (PBO; a journey through the ages), vg-f 5.00
  • Laser 31 Berry, James R. THE GALACTIC INVADERS, 6/76, (PBO; everyone in the vast galactic empire of the Earth is in peril), vg+ 2.50
  • Laser 34 Carver, Jeffrey SEAS OF ERNATHE, 7/76, (PBO; Terry Carr intro; author's first novel), vg 5.00
[discount on used books: 10%]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arkham House books back in stock

No new activity on the Arkham House publishing front, but I did have occasion to bring these back into my inventory:
Lovecraft, H.P. AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS and Other Novels, Arkham House, Corrected 9th printing, (all the novels of H.P. Lovecraft in one volume, uniform in size with The Dunwich Horror and Others; contains the complete texts of At the Mountains of Madness, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, together with The Shunned House, The Dreams in the Witch House, The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Silver Key, and Through the Gates of the Silver Key; edited by S.T. Joshi), new in dj 27.95

---DAGON and Other Macabre Tales, Arkham House, Corrected 9th printing, (All the remaining fiction by H.P. Lovecraft, here published in chronological order together with his long essay on macabre fiction; culmination of a monumental project - the bringing into print of Lovecraft s stories in their definitive form, based on manuscripts and notes; edited by S.T. Joshi), new in dj 27.95

---THE DUNWICH HORROR and Others, Arkham House, Corrected 11th printing, (contains what the editors of Arkham House believe to be the best stories by Lovecraft; includes a new long introduction; edited by S.T. Joshi), new in dj 27.95

---THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM and Other Revisions, Arkham House, Corrected 5th printing, (brings together all of author's revisions of others - many complete rewritten - and in the main belongs solidly in the Lovecraft canon; edited by S.T. Joshi), new in dj 27.95
[discount: 20%]

new book arrivals

Still not many new books coming in of late, and the few that have I've put off cataloging until they posed for their covershots. It's been a bit cold on the sunroom, however. Finally, though, here are the few:
Hawthorne, Nathaniel THE SNOW-IMAGE and Other Stories of the Supernatural, Tartarus '08, 1st thus, (Richard Dalby intro; 417+xvi pages), new in dj 65.00

WORMWOOD #11, aut/08, Tartarus, (Literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent), new 19.00

Tennant, Emma HEATHCLIFF'S TALE, Tartarus ('05), pb edition, (brings together a ghost story, a depiction of the marriage of Heathcliff and Isabella, and a satire on Brontë academic studies), {hc in dj still available @ $45}, as new 20.00 [OP from publisher]

CEMETERY DANCE #59, '08, (Brian Keene, Sarah Langan, Stephen Mark Rainey, Steve Vernon), new 5.00
[Tartarus discount: 15%; Cemetery Dance: 20% (as well as for new books in my catalog listings -- for both publishers)]

Monday, November 17, 2008

used and "as new" books cataloged

Here are the latest books added to the catalog. It feels funny adding non-fantastical books to the inventory, but I'm doing it anyway:
  • Shirer, William L. THE NIGHTMARE YEARS, 1930-1940: A Memoir of a Life and the Times, Little Brown '84, 1st edn?, (20th Century Journey vol. 2; includes indexes; 654 pages), ex-libr else vg in dj 5.00
  • Remnick, David KING OF THE WORLD: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero, Random House, 8th, ex-libr else vg in dj 4.00
  • Crichton, Michael TIMELINE, Knopf '99, 1st trade edn, (about historians who time travel to 14th-century France), vg+ in dj 10.00
  • King, Stephen SONG OF SUSANNAH: The Dark Tower VI, Donald M. Grant ('04), 1st trade edn, (Darrell Anderson illus; 413 pages), vg+ in dj 18.00
  • Bradley, Marion Zimmer THE MISTS OF AVALON, Del Rey, 27th, (The magical saga of the women behind King Arthur's throne...; 876 pagest), vg 4.00
  • Barker, Clive IMAJICA, HarperCollins '91, 1st (US) edn, (a novel of vast panoramas and imntimate, obsessive passions; 824 pages), vg in dj 10.00
  • Barker, Clive SACRAMENT, HarperCollins '96, 1st edn, (troubling and passionate masterwork), remainder mark, vg+ in dj 5.00
  • Connelly, Michael THE CLOSERS, Little Brown, 5/05, 1st edn, (spellbinding thriller), vg+ in dj 3.00
  • Coben, Harlan THE INNOCENT, Book Club, (mystery), vg-f in dj 3.00
  • Dick, Philip K. THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, Vintage, 5th, (Hugo-winning novel), vg+ $6
  • Coe, Michael D. THE MAYA: Third Edition, Thames and Hudson, 2nd('86), (with 141 illustrations), ex-libr else g 3.00
  • Boyle, T. Coraghessan TALK TALK, Viking '06, 1st, (a novel), as new in dj 10.00
  • Tosches, Nick KING OF THE JEWS, Ecco '05, 1st edn, (sprawling biography of Arnold Rothstein), as new in dj 10.00
  • Rankin, Ian THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES, Orion '05, 1st thus, (collects A Good Hanging, Beggars Banquet, plus a brand new Inspector Rebus story; 529 pages), as new in dj 12.00
  • Wharton, Edith THE PORTABLE EDITH WHARTON, Penguin Classics, 3rd, (656 pages), as new 5.00
  • Glass, Ira (ed) THE NEW KINGS OF NONFICTION, Riverhead, 10/07, 1st, (some of the best storytelling of this golden age of nonfiction), remainder mark, as new 5.00
  • Baxter, Stephen AGES IN CHAOS: James Hutton and the Discovery of Deep Time, Forge, 8/06, 1st pb, (farmer's son from Scotland who changed our view of humanity's place in the universe foerever), as new 5.00
  • Thurlo, David & Aimée BLOOD RETRIBUTION, Forge, 9/04, 1st edn, (A David Nez Novel; second in series about Navajo vampire), as new in dj 4.00
  • Henry, April LEARNING TO FLY, Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's, 4th, (thriller), as new in dj 4.00
  • Primack, Joel R. & Nancy Ellen Abrams THE VIEW FROM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE: Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos, Riverhead, 8/07, 1st pb, remainder mark, (deeply inspiring book that should be required reading for everyone; posits that humans actually are central to the universe in unexpected ways), as new 5.00
  • Iyengar, B.K.S. LIGHT ON LIFE: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom, Rodale '05, 1st (pb variant), (rich in philosophy and methodology by one of the world's masters), as new 5.00
  • Gamow, George MR. TOMPKINS GETS SERIOUS: The Essential George Gamow, Pi '06, 1st, (The Masterpiece Science Edition; classic writings by the theorist behind the Big Bang and the cracking of DNA), as new in dj 6.00
  • Kimmelman, Michael THE ACCIDENTAL MASTERPIECE: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa, Penguin, 5th, (surprisingly refreshing view of art and artists by chief art critic of NY Times), as new in dj 6.00
  • Kaplan, Michael & Ellen Kaplan CHANCES ARE...: Adventures in Probability, Viking, 2nd, (charts one of humanity's most ambitious and poignant endeavors: the struggle against randomness; wonderfully erudite), as new in dj 6.00
  • Oerter, Robert THE THEORY OF ALMOST EVERYTHING: The Standard Model, the Unsung Triumph of Modern Physics, Pi, 2nd, (tour de force of science writing), as new in dj 7.00
  • Dunning, John TWO O'CLOCK, EASTERN WARTIME, Scribner '01, 1st, (is like going to radio lovers heaven), label over barcode, as new in dj 5.00
  • Griffiths, Jay WILD: An Elemental Journey, Tarcher/Penguin '06, 1st, (stunning exploration of all that is untamed and unnamed; includes bibliographical references and index), remainder mark, as new in dj 6.00

