After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more newly cataloged books

Well, I haven't been doing a very good job of cataloging five books a day and religiously adding the listings here -- not even the first day I resolved it. Nevertheless, here's what I've managed since last posting:
RECENTLY ARRIVED NEW BOOKS [scroll down for recently-arrived used books]:
Parker, Rosalie (ed) STRANGE TALES: Volume III, Tartarus '09, 1st, (seventeen brand new stories, representing the very best of contemporary weirdness, ranging from the mythical terror of Adam Golaski's 'The Great Blind God Passing Through Us', to John Gaskin's assured ghost story, 'Party Talk', in which an elderly lady tells her disturbing tale), new in dj 50.00
POSTSCRIPTS: The A to Z of Fantastic Fiction #14, PS, spr/08, one of 200 copies SIGNED by 11 participants (this copy with number line blank), new no dj as issued (pictorial boards) 50.00
Walton, Jo SIBYLS & SPACESHIPS, NESFA, 2/09, 1st edn, one of 250 copies, (poetry chapbook; includes a section of works commissioned for the John M. Ford Endowment Fund, Jo's entertaining Nigerian Spam poems, "Three Bears Norse," and dozens more of her works addressing subjects both timeless and topical), 46-page booklet, new 12.00
Walton, Jo LIFELODE, NESFA, 2/09, 1st trade edn, #457 of 800 copies, (this Boskone 46 Guest of Honor book is a unique fantasy novel; Sharyn November intro), new in dj 25.00

USED BOOKS (and earlier new-book listings):
Tor 51371 Jordan, Robert THE DRAGON REBORN, 15th, (Wheel of Time 3; sequel to The Great Hunt; 701 pages), vg 3.00
Tor 52047 Bear, Greg EON, 13th, (hard SF epic), vg $2
Tor 52481 Bear, Greg LEGACY, 6/96, (prequel to Eon), vg $3
Adams, Douglas DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY, BBC Radio ('07), Full-Cast Dramatization, (audio book), 3 CDs (3 hrs 40 min), discs look fine, generally vg+ in paper box 12.00
Arnold, Matthew ESSAYS IN CRITICISM: Second Series, Macmillan (London), Eversley Series, 10th('08) [1908], (the last volume the author put together, and it contains some of his ripest, best, most interesting writing; on the study of poetry, Milton, Thomas Gray, Keats, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, Tolstoi, and Amiel), g-vg 6.00

Friday, December 18, 2009

order out to nesfa

Just sent off an order to NESFA Press. Should have in hand before not too long:
ANDERSON 2 (again)
DEL REY 1 (again)
[discount: 20%, as usual]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

books cataloged over the past few weeks (months)

This same information can be found in my new arrivals document, but I'll copy it here for possible extra exposure:
RECENTLY ARRIVED NEW BOOKS (or recently cataloged, anyway)
[scroll down for recently-arrived used and books]:
Shepard, Lucius THE BEST OF LUCIUS SHEPARD, Subterranean '08, 1st edn, (author's first ever career retrospective collection; 623 pages), new in dj 40.00
Živkovic, Zoran IMPOSSIBLE STORIES II, PS, 8/09, #79 of 100 SIGNED copies, (collects five more works of sharp, mind-bending prose; translated from the Serbian by Alice Copple-Tosic), SLIPCASED, new in dj 82.50
TALEBONES #39, win/09, (regrettably, the magazine's final issue), new 7.00
Delany, Samuel R. DARK REFLECTIONS, Running Press, 2nd, (beautifully crafted novel and an extraordinary meditation on deformed social attitudes), as new (but bumped) 5.00
Pronzini, Bill & Martin H. Greenberg (eds) THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PRIVATE EYE STORIES, Carroll & Graf '04, (revised edition; first published in 1988; 528 pages), as new 6.00
SPACE AND TIME #109, win/09, (The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction; Dennis Danvers, C.J. Henderson, Alma Alexander, etc.), new 5.00
Burnett, W.R. IT'S ALWAYS FOUR O'CLOCK / IRON MAN, Stark House Noir Classics, 11/09, 1st thus, (collects psychological study of a boxer and an experimental jazz novel from 1956 & 1958; David Laurence Wilson intro), new 19.95
Williamson, Jack GATEWAY TO PARADISE: The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Six, Haffner '08, 1st trade edn, (includes Reign of Wizardry; full of rarities and classics; foreword by Frederik Pohl; 573 pages), new in dj 40.00
CEMETERY DANCE #62, '09, (The Magazine of Horror and Suspense; William Peter Blatty Special Issue; tales of terror by Raisor, Morrell, Goodfellow, Southard; Part Two of a New Novella by Douglas Clegg), new 5.00
Hamilton, Edmond THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON Volume One: THE METAL GIANTS and Others, Haffner '09, 1st edn, (Robert Weinberg intro; 695 pages), new in dj 40.00
Hamilton, Edmond THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON Volume Two: THE STAR-STEALERS: The Complete Tales of the Interstellar Patrol, Haffner '09, 1st edn, (Authorized Edition; Walter Jon Williams intro; Stephen Haffner [ed]; 755 pages), new in dj 40.00
Carlson, Eric Stener THE SAINT PERPETUUS CLUB OF BUENOS AIRES, Tartarus Contemporary Fiction '09, 1st edn, (a secret society that holds the key to the salamanca, the cave where the Devil grants all wishes . . . for a price), new in dj 45.00
WORMWOOD: Literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent #13, aut/09, Tartarus, (on Shiel, Aickman, Pendarves, Maupassant; a play by Maupassant; Stableford's "The Decadent World-View"), new 15.00
NOT ONE OF US #42, 10/09, John Benson, (stories and poems outside the norm; explores "otherness" from every fictional angle; the "communication" issue; Patricia Russo, etc.), 52-page booklet, new 4.50
Irving, Washington THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW and Other Stories, Tartarus '09, limited to 300 copies, (This volume is the first to assemble all of Washington Irving's short stories in the supernatural genre, and the impressive array of work on offer makes Irving a worthy pioneer of the American weird tradition; Joshi intro; 404 + xi pages), new in dj 60.00
Zelazny, Roger THE COLLECTED STORIES OF…, Volume 3: This Mortal Mountain, NESFA, 7/09, 1st edn, (Gaiman and Hartwell intros; 575 pages), new in dj 29.00
Zelazny, Roger THE COLLECTED STORIES OF…, Volume 4: Last Exit to Babylon, NESFA, 7/09, 1st edn, (Haldeman and Brust intros; 575 pages), new in dj 29.00

