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Monday, February 2, 2004

02/02/04 MON:
---Email sent (reply to someone in Finland who is studying for a PhD in HP Lovecraft studies):
“Good to get your email. You probably haven't missed any catalogs because it has been over a year since I issued one. I have been getting along with email and incipient web presence. I hope to put out some catalogs (#145+) this year, but a few things I need to get done first.
For now, here is what I have in stock by HPL now. HC:
Lovecraft, H.P.LORD OF A VISIBLE WORLD: An Autobiography in Letters, Ohio '00, 1st, (Joshi & Schultz [eds]; compelling reading), new in dj 49.95
---MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPIRIT: The Letters of H.P. Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei, Night Shade ('02), 1st edn, (Lovecraft Letters Vol. 1), new in dj $40
---SELECTED LETTERS III: 1929-1931, Arkham House, 2nd('97), new in dj 25.95
---SELECTED LETTERS IV: 1932-1934, Arkham House '76, new in dj 22.95
---SELECTED LETTERS V: 1934-1937, Arkham House '76, new in dj 22.95
(---) Connors, Scott (ed) A CENTURY LESS A DREAM: Selected Criticism on H.P. Lovecraft, Wildside '02, 1st edn, new no dj as issued 49.95
(---) Joshi, S.T. H.P. LOVECRAFT & LOVECRAFT CRITICISM: An Annotated Bibliography, Wildside, nd, (reprint of 1981 work), new no dj as issued 49.95
(---) Shreffler, Philip A. THE H.P. LOVECRAFT COMPANION, Greenwood, 3rd, (offers a roadmap through Lovecraft's nightmare), new no dj as issued 62.95

