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Sunday, April 15, 2007

04/15/07 SUN:
---Word from Centipede:
Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft UPDATE #2

* * *

This book is continuing to sell, and the 300-copy traycase
edition, which comes with oversize prints and is numbered,
is going to be gone before you know it. Many people who
have seen the teasers for the book are calling it the most
important book in the field since The Outsider was published
nearly 70 years ago.

To start, we have a new work by Rick Lieder, who has
created an original, disturbing work exclusively
for this book.

For some big news, H.R. Giger has agreed to sign the
deluxe edition. As you know, Giger's signature is worth
a fortune these days, especially since he does not sign
any books at all, unless you are going to see his museum
in Switzerland!

The deluxe edition of Giger's Necronomicon I and II,
published by Morpheus back in 1992, now sells for
$1500 and up -- nearly eight times the original asking
price. The deluxe edition of our Lovecraft book, which is
signed by Giger, Mike Mignola, Tim White, Don Punchatz,
Stephen Fabian, and about a dozen other people (for a
complete list, see below), will quickly rise in value. What
this means is that if you just want to own the deluxe edition --
full leather, traycase, and huge oversize prints in their own
hardcover folder, it will be unaffordable on the secondary
market. We have some copies left, but they are going to
get snapped up quickly.

In other news, reclusive artist Bruce Pennington has agreed to
have three of his magnificent Mythos related paintings
reproduced in the book. His otherworldly work has been
a favorite for decades, and this is a major bonus for the book.

We are still offering the one free Millipede Press
paperback edition of your choice with every order of
either the traycase or deluxe editions of A Lovecraft
Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P.L. These books
will ship right away. If you would rather order through a
dealer, please mention this deal to them.

Artists signing the deluxe edition:
Jill Bauman
Randy Broecker
Dave Carson
John Coulthart
Les Edwards
Bob Eggleton
H.R. Giger
John Holmes
Stephen Jones
Paul Komoda
Allen Koszowski
Robert Knox
Rick Leider
Mike Mignola
Ian Miller
Rowena Morrill
Harry O. Morris
J.K. Potter
Don Punchatz
Anthony Travis Soumis
Denis Tiani
Murray Tinkelman
Tim White

Millipede Press books in paperback:

Some of Your Blood / Theodore Sturgeon
The Face That Must Die / Ramsey Campbell
Here Comes a Candle / Fredric Brown
The Tenant / Roland Topor
Falling Angel / William Hjortsberg
The Deadly Percheron / John Franklin Bardin
Nightfall / David Goodis
Street of No Return / David Goodis
Frankenstein / Mary Shelley (available in May)

Best Regards,

Jerad Walters
Centipede Press
---I'd be happy to procure any of the above for anyone interested.

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