After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

November listings

Hopefully I can get more things listed this month—and maybe answer a few inexcusably neglected emails answered.
Here goes again, latest first:
  • 0679746323 Chang, Jung & Jon Halliday MAO: The Unknown Story, Anchor, 4th printing, (methodically demolishes every pillar of Mao's claim to sympathy or legitimacy; 801 pages), trade pb, vg-f $6 [list price: $18]
  • Lovecraft, H.P. POLARIS, (Strange Co.), nd, (Wikipedia: "a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, written in 1918 and first published in the December 1920 issue of the amateur journal The Philosopher. It is noteworthy as the story that introduces Lovecraft's fictional Pnakotic Manuscripts, the first of his arcane tomes."), folded sheet (4 pages), as new $1
  • Lovecraft, H.P. HISTORY OF THE NECRONOMICON, Strange Co., nd('79), (Wikipædia: a short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in 1927, and published in 1938. It describes the fictional book the Necronomicon, a now-famous element used in several of his stories), folded sheet (4 pages), as new $3
  • 9781553101154 Olson, Daniel (ed) EXOTIC GOTHIC 3: Strange Visitations, Ash-Tree '09, 1st, (Spirit yourself into the deserted mansions of these twenty-three original tales of sinister beauty; then commune with the spirits lying just beneath the surface; Here Gothic dreams of desire and agony come true), new in dj $75 [no list price]
  • ARGONAUT SCIENCE FICTION #20, sum/95, (Manachino, Jacob, Tiani, William John Watkins, etc.), 72-page stapled magazine, untrimmed, vg-f $5 [list: $4.95]
  • ARGONAUT SCIENCE FICTION #17, spr/93, (Dan Persons, Joy Oestreicher, John Grey, Larry Dickison, William John Watkins; 64 pages), as new $5 [list price: $4.95]
  • 0670851086 King, Stephen NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES, Viking '93, 1st printing, (stories; 816 pages), vg+ in dj $10 [list price: $27.50]
  • 0610630490 Jakes, John THE HYBRID, Paperback Library 63049, 2/69, (PBO; half human, half Omqu), vg+ $3 [list price: 60¢]
  • 0812696131 Hanley, Richard SOUTH PARK AND PHILOSOPHY: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating, Open Court '07, 1st printing, (kick-ass book), trade pb, vg+ $5 [list price: $17.95]
  • 0679742115 Baker, Nicholson VOX, Vintage Contemporaries, 2/93, 1st printing, (a novel that remaps the territory of sex), vg+ $4 [list price: $8]
  • 1555833055 Rivers, Diana JOURNEY TO ZELINDAR: A Personal Account of Sair of Semasi, Lace/Alyson, 2/92, 1st Alyson edn, 1st printing, (©1987; Book 986 of Hadra Archives; mystical lesbian warriors), trade pb, new $9.95 [list price: $9.95]
  • Simmons, Herbert A. MAN WALKING ON EGGSHELLS, Houghton Mifflin '62, 1st printing, (novel about "the Negro world"; story of a jazz musician), hardcover, g-vg in dj $10 [list price: $3.75]
  • 0312858493 de Lint, Charles SOMEPLACE TO BE FLYING, Tor, 2/98, 1st edn, 1st printing, new in dj $20 [list price: $24.95]

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