USED BOOKS (and earlier new-book listings):
Penguin Classics 4327 Zola, Emile LA BETE HUMAINE, 9th, (one of author's most violent and pessimistic novels; translated with an introduction by Leonard Tancock), fr-g 1.50
Penzler, Otto (ed) DANGEROUS WOMEN, Book Club ('05), (Original Stories from Today's Greatest Suspense Writers), as new in dj 5.00
Pocket pb 64049 Bonanno, Margaret Wander STAR TREK®: Strangers from the Sky, 7/87, (PBO; the second giant Star Trek novel), vg $3; vg+ 3.50
Harvest 655141 Simenon, Georges MAIGRET'S RIVAL, '84, (mystery; vintage Maigret; translated by Helen Thomson), vg+ 2.50
Berkley N2737 Edmondson, G.C. THE ALUMINUM MAN, 1/75, (PBO; A disillusioned scientist, an angry Indian, and a beautiful girl set out to end civilization), vg-f 3.00
DAW 149 Stableford, Brian M. SWAN SONG, 5/75, (PBO; Star-Pilot Grainger #6), vg+ 2.00
Tor 54308 Klaper, Steven AGENTS OF INSIGHT, 10/86, (PBO; psi spies), vg+ $2
Tor 53616 Drake, David BRIDGEHEAD, 2/86, (PBO; time transport to stop war and save a peaceful future), vg-f 2.50
Tor 53475 Dalmas, John THE WALKAWAY CLAUSE, 10/86, (PBO; He's a professional assassin for the Galactic Confederation -- His mission was to kill a king), vg-f 2.50
Pocket 80775 Elwood, Roger (ed) VISIONS OF TOMORROW, 11/76, (PBO; An interstellar collection from the luminaries of S-F -- great tales spanning 150 years of speculative fiction), vg+ 2.50
Pocket 83155 Dozois, Gardner R. & Jack M. Dann (eds) ALIENS!, 4/80, (PBO; interior illustrations by Jack Gaughan), vg-f 3.00
DAW 408 Lee, Tanith DAY BY NIGHT, 11/80, (PBO; The planet did not rotate [or maybe it rotated once per orbit?]), vg+ 3.00
DAW 100 Farmer, Philip José HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, 4/74, (PBO; In Tarzan's Africa -- 12,000 years ago!), vg+ 5.00
DAW 230 Stableford, Brian M. CRITICAL THRESHOLD, 2/77, (PBO; The second landing of the DAEDALUS mission), vg 2.00
Spectra 26411 Estes, Rose SAGA OF THE LOST LANDS #1: Blood of the Tiger, 12/87, (PBO; When giants roamed the earth; fantasy), vg+ 3.00
Pocket 80490 Niven, Larry & Jerry Pournelle INFERNO, 5/76, (PBO; One hell of a book), vg-f 4.00
Ace 24086 Drake, David & Bill Fawcett (eds) THE FLEET #1, 5/88, (PBO; In the far reaches of space they ar mankind's last line of defense against alien forces; Featuring...Poul Anderson, Gary Gygax, Margaret Weis and Others!; original stories),vg-f 3.00
Tor 48039 Houston, David & Len Wein SWAMP THING, 4/82, (PBO; novelization of Wes Craven film), vg-f 3.00
Questar 20537 Butler, Octavia WILD SEED, 12/88, (A Patternist novel), g-vg 2.50
Pocket 77718 Russell, John Robert CABU, 4/74, (PBO; dark, primitive world, where to be "only human" was to be the highest form of life), vg+ 2.50
Ballantine 24062 Rotsler, William PATRON OF THE ARTS, 7/74, (PBO; He owned the sensatron -- and it could kill him!), vg (small price sticker) 2.50
Ace 09019 O'Riordan, Robert CADRE LUCIFER, 5/87, (PBO; The Exciting Sequel to Cadre One; Nobody's safe when the most ruthless cop in the galaxy turns renegade), vg-f 2.00
Berkley N2781 Hughes, Zach THE STORK FACTOR, 3/75, (PBO; A genetic-control system enslaves America -- until a freedom-fighter is born with the powers of PSI!), vg+ (small price sticker) 2.00
Pageant 00645 Chandler, Bryn EVE'S RIB, 1/89, (PBO; Genesis was the perfect planet to raise a new crop of exo-children, genetically bred outside the womb to meet the needs of society), vg-f (teeny-tiny cover crease) 2.50
DAW 182 Swann, Thomas Burnett THE MINIKINS OF YAM, 2/76, (PBO; neo-romantic fantasy set in ancient Egypt), vg-f 3.00
Tor 53477 Dalmas, John THE VARKAUS CONSPIRACY, 2nd, (How do you stop an invasion of supermen?), vg+ 3.00
Ace pb 47420 Farmer, Philip José THE LAVALITE WORLD, 12/77, (PBO; Tiers #5), vg+ 4.00
DAW 166 Carter, Lin (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY STORIES, 10/75, (PBO; Howard, Vance, Leiber, etc.), vg-f 5.00
Pinnacle 40184 Farmer, Philip José JESUS ON MARS, 9/79, (PBO; religion-themed SF), vg 5.00
Ace pb 06226 Berry, Stephen Ames THE BIOFAB WAR, 5/84, (PBO; Earth has been invaded! The problem is nobody knows it!), vg+ 2.00
Faw GM M3188 Bryant, Edward & Harlan Ellison PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES, 2/75, (PBO; A Novel of the Starlost; 2785 A.D.; adapted from the award-winning script by Harlan Ellison), vg 3.00
Pocket 80954 Dvorkin, David THE CHILDREN OF SHINY MOUNTAIN, 4/77, (PBO; A space-age hero betrays his own planet to save the once-great Earth!), vg+ 3.00
Faw Pr P635 Hoskins, Robert (ed) WONDERMAKERS 2, 2/74, (PBO; offers a broad view of science fiction's development over the past two decades), vg-f 3.50
DAW 394 Clayton, Jo STAR HUNTERS: A Novel of the Diadem, 7/80, (PBO), vg+ 2.50
Faw GM Q3529 Sargent, Pamela CLONED LIVES, 6/76, (PBO; 2000 A.D.-2037 A.D.: The biological time bomb has exploded and a new breed of human has taken shape), vg+ 4.00
Signet E9562 Parke, Chauncey G., III THE VISITOR, 2/81, (PBO; the ultimate nightmare; a novel that will gnaw your nerves to the screaming core), vg+ 2.00
Tor 48531 Cohen, Barney & Jim Baen THE TAKING OF SATCON STATION, 7/82, (PBO; once Queen of the Skies, she's an aging hulk now, an orbiting Chinatown), vg+ 1.75
DAW 209 Chester, William L. KIOGA OF THE WILDERNESS, 9/76, (One of the really great classics of lost-land adventure; first published in 1936), vg-f 4.00
Pocket 81888 Daniels, Max THE SPACE GUARDIAN, 8/78, (PBO; A fantasy quest to the heart of the universe!), vg-f 2.50
Tor 53906 Greenleaf, William CLARION, 10/88, (PBO; fanatical cult on lost planet), vg-f 2.50
DAW 167 Defontenay, C.I. STAR (Psi Cassiopeia), 10/75, (first published in 1854; The first epic novel of interstellar civilaztion, rediscovered for today's readers; translated from French by P.J. Sokolowski; Pierre Versins intro), vg-f 4.00
Ace pb 24087 Drake, David & Bill Fawcett (eds) THE FLEET #2: Counterattack, 12/88, (PBO; original stories; They're making the galaxy world at a time; Featuring...Piers Anthony, Janet Morris, Christopher Stasheff and others!), vg-f 3.00
Pocket 82080 Dvorkin, David THE GREEN GOD, 3/79, (PBO; a planet where the grass is yellow and the people green, and a con man is mistaken for a returning messiah), vg-f 3.00
Onyx 40109 Strickland, Brad SHADOWSHOW, 12/88, (PBO; Athaniel Badon didn't warn the men, women and teenagers who streamed into the ShadowShow that it was themselves they would see acting out the horrors on the screen), vg-f 3.00
Morrow, James THE LAST WITCHFINDER, Harper Perennial '07, 1st thus, (adds P.S. Insights, Interviews & More...; richly detailed, cerebral tale about the clash between Renaissance theology and Enlightenment science, set in late-17th-century London and colonial New England; 525+18 pages), remainder mark, vg+ 6.00
Atwood, Margaret ALIAS GRACE, Anchor, 12th, (historical novel about one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of the nineteenth century), vg 3.00
Dell pb 22268 Coben, Harlan FADE AWAY, 9th, (A Myron Bolitar Novel; Edgar Award winner), vg 2.50
Irving, Washington THE WORKS OF WASHINGTON IRVING, Vol. 3: A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada / Newstead Abbey / Abbotsford, Co-Operative Publication Society, nd, frontis, (576 pages), g-vg (hinge starting, but a solid copy, cheap paper tanned but not brown) 6.00
Woollcott, Alexander (ed) WOOLLCOTT'S SECOND READER, Viking, 3rd(3/38), (another tour of certain bypaths compiled by NY Times and New Yorker critic; 1056 pages), vg (no dj) 8.00
Valin, Jonathan LIFE'S WORK, Delacorte '86, 1st, (A Harry Stoner Novel; hard-boiled but high-minded detective tackles football players in Cincinnati), vg in dj 4.00
Landolfi, Tommaso WORDS IN COMMOTION and Other Stories, Viking '86, 1st, (Kathrine Jason [trans & ed]; Italo Calvino intro), remainder mark, vg-f in dj 10.00
Beaton, M.C. INTRODUCING AGATHA RAISIN, St. Martin's Minotaur, 10/08, 1st pb thus, (mystery; collects the first two book in series, The Quiche of Death and The Vicious Vet), vg-f 4.00
Behrman, S.N. THE TALLEY METHOD: A Play in Three Acts, Random House ('41), 1st, (adult, amusing and absorbing), g-vg in fr-g dj (about a six-inch tear at flap fold) 5.00
Presidio/Ballantine 887 Murray, Simon LEGIONNAIRE: Five Years in the French Foreign Legion, 4th, (compelling firsthand account), vg+ 2.50
Wilson, Angus ANGLO-SAXON ATTITUDES, St. Martin's, pre-5/23/96, ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOFS, (satirical novel first published in 1956; author's most popular work), vg 6.00
Hartwell, David G. (ed) THE SCIENCE FICTION CENTURY, Tor, 11/97, 1st edn, (absolutely a major anthology, with some gems you aren't too likely to come across in other places; 1005 pages), vg (no dj) 5.00
Burnshaw, Stanley ROBERT FROST HIMSELF, Braziller, 3rd(8/89), (invaluable biography), vg 3.00
Smith, Martin Cruz HAVANA BAY, Random House '99, 1st edn, (fourth Arkady Renko mystery), vg-f in dj 3.00
Jordan, Judy CAROLINA GHOST WOODS: Poems, LSU '00, 1st, (startling first collection of poems), vg-f in dj 5.00
