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I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

01/07/06 SAT:
---Another batch of paperbacks catalogued for package insert sheet:
12 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 12/25/2005—1/7/2006 • •
Monarch 453 Edwards, Norman INVASION FROM 2500, 8/64, (orig), vg+ 5.00
Faw GM s975 Keene, Day & Leonard Pruyn WORLD WITHOUT WOMEN, 2/60, (orig), vg+ 5.00
Dell pb 6216 Kelley, Leo P. MYTH-MASTER, 6/73, (orig; The stealer of lives is driven to a flight from death), vg $3; vg-f 4.00
Belmont 00797 Kelley, Leo P. THE COUNTERFEITS, 11/67, (orig; the aliens were counterfeit humans), vg 3.50
Pap Lib 52127 Kersh, Gerald MEN WITHOUT BONES, 1/62, (fantastic stories), g-vg 5.00
Faw GM R1887 Kersh, Gerald NIGHTSHADE & DAMNATIONS, nd, (stories of the weird, the unspeakable, the bizarre; Harlan Ellison intro), vg 6.00
Bal 268 Kersh, Gerald ON AN ODD NOTE, ('58), (orig; unique stories), vg $5; vg+ 6.00
Pap Lib 52211 Keyes, Noel (ed) CONTACT, 5/63, (orig; man faces extra-terrestrial life), vg 4.00
Bantam F2817 Knight, Damon (ed) 13 FRENCH SCIENCE-FICTION STORIES, 8/65, (orig), g 2.50
Lancer 72672 Knight, Damon (ed) FIRST FLIGHT: Maiden Voyages in Space and Time, '63, (orig), g-vg 3.00
Lancer 73691 Knight, Damon (ed) SCIENCE FICTION INVENTIONS, '67, (orig), vg+ 3.50
Belmont 00082 Knight, Damon (ed) THE METAL SMILE, 10/68, (orig; 12 battles of wits between man and machine; PKD, etc.), vg+ 3.50
Zenith 14 Knight, Damon THE PEOPLE MAKER, 2/59, (orig; Lust and decadence ruled a world gone mad), g-vg $3; vg+ 4.50
Lancer 74601 Knight, Damon WORLD WITHOUT CHILDREN and THE EARTH QUARTER, ('70), vg+ 4.50
Bal 86 Kornbluth, C.M. THE EXPLORERS, ('54), (orig; stories), vg+ 6.00
Dell pb 8731 Kornbluth, C.M. THIRTEEN O'CLOCK and Other Zero Hours, 12/70, (orig; the Cecil Corwin stories), vg+ 5.00
Bal 303K Kornbluth, Cyril M. THE MARCHING MORONS, ('59), (orig; stories), vg+ 6.00
Bal 497K Kuttner, Henry BYPASS TO OTHERNESS, ('61), (orig; stories), g-vg $3; vg $4; vg+ 5.00
Bal F619 Kuttner, Henry RETURN TO OTHERNESS, ('62), (orig; stories), g-vg $4; vg+ 6.00
Pop Lib 2355 Kuttner, Henry THE CREATURE FROM BEYOND INFINITY, ('68), (cosmic terror strikes), vg 5.00
Ace F- 327 Kuttner, Henry THE DARK WORLD, nd, (orig; strange other-world), vg $5; vg-f 7.50
Ace pb 52075 Kuttner, Henry THE MASK OF CIRCE, nd, (fantasy in the grand tradition), vg+ 5.00
Ace F- 356 Kuttner, Henry THE TIME AXIS, nd, (orig; the battle that raged through the core of time), vg 5.00
Ace F- 297 Kuttner, Henry THE VALLEY OF THE FLAME, ('64), (orig; the secret of cosmic power), g-vg $4; vg $5; vg-f 6.00
Ace sp 24590 Lafferty, R.A. FOURTH MANSIONS, '69, (orig; weird over-view of reality), vg 6.00
Ace sp 58050 Lafferty, R.A. NINE HUNDRED GRANDMOTHERS, ('70), (orig; stories), vg+ 8.50
Avn V 2406 Lafferty, R.A. THE DEVIL IS DEAD, 5/71, (orig), vg $5; vg+ 7.50
Berkley X1528 Lafferty, R.A. THE REEFS OF EARTH, 3/68, (orig), vg+ 7.50
Ace pb 06177 Laumer, Keith THE BIG SHOW, 10/72, (orig; stories), vg+ 3.50
Belmont 757 Long, Frank Belknap JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS, 4/67, (orig), vg+ 6.00
Dell pb 5523 Lory, Robert MASTER OF ETRAX, 5/70, (orig; swords & sorcery), vg 3.00
Ball 02094 Norman, John ASSASSIN OF GOR, 12/70, (orig; Counter-Earth #5), vg 3.00
Ball 01765 Norman, John NOMADS OF GOR, 11/69, (orig; Counter-Earth #4), g-vg 2.00
Bal U 6072 Norman, John OUTLAW OF GOR, 12/67, (orig; Counter-Earth #2), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
Bal U 72015 Norman, John PRIEST-KINGS OF GOR, 12/68, (orig; Counter-Earth #3), g-vg 2.00
