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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

02/07/04 SAT:
---A little ways through the cataloguing of Leisure books, a new list of new-arrival paperbacks is completed:
3 • • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 10/8/2003—2/7/2004 • •
Signet 19101 Bachman, Richard (=King) THE REGULATORS, 2nd, g-vg 3.00
Arrow 91600 Blish, James ANYWHEN, '78, (stories), g-vg (foxing) 4.00
Panther 04344 Blish, James DOCTOR MIRABILIS, '76, (Roger Bacon novel), vg 4.50
Ace F- 105 Boucher, Anthony (ed) THE BEST FROM F&SF: 5th Series, nd, g-vg 4.00
Vintage V294 Bradbury, Ray THE VINTAGE BRADBURY, 9/65, (orig), g-vg 5.00
Pocket 82866 Carter, Angela HEROES AND VILLAINS, 2nd, (future noble savage), vg 4.00
Dell pb 5154 Carter, Angela THE MAGIC TOYSHOP, 10/69, (bizarre horror), g-vg 5.00
Leisure 4898 Clark, Simon DARKNESS DEMANDS, 7/01, (...your eternal soul), new 5.99
NEL 76601 Clark, Simon THE NIGHT OF THE TRIFFIDS, 4th, (sequel), new 8.95
Leisure 5055 Clegg, Douglas THE INFINITE, 10/02, (a cavalcade of nightmares), new 5.99
Berkley 18571 Cussler, Clive VALHALLA RISING, 8/02, (Dirk Pitt thriller), g-vg 2.00
Ace pbk 00631 Dietz, William C. BY BLOOD ALONE, 5th, (Legion #3), new 6.99
Ace pbk 00981 Dietz, William C. DEATHDAY, 10/02, (alien-invasion tale), new 7.50
Del Rey 45921 Dietz, William C. HALO: THE FLOOD, 7th, (Xbox game novel), new 6.99
Ace pb 48040 Dietz, William C. LEGION OF THE DAMNED, 13th, (future warfare), new 6.99
Ace pbk 00217 Dietz, William C. THE FINAL BATTLE, 7th, (Legion of Damned seq), new 6.99
Baen pb 3560 Drake, David (creator) FOREIGN LEGIONS, 9/02, (shared-world), new 7.99
Leisure 4967 Etchison, Dennis THE DEATH ARTIST, 2/02, (stories), new 5.99
Quartet 1239 Farmer, Philip José BLOWN, '75, (An Exorcism: Ritual #2), g-vg 6.00
Quartet 1219 Farmer, Philip José THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, '75, (Ritual #1), vg 4.00
Dell pb 5817 Goodgold & Carlinsky MORE TRIVIAL TRIVIA, 9/66, (game craze), vg 3.50
Pap Lib 66683 Gow, Gordon SUSPENSE IN THE CINEMA, 9/71, (critical guide), vg 4.50
Orbit 8278 Haldeman, Joe TOOL OF THE TRADE, '88, (SF-spy novel), vg+ 3.50
Avon 67975 Haldeman, Joe WAR YEAR, 12/84, (vivid Vietnam war novel), vg 4.00
Ball 42342 Hamilton, Laurell K. A CARESS OF TWILIGHT, 3/03, (fantasy mys), new 7.50
Ace A- 27 Harmon, Jim THE GREAT RADIO HEROES, nd, (all the immortals), g-vg 5.00
Leisure 5074 Hautala, Rick BEDBUGS, 3/03, (effectively crafted shockers), new 5.99
Signet D2539 Heinlein, Robert A. BEYOND THIS HORIZON, 2nd(8/64), vg 3.00
Leisure 4793 Hoffman, Barry BORN BAD, 11/00, (transcends the simpleminded), new 5.99
Orbit 949 Holt, Tom ONLY HUMAN, 3rd('03), (dazzling comic fantasy), new 9.95
Orbit 988 Holt, Tom SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN SAMURAI, 4th('02), new 9.95
Orbit 687 Holt, Tom WISH YOU WERE HERE, 2nd('01), (comic fantasy), new 8.95
Leisure 4966 Jacob, Charlee THE SYMBIOTIC FASCINATION, 2/02, (debut), new 5.99
Wordsworth 053 James, M.R. COLLECTED GHOST STORIES, '92, (647 pages), vg 6.00
Spectra 57891 Jeter STAR WARS®: Hard Merchandise, 8th, (Bounty Hunter #3), new 6.99
Pocket pbk 04155 Knaak, Richard A. DIABLO #1: Legacy of Blood, 5/01, (game tie), vg 3.00
Lucas 38438 Lucas/ Glut/ Kahn STAR WARS®: The Star Wars Trilogy, 26th, new 7.99
Lancer 73508 Mark, Ted A HARD DAY'S KNIGHT, '66, (orig; Man from O.R.G.Y.), vg 4.00
Lancer 73488 Mark, Ted THE 9-MONTH ORGY, 6th(11/66), (Man from O.R.G.Y.), vg+ 3.50
Berkley X1389 Mark, Ted THE SQUARE ROOT OF SEX, 5/67, (swinging novel), vg 4.00
Spectra 57342 Martin, George R.R. A STORM OF SWORDS, 2nd, (Ice & Fire #3), new 7.99
Spectra 58446 McCarthy, Wil THE WELLSTONE, 3/03, (wit-superscience blend), new 6.99
Tor 34512 McMullen, Sean EYES OF THE CALCULOR, 12/03,(Greatwinter 3), new 7.99
Baen 31963 Moon, Elizabeth CHANGE OF COMMAND, 12/00, (military SF), new 7.99
Baen 31964 Moon, Elizabeth SHEEPFARMER'S DAUGHTER, 12/00, (#1), new 1.99
Leisure 0012 Oboler, Arch OBOLER OMNIBUS, 2/71, (kaleidoscope of madness), vg 5.00
Leisure 4979 Piccirilli, Tom GRAVE MEN, 3/02, (orig; historical fiction), new 4.99
NEL 03298 Pratchett, Terry THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN, 3/78, g-vg (foxing) 3.00
Tuttle 0319 Rampo JAPANESE TALES OF MYSTERY & IMAGINATION, 22nd, vg-f 5.00
Ball 44368 Rice, Anne BLACKWOOD FARM, 4th, (Mayfair Witches/Vampire), new 7.99
Panther 04289 Rushdie, Salman GRIMUS, '77, (epic fantasy of vaulting imagination), vg 5.00
Avon 50575 Simak, Clifford D. WHY CALL THEM BACK FROM HEAVEN?, 6/80, vg+ 3.00
Dell pb 18006 Sturgeon, Theodore THE STARS ARE THE STYX, 10/79, (stories), vg+ 5.00
Sphere 8214 Sturgeon, Theodore VENUS PLUS X, 2nd, (landmark modern SF), vg+ 3.00
Dell pb 12648 Sturgeon, Theodore VISIONS AND VENTURERS, 11/78, (stories), vg 5.00
Leisure 5097 Tem, Melanie THE DECEIVER, 5/03, (visceral terror), new 6.99
Del Rey 33970 Tolkien, J.R.R. THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, 128th, (movie), vg+ 3.00
Del Rey 32581 Tolkien, J.R.R. THE SILMARILLION, 47th, (deeper-past legends), new 7.99
Del Rey 33971 Tolkien, J.R.R. THE TWO TOWERS, 121st, (#2; movie), vg+ 3.00
Del Rey 35711 Tolkien, J.R.R. UNFINISHED TALES, 30th, (lost love), new 7.50
Coronet 19830 Vance, Jack THE ASUTRA, 2nd('77), (Durdane #3), g-vg (foxing) 2.50
Simon Puls 86014 Vornholt, John ANGEL: Seven Crows, 7/03, (orig; Buffy TV tie), new 6.99
VGSF 05281 Watson, Ian STALIN'S TEARDROPS, '92, (stories; wreaks havoc!), vg+ 6.00
VGSF 05163 Watson, Ian THE FLIES OF MEMORY, '91, (far-out stuff), vg+ 6.00
Spectra 58377 Williams, Liz EMPIRE OF BONES, 2nd, (bold and provocative SF), new 5.99
Spectra 58374 Williams, Liz THE GHOST SISTER, 2nd, (anthropological puzzle), new 5.99
Leisure 5060 Williamson, Chet SECOND CHANCE, 8/02, (hurled back to 60s), new 5.99
Bantam 58051 Willis, Connie PASSAGE, 4th, (journeys into the afterworld), new 7.50
Tor 34358 Yolen, Jane WHITE JENNA, 1/04, (Tor Teen edn; Great Alta #2), new 6.99
---Since this is the third, it means I will have to come up with a new set of package insert sheets. About time, too!

