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Thursday, February 24, 2005

02/24/05 THU:
---Here are a few nominally-used but basically new books I have just catalogued:
Brown, Fredric FROM THESE ASHES: The Complete Short SF of…, NESFA, 2/01, 1st edn, (Barry N. Malzberg introduction; 693 pages), vg-f in dj 30.00
Verne, Jules TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, THE COMPLETE..., Visions/Indiana '91, 1st thus, (new translation with intro & notes by Emanuel J. Mickel), f in dj $27
Wolfe, Gene THE BOOK OF THE SHORT SUN, SFBC, 3/01, 1st thus, (3-in-1; collects On Blue's Waters, In Green's Jungles & Return to the Whorl), vg-f in dj 12.50
misc. softcovers:
Anderson, Kevin J. HORIZON STORMS, Simon & Schuster '04, 1st UK, (Saga of Seven Suns #3; titanic war between the elemental alien hydrogues and faeros continutes to sweep across the Spiral Arm; 659-page doorstop), f 8.00
Baird, Alison THE EMPIRE OF THE STARS, Aspect, 11/04, 1st, (Dragon Throne #2; crisp and lucid fantasy), f 5.00
Delany, Samuel R. STARS IN MY POCKET LIKE GRAINS OF SAND, Wesleyan ('04), (20th Anniversary Edition; foreword by Carl Freedman), publicity release laid in, f 20.00
Howard, Madeline THE HIDDEN STARS, Eos '04, 1st edn, (Rune of Unmaking #1; a marvelous fantasy author’s debut novel; high epic fantasy), publicity release laid in, f $7
Nicholls, Stan THE COVENANT RISING, Eos '05, 1st US edn, (The Dreamtime #1; powerful epic fantasy filled with spectacular magic, adventure, and political intrigue), publicity release laid in, f 7.00
Swainston, Steph THE YEAR OF OUR WAR, Eos '05, 1st US edn, (author’s debut; fantasy that breaks out of the elvish straitjacket and takes over the asylum), PR release laid in, f 8.00
Wilson, Robert Charles THE PERSEIDS and Other Stories, Tor, 7/01, (author’s first story collection), remainder mark, vg-f 4.50
Warner Aspect 61155 Benford, Gregory GREAT SKY RIVER, 8/04. (Galactic Center #3), vg-f 4.00
Spectra 58658 Budz, Mark CLADE, 12/03, (orig; bioengineered tomorrow that may come startlingly true), f 4.00
Warner Aspect 61429 Buettner, Robert ORPHANAGE, 11/04, (orig; military SF), f 4.00
Del Rey 61333 Eddings, David & Leigh Eddings THE ELDER GODS, 10/04, (The Dreamers #1), f 3.00
HarperTorch 57297 Harrison, Kim THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD, 2/05, (orig; witch bounty-hunter Rachel Morgan), f 4.00
Spectra 58379 Kenyon, Kay THE BRAIDED WORLD, 2/03, (orig; the most disturbing aliens are in humanity's image...), vg-f 3.50
Orbit pb 224 MacLeod, Ken NEWTON'S WAKE, '05, (A Space Opera), f 6.00
Warner Aspect 61342 McArthur, Maxine LESS THAN HUMAN, 10/04, (orig; gripping thriller of identity, artificial intelligence, and murder in a near-future Japan), f 3.50
Orbit pb 168 Moon, Elizabeth TRADING IN DANGER, '03, 1st UK, (Vatta's War #1), f 6.00
Gollancz 07584 Morgan, Richard MARKET FORCES, '04, (orig; fast-forward thriller), vg-f 6.00
Orbit pb 125 Reed, Robert SISTER ALICE, '03, 1st UK, (far-future epic of god-like humans and their colossal blunders), f 6.00
Spectra 58499 Williams, Liz NINE LAYERS OF SKY, 9/03, (orig; profound and provocative look at human nature), f 4.00

---Experimented with making digital photos of the covers of the above books. I have scheduled myself to update the CDR of catalog data on the first of the month, so by Tuesday I hope to have a folder with JPEGs of these images (and perhaps others) to include with updated burnstuff.

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