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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

09/13/03 SAT:
---Rec’d an email solicitation from Delirium Books, which I have not been carrying very much:
“Dear Bookseller,

As of this year, Delirium Books has become one of the leading specialty
press publishers in the horror genre. I've just announced that Delirium
Books will no longer deal with and, or any other corporate
chain bookstores. Instead, 100% of Delirium's focus is sales through
independent booksellers like yourself. As now is the prime time to invest
in stocking Delirium titles and an important time for Delirium to make new
connections with independent booksellers, like yourself, I ask that you
please look over the information below and let me know your stance on
possibly stocking some of Delirium titles.

I have listed below a number of reasons why you, as a bookseller, could
benefit from stocking these titles:

Shipping is free for all media mail shipments. Delirium now packages its
books in custom-made re-inforced boxes, wrapping books in bubble wrap for
safe shipping. Delirium assumes all expenses on damaged books in freight
and will replace them free of charge.

Delirium Books no longer deals direct with the corporate chain
bookstores such as Borders, Barnes and Noble and So the
majority of books are sold through indie booksellers. Furthermore, Delirium
promotes sales through indie booksellers first and foremost, placing lists
of active booksellers in all ads placed in magazines. The Delirium Books'
website also has an extensive listing of booksellers, their web address and
other contact information for ordering direct. Each month, we put out a
newsletter that goes out to over 1200 subscribers which we include a
featured bookseller's section (one different bookseller gets the spotlight
here and on the main page of the website).

Collectibility. Delirium titles are of the highest in collectibility,
due to both smaller print runs (generally from 300-500 limited editions), as
well as having a cast of authors who have become both rising stars and
mainstays in the genre. These talents include Brian Lumley, Douglas Clegg,
William F. Nolan, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Tom Piccirilli, Charlee Jacob,
Jeffrey Thomas, David B. Silva and others. Each limited edition is signed
and numbered.

Product. Delirium Books' prides itself on producing its books at one of
the highest quality standards in the small press. Each regular limited
edition hardcover has acid-free pages and end papers, includes full color
dust jackets which are laminated and also acid-free. The binding to these
limited HCs is top-grade vellum stock, ultra-bound with the spine notched
and co-polynmer threaded through the spine to strengthen the binding.
Deluxe books are printed with acid-free papers and end papers, the binding
is made of genuine soft black leather which is manually over-sewn to insure
attractiveness and also durability. Foil stamp designs grace both editions
(lim. HC and deluxe leather-bound). More on the product we offer can be
found at:

Delirium works with each individual bookseller to help them sell books.
From creating custom fliers to posters to providing actual upright diplays
for physical bookstores, we work for the bookseller to help you move our
titles more effectively.

Please take a minute and check out Delirium's website at: Forthcoming titles in the hardcover book line
include The Attraction by Douglas Clegg, All the Lonely People by David B.
Silva, Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood by Jeffrey Thomas and Brian Keene's Fear
of Gravity

We also publish one of the most successful book collectors' series called
The Ultra Line. Each book in this series is limited to 26-52 copies only,
the books bound in genuine leather, encased in a beautiful genuine leather
hinged box. Titles are available to customers on a reservation period of 90
days. Optional inscriptions are included with orders and customer's names
get placed directly on the special thanks page, bound in these editions.
The current title up for reservation is Sixteen Sucking Stories by Brian
Lumley. Future titles will include works by Douglas Clegg, James Morrow,
William F. Nolan and many more.

Lots more on the website, including the Dark Essentials Series and the Dark

Shane Staley
Delirium Books”

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