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Monday, July 26, 2004

07/26/04 MON:
---Word from Endeavor Press:
I'm writing to let you know that I have less than 35 copies left of the
Bram Stoker Award-nominated novelette "F**kin' Lie Down Already" by Tom
Piccirilli. This is a signed, numbered, hardcover edition limited to
only 200 copies, with cover art and seven interior illustrations by the
up and coming artist, Caniglia. Once these few remaining copies are
sold, the book will be officially out of print.

F**kin' Lie Down Already (ISBN 0-9728656-1-6) has a retail cover price
of $45.00 and has recently been reviewed in several magazines, including
Asimov's SF.

"Tom Piccirilli's abrasively yet intriguingly titled 'F**kin' Lie Down
Already' does not feature any supernatural events, yet it's over-the-top
subject matter is presented so outrageously that it enters the realm of
the unreal. A New York cop named Clay arrives home one day to find his
family murdered. Gut-shot by the lurking killer, the bleeding Clay
recovers enough to load the corpses of his son and wife into his car and
set out for revenge. Never mind the emergency room, he has a thug and
his boss to bring to justice. Like a James Crumley tale filtered through
Robert Bloch's sensibilities, this novella (in a signed, limited
edition) is a nourish hellbound train."

-- Paul Di Filippo, in Asimov's SF

Thank you very much,
Roger Range
Endeavor Press
---And as always it is good to see the latest Rock&Roll& - by Robert Christgau
Them Against Us
Kerry's ragtag musical conglomeration begins the fatiguing job of mobilizing its base

---CD COMP 45:
Jovenes Del Ritmo 7:33 Cachao Dos Latin 1976
Never Swat a Fly 3:30 Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band Acoustic Swing & Jug Folk
Anna's Dance 8:39 Ronni Ben-Hur Anna's Dance Jazz
The Man Who Sold The World 3:47 Nirvana Nirvana Rock 1994
My City Of Ruins 5:00 Bruce Springsteen The Rising Rock 2002
So Many Men 5:13 Youssou N'Dour Nothing's in Vain (Coono Du Reer) World 2002
Willow Weep For Me 4:37 Tin Hat Trio The Rodeo Eroded Jazz 2002
Let's 7:19 Tommy Flanagan Sunset & The Mockingbird - The Birthday Concert Jazz 1998
Never Ending Math Equation 3:23 Modest Mouse Building Nothing Out Of Something Alternative & Punk 1999
It’s Not Peculiar 4:09 Hüsker Dü Warehouse: Songs and Stories Alternative & Punk 1987
Trio III B 1:56 Christian Wolff Burdocks Unclassifiable 2001
Huffer 2:07 The Breeders Title TK Alternative & Punk 2002
The Get A Way 4:15 Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health Alternative & Punk 2002
Reunion 5:48 John Forté i, John Hip Hop/Rap 2002

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