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more books cataloged

Seem to be getting up a head of steam, because I have these added to the catalog since last post:
  • Edelman, David Louis INFOQUAKE, Pyr '06, 1st, (takes speculative fiction into alien territory, the corporate boardroom of the far future; author's debut), vg-f 7.50
  • Harrison, M. John NOVA SWING, Spectra, 10/07, 1st US?, (part broken love story, part noir, part far-reaching SF; proves that SF can be literature), PR laid in, vg-f 7.00
  • Grimwood, Jon Courtenay 9TAIL FOX, Gollancz '05, 1st (pb variant), (compelling literary melding of noir crime, SF and oriental legend), vg-f 7.50
  • Moriarty, Chris SPIN CONTROL, Spectra, 7/06, 1st, (chaotic posthuman future in which the final frontier may well be extinction; hard SF), PR laid in, vg-f 6.00
  • Smith, Michael Marshall ONE OF US, HarperCollins UK '99, (REMtemp working the night hours caretaking people's dreams and memories), vg-f 7.50
  • Lovegrove, James DAYS, Phoenix '97, 1st, (the world's first and [some still say] foremost gigastore), vg-f 8.50
  • Sawyer, Robert J. ROLLBACK, Tor, 4/07, 1st edn, (A Sci Fi Essential Book; explores morals and ethics on both human and cosmic scales), vg-f in dj 8.50
  • Roberts, Adam POLYSTOM, Gollancz, 2nd('03), (two universes, one reality), vg-f 6.00
  • Scalzi, John OLD MAN'S WAR, Tor, 1/06, A Sci-Fi Essential Book, (sidesteps most of the clichés of military SF), vg-f 6.00
  • Barry, Max JENNIFER GOVERNMENT, Abacus '04, (A brilliant satire on globalisation and marketing hype; the best novel in the world ever), vg-f 6.00
  • Scott, Tim OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Spectra, 6/07, 1st, (surreal alternative future where appliances talk back and cities are divided into zones based on musical tastes; author's debut), PR laid in, vg+ 6.00
  • Signet T4275 White, Ted BY FURIES POSSESSED, 6/70, (PBO; Ted Dameron's mind is blown beyond his wildest dreams by an interstellar agent of destruction), vg $2; vg-f 3.00
  • Lancer 74509 Van Arnam, Dave STAR BARBARIAN, '69, (PBO; in the tradition of the magnificent Conan with an exciting difference), vg 2.50
  • Ace G- 641 Williamson, Jack BRIGHT NEW UNIVERSE, ('67), (PBO; Earth calling all stars - - - S.O.S.; other races... other evils?), price sticker, else vg+ 3.00
  • Ace pb 78424 Hamilton, Edmond STARWOLF, 6th(6/86), (The classic space adventure trilogy in one volume), g-vg 2.50
  • Ace pbk 00018 Anthony, Patricia COLD ALLIES, 4/94, (brilliant portrait of men and women being driven to Armageddon; author's debut), vg 2.50
  • Spectra 28565 Tepper, Sheri S. GRASS, 8/90, (subtle, complex meditation on ecological disaster; a NY Times Notable book), vg 2.50
  • Timescape 83692 McIntyre, Vonda N. THE ENTROPY EFFECT, 4th, (A Star Trek Novel; The universe has less than a century left...unless Spock can change history!), vg 2.00
  • Pyramid R1664 Laumer, Keith THE INVADERS, 8/67, (PBO; First in a thrilling new series based on the smash ABC-TV hit; A one-man war against aliens from outer space!), vg $2
  • Tor 55286 Saberhagen, Fred THE FIFTH BOOK OF LOST SWORDS: Coinspinner's's Story, 9/90, (the Sword of Chance), vg+ 2.50
  • Ace Double H- 21 Vance, Jack/ Wayman, Tony Russell THE LAST CASTLE / WORLD OF THE SLEEPER, ('67), (PBOs; Winner of the 1967 Nebula Award for Best Short Novel / Take your choice of any world or time -- but at your own peril!), vg $4; vg-f 5.00
  • Tor 51118 Saberhagen, Fred THE SIXTH BOOK OF LOST SWORDS: Mindsword's Story, 6/91, (It is up to Prince Mark of Tasavalta: his wife and kingdom, and the world, all may be lost to the Mindsword), vg+ $2
  • Ballantine 02108 Mason, Douglas R. SATELLITE 54-ZERO, 1/71, (PBO; It was a privately owned research station -- and it was also fully armed...), vg $2
  • Berkley 02601 Herbert, Frank DUNE MESSIAH, 16th, (Dune #2), vg+ 1.00
  • Ace Double D-322a/b Williams, Robert Moore THE BLUE ATOM / THE VOID BEYOND and Other Stories, ('58), (PBOs; Who controls it, controls all / Amazing tales of future super-science), fr-g (cracked binding) $3; vg-f 6.00
  • Bard 35428 Reed, Ishmael FLIGHT TO CANADA, 10/77, (A revisionist riff on the great American myth of the Civil War), g-vg 2.00
  • Curtis 07081 Williams, Robert Moore WHEN TWO WORLDS MEET: Stories of Men on Mars, ('70), (PBO; Earthman against Alien in a space age confrontation to decide the fate of the Universe), p-fr (loose pages) 2.00
  • Faw Cr P1829 Asimov, Isaac THE GODS THEMSELVES, 6/73, (won the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1972 and the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1973), g-vg $2; vg 2.50
  • Spectra 56887 Nasir, Jamil THE HIGHER SPACE, 7/96, (PBO; Science, shamanism, and a town pushed to the edge of reality), g 1.50
  • Pap Lib 63253 Vale, Rena TAURUS FOUR, 1/70, (PBO; descendants of a lost 20th-century hippie colony in the year 2270 A.D.), g-vg $2
  • DAW 447 Phillifent, John T. KING OF ARGENT, 4th, (A rebuilt man for a life-hostile planet), fr-g 1.50
  • Lancer 74941 Williams, Robert Moore ZANTHAR AT THE EDGE OF NEVER, '68, (PBO; Easy Eye edn; In the womb of time itself, men battle for the future!; Zanthar #3), g-vg 2.50
  • Pop Lib 02511 Williams, Robert Moore THE RETURN OF JONGOR, ('70), (PBO; ©1946; The mighty jungle giant and his friends penetrate a land of deadly beast-men), vg+ 4.00
  • Ace Double M-101 Brackett, Leigh PEOPLE OF THE TALISMAN / THE SECRET OF SINHARAT, ('64), (PBOs; Find the Gates of Death - and live! / Behind the banner of eternal life lies eternal horror ), fr 2.50
  • Avon 44057 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE DISPOSSESSED, 9th, (magnificent epic of an ambiguous utopia), vg-f 3.00
  • Warner 60733 Meltzer, Brad DEAD EVEN, 3/99, (529-page legal thriller), fr-g 1.00
  • Bantam A1369 Huxley, Aldous BRAVE NEW WORLD, 3rd, (The mighty novel of a soulless, streamlined Eden - and the two who escape it), vg+ 3.00
  • Avon 40519 Haldeman, Joe (ed) STUDY WAR NO MORE: A Selection of Alternatives, 10/78, (Ten masters of science fiction write of future wars and wolds without war), g 2.00
  • Ace pb 66901 Vance, Jack THE DIRDIR, ('69), (PBO; Planet of Adventure #3), vg+ 5.00
  • Lancer 73766 Williams, Robert Moore THE BELL FROM INFINITY, '68, (PBO; The ringing came from everywhere and nowhere, and Perth had to stop it before it destroyed the Solar System), g $2
  • Berkley 15290 Parker, Robert B. THIN AIR, 4/96, (Spenser mystery), g-vg 1.50
  • Tor 54162 Farland, David THE RUNELORDS: The Sum of All Men, 3rd, (Runelords #1; The very Earth is in pain; Its wounds must be healed; There must arise a new king: the Earth King must be reborn; Only then will humanity have a chance to survive), vg 2.00
  • DAW 353 Norton, Andre QUAG KEEP, 9/79, (Of dragons and dungeons; war games), g $1
  • Faw GM T2159 Deindorfer, Robert G. (ed) THE SPIES, nd, (Great TRUE Stories of Espionage; Introduction by Ladislas Farago), g (inconsequential water damage) 1.50
  • Ace pb 10704 Le Guin, Ursula K. CITY OF ILLUSIONS, nd, (the glory that had been Terra's in the golden age of the League of Worlds lost to ruthless conquerors), vg+ $2
  • Ace 66953, Le Guin, Ursula K. PLANET OF EXILE, 4th(12/74), (the eerie, murderous snowghouls were beginning to appear), vg 2.00
  • Berkley 03910 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE WORD FOR WORLD IS FOREST, 5th, (The mind-stunning SF masterpiece), vg+ 2.50
  • Ace pb 47805 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, 14th(6/77), (adds new introductory essay by author), vg+ 2.50
  • Pocket 82930 Young, Jim THE FACE OF THE DEEP, 12/79, (PBO; Bok II can know every human feeling - every one but mercy), vg 2.50
  • DAW 365 Vance, Jack EMPHYRIO, 12/79, (Was he the legendary liberator, or tomorrow's space pirate?), vg 4.00
  • DAW 361 Vance, Jack THE FACE, 11/79, (PBO; Demon Princes #4), vg-f 6.00
  • Tor 55015 Roessner, Michaela THE STARS COMPEL, 9/00, (sequel to The Stars Dispose), g-vg (Dollar General label) 2.00
  • Signet E8937 Paul, Barbara BIBBLINGS, 11/79, (PBO; The federation was out to recruit a new member world - a mineral-rich planet where madness was a way of life...), vg 3.00