Shapiro, Karl SELECTED POEMS, Random House '68, 1st, (big volume -- containing over two hundred poems -- represents author's own generous selections from seven collections; in addition, there are 25 previously uncollected poems), vg in g-vg dj 10.00
Wells, H.G. JOAN AND PETER: The Story of an Education, Macmillan, 9/18, 1st (US), vg 10.00
Amado, Jorge HOME IS THE SAILOR: The Whole Truth Concerning the Redoubtful Adventures of Captain Vasco Moscoso de Aragão, Master Mariner, Knopf ‘64, First American Edition [stated], (rests on a kind of philosophical or metaphysical background; translated from the Portuguese by Harriet de Onis), vg+ in fr-g dj (with word "redoubtful" circled in pencil -- no other vocabulary words seen to be circled in text of book) 10.00
Feist, Raymond E. RAGE OF A DEMON, Avon, 4/97, 1st, (Serpentwar Saga #3; Finally, ultimate war has come to the Kingdom -- and all life is in peril), vg-f in dj 5.00
DeLillo, Don LIBRA, Book Club ('88), (novel; Lee Harvey Oswald is protagonist), trade pb, vg-f 3.00
Carter, Angela BURNING YOUR BOATS: The Collected Short Stories, John Macrae/Holt '96, 1st US edn, (gathers together four published books -- Firworks, The Bloody Chamber, Black Venus & American Ghosts and Old World Wonders -- with early work and uncollected stories; Salman Rushdie intro; 462 pages), remainder mark, vg+ in dj 10.00
Updike, John ODD JOBS: Essays and Criticism, Knopf '91, First Edition [stated], (author's fourth collection of non-fictional prose; 920 pages), vg in dj 15.00
Haggard, H. Rider ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE ICE GODS: A Tale of Beginnings, Wildside Fantasy Classics, 4/02, (fourth and final volume in Allan Quatermain saga), remainder mark (?), vg+ 8.00
Zahn, Timothy THE COBRA TRILOGY, Baen, 6/06, 1st pb, (first unified publication; previously appeared in parts as Cobra, Cobra Strike and Cobra Bargain; 836 pages), vg+ 10.00
DeLillo, Don UNDERWORLD, Scribner '97, 1st, (an aria and a wolf-whistle of our half century; 827 pages), vg-f in dj 10.00
Holt, Rinehart and Winston (eds) HOLT ANTHOLOGY OF SCIENCE FICTION, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 7th('02), (middle-school text book; anthologizes some good stories), vg-f 3.00
Milne, A.A. THE WORLD OF CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, Book Club, nd, (The complete When We Were Very Young & Now We Are Six; full color illustrations by E.H. Shepard), vg-f 5.00
Bellow, Saul SEIZE THE DAY, Penguin Classics, 2nd, (Cynthia Ozick intro; 114 pages), vg-f 4.00
Southern, Terry THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, Grove Press, 4th('02), (A satire of America's obsession with bigness, toughness, money, TV, guns, and sex), vg-f 5.00
Warren, Robert Penn ALL THE KING'S MEN, Harvest/Harcourt Brace, 12th, (the definitive novel about American politics; With a foreword to the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition by Joseph Blotner; 439 pages), vg-f 4.00
Roth, Philip THE COUNTERLIFE, Vintage International, 7th, (Zuckerman novel; winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction), vg-f 4.00
Eastman, Arthur M. (general editor) THE NORTON READER: Sixth Edition, Shorter, Norton, 2nd, (An Anthology of Expository Prose; generous sampling of essays and prose pieces; 48 selections are new to this edition; 713 pages), vg+ 5.00
Berger, Thomas LITTLE BIG MAN, Delta, 19th, (claims the Western as serious literature; Brooks Landon intro), vg+ 3.00
Wiesel, Elie NIGHT, Hill and Wang '06, 1st pb of this translation, (adds new preface by author; translation by Marion Wiesel; includes Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech), Oprah's Book Club sticker, vg-f 3.00
Marquand, John P. THE LATE GEORGE APLEY, Back Bay, 3/04, (A Novel in the Form of a Memoir; winner of the Pulitzer Prize), vg-f 6.00
Faw Cr 20506 Updike, John RABBIT, RUN, 56th, (not your typical portrayal of life in the late 50's), vg+ 2.50
Ace pb 13556 McCaffrey, Anne DAMIA, 2nd, (The Rowan #2; one of the greatest telepaths ever born), vg $2
Cheever, John THE WAPSHOT CHRONICLE, Perennial Classics, 3rd('04), (National Book Award winner; Rick Moody foreword), vg-f 4.00
Jones, James FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, Delta, 4th, (The World War II Classic and National Book Award winner; 852 pages), vg-f 5.00
Ballantine 43479 Irving, John A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR, 4th, (movie tie: The Door in the Floor starring Jeff Bridges & Kim Basinger), vg-f 2.00
Hoffenstein, Samuel POEMS IN PRAISE OF PRACTICALLY NOTHING, Boni & Liveright, 5th(5/28), (includes work that had been formerly published in the New York World, the New York Tribune, Vanity Fair, the D. A. C. News, and Snappy Stories), g-vg (no dj) 6.00
Chin, Frank DONALD DUK, Coffee House '91, 3rd, (a novel; red hot chop suey laced with laughing powder and amphetamines), vg+ 4.00
Curtis 09189 Cat, Christopher (in collaboration with Countee Cullen) MY LIVES AND HOW I LOST THEM, nd, (He's Christopher Cat -- and mischief is his middle name!; previous edition © 1942 by Harper and Brothers), vg-f 2.00
Anchor 04135 Gayle, Addison, Jr. THE WAY OF THE NEW WORLD: The Black Novel in America, '76, (a provocative book -- not a standard literary criticism), vg 3.00
Whitcomb, Christopher BLACK, Little Brown, 1st edn, (novel about black ops by former FBI sniper), vg+ in dj 4.00
Powys, John Cowper PORIUS, Overlook Duckworth '07, 1st thus, (restored text; set in Wales 499 A.D., a romance of the dark ages and a gigantic work of art; new foreword by Morine Krissdótür; 751 pages), vg-f in dj 18.00
O'Brien, Tim IN THE LAKE OF THE WOODS, Penguin, 10th, (It looks evil in the face and doesn't blink), vg-f 4.00
Ian, Janis & Mike Resnick (eds) STARS: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian, DAW, 8/03, 1st, (Haldeman, Varley, Lackey, Benford, Sawyer, Turtledove, Card, etc.; 544 pages), vg-f in vg+ dj 8.00
Lessing, Doris THE FOUR-GATED CITY, Knopf '69, 1st edn [stated], (Children of Violence #5; immense, visionary novel), vg+ in g-vg dj 15.00
Bulychev, Kirill HALF A LIFE, Collier/Best of Soviet Science Fiction Series '78, (Stories of earth and space by one of Russia's most talented SF writers; Sturgeon intro), vg+ 6.00
Dick, Philip K. TIME OUT OF JOINT, Bluejay, 7/84, (His brilliant novel of reality displacement; Lous Stathis afterword), vg+ 9.00
Avon Eos 79556 Norton, Andre WIND IN THE STONE, 12/00, (fantasy), vg 3.00
Ace pb 71851 Foster, Alan Dean CODGERSPACE, 7/92, (PBO; geezers meet aliens), g-vg 2.00
Signet T2874 Lessing, Doris MARTHA QUEST, 3/66, (Children of Violence #1; a passionate, intelligent, and outraged young woman in jolting conflict with her world), vg 3.00
Fawcett Gold Medal k1427 Wormser, Richard BEDTIME STORY, ('64), (novelization; based on the hilarious motion picture starring Marlon Brando), g-vg 2.50
Tor 50832 Lumley, Brian THE HOUSE OF DOORS, 3/90, (PBO; horror; Your darkest nightmare awaits within...; 474 pages), vg $4
Signet Classic CD240 Maupassant, Guy De BOULE DE SUIF And Selected Stories, 6/64, (sampling of author's finest work, including supernatural tales "The Horla" and "The Wolf"; Andrew R. MacAndrew translation; Edward D. Sullivan foreword),vg 3.00
Mentor M19 The Committee on College Reading (eds) GOOD READING: A Guide to the World's Best Books, 4th(9/49), (How to Find Pleasure and Profit in the World's Great Literature; Brief Descriptions of More Than 1,000 Entertaining and Useful Volumes), vg+ (this book is exactly as old as I am -- and in much better condition) 4.00
Bantam 56943 Bishop, Michael BRITTLE INNINGS, 2/95, (may be the first baseball gothic; 517 pages), vg+ 4.00
Bodett, Tom THE BIG GARAGE ON CLEAR SHOT: Growing Up, Growing Old, and Going Fishing at the End of the Road, Morrow '90, 1st edn, (fresh stories from the town with no name), vg in dj 4.00
Palmer, Michael SILENT TREATMENT, Book Club ('95), (medical thriller), vg-f in dj 3.00
Harris, Thomas HANNIBAL, Delacorte, 6/99, 1st, (sequel to The Silence of the Lambs), vg+ in dj 6.00
Gernsheim, Helmut LEWIS CARROLL: PHOTOGRAPHER, Dover ('69), (with 63 photographs by Lewis Carroll; unabridged and revised republication of Max Parrish '49 edition; adds new preface by author), vg 5.00
Tepper, Sheri S. BEAUTY, SFBC ('91), (book-length faery tale), vg-f in dj 3.00
Moore, Ward GREENER THAN YOU THINK, Book Club, (#10 in Classics of Modern Science Fiction series; Zebrowski intro; Asimov foreword), trade pb, g-vg (slightly chewed corners) 3.00
Bantam 57901 Smith, Michael Marshall SPARES, 2/98, (They were raised for one chilling purpose...), g-vg 3.00
Pocket pb 49175 Niven, Larry & Jerry Pournelle THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE, 19th, g 2.00
Leisure 6089 Keene, Brian CASTAWAYS, 2/09, (PBO; monstrous half-human creatures compete on popular reality TV show), vg 3.00
Westlake, Donald E. (writing as Judson Jack Carmichael) THE SCARED STIFF, Otto Penzler/Carroll & Graf '02, 1st, (masterfully devised, antic, often hilarious, and superbly suspenseful tale), ex-libr else vg in vg (spine label) dj 4.00
