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Thursday, November 15, 2007

older pbs cataloged

It took a little longer than expected, since I had a bit of fooling around to do with the transported Catalog Data files, but here are the new-arrival paperbacks from the two boxes I finally got around to opening a few days ago:
Ace D- 274 Maine, Charles Eric WORLD WITHOUT MEN, ('58), (orig; They had forgotten what men looked like), vg $6; vg+ 8.00
Ace D- 53a/b Van Vogt, A.E. / Leinster, Murray THE WEAPON SHOPS OF ISHER / GATEWAY TO ELSEWHERE, ('54), vg-f 20.00
Ace D- 96a/b Norton, Andre / Nourse, Alan E. THE LAST PLANET / A MAN OBSESSED, ('55), g-vg (cover loosening) 6.00
Ace D-146a/b Correy, Lee / Leinster, Murray CONTRABAND ROCKET / THE FORGOTTEN PLANET, ('56), vg $5; vg+ $8; vg-f $10
Ace D-242a/b Long, Frank Belknap / Van Vot, A.E. SPACE STATION #1 / EMPIRE OF THE ATOM, ('57), vg 8.00
Ace D-277a/b Wollheim, Donald A. (ed) / Leinster, Murray MEN ON THE MOON / CITY ON THE MOON, ('58), vg+ $8; vg-f 10.00
Ace D-345a/b North, Andrew / North, Andrew (=Andre Norton) VOODOO PLANET / PLAGUE SHIP, ('59), g-vg $4; vg 6.00
Ace D-358a/b Knox, Calvin M. (=Silverberg) / Lesser, Milton THE PLOT AGAINST EARTH / RECRUIT FOR ANDROMEDA, ('59), (origs), vg-f 8.00
Ace Double 30300a/b Leiber, Fritz / Leiber, Fritz NIGHT MONSTERS / THE GREEN MILLENNIUM, ('69), f 10.00
Ace Double D-381a/b Norton, Andre / Sohl, Jerry SECRET OF THE LOST RACE / ONE AGAINST HERCULUM, ('59), (origs), vg 4.99
Ace Double D-437a/b Norton, Andre / Wilson, Richard THE SIOUX SPACEMAN / AND THEN THE TOWN TOOK OFF, ('60), vg-f 10.00
Ace Double F-147a/b Norton, Andre / Andre Norton EYE OF THE MONSTER / SEA SIEGE, ('62), g-vg $2
Ace 81680a/b Janifer, Laurence M. & S.J. Treibich / Jakes, John THE WAGERED WORLD / TONIGHT WE STEAL THE STARS, ('69), (origs), vg $2; vg-f 4.50
Ace F- 263 Norton, Andre WEB OF THE WITCH WORLD, ('64), (orig), vg $3; vg-f 3.50
Ace F- 334 Levie, Rex Dean THE INSECT WARRIORS, ('65), (orig; Had nature run amuck?), vg $3; vg-f 4.00
Ace F- 402 Smith, Cordwainer QUEST OF THE THREE WORLDS, ('66), (orig), vg-f 5.00
Ace H- 38 Leiber, Fritz THE SWORDS OF LANKHMAR, ('68), (orig; Fafhrd the Barbarian and the Gray Mouser), f 6.00
Ace H- 84 Norton, Andre SORCERESS OF THE WITCH WORLD, ('68), (orig; completes and rounds out fabulous series), vg-f $4; f $5
Ace H- 91a/b Janifer, Laurence M. & S.J. Treibich / Rackham, John TARGET: TERRA / THE PROXIMA PROJECT, ('68), (origs), vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Ace pb 06709 Sonders, Mark BLIGHT, 9/81, (orig; A swarm of mutant moths begins its rampage of death and destruction; unceasing, insatiable and...unstoppable!), vg-f 3.00
Ace pb 76039 Offutt, Andrew J. SHADOWSPAWN, 9/87, (orig; Thieves' World novel #4), vg-f 2.50
Ace pb 79150 Leiber, Fritz SWORDS AGAINST DEATH, ('70), (orig; Fafhrd the Barbarian and the Gray Mouser), vg-f $3; f 4.00
Ace pb 79170 Leiber, Fritz SWORDS AND DEVILTRY, ('70), (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser), vg+ $3; vg-f 4.00
Ace pb 80083 Gladney, Heather TEOT'S WAR, 5/87, (orig; Song of Naga Teot #1; The desert outlaws bartered him like a slave. They never dreamed what they were giving away...), vg-f 2.00
Ace pb 80800 Norton, Andre THREE AGAINST THE WITCH WORLD, nd, (Beyond the Mind Barrier), vg-f 2.50
Ace pb 81277 Robinson, Spider TIME TRAVELER'S STRICTLY CASH, 2nd(10/81), (Another Night in Callahan's Crosstime Saloon), vg-f 3.00