Thursday, November 6, 2008

latest catalogings

Here are a bunch of used (& a few "as new") books I've managed to catalog since list entry:
  • Pap Lib 53680 White, Ted THE SPAWN OF THE DEATH MACHINE, 7/68, (PBO; Was he a barbaric superman - or a computer-created monster?), vg 3.00
  • Belmont 751 White, Ted THE JEWELS OF ELSEWHEN, 4/67, (PBO; You walk through the door into the void...), vg 3.00
  • Pyramid X1787 White, Ted & Dave Van Arnam SIDESLIP, 4/68, (PBO; Alien invaders ruled all Earth - so how come I'd never heard of them?), vg+ 3.00
  • Avon 42869 Simak, Clifford D. THEY WALKED LIKE MEN, 3/79, (One Man Against An Encroaching Alien Doom!), vg-f 2.50
  • Ace Double F-227 Brunner, John THE SPACE-TIME JUGGLER / THE ASTRONAUTS MUST NOT LAND, ('63), (PBOs; They'd left as men, but what were they now? / He tampered with the future of worlds), vg+ 5.00
  • DAW pb UE1502 Van Vogt, A.E. THE MAN WITH A THOUSAND NAMES, 5th, vg-f 2.50
  • Pocket pb 82975 Laumer, Keith A PLAGUE OF DEMONS, 12/79 (Canada printing), (From another world they come - to feed on the brains of men), vg 2.50
  • Pullman, Philip THE AMBER SPYGLASS, Knopf, 10/00, 1st US edn, (His Dark Materials #3), vg-f in dj 12.00
  • Ace Double F-119a/b Dickson, Gordon R. DELUSION WORLD / SPACIAL DELIVERY, ('61), (PBOs; If you don't look, she'll go away! / Rendezvous with a double-sized Goliath), vg+ 5.00
  • Ace pb 73293 Le Guin, Ursula K. ROCANNON'S WORLD, nd, (Rallying the primitive natives around him, Rocannon set out to prove that technology was no match for courage and love of freedom), vg+ 2.50
  • Avon 38299 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE LATHE OF HEAVEN, 6th, (highly acclaimed novel of a brilliant vision of our possible futures), vg+ 2.00
  • Dell pb 0462 Williams, Robert Moore BEACHHEAD PLANET, 1/70, (PBO; He fought the invasion of the brain-snatchers), vg+ 2.00
  • Lancer 73528 White, Ted THE SORCERESS OF QAR, '66, (PBO; sequel to Phoenix Prime; strange, paradoxical world of Qanar, where a weird, age-old magic exists as everyday reality), g-vg $2
  • Lancer 73476 White, Ted PHOENIX PRIME, '66, (PBO; A superman on Earth, Max Quest was powerless in a savagely alien world), vg+ 3.00
  • Borges, Jorge Luis LABYRINTHS: Selected Stories & Other Writings, New Directions, 22nd, (representative selection; biographical & critical introduction by editors), g-vg 4.00
  • Lessing, Doris THE FOUR-GATED CITY, Plume, 10/76, 1st thus, (A complete novel from author's masterwork Children of Violence; fifth in five-book sequence), g-vg (probably really vg) 5.00
  • Dunne, Dominick THREE COMPLETE NOVELS: The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, People Like Us & An Inconvenient Woman, Wings '94, 1st thus, (unabridged texts reset for this volume), vg+ in dj 6.00
  • Bennett, Arnold THE WOMAN WHO STOLE EVERYTHING and Other Stories, Cassell '27, 1st, front free endpaper cut out, g (pages browned, generally worn, but clean and readable; no dj) 20.00
  • Ace pb 91355 Wollheim, Donald A. & Terry Carr (eds) WORLDS BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Third Series, nd, (orig: World's Best Science Fictin: 1967), vg+ 2.50
  • Signet Classic CP217 London, Jack THE SEA-WOLF And Selected Writings, 4/64, (with an Afterword by Franklin Walker), g-vg 1.50
  • Spectra 27822 Bradbury, Ray THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, 85th, (in The Grand Master Editions series), vg-f 3.00
  • Signet Classic CP120 Yeats, W.B. THE CELTIC TWILIGHT and a selection of early poems, 3/62, (Introduction by Walter Starkie), g-vg 2.50
  • DAW 852 Reichert, Mickey Zucker BY CHAOS CURSED, 6/91, INSCRIBED by author: "To Griffin - The guy with the great name", (PBO; The Bifrost Guardians #5), vg+ 5.00
  • DAW 333 Cherryh, C.J. THE FADED SUN: SHON'JIR, 4/79, g 2.00
  • Bal U 5063 Saberhagen, Fred BERSERKER, 1/67, (PBO; linked stories; first in Berserker series), g $1; g-vg 2.00
  • Baen 87845 Bujold, Lois McMaster MEMORY, 10/97, (A Miles Vorkosigan Novel; space opera at its dramatic best), vg 3.00
  • Tor 53446 Carver, Jeffrey A. PANGLOR, 7/96, (stunning prequel that launches author's famed Star Rigger Universe), g-vg 2.00
  • Bantam a 02877 Biggle, Lloyd, Jr. MONUMENT, 5/78, (The terrifying novel about the final battle between a sensual paradise and a death-dealing civilization), vg 2.00
  • Bantam S5268 Bradbury, Ray A MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, 13th, (stories of wonder, fantasy, and delight; orig: 1959), vg 2.50
  • Ball 25557 Foster, Alan Dean STAR TREK: Log Nine, 2/77, (PBO; adapted from the animated series created by Gene Roddenberry; BEM, from script by David Gerrold), vg 3.00
  • Collins, Wilkie TALES OF TERROR AND THE SUPERNATURAL, Dover '72, (Selected & introduced by Herbert van Thal), vg 5.00
  • Sheed, Wilfrid MAX JAMISON, Arbor House Library of Contemporary Americana '86, 1st thus, (adds introduction by Jack Kroll; orig: 1970; high comedy on the edge of despair), vg+ 5.00
  • Grove B-120 Brecht, Bertolt GALILEO, 13th, (Evergreen Black Cat edn; play translated by Charles Laughton; Eric Bentley [ed & intro]), vg 2.00
  • Monarch 443 Fontenay, Charles THE DAY THE OCEANS OVERFLOWED, 5/64, (PBO; A Handful Of People Fight For Survival Against A Violent Upheaval Of Nature), vg 3.00
  • Avon V 2411 McIntosh, J.T. FLIGHT FROM REBIRTH, 7/71, (PBO; with the intelligence of a moron, Benny is disqualified for rebirth), vg $2
