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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

02/01/05 TUE:
---Here today from TTA:
INTERZONE #196, 1-2/05, (Remaking the World with China Miéville; Winning Mars by Jason Stoddard, Paul Di Filippo, Neal Blaikie, David Ira Cleary, Will McIntosh, David Langford, Mike O’Driscoll; Sarah Ash interviewed), new 6.00

---Word from Mythos Books about a new publication:
Peter Cannon. THE LOVECRAFT CHRONICLES. Mythos Books, 2004, 1st, trade paperback. 192 pages. Horror legend H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) wasn't much of a ladies' man, as anyone knows who's read his ex-wife Sonia Davis's poignant account of their brief, doomed marriage. In his first novel, an episodic alternative history in the form of a memoir anthology, Lovecraft scholar and PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY Forecasts editor Cannon (LOVECRAFT REMEMBERED) sympathetically explores his subject's vexed relationships with three women. Lovecraft gets the best of two (fictional) female admirers-a spunky teenager and a Barbara Pym-ish spinster, each of whom serves as his secretary-but meets his match in Lyda Long, the real-life bride of his old pal and fellow pulp writer, Frank Belknap Long. Along the way Lovecraft publishes a story collection (which never quite happened in actuality) and realizes his dream of visiting England, where he meets renowned fantasist Arthur Machen. Those familiar with Cannon's chronicle of the Longs in their old age, Long Memories, won't be terribly surprised by the tragicomic denouement. The three first-person narrations, sepia-toned portraits in words, exude period atmosphere and expertly capture Lovecraft's complex character. Borrowing giddily from Stella Gibbons, Charlotte Brontë and George Gissing, Cannon extends and reinvents his life in ways sure to amuse (and provoke) serious Lovecraftians. Jason C. Eckhardt's illustrations complement the text perfectly. $15.00

and still available:

Howard, Robert E. (related) Ben Szumskyj, editor. ROBERT E. HOWARD -
THE POWER OF THE WRITING MIND. Mythos Books LLC, 2003, 1st, oversized
trade paperback, 76 pages. Introduction by Ben Szumskyj. "An
Introduction to the Life and Works of Robert E. Howard" and an interview
with Glenn Lord by Joe Marek; an untitled fantasy/Cthulhu Mythos style
story featuring John O'Dare by Robert E. Howard; "A Short History of the
Conan Typescripts" by Patrice Louniet; "The Devil's Woodchopper" by
Robert E. Howard; "Pages from 'As the Poet Says'" by Rusty Burke with
Leo Grin; "Three Autobiographical Letters" by Robert E. Howard (to
ARGOSY, and to Farnsworth Wright, and to Wilfred Blanch Talman; "And in
This Corner, Hailing from Nazareth, or, What the Eddas Don't Tell You"
by Scott Sheaffer (on Robert E. Howard's pagan/Viking/Celtic stories);
"Double Cross" by Robert E. Howard (an Ace Jessel & John Taverel boxing
story); "Am-Ra: Howard's Lost Hero" by Ben Szumskyj; "The Right Hook No.
1 Vol. 1" by Robert E. Howard, introduced by Tom Munnerlyn (unpublished
Robert E. Howard material from a zine produced by a nineteen-year old
Robert E. Howard); "Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me" by
Robert E. Howard (a high school essay); afterword by Ben Szumskyj.
Profusely illustrated by Gary Gianni, Rick Cortes, Mark Schultz, Rick
McCollum, David Burton. $15.00

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