After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Friday, March 14, 2003

3/13/03 THURS (upstairs notes):
---A couple book arrivals:
THE DARKEST PART OF THE WOODS by Ramsey Campbell from PS Publishing in the UK and BABYLON SISTERS (hc) by Paul di Filippo from Prime Books.

---Received in mail today:
- NY TIMES for Sun, Tues, Wed.

---Would you rather eat the cud or the cow? -- a thought that occurred while running. If we eat curd why not cud? I imagine nutritional analyses have been made, but it seems like it ought to be pretty good stuff. Tastes good to the cow. We could attach a spigot to the cow's fifth stomach or whatever and it could become a big eating machine as well as a milk-making machine. Maybe too many stomach acids in there, though. But it seems like tofu, seitan and TVP are but cuddish processing of raw vegetable material themselves. I think there ought to be a better way than slaughter harvest the cow.

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