Ace pb 83287 Schmidt, Dennis TWILIGHT OF THE GODS III: Three Trumps Sounding, 1/88, (orig; A heroe's final fate - to save the world, or seal it's doom...), vg-f 3.00
Avon 27011 Farren, Mick THE TEXTS OF FESTIVAL, 11/75, (A crystal fantasy trip; when the Counterculture ascends to a whacked-out, chemical -crazed pre-eminence), vg-f 4.00
Avon 46128 Searles, Baird, Martin Last, Beth Meacham & Michael Franklin A READER'S GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION, 9/79, (orig; Delany foreword), vg-f 4.00
Avon G- 1227 Lewis, Irwin THE DAY THEY INVADED NEW YORK, ('64), (It started like any other day...), g 1.50
Baen 65555 Morris, Janet (creator) HEROES IN HELL, 3/86, (orig; The greatest braided meganovel of them all!), vg+ 2.00
Baen 65562 Caidin, Martin THE MESSIAH STONE, 2nd(11/87), (The last man to own it was Adolf Hitler, the next will rule the world), vg $2
Baen 65565 Byers, Edward A. THE BABYLON GATE, 4/86, (orig; It was the ultimate seat of power), vg $2
Baen 65567 Tilley, Patrick THE AMTRAK WARS #2: The First Family, 4/86, (sequel to Cloud Warrior; battle for the Blue Sky World), g-vg 1.50
Bal 406K Livingston, Harold THE CLIMACTICON, ('60), (orig; The machine any red-blooded male would pawn his wife to get), vg-f 6.00
Bal 609 Sellings, Arthur TELEPATH, ('62), (orig; author's first novel; Was he unique - or a forerunner of the next development in man?), vg-f $5
Ball 23712 Bass, T.J. THE GODWHALE, 1/74, (orig; cyborg leviathan), vg+ 3.00
Ball 23962 Gerrold, David (ed) SCIENCE FICTION EMPHASIS #1, 5/74, (orig; Eight all-new stories by tomorrow's stars, featuring a brilliant novella by Michael Bishop), vg+ $3; vg-f 3.50
Ball 24011 Niven, Larry A HOLE IN SPACE, 6/74, (orig; stories), vg+ 2.50
Ball 24366 Smith, Cordwainer NORSTRILIA, 2/75, (orig; now for the first time this cult classic appears in its entirety!), vg-f $5
Ball 24643 Starr, Bill THE WAY TO DAWNWORLD, 11/75, (orig; A Farstar & Son Novel #1), vg-f 2.50
Banner 117 Luther, Ray INTERMIND, 10/67, (orig; An Extraordinary Spy Novel of Tomorrow; his guide a corpse's brain...; © Arthur Sellings), vg+ 5.00
Bantam 13917 Harrison, Harry HOMEWORLD, 11/80, (orig; To the Stars #1), vg-f 2.50
Bantam 14339 Harrison, Harry WHEELWORLD, 3/81, (orig; To the Stars #2), vg-f 2.50
Bantam E2855 Robeson, Kenneth DOC SAVAGE #3: Meteor Menace, 10/64, vg+ 4.00
Belmont 277 Long, Frank Belknap IT WAS THE DAY OF THE ROBOT, 3/63, (orig; man against machine), vg-f 10.00
Belmont 621 Lesser, Milton SECRET OF THE BLACK PLANET, 3/65, (orig; The most beautiful women and the wisest men of seven worlds sought to solve the riddle of the Strong Man), vg-f 4.00
Belmont 663 Long, Frank Belknap THIS STRANGE TOMORROW, 2/66, (orig; Is it possible to arrest time by not thinking at all?), vg $4; vg+ 5.00
Belmont 726 Long, Frank Belknap LEST EARTH BE CONQUERED, 12/66, (orig; a life like any other...only they weren't human...), vg $3; vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Belmont 810 Janifer, Laurence M. IMPOSSIBLE?, 3/68, (orig; stories), vg-f 5.00
Belmont 811 Janifer, Laurence M. A PIECE OF MARTIN CANN, 6/68, (orig; All laws of science and medicine are changed; now we enter the minds and bodies of our patients and we too are changed, utterly...), vg-f 4.00
Berkley 02548 Moorcock, Michael THE SWORD AND THE STALLION, 2nd, (Chronicles of Corum #6; A Heroic Fantasy), vg-f 3.00
Berkley 03452 Cohen, Barney THE NIGHT OF THE TOY DRAGONS, 7/77, (orig; the flesh-eaters; once they were pets), vg+ 2.50
