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Saturday, August 12, 2006

08/12/06 SAT:
---Word from Golden Gryphon:
Greetings from the Gryphon:

THRESHOLD SHIFT, by Eric Brown, is now available!

Threshold Shift is a collection of science fiction stories about people in
fantastic situations, focusing on the effect of science, technology, and change on
the lives of ordinary individuals.
The collection features two stories which won the British Science Fiction
Award, “The Children of Winter” and “Hunting the Slarque.” The first is a moving
tale of a hopeless love affair between alien kinds on a remote ice-bound world in the
far future. In the second, Hunter is resurrected from death by the owner of an
extraterrestrial zoo and sent off to the dying world of Tartarus in search of the
vicious beast that killed him, the Slarque.
Three stories are set in Brown’s Kéthani universe. The Kéthani are aliens
who arrive on present-day Earth and offer immortality, creating moral and ethical
dilemmas for the humans who chose to accept—or reject—the alien gift. Particularly
touching is “Thursday’s Child,” the story of parents whose daughter is dying; one
wants the Kéthani to ‘save’ their daughter, while the other is convinced that such
restoration is wrong.
These stories confirm Brown’s reputation as a writer of quiet, thoughtful stories
which, in the words of Bob Shaw: “. . . are the essence of modern science fiction
and yet show a passionate concern for the human predicament and human values.”

Golden Gryphon Press

Literary and non-scientist SF is a necessity for any library; move over, Tom Swift
and Roamers, make room for the Kéthani.

Cover art by Bob Eggleton
ISBN 1-930846-43-6 / $24.95 (Trade hardcover)
218 pages

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