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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

04/18/07 WED:
---Word from Golden Gryphon:
Greetings from the Gryphon:

HARVEST OF CHANGELINGS by Warren Rochelle, is now available!

Ten years ago Ben Tyson, a librarian living in Garner, NC, met and loved
Valeria, a Daoine Sidhe woman. Valeria's death left Ben to raise their child, Malachi,
alone, and for ten years the two of them lived a fairly ordinary life. Everything changed
when Malachi turned ten and began to manifest his fey powers, but without the control a
full-blooded fairy would have. Ben has to get his son through the nearest gate to Faerie
before these powers kill him. But, where is the gate? Where are the other three children
Malachi dreams of—earth, fire, and water to his air? Why are there reports of such things
as dragon sightings and why are bookstores selling out of titles on the occult and
witchcraft? All Ben knows is the date the gate can next be opened, Halloween. What he
doesn't know is that the powers in Faerie have called home the descendents of
changelings left here generations ago. Ben doesn't know there are evil forces in both
universes trying to prevent this return.
More than a straightforward fairy tale, this is a story of the Other: those who are
different—physically, mentally, and in their lifestyles. The four part-fairy children are
taunted by their classmates because of these differences; two have been abused by their
parents. All four are outsiders. As they find each other, they find they must learn how to
survive together, and unite to overcome the apathy and prejudice of humans, as well as
the evil Fomorii.

STARRED Publishers Weekly review:
Rochelle (The Wild Boy) delivers an excellent traditional fantasy that draws on centuries-
old Celtic fairy lore. Fairies, notably infertile among their own, have long interbred with
humans, often leaving behind orphaned or abandoned children who never fit in and who
develop magical powers and magical vulnerabilities, seeking self-knowledge as they
evade their enemies, the evil Fomorii. A crisis is brewing. Librarian Ben Tyson, who lives
in Garner, N.C., is concerned about his son, Malachi, whose late mother was fey. Like
other half-fairy children, Malachi must heed a strange destiny. The book's strength lies in
the sensitive characterizations and the texture of its contemporary reality. Some Wiccans
may be upset by depictions of black witchcraft (though Rochelle is clearly aware of white
witchcraft), but otherwise this should be a book with wide appeal, as it touches so
sensitively on basic emotions, recognizable by anyone who remembers childhood. (May)
Copyright © 1997-2005 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All
rights reserved.

“Harvest of Changelings is an original and fascinating blend of Faerie and Christian
belief, with a final battle that will leave you tingling. Classic fantasy as it should be
— Nancy Kress, three-time Nebula winner, author of the Probability series.
---Another thing to get caught up on with my ordering!

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