  • DAW 420 Cherryh, C.J. DOWNBELOW STATION, 7th, (Hugo Award novel), g-vg 2.00
  • Bantam T7499 Pedler, Kit & Gerry Davis MUTANT 59: The Plastic Eaters, 2/73, (a biological time bomb), vg 2.00
  • Berkley 03680 Anderson, Poul THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS, 4/78, (The fantasy classic of a modern warrior, an ancient realm of sorcery and a sword that sang of slaying), g-vg 2.00
  • Berkley S2069 Kelley, Leo P. THE COINS OF MURPH, 10/71, (PBO; For once Mankind made Decisions; now Murph has ordered a change in the ways of Man), g-vg 2.00
  • Ace G- 766 Hamilton, Edmond STARWOLF #3: World of the Starwolves, ('68), (PBO; stellar adventure featuring Morgan Chane, the Starwolf; epic), vg+ 2.50
  • Berkley S2101 Lem, Stanislaw SOLARIS, 12/71, (a sentient ocean; translated from the French by Joanna Kilmartin & Steve Cox), vg 3.00
  • Ace sp 65050 Shaw, Bob THE PALACE OF ETERNITY, ('69), (PBO; a novel of man's farthest future), vg 4.00
  • Ace pb 86064 Saberhagen, Fred THE VEILS OF AZLAROC, 10/78, (PBO; brings together a number of characters from a multitude of different generations as a result of a mysterious physical phenomenon that annually can capture visitors to the planet and makes them prisoners in time), vg 3.00
  • Penguin 2376 Dick, Philip K. THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, '65, (If Germany had defeated Russia..If Japan had beaten the U.S.A....), g-vg (a bit of water damage) 4.00
  • Manor 12410 Dick, Philip K. NOW WAIT FOR LAST YEAR, '76, (She had tried other drugs, but JJ180 promised a greater thrill), g-vg 5.00
  • Rorem, Ned WINGS OF FRIENDSHIP: Selected Letters, 1944-2003, Shoemaker & Hoard ('05), 1st, (texts of self-invention), as new 6.00
  • Merwin, W.S. SUMMER DOORWAYS, Shoemaker & Hoard ('05), 1st, (tells the story of the poet's youth a few years before he won the Yale Younger Poets Award in 1952), as new in dj 6.00
  • Glass, Julia THE WHOLE WORLD OVER, Hutchinson '06, 1st, (another tale that pays tribute to the extraordinary complexities of love, by the author of Three Junes; 513 pages), as new in dj 6.00
  • Merwin, W.S. THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: Essays, Shoemaker & Hoard ('04), 1st, (unique journeys by poet, and naturalist, writing at the top of his form), as new in dj 6.00
  • Raine, Craig T.S. ELIOT, Oxford Lives and Legacies, Oxford '06, 3rd, (brilliant exploration), as new in dj 5.00
  • Ellroy, James THE BLACK DAHLIA, Mysterious, 6th, (crime masterpiece; afterword by author), remainder mark, as new (but with a few pages mistrimmed) 4.00
  • Galliono, Rev. Antonio TORTURES AND TORMENTS OF THE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS, Feral House ('04), 1st thus, (new edition inclues historic and contemporary illustrations, and a forensic investigation into the Crucifixion that inspired Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ), as new 6.00
  • Byron, Robert THE ROAD TO OXIANA, Oxford '07, (first published in 1937; adds 2006 preface by Rory Stewart; certainly the wittiest book, and perhaps the wisest, written in English about Iran), as new 5.00
  • Conee, Earl & Theodore Sider RIDDLES OF EXISTENCE: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics, Oxford, 3rd, (makes metaphysics genuinely accessible, even fun), as new in dj 7.00
  • Woodruff, Paul REVERENCE: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue, Oxford, 7th, (An elegant meditation; reveals how awe for things greater than oneself can, and must, be a touchstone for other virtues like respect, humility, and charity; ranges widely over diverse cultural terrain), as new 4.00
  • Berry, Wendell A CONTINUOUS HARMONY: Essays Cultural and Agricultural, Shoemaker & Hoard ('04), 1st thus, (author's second collection of essays, first published in 1972), as new 4.00
  • Berry, Wendell THE LONG-LEGGED HOUSE, Shoemaker & Hoard '04, (author's first collection of essays, first published in 1969), as new 5.00
  • DAW 486 Piserchia, Doris THE DIMENSIONEERS, 6/82, (PBO; she had always been able to link minds with an equally weird mutated lion and skip into the worlds of the fourth dimension), vg 2.50
  • Pyramid T2237 Smith, E.E. "Doc" SKYLARK OF VALERON, 5th(6/70), (Skylark #3; Adventures beyond the Universe - Skylark in a world of four dimensions), vg+ 3.00
  • Monarch 354 Hatch, Gerald THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE, 6/63, (PBO; Mankind Was Facing A Terrible New Ice Age And No One Knew How To Halt The Deadly Event), vg 3.00
  • Dell pb 8527 Janifer, Laurence M. POWER, 9/74, (PBO; Earth had grown great - and corrupt; A rebel spaceship - in a gamble that would either save or destroy Empire Earth), vg 2.00
  • Ace H- 26 Davidson, Avram (ed) THE BEST FROM FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION: 13th Series, nd, (stories from 1962-4; Bester, Vance, Ballard, Henderson, Harrison, Davidson, etc.), vg+ 3.00
  • Del Rey 29696 Silverberg, Robert UP THE LINE, 4th(6/81), (The sensuous time traveler could make love down trough the ages - unless he grew careless along the way), g 2.00
  • Pocket pb 83296 Anderson, Chester THE BUTTERFLY KID, 8/80, (orig: 1967; When the intergalactic battle begins, the world will be won by wit, imagination and Chester Anderson!), vg-f 15.00
[all 10% discount]

