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I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Monday, February 23, 2004

02/23/04 MON:
---Back in stock from Hippocampus:
Dunsany, Lord THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE, Hippocampus ('03), 1st edn, (author's last, prevously unpublished, work; edited by S.T. Joshi), new in dj 32.95

Joshi, S.T. LOVECRAFT'S LIBRARY: A Catalogue, Revised & Enlarged, Hippocampus ('02), 2nd edn, (comprehensive information on nearly 1000 books), new $15

Lovecraft, H.P. THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME: The Corrected Text, Hippocampus ('01), new 15.00

---Received “requested information about the following book on Feb 23, 2004 at 01:57 AM:
Appleton-Century '34, 1st (US), hardcover, ex-libr else g (no dust jacket) . (Book #00207)
Price: 20.00
Customer inquiry:
Can you give me more info on the condition of the book? Or even better can you email me a picture of it?
(about my listing of the book on

---My reply:
“I wish I had a digital camera to take a picture of the book. That would be easier than trying to describe it verbally, except the picture(s) might not show it properly. Anyway, it is not too bad a copy. There is a library stamp on the title page and a "Withdrawn" stamp mark. The date "1934" is also on the title page. Copyright is "1925, 1926, 1934" with no further printing indication on the copyright page. The binding is weak but holding. There is also a stamp mark on the front past-down endpaper indicating the book was rebound in 1937. The pages are aged but look clean and all there. It would not be a bad copy for reading. Page count: 949 pages (with a "I" in parenthesis at the end). There is a pretty clean pocket removal on the back paste-down endpaper and another "WITHDRAWN" stamp mark (evidence there was no post facto bookseller activity on behalf of the book's condition to remove the pocket, I guess). Weight of the book is just over 2 lbs. I don't know if all that describes it well enough. Let me know if you have any further questions.”

---It would be easier for me if he would buy the book to find out. I don’t think he would be too disappointed by it. As a collectible, I am not so sure, being an ex-library and rebound, but I would sure rather read the thing in this contemporaneous form than some new reprint that would probably cost more anyway.

---Disc Log:
- Duke Ellington’s FAR EAST SUITE
- The Black Eyed Peas ELEPHUNK (Xgau: A Minus)
- Wayne Shorter ALEGRIA

---Checking for pricing and cataloguing info for a used book, I came up with another place to add to my bookmarks: GEMM (The Global Electronic Music Marketplace). Mostly music, which might be useful to me personally if not professionally in future, but here the book listed was:
KAINEN,RAY SATYR TREK BOOK LON VG (Very Good) publisher: Olympia Press size: 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall Paperback 1971 edition: First UK Edition Explicit erotic science fiction novel. $87.64
---Maybe I will price mine at $87.63.
---But Fantasy Centre in the UK has the book listed:
Ray Kainen. SATYR TREK. Olympia Press (UK), 1971. Paperback. Pornographic sf novel. Fine. £30.00
---Following a sponsored link to aLibris, I find some other books by Ray Kainen:
1. A sea of thighs by Kainen, Ray for $15.95  
  (used softcover)
2. The spy who came, and came, and came, and came. by Kainen, Ray for $24.95
3. Satyr trek by Kainen, Ray for $76.95  
4. The cosmic gash by Kainen, Ray for $24.95  
  (used softcover)
---Maybe I should keep looking. I wonder who “Ray Kainen” might be pseudonymous for. But I have already wasted way too much time.

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