Scott, Sir Walter WORKS OF WALTER SCOTT Vol XII: The Fair Maid of Perth / Anne of Geierstein or The Maiden of the Mist, National Library Company, Edition De Luxe, nd (but old), Limited to One Thousand Sets, frontis, (Chronicles of the Canongate, Second Series; 466+482+xvii+xv pages), g-vg (hinge barely starting, but a solid, clean copy) 10.00
Penguin Plays PL2 Shaw, Bernard THREE PLAYS FOR PURITANS: The Devil's Disciple, Cæsar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound's Conversation, 8th('62), g (browned pages) 2.50
Amis, Martin HOUSE OF MEETINGS, Knopf, 3rd(2/07), (love story, gothic in timbre and triangular in shape), as new in dj 6.00
Fuentes, Carlos THE EAGLE'S THRONE, Random House, 2nd, (A Novel; conflict between Mexico and the US in the near future; translated by Kristina Cordero), f in dj 6.00
Hicks, Stephen R.C. & David Kelley (eds) READINGS FOR LOGICAL ANALYSIS: Second Edition, Norton, 5th, (previous edition published as The Art of Reasoning; ideal supplement for courses in logic or critical thinking), vg-f 6.00
Peters, Tom THE PURSUIT OF WOW!: Every Person's Guide to Topsy-Turvy Times, Vintage, 4th, (a practical guide to impractical times, containing the tactics and strategies you'll need to get on the bullet train), vg-f 3.00
Church, James A CORPSE IN THE KORYO, Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Minotaur, 5th, (A Mystery; set in North Korea, written pseudonymously by veteran intelligence officer; author's debut), as new in dj 5.00
DeLillo, Don COSMOPOLIS, Scribner '03, 1st, (An all-day--and book-length--chauffeured trip across midtown Manhattan exposes author's cool, New Economy protagonist to an assortment of characters in this critique of hypercapitalism), vg-f in dj 6.00
Greene, Graham BRIGHTON ROCK, Viking '81, The Collected Edition, (classic novel of murder and menace, originally published in 1938), ex-libr else g-vg in g-vg dj 3.00
HarperEntertainment 07635 Quick, William T. PLANET OF THE APES™, 8/01, (PBO; movie novelization; color stills), vg-f 3.00
Bantam 10879 Watson, Ian THE JOHAH KIT, 2/78, (A child and a dead cosmonaut -- joined in the brain of a giant whale!), vg+ 3.00
Du Maurier, Daphne HUNGRY HILL, Doubleday '43, (the fortunes and fates of five generations of an Anglo-Irish family are bound to their copper mine on Hungry Hill), ex-libr else fr 2.00
Ace pb 47812 Le Guin, Ursula K. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, 49th, (intro by author), g-vg 1.50
Harvest 634040 Lem, Stanislaw THE FUTUROLOGICAL CONGRESS, '85, (A vision of earth's future where the authorities dose the population with "psychochemicals" to make life in a desperately over-populated world worth living; translated by Michael Kandel), vg+ 4.00
Del Rey 34432 Sheffield, Charles TRADER'S WORLD, 11/88, (PBO; Mike Asparian; set on an Earth recovering from a worldwide war; some sections previously published as novelets in Analog), vg+ 2.50
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Eco, Umberto FOUCAULT'S PENDULUM, Helen and Kurt Wolff/HBJ, 2nd, (An enthralling mystery, a breathtaking rollercoaster ride through a world of ideas and aberrations, an adventure into the modern mind; translated by William Weaver; 641 pages), vg in dj 5.00
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Eddings, David & Leigh THE REDEMPTION OF ALTHALUS, Del Rey, 1/01, 1st US, (epic fantasy, to be savored in the reading and returned to again and again for the wisdom, excitement, and humor that only the Eddingses can provide), vg-fin dj 5.00
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Penguin Plays PL10 Shaw, Bernard ANDROCLES AND THE LION: An Old Fable Renovated, 5th('61), (takes on both modern and supposed early Christianity, including cultural clash between Jesus' teachings and traditional Roman values; includes "Preface on the Prospects of Christianity" which is longer than the play itself), g 2.00
Spectra 29360 Weis, Margaret KING'S SACRIFICE, 11/91, (PBO; Star of the Guardians #3), vg+ 2.00
Tor 53078 Hinz, Christopher ASH OCK, 2nd, (Paratwa #2; a thumping high-tech tale; Earth is a blistered wasteland), vg+ $3
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Timescape 41616 Wolfe, Gene THE CLAW OF THE CONCILIATOR, 2/82, (Book of the New Sun #2), vg $3
St Martin's 90033 Watson, Ian DEATHHUNTER, 7/87, (creative beyond the boundaries of ordinary imagination), g $1
Hawthorne, Nathaniel HAWTHORNE'S WORKS: Snow Image / Blithedale Romance, Crowell (©1899, 1902), no statement of printing on copyright page; frontis, plates; (Katherine Lee "America the Beautiful" Bates intro; 212 + 231 + xviii + xvii pages), cheap paper but in good shape, good binding, signs of pocket or bookplate removal on front paste-down endpaper but no other ex-library indicators, gold gilt top edge, overall g-vg 10.00
Bowen, Elizabeth THE HOUSE IN PARIS, Knopf '36, (1st US), "published March 2, 1936" on copyright page; 1936 date on title page; $2.50 price on dust jacket, (one of author’s most artful and psychologically acute novels; a timeless masterpiece of nuance and atmosphere), g-vg in fr dj 10.00
Dent, Tory HIV, MON AMOUR: Poems, Sheep Meadow ('99), (contains unflinching, graphically detailed verse accounts of her fight with AIDS, the unending medical appointments she endured and a daily existence lived in defiance of it; won the 1999 James Laughlin Award and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award), f in vg+ dj 6.00
Tor Double 2 Bear, Greg / Zahn, Timothy HARDFOUGHT / CASCADE POINT, 11/88, (PBO; side one is the 1983 Nebula winner for best novella and side two is the Hugo Winner), vg 3.00
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Burke, James Lee CRUSADER'S CROSS, Simon & Schuster '05, 1st, (A Dave Robicheaux Novel; a darkly suspenseful work of literature), vg in dj 4.00
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CALIBAN 5, '88, (redefines the avant-garde; Lawrence R. Smith [ed]), perfectbound, vg-f 5.00
Ammons, A.R. (guest poetry editor) CHELSEA 20/21: Art ex Machina, 5/67, de Palchi, (poems having to do with science and technology; articles by Mortimer Schiff, Andy Warhol, Gordon Mumma & Gerald Oster; Roy Lichtenstein cover & back cover art; Alfredo de Palchi & Sonia Raziss [eds]), g-vg (a bit of fraying at top of spine) 18.00
Laughlin, James (ed) NEW DIRECTIONS 18, New Directions ('64), (1st), (PBO; exhibition gallery for experimental and unconventional writing; includes "The Supermale", a complete novel by Alfred Jarry, and three stories by Raymond Roussel, with an essay on Roussel's work by Rayner Heppenstall), vg+ 6.50
Agee, James SELECTED JOURNALISM, Tennessee, 2nd('85), (prescient and perceptive pieces, written between 1932 and 1948; Paul Ashdown [ed & intro]; ), vg-f in dj 10.00
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Justice, Donald NIGHT LIGHT, Wesleyan ('67), 1st edn, (poems), g-vg (a little bit of water damage, but not much) in dj 5.00
Ewers, Hanns Heinz NACHTMAHR: Strange Tales, Side Real '09, one of 350 numbered copies, (stories, including some newly translated works, together with Ewers essay/paean to Edgar Allan Poe first published in English in 1917; 349 pages), new no dj as issued (pictorial boards), as new 65.00
Strantzas, Simon COLD TO THE TOUCH, Tartarus '09, 1st, (tales of strangeness and surrealism), new in dj 45.00
Pocket pb 54002 Carey, Diane FIRST STRIKE, 7th, (Invasion! #1 of 4; Star Trek #79), vg 2.00
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Christine de Pisan THE TREASURE OF THE CITY OF LADIES, or The Book of the Three Virtues, Penguin Classics, 5th, (written in 1405, offers a practical survival manual for women; Sarah Lawson [trans & intro]), ex-libr else fr (good reading copy) 2.00
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Adams, Richard SHARDIK, Overlook Duckworth, 2nd, (powerful fantasy epic; Silverberg intro; 604 pages), as new 6.00
Carr, Caleb THE LESSONS OF TERROR: A History of Warfare Against Civilians, Random House '03, (Revised and Updated; provocative), vg 4.00Gibbon, Edward THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, Modern Library Classics, 3rd, (Edited, Abridged, and with a Critical Foreword by Hans-Friedrich Mueller; Boorstin intro; Piranesi illustrations; 1259 pages), vg 6.00
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Ace Double 76380 Temple, Willliam F. THE THREE SUNS OF AMARA / BATTLE ON VENUS, 2nd(6/73), (Where the natural laws of the universe are suspended, so is sanity / The first men on venus -- caught in a remote-controlled, thousand-year-old war), vg+ 4.00
Ace Double D-517 Simak, Clifford / Chandler, A. Bertram THE TROUBLE WITH TYCHO / BRING BACK YESTERDAY, ('61), (PBOs; Treasure Trove in the Haunted Crater / Spaceman on a Time Tangent), g-vg $3
Pocket pb 69880 Dalmas, John THE WHITE REGIMENT, 6/90, (PBO; sequel to The Regiment; pick the greatest potential warriors out of their planetary-wide database of psych profiles), vg+ 2.50
Ace pb 88270 Swann, Thomas Burnett WHERE IS THE BIRD OF FIRE?, ('70), (PBO; Were the mythical monsters our ancestors spoke of so often more than fantasy?), vg+ 3.50