new pbs cataloged

A trio of new pbs that came in long ago, on hold for customers probably lost:
[all 30% discount]

Monday, October 20, 2008

new catalog listings

---It's been a while since I transferred the latest catalog listings to here, so here they are:
  • Ace Double F-161 Grinnell, David / Brunner, John DESTINY'S ORBIT / TIMES WITHOUT NUMBER, ('62), (He sought an empire in the stars / Beware of the masters of "If"), vg-f 5.00
  • Bal U 2214 Vance, Jack FUTURE TENSE, 6/64, (PBO; Four brilliant diversities in science fiction), g 4.00
  • Wharton, Edith THE CUSTOM OF THE COUNTRY, Scribners, 5th, (photoreprint; in Contemporary Classics series; orig: 1913; 594 pages), vg+ 5.00
  • Wharton, Edith HUDSON RIVER BRACKETED, Scribners '85, 1st pb thus, (orig: 1929; provides a candid and often biting critique of New York's literary life in the 1920s; 536 pages), vg+ 5.00
  • Mann, Thomas THE HOLY SINNER, Knopf '51, 1st edn, (translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter), ex-libr else g in dj (pretty good reading copy) 5.00
  • Cady, Jack SINGLETON, Madrona '81, (captures as no other novel ever has the thrill of driving a truck), ex-libr else vg+ in vg+ dj 10.00
  • Andreyev, Leonid HE WHO GETS SLAPPED, French's Standard Library Edition, nd, (©1949; perhaps author's best dramatic work; translated from the Russian with an introduction by Gregory Zilboorg), vg 5.00
  • Simon, Neil LONDON SUITE: A Comedy, Samuel French, nd, (©'96; play), vg-f 5.00
  • Wolfe, Gene THE KNIGHT, Tor, 1/04, 1st edn, (Wizard Knight #1), vg+ in dj $10
  • Rotter, Pat (ed) BITCHES AND SAD LADIES: An Anthology of Fiction by and About Women, Harper's Magazine Press '75, 1st edn, (not just women's fiction; 432 pages), vg in dj 10.00
  • Coward, Noel THREE PLAYS, Grove, 2nd('81), (Blithe Spirit, Hay Fever & Private Lives; Edward Albee intro), vg 4.00
  • Anchor A54 Strindberg, August SIX PLAYS OF STRINDBERG, nd, (©'55; In new translations by Elizabeth Sprigge), g-vg 3.00
  • Fawcett Premier 30795 Oates, Joyce Carol WHERE ARE YOU GOING, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?: Stories of Young America, 4th, vg 3.00
  • Ballantine U2191 Dick, Philip K. MARTIAN TIME-SLIP, ('64), (PBO; A deathly trap waits for the colonists on Mars), vg+ 10.00
  • Ace 36331 Pohl, Frederik (ed) THE SECOND IF READER OF SCIENCE FICTION, nd, (Asimov, Aldiss, Budrys, Niven, Laumer, Clement, etc.), g-vg 2.00
  • Ace Double 42900 Carter, Lin / Smith, George H. TOWER OF THE MEDUSA / KAR KABALLA, ('69), (PBOs; The most dangerous thing in the universe - for the taking! / Science fights magic on Earth's twin), g-vg 3.00
  • Fontana 2872 Soyinka, Wole THE INTERPRETERS, 3rd(10/74), (Nigeria today... the men cynical but passionate, the women lusty, proud and raw; five peope who become reluctantly involved in an evangelical cult - with dramatic consequences; first novel by Nobel laureate), vg+ 6.00
  • Hoagland, Edward THE EDWARD HOAGLAND READER, Random House '79, 1st edn, (superb essays by latter-day Thoreau; Geoffrey Wolff [ed & intro]), vg in price-clipped dj 10.00
  • Nathan, Robert PORTRAIT OF JENNIE, Knopf, 24th(12/74), (fantasy masterpiece), vg+ in vg dj 10.00
  • Gilliatt, Penelope SPLENDID LIVES, Coward McCann & Geoghegan '78, 1st US edn, (stories), vg+ in dj 10.00
  • Márquez, Gabriel García COLLECTED STORIES, Harper & Row '84, 1st edn, (first combined edition; originally published in Spanish in three separate volumes), vg+ in dj 15.00
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis THE FABULOUS RACONTEUR, Juniper Forgotten Classics of Mystery Volume IV, nd, (contains The Wrecker, The Suicide Club, The Pavillion on the Links, The Sire of Maletroit's Door and Thrawn Janet), g-vg in price-clipped dj 8.00
  • Vinge, Joan D. THE HEAVEN CHRONICLES, SFBC ('91), (classic novellas "Legacy" & "The Outcasts of Heaven Belt"), vg-f in dj 5.00
  • Leiber, Fritz THE BIG TIME, SFBC ('82), (What if you were drafted into a war without end?; winner of the 1958 Hugo Award for Best Novel), vg-f in dj 5.00
  • Tor 53346 Barnes, John KALEIDOSCOPE CENTURY, 2nd, (dazzling, pyrotechnic vision of a harrowing future), vg-f 3.00
  • Ace pb 87855 Van Vogt, A.E. THE WEAPON SHOPS OF ISHER, nd, (© 1951; Imagine an empire of the far future, dictatorial, proud, all-conquering, whose citizens could defy it at will by merely entering a store and buying a gun! The guns would be super-weapons that the Empire couldn't duplicate or defeat - and the stores would be impregnable fortresses open to everyone except soldiers and policemen!), vg $3
  • Avon G- 1096 Simak, Clifford THE WORLDS OF CLIFFORD SIMAK, nd, (Six science-fiction stories from the $3.75 edition), g-vg 2.50
  • Del Rey 25474 de Camp, L. Sprague THE BEST OF L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP, 5/78, (deft delights; Poul Anderson intro), hole punch in cover, otherwise vg 3.00
  • DAW 294 Bayley, Barrington J. STAR WINDS, 6/78, (PBO; The ship that sailed to Mars...and beyond), vg+ 3.00
  • Pop Lib 08465 Atwood, Margaret SURFACING, 9th, (The most shattering novel a woman ever wrote --), g (underlining) 2.00
  • Pinnacle 00388 Forester, C.S. COMMODORE HORNBLOWER, 3/75, (#8 in saga), vg-f 3.00
  • Penguin Classics L86 Huysmans, J.-K. AGAINST NATURE, 2nd('66), (caused a sensation when first published in 1884; translation by Robet Baldick), vg 2.50
  • Huxley, Aldous THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN, Book Club ('53), (brilliant historical narrative), The Bookfind News #132 leaves laid in (with info on this selection), vg+ in creased dj 5.00
---Note that I now provide links to covershots. It's a little bit extra work for me but I hope it's useful (or interesting or entertaining) being able to catch a glimpse of the actual book cover. Also note that I'm listing more non-fantastical type books. I will still have plenty of sf/f/h genre books to list, but I will stick in everything else I happen to run onto as well. Most of it is things that happened to look interesting to me, or that I thought seemed like a pretty good bargain, or that I thought someone else might be interested in getting, or perhaps a few other reasons -- some maybe not so good -- but here they are anyway. (Discount on all these is 10%, if you didn't already know that.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new arrivals from Ash-Tree

