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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

12/29/04 WED:
---Here today from Galaxy Press:
Budrys, Algis (ed) L. RON HUBBARD Presents THE BEST OF WRITERS OF THE FUTURE, Bridge ('00), 1st edn, (top stories, essays, art from 16 years of program for new writers), new 14.95

Hubbard, L. Ron OLE DOC METHUSELAH, Bridge ('92), 1st thus, (The Intergalactic Adventures of the Soldier of Light; good-natured entertainment; orig: Astounding 1947-1950), new in dj 18.95
---SLAVES OF SLEEP & THE MASTERS OF SLEEP, Bridge ('93), (first time together with sequel; orig: Unknown 1939 & Fantastic Adventures 1950), new in dj 19.95
---TO THE STARS, Galaxy, 2nd, (orig; Astounding 1950), new in dj 24.95
---TYPEWRITER IN THE SKY, Bridge ('91), 1st thus, (orig: Unknown ‘40), new in dj 16.95
--- & Dave Wolverton A VERY STRANGE TRIP, Bridge ('99), 1st, (novelization of full-length Hubbard screenplay), new in dj 25.00

Hubbard, L. Ron GUNS OF MARK JARDINE, EMPTY SADDLES, SIX GUN CABALLERO, Bridge Audio ('93-96), (abridged westerns read by Geoffrey Lewis), cassettes, new (shrinkwrapped) each, 9.95

---Discount to members of discount plan on these is 30%.

---Apparently, Galaxy Publishing is the fiction-publisher of L. Ron Hubbard, having been split off from Bridge, which is now the publisher of his non-fiction. The three audiobook westerns I thought would be books, but it turns out they are only available as audiobooks on cassette.
---I remember going to book sales looking through the westerns for L. Ron Hubbard (as well as Sturgeon and Leinster and others), but never seemed to find too many. It looks like Bridge/Galaxy has a mammoth program of republishing all Hubbard’s pulp writing. As one of the greats of the Astounding/Unknown stable of writers, this seems as laudable as lots of the other pulp-reprint projects. I don’t know if what I hear is correct--that Hubbard was basically excommunicated from his own religion and the ten-volume Mission Earth series was really written by a team of ghost writers--and not very good ones. But the early fiction maybe deserves resuscitation. It is interesting to see these titles available now, in some okay-looking editions. As well, it seems that the Hubbard-founded Writers of the Future series has performed a valuable role in initiating the careers of some pretty decent writers--so although this religious-figure deification business makes me uneasy, I applaud some of its side-benefits. Scientology itself I am quite dubious about. But if it has kept the likes of Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley from being basket cases, then maybe there is something to it.

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