Ace Double D-509 Norton, Andre THE BEAST MASTER / STAR HUNTER, ('61), (abridged / PBO), vg+ 5.00
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Huxley, Aldous COMPLETE ESSAYS Volume VI: 1956-1963, Ivan R. Dee '02, as new in dj 10.00
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DAW 1249 Lackey, Mercedes JOUST, 5th, (Could Vetch learn the secrets of dragon taming and liberate his conquered homeland?), vg-f 3.00
Follett, Ken LIE DOWN WITH LIONS, Morrow '86, 1st edn, (suspense; exotic story of espionage, intrigue, and dangerous loves; set in Afghanistan), vg+ in dj 5.00
Pynchon, Thomas MASON & DIXON, Owl '98, (possibly the novel of our time; 773 pages), vg+ 5.00
Pronzini, Bill GRAVEYARD PLOTS: The Best Short Stories of Bill Pronzini, St. Martin's '85, 1st edn, (brings together the best of author's more than 150 criminous stories published since 1968), ex-libr else g in g-vg dj 4.50
Updike, John GERTRUDE AND CLAUDIUS, Knopf '00, no ©-page, (author's nineteenth novel; Hamlet prequel), ex-libr else g in g-vg dj (nice reading copy) 3.00
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Lang, Andrew THE CHRONICLES OF PANTOUFLIA, Godine '81, (collects Prince Prigio and Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia; two fairy tales first published in 1889 and 1893; illustrated by Jeanne Titherington), vg in dj (foxing across top edge of pages and musty smell) 8.00
St Martin's 98940 Ford, Michael Curtis GODS AND LEGIONS, 9/03, (A Novel of the Roman Empire; Emperor Julian's rise and fall), vg 2.50
Jakiela, Lori MISS NEW YORK HAS EVERYTHING, 5 Spot/Warner, 1/06, 1st edn, (everything you look for in a great memoir), vg 3.00
Atwood, Margaret CAT'S EYE, Anchor, 8th, g-vg 3.50
Pierce, Tamora PROTECTOR OF THE SMALL #4: Lady Knight, Random House '02, (sequel to Squire; fantasy heroine fighter; for teens), vg 3.50
Faludi, Susan STIFFED: The Betrayal of the American Man, Perennial '00, (sociology/gender studies; groundbreaking treatise), vg 4.00
Lee, Hermione EDITH WHARTON, Chatto & Windus, 2nd, (challenges the accepted view, showing Wharton's lifelong ties to Europe and displaying her as a tough, erotically brave, startlingly modern writer and woman; biblio; index; photos; 853 pages), vg-f in vg+ dj 10.00
Bradford, Sarah AMERICA'S QUEEN: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Viking, 5th, (the most complete, and completely convincing, life story yet written; photos), vg+ in dj 4.00
Ball 36623 Neville, Katherine THE EIGHT, 33rd, (blends modern romance, historical fiction, and medieval mystery; feminist answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark; includes an exclusive excerpt from the thrilling sequel),vg+ 2.50
David, Peter TIGERHEART: A Tale of the Anyplace, Ballantine, pre-6/08, ADVANCE READER'S EDITION (uncorrected proofs), (pays homage to the beloved tale of Peter Pan), vg-f 4.00
Hoagland, Edward BALANCING ACTS: Essays, Lyons '99, (part memoir, part travel guide by the Thoreau of our time), as new 5.00
Snyder, Gary BACK ON THE FIRE: Essays, Shoemaker & Hoard '07, 1st, (blazes with insight), as new in dj 6.00
Barnard, Robert FETE FATALE, Book Club ('85), (mixing of satire and suspense), ex-libr else vg in g-vg dj 2.00
Baker, Nicholson, VOX, Random House, 7th, (eavesdrop on telephonic pair commencing mutual seduction; increasingly impassioned levels of self-disclosure), ex-libr else vg in g-vg dj 3.00
Dunne, Dominick ANOTHER CITY, NOT MY OWN: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir, Crown '97, 1st edn, (O.J. Simpson trial coverage), ex-libr else vg in g-vg dj 3.00
Saul, John THE DEVIL'S LABYRINTH, Book Club ('07), (supernatural thriller; Catholic boarding-school; exorcism), vg-f in dj 3.00
Case, John THE FIRST HORSEMAN, Fawcett Columbine, 8/98, 1st edn, (suspense; harrowing race to prevent nothing less than...apocalypse), ex-libr else vg in g-vg dj 3.00