---Here today:
Olson, Danel (ed) EXOTIC GOTHIC 2: New Tales of Taboo, Ash-Tree '08, 1st, (almost viral in its adaptability, the nouveau Gothique transforms itself in these pages, feeding off broader cultural anxieties; skillfully violating conventions of horror and suspense—and opening the door to other genres including fantasy, historical account, and travel narrative—the freshness of its stories infects us with something unknown; our old expectations offer no antibodies to this latest mutation), new in dj 49.00

Finch, Paul GHOST REALM, Ash-Tree '08, 1st, (nine terrifying stories; your tour bus awaits: journey from Cornwall to Essex, from the Midlands to East Anglia, from London to Scotland, visit the North of England and Wales; one thing is certain: with Ghost Realm as your guide, any preconceptions you may have of Britain will be changed—forever), new in dj 49.00
---Discount: 20%

Saturday, October 11, 2008

new Space and Time

Here today:
SPACE AND TIME #105, win/08, (The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction; Darrell Schweitzer, Maurice G. Broaddus, David McGillveray, Patrick Thomas), new 5.00
[discount: 20%]

Monday, September 29, 2008

new issue of Not One of Us

Here today:
NOT ONE OF US #40, 10/08, John Benson, (stories and poems outside the norm; explores "otherness" from every fictional angle; waiting or leaving issue), new 4.50
(discount: 20%)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

latest catalogings

Here's a hodgepodge of books just cataloged:
  • Tor 53206 Bova, Ben VOYAGERS II: The Alien Within, 1/87, g $1
  • Del Rey 32348 Hawkins, Ward SWORD OF FIRE, 10/85, (PBO; Harry Borg & Gass, the inimitable lizard-men from Essa!), g $1
  • Del Rey 30898 Asimov, Isaac FOUNDATION'S EDGE, 11/83, (Foundation #4), g 1.50
  • Del Rey 30887 Drew, Wayland THE MEMOIRS OF ALCHERINGIA, 5/84, (PBO; Erthring Cycle #1; His desire for knowledge made him dangerous to his people but too valuable to kill!), g 1.50
  • Ace 78053 McIntyre, Vonda N. STARFARERS, 4/89, (Scientists...or renegades?), g-vg $2
  • Del Rey 29853 Brown, Fredric MARTIANS, GO HOME, 3rd(10/81), (They were little green men, but with a difference...and what a difference!), g-vg 2.50
  • Del Rey 31488 Daley, Brian JINX ON A TERRAN INHERITANCE , 12/85, (PBO; A blazing new Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh adventure), g-vg 1.50
  • Faw GM 3980 Goldin, Stephen MIND FLIGHT, ('78), 1st, (PBO; A searing novel of an interplanetary spy out in the cold and on the run, cursed with a telepathic gift that could both save and destroy him!), vg+ 2.50
  • Roberts, Adam THE SNOW, Gollancz '04, 1st (pb variant), (It falls and falls and falls...until it lies three miles thick across the whole of the earth), vg-f 8.00
  • Lancer 72-740 Williamson, Jack GOLDEN BLOOD, 7/64, (PBO; gem from the golden age of Weird Tales; science and sorcery battle in a desert of mystery - and one man fights alone against odds of unimaginable evil), vg 4.00
  • Oates, Joyce Carol RAPE: A Love Story, Otto Penzler/Carroll & Graf '03, 1st, (assailants also killed her grandmother's longhaired orange cat), as new in dj 8.00
  • Morris, Wright WRITING MY LIFE: An Autobiography, Black Sparrow ('93), (brings together in one volume the memoirs of National Book Award winner), as new 10.00
  • Gilbar, Steven & Dean Stewart (ed) PUBLISHED & PERISHED: Memoria, Eulogies & Remembarances of American Writers, Godine '02, 1st edn, (47 well considered and often startlingly honest appraisals of great names in American literature, memorialized, eulogized, and sometimes criticized by their closest friends and peers), as new in dj 6.00

