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Sunday, February 4, 2007

02/04/07 SUN:
---Word from Gauntlet:
Gauntlet Press is taking orders for a classic-revisited of Richard Christian Matheson's acclaimed first novel CREATED BY to be released March/April of this year.

CREATED BY is one of the most innovative horror novels ever written from this talented screenplay and short story writer. Matheson received accolades for his teleplay of Stephen King's "Battleground" shown last summer on TNT's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes." It was first shown without commercial interruption and contains no dialogue. Contributing appreciations to the book are Richard Matheson, noted producer and novelist Stephen J. Cannell and David Schow. All three signed JUST the lettered edition.

The plot:
Alan White is a hot, young television writer-producer looking for the one hit every Hollywood writer dreams of --and so few get. He thinks he's found it with his idea for a new pilot. He calls it The Mercenary and the network has never seen anything like it.
The show pours state-of-the-art death and dazzle all over the competing networks. Full frontal nudity. Geysers of blood. Shocking sexuality. The violence and carnality are beyond unsettling. They are traumatic.
"You've got to be careful, Alan. The next six months are going to change your life. Money. Recognition. Power. Incredible power. And something else… "
Soon the ratings are through the roof -- the show burns a fifty share on its first airing. America is riveted. The ratings are ready to pop the ozone. Sixty share. Eighty share. It's the biggest Nielsen juggernaut that ever opened its mouth and swallowed America's prime-time attention span. Alan's made it, enjoying success beyond his wildest dreams.
But something is going wrong. Life is beginning to mimic art with terrifying result.
The morning headlines start to read like a grisly rerun of last night's episode of The Mercenary. Then, it gets worse. Plots that Alan hasn't written or spoken of begin to blood-blossom into reality.
"Thank you for doing such a great job, man. Thank you for creating me. You won't be sorry."
Suddenly, the truth is a chillingly clear. Alan is scripting a nightmare--and it's real. Now he must cancel The Mercenary before it cancels him.
Created By explores the darkest recesses of human nature, where the meridian between reality and make believe is as deceptive as a television screen, and the single difference between the two is that on the other side terror doesn't break for commercials. Both the numbered and lettered editions contain the first portion of a screenplay, R.C. Matheson wrote for his novel. A deleted chapter and story outline appear in only the lettered edition. The book comes in two editions:

500 copy signed numbered edition (signed by just Richard Christian Matheson) for $50 (the cover price is $55).

52-copy traycased lettered edition signed by R.C. Matheson and Richard Matheson (Sr.), Stephen J. Cannell, David Schow and artist Harry O. Morris. Price: $200.

If you are interested in ordering, please provide the following:

(1) How many copies of each edition you want
(2) Shipping address (via UPS)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Lamont Ingram
Gauntlet Press Dealer

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