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Thursday, August 11, 2005

08/11/05 THU:
---Here are a few used books I have just managed to get catalogued:
Aldiss, Brian W. BILLION YEAR SPREE: The True History of Science Fiction, Doubleday '73, (detailed and thoroghly entertaining look), vg (previous owner’s name snipped from FFEP) in dj $20
Anthony, Patricia BROTHER TERMITE, Harcourt Brace '93, 1st edn, (Aliens in the White House; They are in charge), vg+ in dj 10.00
Bardin, John Franklin PURLOINING TINY, Harper & Row '78, 1st edn, (A Joan Kahn Book; suspense; bizarre, wicked and wonderful), remainder mark, vg / dj 8.50
Bear, Greg MOVING MARS, Tor, 11/93, 1st edn, (colonization of Mars), vg+ in dj $8
Chesbro, George C. SHADOW OF A BROKEN MAN, Simon & Schuster '77, 1st, (Mongo; author's first novel), ex-libr else g in dj 6.00
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan THE LOST WORLD, Triangle, 8/45, (Professor Challenger), g in dj 7.50
Estleman, Loren D. (as told by) DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HOLMES, by John H. Watson, M.D., Doubleday '79, 1st edn, (hitherto secret account), remainder speckling, g-vg in dj 5.00
Gibson, William MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, Spectra, 11/88, 1st US, g-vg in dj $6
Hunter, Jessie Prichard BLOOD MUSIC, Turtle Bay '93, 1st edn, (unique, mesmerizing debut about NYC serial killer; a true tale of suspense), vg-f in dj 5.00
Lantigua, John TWISTER, Simon & Schuster '92, 1st, (suspense thriller of immorality and murder), vg+ in dj 8.00
Leonard, Elmore TOUCH, Arbor House '87, 1st, (crime novel), vg+ in dj 5.00
Oppenheim, E. Phillips THE GRASSLEYES MYSTERY, Little Brown, 7/40, 1st edn, (suave and exciting murder mystery by "The King of Storytellers"), ex-libr else g in dj 5.00
Panshin, Alexei FAREWELL TO YESTERDAY'S TOMORROW, Berkley Putnam '75, (1st), (stories), vg (previous owner's name snipped from FEP) in dj 10.00
Rosen, Richard SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD, Viking '88, 1st, (Harvey Blissberg mystery set in the competitive world of television people who are funny for money--a comedy of bad manners), vg+ in dj 5.00
Seuss, Dr. YOU'RE ONLY OLD ONCE!: A Book for Obsolete Children, Random House, 6th, (inimitably illustrated), vg-f in dj 5.00
Sladek, John INVISIBLE GREEN, Walker '79, 1st US, (A Thackeray Phin Mystery), ex-libr else g in dj 7.00
Smith, Carl QUIZ KIDS AND THE CRAZY QUESTION MYSTERY, Whitman ('46), (young-adult; known for their superior intelligence), fr in dj $4
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky ROADSIDE PICNIC/TALE OF THE TROIKA, Macmillan '77, 1st, (in Best of Soviet SF series; Sturgeon intro), vg in price-clipped dj 10.00
Wallace, Edgar WHEN THE GANGS CAME TO LONDON, Crime Club ('32), vg 5.00
Westbrook, Robert LADY LEFT, Crown '91, 1st edn, (A Left-Handed Policeman Novel), vg+ in dj 4.00
Winwar, Frances THE HAUNTED PALACE: A Life of Edgar Allan Poe, Harper ('59), 1st edn, (psychologically fascinating story), ex-libr else g-vg in dj 5.00
Woolrich, Cornell VIOLENCE, Dodd Mead/Red Badge Detective ('58), ex-libr else fr-g in dj 25.00
Zahn, Timothy SPINNERET, Bluejay, 11/85, 1st, (we are not alone in the universe), vg in dj 10.00
book club:
• Dorothy Cannell FEMMES FATALES (Ellie Haskell mys) listed at $3 but $2 might be more like it (if that)
misc. softcovers:
Farmer, Richard N. ISLANDIA REVISITED, Cedarwood ('83), (set in 1944), vg 6.00
King, Stephen THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER, Plume, 9/88, vg $5
Rice, Anne THE WITCHING HOUR, Ballantine, 11/91, vg $4
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky FAR RAINBOW/THE SECOND INVASION FROM MARS, Collier '80, (in Best of Soviet SF series; Sturgeon intro), vg $6
---Covershots of these are presently in the “images” folder of Catalog Data CD-R as “catalogueds 8-11-05”.

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