Monday, September 22, 2008

new catalog listings

Being able to stick in links to covershots has got me going a little bit. Since the last couple of new books (from Ash-Tree and Stark House) were cataloged a few days ago, I've added these used books (with links to covershots):
  • Ace Double D-427 Williams, Robert Moore WORLD OF THE MASTERMINDS / TO THE END OF TIME and Other Stories, ('60), (PBOs), vg-f 7.50
  • Pyramid F829 Brunner, John THE DREAMING EARTH, 2/63, (PBO; The planet was overcrowded - until people started vanishing into thin air!), vg 3.00
  • Ballantine U2219 Brunner, John THE WHOLE MAN, 8/64, (PBO; He was a menace - the ultimate power in controlled telepathy!), vg-f 5.00
  • Ace D-530 Williams, Robert Moore THE DAY THEY H-BOMBED LOS ANGELES, ('61), (PBO; The coming of the zombies - pitiful handful of survivors), vg (binding a bit askew, otherwise vg-f) 8.00
  • Signet P3113 Brunner, John THE PRODUCTIONS OF TIME, 2/67, (PBO; A sadistic playwright's avant-garde theater thrusts a troupe of actors into an experiment in programmed perversion), g-vg $2; vg (small price label) 3.00
  • Ace F- 350 Bradley, Marion Zimmer STAR OF DANGER, ('65), (PBO; Darkover; He ventured where expert spacemen never dared), g-vg $2; vg (small price label) 3.50
  • Ace F- 303 Bradley, Marion Zimmer THE BLOODY SUN, ('64), (PBO; Darkover; The stranger who comes home does not make himself at home but makes home strange), vg $4; vg+ 5.00
  • Ace pb 84601 Carr, Terry (ed) UNIVERSE 2, ('72), (PBO; all-new stories; Ellison, Wolfe, Lafferty, Silverberg, etc.), g-vg 2.50 (no link to covershot on this one - evidently I missed snapping this)
  • Ballantine 72019 Brunner, John DOUBLE, DOUBLE, 1/69, (PBO), g-vg $1; vg-f 3.00
  • Belmont Double 00081 Brunner, John / Duncan, Bruce FATHER OF LIES / MIRROR IMAGE, 10/68, (PBOs; Which is the real world? / ...And who are the real men?), vg 5.00
  • Lessing, Doris STORIES, Vintage, 4/80, (major collection; contains all of author's short fiction by 1978, other than the stories set in Africa), vg 5.00
  • Twain, Mark THE UNABRIDGED MARK TWAIN 1 & 2, Running Press, 11th & 6th printings, (contains every major piece of fiction by Twain; 1289 & 1118 pages), the pair, g-vg & vg 12.00
  • Wodehouse, P.G. NOTHING BUT WODEHOUSE, Garden City/Book Club, nd, (three wildly hilarious volumes in one; Ogden Nash [ed]), vg in dj 6.00
  • Craig, Patricia (ed) THE OXFORD BOOK OF ENGLISH DETECTIVE STORIES, Oxford '90, (gathers together a wide range of stories, many unfamiliar; the cream of crime; 554 pages), vg+ in dj 8.00
  • Naipaul, V.S. THE RETURN OF EVA PERON, Knopf '80, 1st edn, (with The Killings in Trinidad; essays), vg in dj 10.00
  • London, Jack STORIES: The Call of the Wild, The Cruise of the Dazzler and Other Stories of Adventure, Platt & Munk Great Writers Collection ('60), (with the Author's Special Report: Gold Hunters of the North; 528 pages), g (solid, clean) 4.00
  • Williamson, Jack THREE FROM THE LEGION, SFBC, nd (code J47 on p535), (collects The Legion of Space, The Cometeers & One Against the Legion; 536 pages), "Things to Come" (12/79) leaflet laid in, vg+ in vg dj 7.00
  • Drew, Wayland THE ERTHRING CYCLE, SFBC, nd (code Q35 on p656), (3-in-1 omnibus edn; collects The Memoirs of Alcheringia, The Gaian Expedient & The Master of Norriya; 659 pages), vg+ in dj 5.00

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more fun with flickr

Well, I wasted just about the entire day yesterday making covershots for all the books acquired lately -- mostly from the big Planned Parenthood book sale. Included in the batch were a couple new arrivals: ones from Stark House and Ash-Tree, the latest in standing orders I need to catalog -- as well as a couple from a Barnes & Noble at the shopping mall over the weekend that looked good (Five Novels, big omnibi each by James Fennimore Cooper and Bram Stoker). Total covershots taken yesterday: 233. This ran up against a limit for a free flickr account, so I went ahead and upgraded to a pro account. If you want to see the books for yourself, you can view them as a slideshow. Lots of fun! I will try to add descriptions to the books as they become available. Seems flickr in their community guidelines frowns on commercial enterprise, so I won’t include condition grading and pricing in my descriptions, but I will link from the book title in my catalog listings to the covershots on flickr.
---This morning I added another batch of internet-ready photos -- the ones I’ve uploaded to my listings. These are already cataloged and can be found in the listings. When I get a chance I might copy some of the cataloguing information and use it in the photo descriptions.
---Now that I’m catching the (shutter-) bug again, maybe I’ll see what non-covershot pix I might have -- and maybe start carrying the camera around for a few snaps somewhere else besides on the graymat in the sunroom.

Monday, September 15, 2008

new arrival from Ash-Tree

Here today:
Probert, John Llewellyn COFFIN NAILS, Ash-Tree, 7/08, 1st, one of 400 copies, (eighteen tales designed to make you gasp with horror and shudder with delight), new in dj 49.00
(discount: 20%)

covershots on flickr

Fooling around with the computer this morning I took the covershots for the box of books I just opened for cataloguing and put them on flickr. I'm sure I'm far from having it all figured out, but I believe you can check them out for yourself at As I catalog them, perhaps I will add the catalog entries to the descriptions.
---Speaking of covershots, I have quite a few more to take piled up in the sunroom, of books picked up at the big Planned Parenthood booksale over the past weekend. I will try to get these up on flickr too -- one of those things I will wonder why it took me so long to glom onto.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

new arrival from Stark House

Here today:
Miller, Wade THE KILLER / DEVIL ON TWO STICKS: Two Mysteries, Stark House Noir Classics, 9/08, 1st thus, (collects 1951 Gold Medal pb & 1949 hc reprinted by Signet in 1950 as Killer's Choice; adds intro by Bob Wade & "Bob Wade and Bill Miller: The Deadly Collaboration" by David Laurence Wilson), new 17.95
(discount: 20%)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