---Okay, here are the rest of the Leisure Books that came in:
• • NEW ARRIVALS (& re-arrivals): 2/7/2004 • •
5082 Cave, Hugh B. THE RESTLESS DEAD, 1/03, (orig; horror), new 5.99
4962 Clark, Simon DARKER, 1/02, (horror; the unseen evil), new 5.99
5076 Clark, Simon STRANGER, 10/03, (exciting, gory, sharp, bloody), new 6.99
4766 Clegg, Douglas MISCHIEF, 9/00, (something terrible at Harrow), new 5.99
5142 Clegg, Douglas THE HOUR BEFORE DARK, 9/03, (horror), new 6.99
4640 Collins, Max Allan MOMMY'S DAY, 9/99, (inspiration for movie), new 4.99
5078 Crowther, Peter THE LONGEST SINGLE NOTE, 4/03, (fearsome), new 6.99
5069 D'Ammassa, Don SERVANTS OF CHAOS, 12/02, (horror), new 5.99
4977 Devereaux, Robert CALIBAN and Other Tales, 3/02, (orig), new 5.99
4952 Feehan, Christine DARK LEGEND, 1/02, (paranormal romance), new 5.99
4907 Girón, Sèphera HOUSE OF PAIN, 8/01, (down in the basement), new 5.99
5085 Girón, Sèphera THE BIRDS AND THE BEES, 11/02, (no let up), new 5.99
4567 Hoffman, Barry EYES OF PREY, 8/99, (urban nightmare), new 5.50
5096 Jacob, Charlee HAUNTER, 2/03, (hardcore horror), new 5.99
5040 Ketchum, Jack RED, 8/02, (includes the novella The Passenger), new 5.99
4916 Laymon, Richard IN THE DARK, 9/01, (special Koontz intro), new 6.99
4850 Laymon, Richard THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW, 3/01, new 6.99
4988 Lee, Edward CITY INFERNAL, 4/02, (takes you on a tour...of hell), new 5.99
5110 Moore, James A. UNDER THE OVERTREE, 10/02, (they bite), new 5.99
4483 Piccirilli, Tom HEXES, 2/99, (horror; the girl screamed again), new 5.50
4921 Piccirilli, Tom THE LOWER DEEP, 10/01, (steam-heated witchery), new 5.99
5174 Sarrantonio, Al TOYBOX, 9/03, (stories; Lansdale intro), new 6.99
5084 Wright, T.M. LAUGHING MAN, 2/03, (orig; horror), new 5.99

---Digging out from record amounts of snow (for month so far, probably), but all my work keeps getting drifted over. A metaphor there somewhere.

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