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Friday, May 7, 2004

05/07/04 FRI:
---Here today from Gryphon: PAPERBACK PARADE #61 & PRIMAL SPILLANE (Early Stories: 1941-1942).

---And word from Golden Gryphon:
Greetings from the Gryphon:

SECRET LIFE, by Jeff VanderMeer, is now available!

In Secret Life, VanderMeer’s newest short fiction collection, readers
can return to the world of Ambergris, where the author has set five of these
stories, including “Corpse Mouth and Spore Nose,” a new story written
exclusively for this volume. But Jeff VanderMeer is a man of many worlds,
as reflected in his travels and in his fiction: “Balzac’s War,” set in the same
milieu as the author’s first novel, Veniss Underground, is a harrowing,
powerful far-future novella that pits brother against brother in a landscape
ravaged by war with Earth’s newly sentient human-made species. In
thirteenth-century Cambodia, a lone artist is torn between his love of his
craft and his unspoken love for a woman in “The Bone Carver’s Tale.” In
“The Emperor’s Reply” and “The Compass of His Bones,” in seventeenth-
century Peru, the last Incan Emperor, having brutally fallen at the hands of
the Conquistadors, seeks his revenge. Every summer you can join us at
“The Festival of the Freshwater Squid,” in Sebring, Florida, to observe the
annual mating rituals of the mayfly squid.
With personal notes by the author detailing each story’s genesis, and an
Introduction by Jeffrey Ford, a New York Times Notable Author and winner
of the World Fantasy Award for Golden Gryphon Press collection, The
Fantasy Writer’s Assistant and Other Stories.

by Jeff VanderMeer
cover art by Scott Eagle
ISBN 1-930846-27-4 / $24.95 (Trade hardcover)
305 pages

---And also from Golden Gryphon:
Greetings from the Gryphon:


Trade edition: $24.95
Limited, signed edition: $100.00

The acclaimed short fiction of Ian R. MacLeod combines fantasy, science fiction, and horror
in an astonishing range of settings where the strange and the real intermingle in fresh,
humane, and endlessly surprising ways. In “Breathmoss,” nominated for the Hugo award, a
young girl must cope with love and family ties when an ancient space pilot appears on her
home planet in a wildly distant universe where men are nearly extinct. In “Verglas,”
nominated for the Locus Poll award, a father must decide whether to leave his humanity and
join his family by going native on a remote ice world. During WWII an eighteen-year-old
girl gains the reputation of being “The Chop Girl” (winner of the World Fantasy Award,
nominated for the Hugo award) – a death flower, notorious for bringing death to any airman
she dates. But what happens when the chop girl meets a famously lucky flyer, the one who
always returns? A distinguished composer helps a young girl seemingly lost in a forest, who
teaches him that there is magic in the world he has been ignoring, especially near “The
Noonday Pool.” An alcoholic scientist finds himself the last person still to be looking for
extraterrestrial life. All common sense and evidence argue that his quest is hopeless, but
even death holds promise in “New Light on the Drake Equation.” The ritually blinded
members of a religious order are responsible for bringing sunlight to a star-encompassing
world. But Isabel finds the constraints of her duties burdensome, and seeks love and
knowledge in a near-endless library to become the tragic and redemptive heroine of “Isabel
of the Fall.” In an alternate history, England loses WWI, and succumbs to fascism. Jews and
gypsies are relocated to islands off the coast of Scotland, and homosexuals are offered
“treatment” at camps. As events unravel toward a history-shaking moment, the story is told
from the perspective of an aging historian and homosexual, a one-time friend of the
deceptively charming fascist leader. Resounding with Englishness, filled with visions of
Oxford and London as they nearly were, all the horrors of repression and a society in denial
are brilliantly examined in “The Summer Isles,” winner of the World Fantasy Award and
nominated for the Hugo award.

The limited edition is signed by both author Ian R. MAcLeod and artist Bob Eggleton, and
is numbered (1-100). This edition is only available directly from Golden Gryphon Press.

by Ian R. MacLeod
cover art by Bob Eggleton
ISBN 1-930846-26-6 / $24.95 (Trade hardcover) $100.00 (Limited hardcover)
309 pages

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