books added to biblio listings

As well as to my own catalog listings, these older pre-ISBN paperbacks have also been added to my biblio listings, where my covershot images have also been uploaded to accompany the descriptions:
  • Ace Double D-517 Simak, Clifford / Chandler, A. Bertram THE TROUBLE WITH TYCHO / BRING BACK YESTERDAY, ('61), (PBOs), vg+ (small price sticker) 4.00
  • Ace Double F-117 Chandler, A. Bertram / Bradley, Marion Zimmer RENDEZVOUS ON A LOST WORLD / THE DOOR THROUGH SPACE, ('61), (PBOs; Prisoners of a Cybernetic Paradise / Beware of the 4-D demons), vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
  • Ace Double F-123 Silverberg, Robert / Brackett, Leigh COLLISION COURSE / THE NEMESIS FROM TERRA, ('61), (PBOs), g $2; vg (small price sticker) $3; vg+ 5.00
  • Ace Double F-133 Chandler, A Bertram / Brunner, John THE RIM OF SPACE / SECRET AGENT OF TERRA, ('62), (the Brunner half is a PBO; blurb: Vultures from the A-Power orbit), g-vg $3; vg (small price label) $4; vg-f 5.00
  • Ace Double F-153 Bradley, Marion Zimmer THE SWORD OF ALDONES / THE PLANET SAVERS, ('62), (PBOs; Darkover), g-vg 3.50
  • Ace Double F-187 Brackett, Leigh / Wallis, G. McDonald ALPHA CENTAURI OR DIE! / LEGEND OF LOST EARTH, ('63), (PBOs; Robot alert - stop that starship! / Only traitors talk of Terra), vg+ 5.00
  • Ace Double F-215 Brunner, John /Roberts, Jane LISTEN! THE STARS! / THE REBELLERS, ('63), (PBOs; Tune in on eternity - and disappear / The Population Explosion conspiracy), g-vg (small price label) $3; vg 4.00
  • Ace Double F-242 Brunner, John CASTAWAYS WORLD / THE RITES OF OHE, ('63), (PBOs), vg+ (small price label) 4.00
  • Ace Double G-592 Brunner, John / Rackham, John A PLANET OF YOUR OWN / THE BEASTS OF KOHL, ('66), (PBOs), vg+ 4.00
  • Ace Double M-141 Vance, Jack THE MANY WORLDS OF MAGNUS RIDOLPH / THE BRAINS OF EARTH, ('66), (PBOs), vg+ (small price sticker) $7; vg+ 8.00
  • Ace F-320 Woodcott, Keith (=John Brunner) THE MARTIAN SPHINX, ('65), (PBO; Was it a message from Mars or an interplanetary trap?), vg (small price sticker) $3; vg-f 4.00
  • Ace G-664 Brunner, John BORN UNDER MARS, ('67), (PBO; The two branches of humanity converged on the Red Planet), g-vg (small price sticker) $2; vg 3.00
  • Ace G-669 Brackett, Leigh THE COMING OF THE TERRANS, ('67), (PBO; Could Earthmen stand against the forgotten sicnece of the Red Planet?), vg+ (small price sticker) $4; vg-f 5.00
  • Ace G-688 Vance, Jack CITY OF THE CHASCH, ('68), (PBO; Planet of Adventure #1), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
  • Ace S- 90 Williams, Robert Moore THE CHAOS FIGHTERS, ('55), (PBO; People were disappearing into space!; For Sale -- Homo Sapiens!), fr-g $2; g $3; vg (small price label) 4.00
  • Ballantine U6035 Brunner, John THE SQUARES OF THE CITY, 12/65, (PBO; sociological SF), g-vg $2; vg 3.00
  • Berkley F1003 Vance, Jack THE KILLING MACHINE, 11/64, (PBO; Demon Princes #2), vg 4.00
  • Dell 0441 Vance, Jack THE ANOME, 3/73, (Durdane #1), vg (small price sticker) $3; vg+ $4; vg-f 4.50
  • Lancer 72-761 Williamson, Jack THE REIGN OF WIZARDRY, '64, (PBO; The magic of the dark one enslaved the world...Theseus alone stood against it; A classic of the Unknown; orig: 1940), vg $3; vg+ (price sticker) $4; vg-f 5.00
  • Lancer 72-809 Williams, Robert Moore ZANTHAR AT MOON'S MADNESS, '68, (PBO; Zanthar #2; Men vanished when the mutant maidens attacked - but only Zanthar knew that the entire universe was in peril!), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
  • Lancer 73-644 Williams, Robert Moore VIGILANTE--21st CENTURY, '67, (orig; Super-scientific weapons gave organized criminals an advantage the law couldn't match -- until one brave man fought back), vg 2.00
  • Paperback Library 52-811 Vale, Rena BEYOND THE SEALED WORLD, 6/65, (PBO; A remarkable novel of concurrent worlds struggling for survival - and conquest! - in some future time), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
  • Paperback Library 63-479 Vale, Rena THE DAY AFTER DOOMSDAY, 11/70, (PBO; A Fantasy of Time Travel; What mysterious power chose this strange group of people to rebuild the shattered world?), vg+ 3.00
---I haven't figured out how to keep the covershots from being up-ended by the upload to biblio, but I'm pleased with their zoom feature.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

new arrival from Spectre Library

Here today:
Rousseau, Victor THE DEVIL CHAIR, Spectre Library '08, one of 200 numbered copies, (A Chronicle of the Strange Adventures of John Haynes and His Gyroscope Vehicle; hitherto unreprinted series first published in 1914 in various newspapers; Mike Ashley intro), new in dj 40.00
(discount: 20%)

Monday, August 4, 2008

newly cataloged books listed

Sure enough, I've been an abject failure in my plan to add newly cataloged books to this blog more or less as they get written. From various piles underfoot that past several days I have managed to list a few. These:
  • Lumley, Brian BEST MYTHOS TALES: Volumes One and Two (THE TAINT and Other Novellas & HAGGOPIAN and Other Stories), Subterranean '07-8, 1st edns, SIGNED "Deluxe Hardcover Edition", (previously uncollected), the pair, as a set, as new in djs 65.00
  • Berkley F905 Vance, Jack THE STAR KING, 4/64, (PBO; Demon Princes #1), g-vg $3; vg 4.00
  • Ace Double M-125a/b Vance, Jack MONSTERS IN ORBIT / THE WORLD BETWEEN and Other Stories, ('65), (origs), vg+ 7.50
  • Lancer 73094 Williams, Robert Moore ZANTHAR OF THE MANY WORLDS, '67, (orig; brilliant electronics translated to another world by strange, subatomic energy vortex, where it's do...or die!; first book in Zanthar series), vg 3.00
  • Ace pb 84600 Carr, Terry (ed) UNIVERSE 1, ('71), (orig; never-before-published science fiction stories; first-rate), vg+ (price label) 4.00
  • Ace Double M-115 Brunner, John THE REPAIRMEN OF CYCLOPS/ENIGMA FROM TANTALUS, ('65), (origs), vg+ 4.50
  • Pinnacle 00010 Britain, Dan THE GODMAKERS, ('70), (orig; will make you squirm; whether you believe or don't believe in Survival of the Spriit - ESP - Telepathy - this book is a MUST READ!), vg+ 2.00
  • Cheever, John THE STORIES OF JOHN CHEEVER, Book Club, nd, (694 pages), trade pb, vg 3.00
  • Oates, Joyce Carol (ed) AMERICAN GOTHIC TALES, Book Club ('96), (the definitive collection of chilling American fiction; Hawthorne, Poe, Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Bradbury, Anne Rice, Straub, King, and 38 others; 548 pages), vg+ in dj 3.00
  • Simenon, Georges THE MURDERER, Thorndike Large Print, nd, (psychological novel), ex-libr else vg (pictorial boards) 4.00
  • Mazzeo, Henry (ed) HAUNTINGS: Tales of the Supernatural, Book Club, ('68), (none of these stories is a spoof, but a comic undercurrent accompanies the chills in some; Derleth, Lovecraft, Bloch, Wellman, etc.; Gorey illus), vg in dj 3.00
  • Mailer, Norman THE NAKED AND THE DEAD, Owl/Holt, 4th, (great WWII novel; the debut of a prodigal and brilliant American talent), fr-g (reading copy) 4.00
  • Spectra 58903 Ryan, C.J. BURDENS OF EMPIRE, 9/07, (orig; final book in gorgeous and sexy Gloria VanDeen series), publicity release laid in, f 3.00
  • Spectra 58905 Bear, Elizabeth UNDERTOW, 2nd, (The tide is turning...; hard-edged, gritty, and wonderfully inventive military sf story that deals with international politics in a world greatly altered by global warming), publicity release laid in, f5.00
  • DAW 1355 Cherryh, C.J. PRETENDER, 2/07, (The exciting sequel to Destroyer; in Foreigner series), f 5.00
  • Tor UK 41160 Asher, Neal THE VOYAGE OF THE SABLE KEECH, '06, (PBO; ancient hive mind, ennui of immortality, nanochanger resurrection, Spatterjay virus, etc.), f 12.00
(subject to regular 10% used-book discount)

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