Berkley 03561 Silverberg, Robert (ed) ALPHA 8, 11/77, (orig; these stories are the best in the field), vg 2.00
Berkley D2202 Heinlein, Robert A. STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, 32nd or 36th, (The best-selling underground SF novel), g-vg 2.00
Berkley N2972 Tall, Stephen THE STARDUST VOYAGES, 10/75, (orig; In the great tradition of Star Trek), vg-f 2.50
Berkley S1981 Heinlein, Robert A. FARNHAM'S FREEHOLD, 4th, (what happens after a massive nulear attack), vg 3.00
DAW 100 Farmer, Philip José HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, 4/74, (orig; In Tarzan's Africa - 12,000 years ago!), vg+ 5.00
DAW 105 Bayley, Barrington J. THE FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS, 6/74, (orig; The Last and First Days of the Chronotic Empire), vg-f 4.00
DAW 151 Lumley, Brian THE TRANSITION OF TITUS CROW, 5/75, (orig; A time-space chiller-thriller in the Lovecraft tradition), f 8.00
DAW 25 Jakes, John MENTION MY NAME IN ATLANTIS, '72, (orig; How Conax the Chimerical helped sink the lost continent!), vg-f 3.50
DAW 412 Wallace, Ian THE LUCIFER COMET, 12/80, (orig; in Adventures of Minds-in-Bodies series), vg 3.00
DAW 732 Lackey, Mercedes ARROW'S FALL, 1/88, (orig; Heralds of Valdemar #2; fantasy), f 3.50
DAW 735 Ingrid, Charles LASERTOWN BLUES: The Sand Wars #2, 2/88, (orig; He'd won a place in the emperor's guard, but could he hunt down the traitor who'd betrayed his knights to an alien foe?), f 2.50
DAW 95 Lory, Robert IDENTITY SEVEN, 3/74, (orig; At the bottom of another world's ocean...), vg+ 5.00
DAW pb UW1434 Moorcock, Michael THE SAILOR ON THE SEAS OF FATE, 4th, (Elric), vg+ 2.00
Del Rey 25650 Kangilaski, Jaan THE SEEKING SWORD, 2/77, (orig; A sword with strange powers had wreaked bloody vengeance down through the ages, and it would kill again...and again!), g-vg 1.50
Del Rey 27226 Stickgold, Bob & Mark Noble GLORYHITS, 12/78, (They had wantonly tampered with the basic genetic DNA, and they now had to find a way to stop a virus that could destroy the world!), vg $2
Del Rey 29054 Leiber, Justin BEYOND REJECTION, 9/80, (orig; someone had stolen his body), vg-f $3
Del Rey 29250 da Cruz, Daniel THE GROTTO OF THE FORMIGANS, 12/80, (orig; He wanted success, she wanted wealth--what they got was a nightmare!), vg+ 5.00
Del Rey 32474 Moffitt, Donald THE GENESIS QUEST, 11/86, (orig; The aliens had only humanity's good at heart. But did they really understand people?), vg 2.00
Del Rey 32562 Chalker, Jack L. WARRIORS OF THE STORM, 8/87, (orig; Rings of Master #3), vg-f 2.50
Dell pb 10654 Bear, Greg BEYOND HEAVEN'S RIVER, 5/80, (orig), vg 5.00
Dell pb 10821 BINARY STAR #4: Legacy by Joan D. Vinge & The Janus Equation by Steven G. Spruill, 2/80, (orig; two great novellas in a single volume), f 3.50
Faw cr 2892 Clem, Ralph, Martin Harry Greenberg & Joseph Olander THE CITY 2000 A.D.: Urban Life Through Science Fiction, 7/76, (orig; Futuristic visions of the fantastic way man will someday live; What will you be doing in 2000 A.D.?), vg-f 3.50
Faw GM M2963 Scortia, Thomas N. EARTHWRECK!, 5/74, (orig; The earth was dead - and they were marooned in space, a handful of men...and one woman), vg+ 2.50
Faw GM s937 Leinster, Murray FOUR FROM PLANET 5, 11/59, (orig; The strange visitors had landed), vg $3; vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Faw Pr P635 Hoskins, Robert (ed) WONDERMAKERS 2, 2/74, (orig; offers a broad view of science fiction's development over the past two decades), review slip, vg-f 4.00
