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Monday, July 14, 2003

06/28/03 SAT:
---Received the originals for me to run off on my copier:
Stephensen-Payne, Phil & Gordon Benson Jr. (compilers) A. BERTRAM CHANDLER: Master Navigator of Space, Galactic Central Bibliography for the Avid Reader Vol. 3, 3rd revised edn(5/03), (a working bibliography), new 4.50

---A couple from Sarob Press:
Davies, Alison L.R. SMALL DEATHS, Sarob, 5/03, 1st, one of 200 copies, (short horror stories; Graham Joyce intro; 81 pages), new in dj 35.00

Robins, G.M. (Mrs. Baillie Reynolds) THE RELATIONS AND WHAT THEY RELATED & Other Weird Tales, Sarob, 5/03, (reprint of 1902 edn), new in dj 42.50

---This email from Sarob came in a while ago (perhaps of interest with regard to the above):
“Hi Chris

I need to advise you of some important changes to our previously announced schedule. We are to be making our contemporary titles available in quality paperback editions as well as limited and/or deluxe hardcover. We are also moving to full colour covers before the end of this year. We've been able to negotiate improved cheque conversion fees and have actually been able to reduce some $US prices. Here is our revised, and now fully complete, 2003 schedule :

May 2003 SMALL DEATHS a collection by Alison L R Davies LIMITED 200 sewn H/B copies @ £21 / $35. Cover & Frontispiece Art by Lara Bandilla. Author Photograph by Vince Brotheridge. Introduction by Graham Joyce.

May 2003 THE RELATIONS AND WHAT THEY RELATED & Other Weird Tales by G.M. Robins (Mrs Baillie Reynolds) (Richard Dalby's 'Mistresses of the Macabre' series Vol 6) Introduced by Richard Dalby. LIMITED to 200 sewn H/B copies @ £25 / $42.50

The two May books will hopefully ship together.

June 2003 THE HOUSE OF THE WOLF a novel by Basil Copper LIMITED 150 sewn H/B copies @ £25 / $42.50. 52 SIGNED*/LETTERED DELUXE H/B copies @ £48 / $80 (bound in buckram with marbled endpapers, blocking to front boards & silk bookmark. No slipcase) *signed by author and both artists. 250 P/B copies @ £10.95 / $18.95. Wrap-Cover Art by Randy Broecker & Interior illustrations (x 5) by Stephen Jones. Introduced by the author, with an afterword by Stephen Jones. Previously published in the USA by Arkham House. First UK and P/B publication.

July 2003 THE SEMINAR an original novella by LH Maynard & MPN Sims LIMITED 150 sewn H/B copies @ £22 / $37.50. 35 SIGNED/NUMBERED DELUXE H/B copies @ £45 / $75 (bound in buckram with marbled endpapers, blocking to front boards & silk bookmark. No slipcase). 250 P/B copies @ £9.95 / $16.95. Cover & Interior Art by Richard Lamb.

Sept 2002 THE SUBSTANCE OF A SHADE a BUMPER ALL NEW collection of seventeen supernatural horror stories by John Glasby Introduced by Richard Dalby. Colour Cover Art by Paul Lowe. Limited 150 sewn H/B copies. 26 SIGNED /LETTERED DELUXE H/B copies. 300 P/B copies. FULL DETAILS SHORTLY.

October (Halloween) 2003 MIRROR OF THE NIGHT a collection of ten of the very best of E C Tubb's horror & supernatural stories Introduced by Philip Harbottle. Colour Cover Art by Richard Gray. Limited 150 sewn H/B copies. 26 SIGNED/LETTERED DELUXE H/B copies. 250 P/B copies. FULL DETAILS SHORTLY.

Thank you.


---Received a slick Donald M. Grant brochure. The lead book in the flyer is BRADBURY: An Illustrated Life, A Journey to Far Metaphor by Jerry West (signed lettered $1,000; signed numbered $310; trade edn $34.95).
---Another book I notice that I haven’t carried: A GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY BIBLIOGRAPHY OF EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS by Henry Hardy Heins for $106.
---Then there is the business about another Stephen King lottery to see who gets to fork over for THE DARK TOWER V: WOLVES OF THE CALLA. Don’t know if I can help anyone out in getting that one; but other Donald M. Grant books, I am overdue in sending them an order. Discount to members of discount plan would be 20%.

---Music played:
- The Capricorns IN THE ZONE (Xgau: A Minus)
- Delta Dart FIGHT OF FLIGHT (Xgau: HM**)

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