I'll try to keep things coming here on a more ongoing basis from here

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more verbiage

Didn't get anything transferred over to here yesterday as I was hoping. The particular stack(s) of books I am working are actually books that were already in the catalog but had found their way up to our living area of the house. I couldn't box them up because it would be impossible to find them should they be sold. A lot of them have lately posed for their covershots, so I had links to add to their listings -- and I could add text to to the listing, perhaps tweak the price, list them on half or biblio. But they don't qualify as new arrivals per se. Still, it was good to finally get them moved along.
There had been quite a build-up of cataloged but not yet shelved books under my desk in the cellar, robbing me of leg space and comfort. Finally I went about the onerous task of distributing these books to likely locations for successful retrieval should their time come to depart the premises. As with many put-off tasks this was not nearly the gargantuan chore I had anticipated. And at least for now, I can sit properly at the desk. Hopefully this will lead to my getting done some other tasks -- like answering some important emails that for too long have been neglected.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

still here

Jeez, I've been lousy about posting anything in this blog. Not that I haven't been meaning to -- at least to mention that I'm still here. You can find evidence by clicking on the link above to New Arrivals and see that I have at least been cataloging books every once in a while. I really should copy the listings as they occur over to here, because I don't think searchbots check the data in Docs (even if shared publicly). I may be wrong about that, but when I tried a search one time the blog entry came up but not the doc entry. My thinking now, never to be relied on, is to make it a goal to catalog five books a day, and transfer the entry here. Ideally, I should copy and paste the whole schmear here now, and maybe I will.
When I catalog books I usually have a random stack sitting beside me, and I just run them through in order, with no preference on which might best represent my inventory. I have been ending up with quite a few books I wouldn't have tried in my printed paper catalogs of yore, but these usually interest me as much as the speculative and supernatural fiction I specialize in. I won't go into the various factors that play in what books end up in my clutches. That would be propounding the obvious, but I will say that collectibility is not as high on the list as it probably should be.
Last weekend my wife put her foot down on all the stacks that have been creeping in on our living area (as opposed to my warehouse/office are in the cellar). They had just been accumulating at a quicker rate over time than I had been dispatching them to the listings and shelving them somewhere where they could hopefully later be found for sending. I hate to box up books that have not been cataloged, because there are plenty of other boxes in the same limbo where the way things have been going I might never get back to them.
Thanks to my covershot photos I am able to see inside these boxes (and you can too), so the gone is not necessarily forgotten. Now that I've boxed up most of the recent used-book arrivals, I have it in mind to fight against the current by at least cataloging five books a day -- making how many in a year? Plenty! Of course I realize that my past is littered with such well-conceived but ill-executed less talking about it, and more the doing of it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new book ordering now