Ball 02447 Norman, John RAIDERS OF GOR, 12/71), (orig; Counter-Earth #6), vg $3; vg-f 5.00
Bal U 6071 Norman, John TARNSMAN OF GOR, 12/66, (orig; Counter-Earth #1), vg-f 5.00
Bantam 1251 Padgett, Lewis (=Moore & Kuttner) LINE TO TOMORROW, 8/54, (orig; stories), g-vg $5; vg 9.00
Bal F638 Pohl, Frederik & C.M. Kornbluth THE WONDER EFFECT, ('62), (orig; stories), vg 4.00
Bal 335K Pohl, Frederik & C.M. Kornbluth WOLFBANE, ('59), (orig; What are the weird machines that have pulled earth away from the sun?), g-vg $3; vg $4; vg-f 5.00
Belmont 00077 Tenn A LAMP FOR MEDUSA / Van Arnam THE PLAYERS OF HELL, 6/68, (Belmont Double edn), vg 5.00
Bal U 6134 Tenn, William THE SEVEN SEXES, 6/68, (orig; stories), vg 4.00
Bal U 6133 Tenn, William THE WOODEN STAR, 6/68, (orig; stories), vg 4.00
Bantam A1786 Tenn, William TIME IN ADVANCE, 6/68, (orig; four prophetic novelettes), vg 5.00
DAW 51 Van Herck, Paul WHERE WERE YOU LAST PLUTERDAY?, 4/73, (Europa Award novel; translated from Belgian), vg 3.50
Avn V 2386 Van Scyoc, Sydney SALTFLOWER, 1/71, (orig; earth seeded by aliens and producing a strange new breed), vg 3.00
Pap Lib 52515 Van Vogt, A.E. MONSTERS, 2/65, (orig; s-f stories to chill the cockles of your heart; Ackerman [ed]), vg+ 4.00
Ace D- 187 Van Vogt, A.E. THE PAWNS OF NULL-A, ('56), (a titanic saga of galactic conflict; sequel to The World of Null-A), vg+ 5.00
Pap Lib 64512 Van Vogt, A.E. THE PROXY INTELLIGENCE and Other Mind Benders, 1/71, (orig), g-vg $3; vg 5.00
Ace F- 154 Van Vogt, A.E. THE WIZARD OF LINN, ('62), (He tapped the voice for unheard-of powers), vg+ 5.00
Signet 1224 Vernon, Roger Lee THE SPACE FRONTIERS, 8/55, (orig; stories), vg 3.00
Berkley X1750 Vinge, Vernor GRIMM'S WORLD, 10/69, (orig), vg-f 5.00
BallAF 02332 Walton, Evangeline THE CHILDREN OF LLYR, 8/71, (orig), vg 4.00
Curtis 07178 Wayman, Tony Russell DUNES OF PRADAI, ('71), (orig; evil earthquakes invade the holy planet of Pradai), vg 3.00
Bal F602 Wells, Barry THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE, ('61), (orig; the book of the movie), g-vg 2.50
Berkley S2016 Wells, Robert CANDLE IN THE SUN, 6/71, (orig; the sea moaned around with many voices), vg+ 4.00
Avn G 1322 Whitaker, David DOCTOR WHO IN AN EXCITING ADVENTURE WITH THE DALEKS, 7/67, (TV-tie), vg 2.50
Bal U 2224 White, James DEADLY LITTER, 10/64, (orig; when space gets too crowded--what then?), vg+ 4.00
Bal F595 White, James HOSPITAL STATION, ('62), (orig; Sector General #1), vg+ 6.00
Ball 02149 White, James MAJOR OPERATION, 2/71, (orig; Sector General), vg 3.00
Ball 01545 White, James THE ALIENS AMONG US, 3/69, (orig; To live or die--To kill or cure--Which?), g-vg $2; vg 3.00
Ace F- 317 White, James THE ESCAPE ORBIT, ('65), (marooned on a prison planet), vg 3.00
Ball 02150 White, James TOMORROW IS TOO FAR, 2/71, (orig; Perhaps mankind's time space is as limited as his living space...), vg 2.50
Ace G- 551 Wollheim & Carr (eds) WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 1965, ('65), (orig; 1964 stories), vg $3; vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Ace H- 15 Wollheim & Carr (eds) WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 1966, g-vg $3; vg $4; vg+ 5.00
Ace F- 178 Wollheim, Donald A. (ed) MORE ADVENTURES ON OTHER PLANETS, ('63), vg+ 4.00
Ace F- 311 Wollheim, Donald A. (ed) SWORDSMEN IN THE SKY, (Great stories of interplanetary adventure), vg 4.00
Ace S- 183 Wollheim, Donald A. (ed) THE END OF THE WORLD, ('56), (as projected by leading s-f writers), g-vg $4; vg 6.00
Ace D- 354 Wollheim, Donald A. (ed) THE HIDDEN PLANET, ('59), (science-fiction adventures on Venus), vg 4.00

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