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Sunday, March 27, 2005

03/27/05 SUN:
---Word from Sarob:
I'm pleased to announce our four titles for 2005 as follows :

Two titles for a late May publication.

Dark forces are at work in Redforde. Something terribly old and infinitely evil has woken ... something that is thirsty for blood. There are rumours of human sacrifice, devil worship and the extinct De Vernis family. The dead walk and the moors, woods, the village and the church ooze evil like a sore in this new novel by the author of The Substance of a Shade (Sarob Press 2003).
The Substance of a Shade sold out in both hardcover editions within a few weeks’ of publication so we urge our customers to order The Dark Destroyer early to avoid disappointment.
Fear the night ... fear the Dark Destroyer !!!
Issued without dust-jacket. Pictorial Boards.
Cover art by Paul Lowe.
Limited Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £26.50 / $47.50
SIGNED Slipcased Deluxe Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £55 / $100

‘The old coal cellar was as dark as a grave, and as nobody used it over the years the darkness seemed to thicken. Deep as oceans, chill as night, it was a well of never-ending black, a huddling place for shadows.’ [from ‘Shadows’]
This collection of novellas and stories can be summed-up as a ‘huddling place for shadows’ ... Ghosts and other dark and terrible creatures inhabit Tony Richards’ eerie world. The author has appeared in the magazines Cemetery Dance and Alfred Hitchcocks’s Mystery Magazine and in the anthologies Dark Terrors, the Armarda Ghost Book and the Fontanta Book of Great Ghost Stories ... and many more.
Here are six of his very best stories book-ended by two previously unpublished novellas.
Contents: Under the Ice, The Brother, Headlamps, Lightning Dogs, Shadows, Yesterday Upon the Stair, Our Lady of the Shadows, Beyond the Western Walls.
Issued without dust-jacket. Pictorial Boards.
Cover art by Paul Lowe. ‘Under the Ice’ introduced by Graham Joyce.
Limited Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £26.50 / $47.50
SIGNED Slipcased Deluxe Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £55 / $100

and two titles for late August 2005.

GHOSTS AND FAMILY LEGENDS : CATHERINE CROWE (Richard Dalby’s ‘Mistresses of the Macabre’ volume 7) Jacket Art by Paul Lowe. Mrs Catherine Crowe (1790-1872) became the first great literary authority on the supernatural with her bestselling and extremely influential work The Night Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost Seers (1848). She was fascinated by spiritualism and the occult, and spent many years researching the subject, becoming the best known of all Victorian ‘ghost hunters’. Most of her best stories were related so that they read like fiction, and can be enjoyed either way, but are generally regarded to be much closer to fiction than fact! Although The Night Side of Nature has been reprinted many times right up to the present day, her later collection Ghosts and Family Legends (1859) has been unfairly neglected. The book was effectively a Christmas double-number of ghost stories, related (or invented) by friends of the author. There are six ‘Legends of the Earthbound’ of which only the first two will be familiar to present-day readers ... ‘The Italian’s Story’ (in Summers: Victorian Ghost Stories; and Van Thal: Told in the Dark) and ‘The Dutch Officer’s Story (in Parry: Hounds of Hell; and The Treasury of Victorian Ghost Stories). ‘Round the Fire’ consists of eight evenings with a larger selection of shorter ghostly tales and anecdotes, of which only the ‘Seventh Evening’ has been reprinted in recent decades (in Summers: Victorian Ghost Stories; and my own Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories). This landmark collection of ghost stories is long overdue for revival. [Richard Dalby] Limited Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £25 / $45

Sarob Press is delighted to present five Solar Pons novellas in the author’s preferred and definitive versions. Each novella appeared in the early 1970s in much altered form - so much so that the author disowns them. So, here are The Adventures of ... The Haunted Rectory, The Ignored Idols, The Horrified Heiress, The Baffled Baron and The Anguished Actor just as the author intended.
As a special bonus we are also including a Basil Copper Sherlock Holmes novella ... The Adventure of the Persecuted Painter.
If you are one of the many who enjoy Mr Copper’s tales of the Praed Street Holmes then get your order in fast ... our previous Solar Pons volume Solar Pons Versus The Devil’s Claw published in 2004 sold out in both editions many weeks before publication. We expect this book to sell just as quickly.
Issued without dust-jacket. Pictorial Boards. Cover art by TBA.
Limited Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £27.50 / $49.50
SIGNED Slipcased Deluxe Edition Sewn Hardcover @ £55 / $115

Full details and cover art for all except the Pons are now up on our website.

Very best wishes, Robert.

Robert Morgan, SAROB PRESS

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