Just when I thought maybe I was no longer sending orders out to publishers, I did get a couple done. Haffner books arrived today (three Hamiltons). NESFA are on the way. PS and Golden Gryphon I have new-found incentive to procure. I won't be getting many, if any, extras from what might already be spoken (or whispered) for, so anyone wanting to jump in with something for me to get -- do let me know (or remind me). Rule of thumb is that small-press/indie publishers I give a 20 discount.
The bigs, which I've been successfully navigating away from, to get out of Amazon's wake, are generally still 30%. Even if I've been avoiding new releases, there are plenty still listed in my catalog listings. And if a book is 20 years old and listed as "new", the discount applies. The condition of the book will generally still be "new" as well. Being all mail-order, I don't get browsers to manhandle the books. And I bag/wrap the books to keep moisture and dust away. Not always printed on the best paper, some aging will inevitably occur.
I am trying to keep up/catch up with people who contact me, but I've been woefully derelict on a few scores. I hope to be rectifying this.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

book sale pick-ups

Polk City has city bus service once a week: Thursdays -- by happenstance on the opening day of the big semi-annual Planned Parenthood book sale. So there I was in the big long line waiting to get in a couple hours early. Some big book hounds go crazy in there, but somehow it takes me a while to get in the swing of the proceedings. Eventually, though, I ended up with a fair quantity (if not quality) of books. View their covershots here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

feature discovered

I've noticed a feature in Google Documents I hadn't noticed before: the ability to indent paragraphs. No hanging-indent like I used to have in my print catalog; but at least this can set off multiple-book listings for authors -- and relieve the monolith of print to a certain extent. It's tempting to sit around and indentify everything, to the exclusion of doing anything else for a great while. I will try to limit myself to whatever screenful is up when adding to listings.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

new-book arrivals

Not much new stuff making its way here lately, but in the past few weeks some things have trickled in:
  • Whittington, Harry TO FIND CORA / LIKE MINK LIKE MURDER / BODY AND PASSION, Stark House Noir Classics, 6/09, (David Laurence Wilson intro; bibliography), new 19.95 [view covershot with back cover depicted as well as front]
  • SPACE AND TIME #107: The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction, sum/09, (Drago, Arrelle, Turzillo; Part One of Peter S. Beagle interview) • ---#108, fall/09, (Edelman, Jeshonek, Krasnoff; Part Two of Peter S. Beagle interview), new each, 5.00 [looks like I forgot to catalog #107 when it first came in -- I wonder how much else I've missed]
  • TALEBONES: Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy #38, sum/09, (Kowal, Edelman, Russo, Hibert, etc.), new 7.00
  • CEMETERY DANCE #61, '09, (The Magazine of Horor and Suspense; Peter Straub special issue), new 5.00
  • Harvey, William Fryer THE DOUBLE EYE, Tartarus '09, 1st, (brings together all thirty of author's uncanny tales, and his curious Introduction to Moods and Tenses; a feast of thrills, chills and uneasy entertainment for lovers of the supernatural story; Richard Dalby intro), new in dj 55.00
  • Russo, Patricia HEARTS STARVE, A Not One of Us Special Publication, 7/09, (stories; 62 pages of small but readable type), booklet, new 3.50
  • Moore, C.L. MIRACLE IN THREE DIMENSIONS and Other Stories, Howling Wolf/Isle, (Lost Pulp Classics #1; these nine stories have been virtually unpublished since their original appearance in the pulp magazines of the 30's and 40's), new 16.95
  • Long, Frank Belknap THE HORROR FROM THE HILLS, Isle, 3/09, (Lost Pulp Classics #2; reproduces the text of the Arkham House edition), new 12.95
---These can also be found in New to Catalog Listings, a lot sooner than here, as well as a number of used titles I've been to lazy to drag here, but that I have been adding to the inventory off and on from time to time.
---The above, of course, are subject to discount, mostly 20%. (Tartarus: 15%). Rule of thumb: small press items are 20%; major publishers and major-distributed smalls (which it looks like I've about quit taking in new): 30%. Still plenty of back-stock though, a lot of it LOP (long out of print), some highly-priced by other sellers these days. Books still listed as "new" twenty or twenty-five years later you might be surprised to find still in the same condition as when it arrived here. (All books are stored in plastic and not those mylar dj covers -- causing wrinkling and don't protect from dust and humidity)... but I don't like to go on about such stuff, preferring performance to do the talking.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

back from vacation

Not much action here for awhile -- sorry, if you've been checking up. Partly it was being away for the better part of a couple weeks. Returned from San Francisco last Friday. Only bought two books (at a library where we stopped for a bit of wi-fi) the whole trip. Tried to stop at an indie bookstore (Stacy's) in Frisco, but it was kaput -- how it goes, I guess, these days.
But when I got back to Polk City there was a box of used books from a consignor waiting on the front porch. Check out the covershots if curious, while I try to get 'round to cataloging them. I'll try to get caught up on other fronts too. (If you think you've been forgotten by me, do keep pestering me. Sometimes it might be what I need to get my priorities right.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

new book arrivals from Tartarus

I've been mightily delinquent in a plenitude of ways, not least the posting of new-arrival listings here, scant as they have been. The listings do go up in my "New Arrivals" document, which should be searchable, but not necessarily through Google. I will try to do a little catch-up here now. To start with, books from Tartarus:
WORMWOOD: Literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent #12, spr/09, Tartarus, (on Harlan Ellison, Wilkie Collins, etc.), new 14.00

Strong, L.A.G. THE BUCKROSS RING and Other Stories of the Strange and Supernatural, Tartarus '09, one of 300 copies, (author's strange and supernatural stories are collected together in one volume for the first time here; Richard Dalby [ed & intro]), new in dj 50.00
and I forgot to list earlier:
Maupassant, Guy de TALES OF TERROR, Tartarus '08, one of 300 copies, (collects together 32 of Guy de Maupassant's best tales of terror, in Arnold Kellet's glitteringly clear and precise translations; Ramsey Campbell foreword), new in dj 50.00
(discount 15%)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

new issue of Cemetery Dance

Here today:
CEMETERY DANCE #60, '09, (Tananarive Due, Ray Garton, Jeff Long, Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Tessier), new 5.00
discount: 20%

Friday, April 3, 2009

new arrival from Ash-Tree

Here now:
Sinclair, May THE VILLA DESIREE and Other Uncanny Stories, Ash-Tree '08, (collects all of author's supernatural, strange, and weird tales in one volume for the first time, and is complemented by Rebeccah Kinnamon Neff's detailed introduction), new in dj 49.00
(discount: 20%)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

books from nesfa here

Finally managing to get cataloged the NESFA books that have been here for a while now:
  • Zelazny, Roger THRESHOLD: The Collected Stories of..., Volume One, NESFA, 2/09, 1st edn, (short works from author's early years through the mid 1960s; the first of a projected six volumes; Silverberg intro; 575 pages), new in dj 29.00
  • Zelazny, Roger POWER & LIGHT : The Collected Stories of..., Volume Two, NESFA, 2/09, 1st edn, (covers the mid 1960s, the author's most prolific period; Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Walter Jon Williams intros; 575 pages), new in dj 29.00
  • Anderson, Poul THE COLLECTED SHORT WORKS OF…, Volume 1: Call Me Joe, NESFA, 3/09, 1st edn, (Bear intro; 510 pages), new in dj 29.00
  • Coville, Bruce THE ONE RIGHT THING , NESFA, 2/08, 1st edn, one of 800 numbered copies, (filled with wit and wisdom and laughter and joy and a touch of the eerie), new in dj 25.00
  • Blish, James WORKS OF ART : Selected Short Works, NESFA, 2/08, 1st edn, (literarily ambitious; Feeley intro; 524 pages), new in dj 29.00
  • Merril, Judith & C.M. Kornbluth SPACED OUT : Three Novels of Tomorrow, NESFA, 10/08, 1st edn thus, (collects Outpost Mars, Gunner Cade & Shadow on the Hearth; purposely eschews the escape for which science fiction is so notorious), new in dj 29.00
  • Oliver, Chad FROM OTHER SHORES : An Omnibus, NESFA, 3/07, 1st edn, (collects Shadows in the Sun, Unearthly Neighbors & The Shores of Another Sea; Zebrowski intros), new in dj 26.00
---These are some very well-made, ample, and well-edited books. Even without the 20% discount I give they would be bargains.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

nesfa books ordered

I haven't been ordering from publishers much lately, especially since my printed-paper catalog sending ground to a halt. A few standing orders are still erect, but not by much. I did manage to send a small one out to NESFA Press yesterday, however, catching up on titles they have published since my last order a couple years ago. There are other publishers I wish I were still getting more regularly -- and maybe I will -- but a lot of what I might have been stocking in the past is probably best to left to Amazon to sell.