Lancer 75113 Jakes, John MASTER OF THE DARK GATE, ('70), (Earth faces final doom from another dimension), g-vg 3.00
Lancer 75415 Jakes, John WITCH OF THE DARK GATE, ('72), (sequel to Master of the Dark Gate), vg 2.00
Lion 205 Merril, Judith (ed) HUMAN?, 4/54, (orig; Fredric Brown intro), vg 15.00
Manor 15232 Ruben, William S. DIONYSUS: The Ultimate Experiment, '77, (orig; A man and woman locked in a space capsule test the limits of their passiion in weightlessness), vg-f 5.00
Manor 95279 Knight, Damon (ed) PERCHANCE TO DREAM, '73, (sensational science fiction by the world's greatest writers, mostly mainstream), vg 2.50
Pap Lib 63313 Jakes, John SIX-GUN PLANET, 4/70, (orig; Terrafirman Old West), vg 4.00
Pocket 78887 Spinrad, Norman NO DIRECTION HOME, 5/75, (orig; stories), f 10.00
Pocket 80403 Reynolds, Mack THE BEST OF..., 4/76, (orig; Malzberg intro), vg+ 5.00
Pocket 80510 Vance, Jack THE BEST OF JACK VANCE, 5/76, (orig; Malzberg intro), vg+ 10.00
Pocket 81720 Offutt, Andrew J. & Richard K. Lyon DEMON IN THE MIRROR, 1/78, (orig; epic adventures of Tiana of Reme, lady pirate; heroic fantasy), vg-f 2.50
Pocket 82080 Dvorkin, David THE GREEN GOD, 3/79, (orig; a planet where the grass is yellow and the people green, and a con man is mistaken for a returning messiah), vg-f 3.00
Pocket 83156 Lief, Evelyn THE CLONE REBELLION, 6/80, (orig; The Clone Chronicles #1; Let the creator beware...; Spawned for slave labor...), vg-f 3.50
Pocket pb 80738 Ley, Sandra (ed) BEYOND TIME, 10/76, (orig; A glittering new galaxy of s-f stories never before published in book form!), vg-f 2.50
Pocket pb 81240 Wallace, Pat THE WIND AND THE STAR, 8/78, (orig; The vast romance of stunning passion in a bizarre and sensuous world), f 2.00
Pocket pb 81740 Key, Ted THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE, 3rd, (Disney movie tie), vg+ 2.00
Pocket pb 83155 Dozois, Gardner R. & Jack M. Dann (eds) ALIENS!, 4/80, (orig; interior illustrations by Jack Gaughan), vg+ (small tear on front cover) 2.50
Pop Libr 20277 Manley, Mark THROWBACK, 11/87, (orig; A novel of unspeakable horror), vg-f 2.00
Pop Libr 20410 Horvitz, Leslie THE DYING, 9/87, (orig; A novel of biological horror; the plague years are here), vg-f 2.50
Pyramid F742 Long, Frank Belknap MARS IS MY DESTINATION, 6/62, (orig; Blastoff for danger), vg+ 5.00
Pyramid F783 Phillips, Mark BRAIN TWISTER, 8/62, (orig; 1971 - the fantastic story of a spy who could read minds!), g-vg $1; vg $2; vg-f $3
Pyramid F875 Phillips, Mark THE IMPOSSIBLES, 6/63, (orig; Crime wave 1972 - the strange powers of the minds of tomorrow), vg $2; vg+ $3; vg-f 4.00
Pyramid F909 Phillips, Mark SUPERMIND, 9/63, (orig; Was everybody going nuts?), vg-f 5.00
Pyramid R1084 Smith, Cordwainer THE PLANET BUYER, 10/64, (orig; author's first novel; The richest man in the Universe - and the strangest journey of all time), vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Pyramid R1183 Smith, Cordwainer SPACE LORDS, 5/65, (orig; Instrumentality; these stories of the far future paint a picture of the strangest universe ever imagined), vg $3; vg+ 4.00
Pyramid R963 Janifer, Laurence M. THE WONDER WAR, 1/64, (orig; Disguised Earthmen invade an alien planet), vg+ $4; vg-f 5.00
Pyramid X1910 Smith, Cordwainer THE UNDERPEOPLE, 11/68, (orig; the man who owned all Earth meets The Underpeople), vg $2; vg-f 5.00