Lovecraft, H.P. THE ANCIENT TRACK: The Complete Poetical Works of…, Night Shade '01, 1st edn, (Joshi [ed]; 557 pp), {hc in dj available @ $40}, new 20.00
---THE ANNOTATED…, Dell, 5th, (edited by S.T. Joshi), new 13.95
---THE ANNOTATED SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LITERATURE, Hippocampus ('00), 1st edn thus, (edited, with intro & commentary by S.T. Joshi), new $15
---THE BEST OF...: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre, Del Rey, 24th, (introduction by Robert Bloch), new 10.00
---THE DREAM CYCLE OF...: Dreams of Terror and Death, Del Rey, 7th, (collects the entire Dream Cycle created by HPL; Gaiman intro), new 11.00
---THE DUNWICH HORROR: Complete and Unabridged READ BY ROBERT M. PRICE, Necronomicon Audio ('97), 2-cassette set, new 14.95
---FROM THE PEST ZONE: The New York Stories, Hippocampus ('03), 1st edn, (lengthy biographical intro & story notes; Joshi & Schultz [eds]), new 15.00
---FuBAR vol. 3 nos. 1, 2 & 3, 4-5/86, #190 of 200, (“Cats and Dogs”, “At the Root” & “The Materialist Today”; essays by HPL), 3 booklets as a set, 20.00
---HISTORY OF THE NECRONOMICON, (Strange Co.), folded sheet (4 pages), vg $1
---THE H.P. LOVECRAFT CHRISTMAS BOOK, Necronomicon, 9/91, Second Edition, 1st printing, (illustrated by Jason Eckhardt; 12 pages), new 1.95
---another copy of the preceding, 2nd(10/87), new 1.50
---LETTERS TO ALFRED GALPIN, Hippocampus ('03), 1st edn, (287 pp), new 15.00
---LETTERS TO RICHARD F. SEARIGHT, Necronomicon, 7/92, 1st, new 9.95
---MORE ANNOTATED LOVECRAFT, Dell, 2nd, (Joshi & Cannon [eds]), new 13.95
---POLARIS, (Strange Co.), folded sheet (4 pages), as new 1.00
---SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LETERATURE, Dover ('73), (Bleiler intro), vg+ 7.50
---THE TRANSITION OF…: The Road to Madness, Del Rey, 10/96, 1st edn, vg+ 7.50
---another copy of the preceding, 5th printing, (Hambly intro; Palencar illus), new $11
--- & others TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS, Del Rey, 10/98, new 12.00
(---) Bell, Joe (comp. & ed) FUBAR #6, 4/87, (revised reprint of FuBar #1), f 6.00
---(comp.) HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT: THE BOOKS (4): 1915-1986, Soft Books, 2nd(2/87), (63-page bibliography), f 5.00
(---) Davis, Sonia H. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF H.P. LOVECRAFT, Necronomicon, 4/85, (memoir by Mrs. H.P. Lovecraft), 3rd(11/92), new 4.95
(---) Faig, Kenneth W., Jr. THE PARENTS OF HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT, Necronomicon, 7/90, 1st, (includes HPL family tree), new 5.95
(---) The Friends of H.P. Lovecraft THE H.P. LOVECRAFT MEMORIAL PLAQUE, Necronomicon, 12/90, 1st, (chonicles efforts to dedicate monument), new $5
(---) Joshi, S.T. PRIMAL SOURCES: Essays on H.P. Lovecraft, Hippocampus ('03), 1st edn, (first major selection of author's Lovecraftian essays), new 15.00
(---) ---A SUBTLER MAGICK: The Writings and Philosophy of H.P. Lovecraft, Wildside '99, 3rd Edition, (the definitive critcal guide), new 19.95
(---) Squires, Richard D. STERN FATHERS 'NEATH THE MOULD: The Lovecraft Family in Rochester, Necronomicon, 2/95, 1st, (forgotten ancestors), new 7.95
(---) Van Hise, James (ed) THE FANTASTIC WORLDS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT, Van Hise, 1/99, 1st edn, (selections from the fanzines; well-illustrated), new 17.95
LOVECRAFT COLLECTOR, THE NEW…, Necronomicon '93-98, nos. 1 to 26, (except #7), (odds & ends on HPL; biblio tidbits; news, etc.), new each, 1.50
LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR CALENDAR, THE 1995…, Artefact ('94), (12 Months of All-New Cthulhu Mythos Art by Koszowski, Borkowski, Eckhardt. etc.), new 9.95
LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR, TALES OF… #5, Eastertide/97 • ---#6, Lammas/97 • ---#7, Hallowmas/97 • ---#8, Eastertide/98• ---#10, Hallowmas/98 • ---#11, Eastertide/99, new each, 4.50
LOVECRAFT STUDIES #25, fall/91 • ---#28, spr/93 • ---#30, spr/94 • ---#32, spr/95 • ---#33, fall/95 • ---#34, spr/96 • ---#35, fall/96 • ---#36, spr/97 • ---#37, fall/97 • ---#38, spr/98 • ---#39, sum/98 • ---#40, fall/98 • ---#41, spr/99, new each, 5.00
---#42-43, aut/01, Hippocampus, (rigorous, accurate, penetrating criticism), new $12

BallAF 02427 Carter LOVECRAFT: A Look Behind Cthulhu Mythos, 2/72, g-vg $4; vg 6.50
Del Rey 32945 Lovecraft, H.P. AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, 21st, new 5.99
Beagle 95123 Lovecraft, H.P. THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD, 8/71, fr-g 2.00
Del Rey 33105 Lovecraft, H.P. THE DOOM THAT CAME TO SARNATH, 26th, new 6.99
Carroll & Graf pb 0445 Lovecraft, H.P. THE LOVED DEAD and Other Revisions, 2nd('99), new 4.95
Del Rey 33661 Lovecraft, H.P. THE TOMB and Other Tales, 21st(9/93), new 5.99
Carroll & Graf 408 Lovecraft with Derleth THE LURKER AT THE THRESHOLD, 8th, new 4.50
Carroll & Graf 769 Lovecraft with Derleth THE WATCHERS OUT OF TIME, 6th('96), new 4.95
Del Rey 33779 Lovecraft THE DREAM-QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH, 26th, new 5.99

---Disc Log:
- Swedish comp from last August
- Sonny Rollins NUCLEUS

---Bigtime snow shoveling this morning, but not half as bad as prognosticated. The stuff was a half foot or so deep but dry and fluffy. Local school has a snow day. Guess I will have to walk to the post office today (instead of ride my bicycle).

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