Friday, January 16, 2009

books cataloged lately

Here are some listings of used books compiled since last such post:
  • Ace pb 33700 Norton, Andre HIGH SORCERY, ('70), (PBO; Warlocks of other worlds -- or scientists of times unknown), vg+ 3.50
  • DAW 5 Tubb, E.C. MAYENNE, 2nd, (A Dumarest space novel), vg 3.50
  • Bal 540 Russell, Ray SARDONICUS and Other Stories, ('61), (PBO; Gothic horror and monstrous deeds; movie tie), g-vg 8.00
  • Bal 308K Pohl, Frederik (ed) STAR SCIENCE FICTION No. 5, ('59), (PBO; nine top original stories), vg $3
  • Bal 353K Pohl, Frederik (ed) STAR SCIENCE FICTION No. 6, ('59), (PBO; OA), g-vg $2
  • Avon 18846 Zelazny, Roger THE DOORS OF HIS FACE, THE LAMPS OF HIS MOUTH and Other Stories, 3rd, (Title story, winner of the Nebula Award), vg+ 3.00
  • DAW 207 Goulart, Ron A WHIFF OF MADNESS, 8/76, (PBO; In the Barnum System -- the whackiest of all the colonized galazy), g-vg 2.50
  • Berkley F1169 Thomas, Theodore L. & Kate Wilhelm THE CLONE, 12/65, (PBO; It moved through houses and stores and spread into the streets, absorbing all that lay in its path -- nothing could stop it...), vg 3.00
  • Ace pb 79559 Smeds, Dave THE SCHEME OF DRAGONS, 3/89, (PBO; astonishing sequel to The Sorcery Within), vg-f 2.50
  • Bal U 2176 Pohl, Frederik & Jack Williamson STARCHILD, 11/65, (PBO; Starchild #2; A magnificent dream of man's future), vg 2.50
  • Ace G- 723 Norton, Andre STAR HUNTER & VOODOO PLANET, nd, vg-f 2.50
  • DAW 34 Trimble, Louis THE WANDERING VARIABLES, 12/72, (PBO; They played with a whole world's variables; Interplanetary hide-and-seek), vg+ 2.00
  • Baen 65411 Niven, Larry (creator) THE MAN-KZIN WARS, 3rd(12/88), (with Poul Anderson & Dean Ing; Known Space is aflame with war!), vg+ 2.50
  • Baen 69811 Pournelle, Jerry PRINCE OF MERCENARIES, 3/89, (PBO; a novel of Falkenberg's Legion), vg+ 2.50
  • Ace pb 94252 Norton, Andre YEAR OF THE UNICORN, nd, (the Were-Riders wore the bodies of men, but they were not humankind), vg+ 2.50
  • Ace pb 91170 Bradley, Marion Zimmer THE WORLD WRECKERS, ('71), (PBO; a Darkover novel; Under the red sun, a galaxy's telepaths face finality), vg+ $3
  • Ace pb 30590 Trimble, Louis & Jacquelyn Trimble GUARDIANS OF THE GATE, ('72), (PBO; They knew the legend -- they were to meet the alien reality), vg 2.00
  • Del Rey 33173 Cole, Allan & Chris Bunch REVENGE OF THE DAMNED, 2/89, (PBO; STEN Adventure #5), vg+ 3.00
  • Ball 02905 Swann, Thomas Burnett WOLFWINTER, 11/72, (PBO; world of fauns, sibyls, dryads and the ancient, powerful Gods...), vg+ 3.00
  • Berkley 02476 Transue, Jacob TWILIGHT OF THE BASILISKS, 12/73, (PBO), vg+ 2.00
  • Baen 69833 Niven, Larry (creator) MAN-KZIN WARS II, 8/89, (PBO; Known Space is again aflame with war; Dean Ing, Jerry Pournelle & S.M. Stirling; Niven intro), g $2; vg-f 3.00
  • DAW 4 Van Vogt, A.E. THE BOOK OF..., ('72), (PBO), vg+ 3.00
  • Dell pb 1940 Sheckley, Robert DIMENSION OF MIRACLES, 6/68, (PBO; wild metaphysical farce that presages Douglas Adams), vg+ 4.00
  • Laser 36 De Weese, Gene JEREMY CASE, 7/76, (PBO; No one dared to explain the terrifying power that he suddenly possessed), vg+ 4.00
  • Laser 40 Hoskins, Robert MASTER OF THE STARS, 9/76, (PBO; bitter hatred of his home world and longing for revenge on its rulers), vg+ 3.00
  • Laser 38 Sky, Kathleen ICE PRISON, 8/76, (PBO; the entire colony was being terrorized by a fourteen-year-old girl), vg+ 3.50
  • Laser 35 Sohl, Jerry I, ALEPPO, 7/76, (PBO; How could anyone capture characters from dreams -- mere figments of the imagination?), vg+ 4.00
  • Laser 39 Funnell, Augustine BRANDYJACK, 8/76, (PBO; if he was to leave Earth, he must first travel across it, a journey far more challenging than the voyage through space), vg+ 3.00
  • Laser 37 Bone, J.F. THE MEDDLERS, 8/76, (PBO; if Warren is to defeat those who would destroy his world, he too must destroy -- a life-style), vg+ 4.00
  • Avon V 2300 Ellison, Harlan THE BEAST THAT SHOUTED LOVE AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD, 7/69, (PBO; stories), g-vg $3; vg-f 8.50
  • Ace Double 89250 Bradley, Marion Zimmer / Rackham, John THE WINDS OF DARKOVER / THE ANYTHING TREE, ('70), (PBOs; Whose mind directed his thoughts, whose anger his sword? / On Jensen's World, the Tree is master and man the servant), vg+ 4.00
  • Ace Double 37250 Bradley, Marion Zimmer / Rackham, John THE BRASS DRAGON / IPOMOEA, ('69), (PBOs; What he'd forgotten could change the world! / Science is never neutral -- and neither are the stars!), vg $2; vg-f 3.00
  • Ace pb 86180 Tubb, E.C. VERUCHIA, 6/73, (PBO; Dumarest; Their choice: live in tyranny or rule Dradea -- with death a part of the bargain), vg+ 2.50
  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE STRANGE, MYSTICAL, & UNEXPLAINED, Gramercy, 2nd, (Over 500 Entries in A-Z format; A browser's delight, offering a wealth of stories, theories, histories, and explanation behind the mystical tradition; Marion Zimmer Bradley intro), as new in dj 6.00
---10% discount on all the above, as usual.

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