Signet E9786 Meluch, R.M. WIND DANCERS, 5/81, (orig; Aeolis - where the smallest whisper of wind could blast all humans right off the planet...), vg 2.00
Signet P3183 Javor, F.A. THE RIM-WORLD LEGACY, 6/67, (orig; SF mystery thriller), vg+ 2.00
Spectra 26536 Carver, Jeffrey A. CLYPSIS, 10/87, (orig; Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway #1; He would travel the galaxy for a chance to win), vg-f 2.50
Spectra 26699 Martin, George R.R. (ed) WILD CARDS III: JOKER'S WILD, 11/87, (orig; The next chapter in the secret history of our times!), vg+ $4
Spectra 26953 Wylie, Jonathan THE FIRST NAMED, 11/87, (Servants of Ark Trilogy #1 A Bold New Saga of Magic, Imagination and Adventure), vg-f 3.00
Spectra 27056 Wylie, Jonathan THE CENTER OF THE CIRCLE, 3/88, (orig; Servants of the Ark Trilogy #2; magical quest), vg-f 2.00
Sphere 1199 Anthony, Piers TRIPLE DETENTE, '75, vg-f 5.00
St Martin's 90053 Goulart, Ron STARPIRATE'S BRAIN, 10/87, (orig; The Exchameleon #2), vg-f $3
St Martin's 90837 Higgs, Eric DOPPELGANGER, 1/88, (orig; It was shapeless, dark, and transparent...; horror), vg-f 3.00
Tor 53286 Chalker, Jack L. SOUL RIDER #5: Children of Flux & Anchor, 10/86, (orig; The triumphant conclusion to a spellbinding epic), g-vg 1.00
Tor 53288 Chalker, Jack L. DOWNTIMING THE NIGHT SIDE, 5/85, (orig; Trapped in a deadly struggle for dominion of the past, the present and all of the future!), vg 2.00
Tor 53306 Chalker, Jack L. THE LABYRINTH OF DREAMS, 3/87, (orig; G.O.D. Inc. #1), vg $2; vg-f 2.50
Tor 53987 Hagberg, David LAST COME THE CHILDREN, 2nd, (A Novel of Demonic Horror), f 5.00
Tor 54308 Klaper, Steven AGENTS OF INSIGHT, 10/86, (orig; psionic powers have been refined by a specialized group of international spies), vg-f 2.50
Tor 54371 Laumer, Keith ONCE THERE WAS A GIANT, 7/84, (orig; plus a special bonus: No Ship Boots In Fairyland), vg-f 3.00
Tor 54570 Michaels, Melisa C. LAST WAR, 3/86, (orig; Skyrider #3; The earthers want war and the colonials are ready), vg-f 2.00
Tor 55794 Williams, Walter Jon KNIGHT MOVES, 2/85, (orig; Earth's been a paradise too long, it's time for another revolution), vg 3.00
Tor 56408 Wham, Tom PROSPERO'S ISLE, 10/87, (orig; A Crossroads™ Adventure; in the World of L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt's The Incomplete Enchanter), vg-f 3.50
Tor 56415 Kramer, Dana WARHORN, 12/87, (orig; A Crossroads™ Adventure; in the World of Lynn Abbey's Rifkind, Daughter of the Bright Moon), vg-f 2.50
Warner 76982 Wellman, Manly W. and Wade Wellman SHERLOCK HOLMES'S WAR OF THE WORLDS, 9/75, (orig; Now at last! The story H.G. Wells never told), vg 20.00
Zebra 0007 James, Laurence RACK #1: Earth Lies Sleeping, 2/74, (orig; Inter-Galactic Security Service agent), vg-f 2.50
Zebra 1058 Smith, David C. ORON #4: The Valley of Ogrum, ('82), (Death to the wolfen warrior!), vg 5.00
---These are also in the various paperback files I now have on-line (see links above), as well as the New to Catalog file, but here they are sorted by publisher rather than listed in the order they were cataloged. A downside of my new system is that I don’t have the paperbacks in a database any more. Which means I can’t sort them by author. However, I could re-import them and still be able to ferret out books by specific authors, but having lost the tabs it will not be the same as before. Maybe that will be okay, though.

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